Boating on the Thames, UK

Boating on the Thames, UK

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scabbycat cat
scabbycat cat - 4 years ago
Fantastic picture quality. What camera ?
PHILLIP LE BOA - 4 years ago
Looks like so much FUN !!!!! :)
Donald Mason
Donald Mason - 4 years ago
Now I remember why I gave up cruising the Thames!
Keyes Lloyd
Keyes Lloyd - 5 years ago
Lovely video. The landscape is just as serene and green (if not even more so as the California River Delta where I am). Thanks for the commentary from you and Emma. Love the accent! More please.
Jeanie Smith
Jeanie Smith - 5 years ago
OK this is how we saw it, and we study these sort of things.
The guys a lawyer, his wife is a doctor, ( at work) and he has taken the good looking tart out on the river for a few drinks and a quickie in the cabin after she has had a few drinkies at the Swan and Trout Pubs..
I bet she downed three G and T's before he got his first pint in him. Good on you Sir , wish you had filmed the bit that wot happened in the cabin, perhaps next time ??
JacobiteJake - 5 years ago
I'd love to own a little boat like this, it'd be perfect for day trips with the family, can any owners please give me an idea of cost to keep one on the river, or the canals, I've no idea, thanks. The only videos giving tips on youtube are for narrowboats and they're well out of my working class budget :)
melanie Giles
melanie Giles - 5 years ago
Great river Ouse
melanie Giles
melanie Giles - 5 years ago
You should hire a boat on the river great ouse
Pete Moring
Pete Moring - 5 years ago
#Twitter Quote; #Boating on the #Thames - If you like @rickygervais' #TheOffice you'll find THIS Soooo unintentionally #Funny - ;-)

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geralldus - 6 years ago
A very enjoyable, thank you.
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker - 6 years ago
sorry but you did not do better than your hubby as you drove on the wrong side as you are suppose to drive on the right on rivers lol lol
Pete Williams
Pete Williams - 6 years ago
There's nothing quite like messing around on boats eh. Thanks for sharing it! B-)
dave gough
dave gough - 8 years ago
well seen the vid what a pair of plebs
dave gough
dave gough - 8 years ago
you have no idear hope you go down a were
dave gough
dave gough - 8 years ago
but craige has no jacket on so you cant take the piss
dave gough
dave gough - 8 years ago
woops and the bird has no jacket on and the dick keeps talking and no life jacket on what a dick head
Richard Buxton
Richard Buxton - 7 years ago
+dave gough There is no obligation to wear a life vest when boating - only a dick would think it important.

And it's idea and weir
dave gough
dave gough - 8 years ago
even the lock keeper has a life jacket on durrrrr
thameswater - 8 years ago
posh bird mmmm
Alec Stryka
Alec Stryka - 8 years ago
Beautiful upper Thames, so enjoyed my boating holidays there....

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Mike Payen
Mike Payen - 8 years ago
Love the Thames above Oxford. Very envious of those who can get under Osney Bridge. 

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