Entering- Exiting a Kayak

How to safely enter and exit your kayak.

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How to safely enter and exit your kayak.

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Kurt Röösli
Kurt Röösli - 3 years ago
J T - 3 years ago
Everyone teaches the paddle behind the back thing. It's awkward as hell. I don't recommend it. The straddle works well though.
Dan Bolton
Dan Bolton - 3 years ago
What about when the shore drops off rapidly?
FCA1975 - 3 years ago
Dan Bolton Yeah. Or if it's really dirty and you don't know if you're stepping on wood shards, snakes, or broken glass.
Ralph Wirsig
Ralph Wirsig - 4 years ago
For an alternative and easier method of "out rigger" type kayak entry/exit consider KayaLeg---go to www.kayaleg.com

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