Jetboating - some things to consider

Buying a jetboat is only a small part of it,what type of boat, you will need a 4wd to tow it around,maitainance and some basic safety tips You can find me on facebook here -

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Buying a jetboat is only a small part of it,what type of boat, you will need a 4wd to tow it around,maitainance and some basic safety tips You can find me on facebook here -

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for Jetboating - some things to consider

William Gall
William Gall - 3 years ago
were did you get that hull
Dennis  Gorman
Dennis Gorman - 3 years ago
build a hovercraft and launching is more easy lol, well cool boats
kiwiadventures nz
kiwiadventures nz - 3 years ago
New Zealand is fun !
Diidly Pepper
Diidly Pepper - 3 years ago
Love all you videos mate and appreciate the hard work that goes into making them. Keep it up
david - 3 years ago
steve russell fuck you
Ben Hansen
Ben Hansen - 3 years ago
Lived in Alberta for 20 years. Worked for a couple different manufacturers. The river jets were by far the most fun and bang for your buck . I saw things that you would not ever see unless your in a jet. Great sport.
1976ClassicCelica - 3 years ago
I'm considering making a mini jet boat next year. I just started researching and was wondering what the difference is between using a jet ski motor or a motorcycle motor. I know there's fire proofing for the motorcycle motor but I want to make it for a reasonable cost but safe too. Any suggestions? Good links? Loved the video.
Sergey C
Sergey C - 3 years ago
You are awesome!
ZouL FaLie
ZouL FaLie - 3 years ago
Its complicated.Nice video.I got knowledge about this video.Sorry my english not good.

10. comment for Jetboating - some things to consider

loooseunit - 3 years ago
Man I would of kept left as per road rules , been in the Waitako River on my small boat and run into other boaties but by shere chance both times ended up on the right side - thought I was in the wrong .
Goat your a real asset to the jet boating community , keep it up .
ranchero50 - 3 years ago
Type 4 and 5, skinny and fat bass boats. Skinny ones have a inboard jet pump and the fatty's typically an outboard. I built a jet-jon by mating a Seadoo Xp drive with a 14' Alumnacraft and it's a fine skinny water fishing machine. I don't go through the shallows at speed because it thin metal all around and it drafts under 3" loaded out. Love the video mt friend. I 'need' to build a little dingy style jet.
mitch pender
mitch pender - 3 years ago
ranchero50 only in north america, we dont really have the big stuff down here whats the point ? Light , fast and low draft is how we roll
krazed0451 - 3 years ago
On a scale of 1-10, how fun is it passing larger boats that have beached themselves? :-)
Richard King
Richard King - 3 years ago
I live in Fairbanks have my whole life I think you just disrupted all my plans for the next summer and Energies
Lee Nix
Lee Nix - 3 years ago
From a Vdrive guy, man that looked awesome going through those back country spots and the shallows. Nicely done keep up the great videos.
timexironman100m - 3 years ago
Dont forget to bring your chopper for recovery...
Adam - 3 years ago
1:44 why you should not buy a used SUV from a boat owner. WTF!
mitch pender
mitch pender - 3 years ago
Yes much better if the 4wd was just used for picking the kids up from school !
Leon Mooney
Leon Mooney - 3 years ago
Fresh water...
Buckwild 65
Buckwild 65 - 4 years ago
How much for a family boat
wat now
wat now - 4 years ago
can you take these out into the surf?
JOSH DOSE SOMTHING - 4 years ago
If there was a boat coming straight for me I would destroy his boat just kidding I would bear to the left or the right.

20. comment for Jetboating - some things to consider

h. volcainer
h. volcainer - 4 years ago
i see a lot of passion in what you do man, keep it up!
K2mbs - 4 years ago
Gorgeous video!
bob rosco
bob rosco - 4 years ago
i wish we had waters like that over here, i would probably be building myself a boat like yours too.
James Brent
James Brent - 4 years ago
Cruising the back country on consistently "deep" water that's relatively smooth seems like a dream worth chasing.
ranchero50 - 3 years ago
Deep and smooth water hides widow makers that lie just below the surface. Give me enough flow for them to cause ripples and I'm OK.
I D - 4 years ago
this may sound gay but i love this guy
Kefmans - 4 years ago
Not that there are any rivers or waters for jetboating near me, this video is really interesting to watch :) Cool hobby you got!
A & R Masters
A & R Masters - 4 years ago
If your wheels are hopping in the sand or gravel you have too much tire pressure. air down to around 10 psi. you won't believe the difference
Richard van Pukkem
Richard van Pukkem - 4 years ago
Jezus christ.. I watch 1 jetboat video and Youtube is guiding me into a jetboat study @ Recommended videos.. :)
James how
James how - 4 years ago
what happens if people are swimming/ fishing in the river? whipping round corners looks awesome, but not if there's a dude fly fishing waist deep round the bend. Are only certain rivers open to jet boating in NZ?
mitch pender
mitch pender - 3 years ago
One we passed between a guy fishing and the lee side of beach he was standing in about 4 inches of water ... fair to say he might have need a new pair of undies , jet boats are not that common in australia
ranchero50 - 3 years ago
Hammer down and pass behind them. Faster you go the less wake you make. Same for bobbing heads
Erik Lindberg
Erik Lindberg - 4 years ago
James how There are so many remote rivers in NZ that the risk of encoutering for example a fly fisher must tiny.
Herr Leeker
Herr Leeker - 4 years ago
your, yours, you're... figure it out !!

30. comment for Jetboating - some things to consider

Jacky Pruitt
Jacky Pruitt - 4 years ago
Hey Goat, I've noticed in the video's that the radio antina is mounted to the front grill garde on the trucks. Why is this?
5252dan - 4 years ago
greetings from the first set of rapids down from asotin on the snake. bowdown
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 4 years ago
I built an 11ft. fibreglass jetboat which I only use in sandy rivers. After clogging the engine in sand, I put an aluminium box on the cooling water intake hose to separate the sand from the water. Of course, with all this sand driving, I spend half my life welding and re machining the impeller blade tips. Maybe I should avoid water less than 3 inches deep, but I can't resist zooming past kayakers dragging their boats along in ankle deep water.
mitch pender
mitch pender - 3 years ago
Jack Frost lol yes a lot of walking involved in kayaking , get a sand trap on yr water intake
kdmc40 - 4 years ago
I have a 200BHP. I operate on a lake in Ireland where if it sank you'd be hard pressed to find it and it still sucks in shit. How can you operate these things on what is basically a gravel infested sponge? How are you all still alive? These have to be the best watercraft since Noah's Ark! I want one!
canonphoto - 4 years ago
kdmc40 jet skis don't usually have the proper grates to keep rocks out of the impellers. Boats like Kingfisher Xtreme Duties are made to run in 4" of water, when you run them across shallow or even bone dry gravel the key is having enough momentum and letting off the throttle so you don't suck it up. If you do plug it off you simple jump on the stomp grate to clear it out and carry on.
They are also built extremely tough to take punishment and the bottoms covered with UHMW so you aren't actually scraping or bashing up the aluminum haul.
CenturyOakWindStar - 4 years ago
kdmc40 - 4 years ago
200BHP Jetski
Knobov Sossidge
Knobov Sossidge - 4 years ago
I'm really keen to learn about reading the river - what happened to that one Goat? Nudge nudge...
jim carson
jim carson - 4 years ago
Pick of the litter HTH
Sarah Bowen
Sarah Bowen - 4 years ago
awesome videos. thank you.
D RASCAL - 4 years ago
At this point (since last night), I've seen dozens of jetboating vids. This is the first video where the individual is wearing a life vest and helmet lol
thelandofmisteroz - 4 years ago
Great video!
GoogleisTyrant - 4 years ago
perfect music...nice presentation
Karl Griffiths
Karl Griffiths - 4 years ago
great vid i live up by waimak jet boats when i can build a big enough garage to work on a jet boat instead of the paddock i will be exploring the gorge.
smwizzz - 4 years ago
FYI: We start the boat when it is on the trailer and in the water. Have one person drive the vehicle and one in the boat. When you are ready the boat will push you out of the water. Once the vehicle is rolling shut the boat off before exiting the water. My big rig has 400 HP with a Hamilton and will just about push the truck out in neutral. My little boat has 165 HP and will help significantly even though I have never had to do it with my little boat. A winch works great for those spots you can't get a trailer into for the little boat. dump it on the ground, push it into the water, go for a rip and then once back, hook up the winch and tug her out. Tip the trailer up and winch the trailer under it and away you go!!! Thats how we do it, nothing fancy but it is a couple good options. Oh yeah, as usual Awesome video and great info!!!! Cheers bud!!! PS: A good piece of info for shallow water/deep water is the degree of the hull.
BlackCanvas - 4 years ago
so who makes the best handling jet boat kit? what engine is best to pair with? Thanks my friend
canonphoto - 4 years ago
brotharuss depends what you want, check out the Kingfisher Xtreme Duties.
Josh James Kiwi Bushman
Josh James Kiwi Bushman - 4 years ago
good shit mate
Homefront - 5 years ago
Excellent video
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch - 5 years ago
great would you sell one what out the motor
chris b
chris b - 5 years ago
hi there how do you know what rivers you are aloud to go jet boating on
chris b
chris b - 4 years ago
there is rules to say if you can boat rivers and some you cant boat all year round
Dozer1642 - 4 years ago
Aloud? It's not quiet out there.
Carlos Henrique de Seixas
Carlos Henrique de Seixas - 5 years ago
good job
Carlos Henrique de Seixas
Carlos Henrique de Seixas - 5 years ago
good nov
so thanks
Blake Libby
Blake Libby - 5 years ago
Great video! Thanks for taking the time to post it! I have to build myself one but with a wife and two kids that want to be apart of the fun, what size should I consider to be the best to fit the roll? Thanks again for posting your videos! Much needed motivation to get started on my own build!

50. comment for Jetboating - some things to consider

David Heitman
David Heitman - 5 years ago
you forgot! get a roller trailer set up. even at lake mead those bunks that semi articulate work great!
tip397 - 5 years ago
When you first sae the other boat coming at you, the first twitch on the wheel was to the left. I reckon in NZ most of us do just that. After years of driving on the road, its second nature. Keep up the good work mate.
goatracing610 - 4 years ago
the twitch to the wheel is to help get the back end of the boat to spin around- it takes a bit of practice to get it right
Hunt, Fish and Dive New Zealand
Hunt, Fish and Dive New Zealand - 5 years ago
Bloody good on ya! Enjoyed that and looking forward to the next one. Just got some plans for a jet dinghy and know I can learn a heap of you so thanks for sharing. You have me pumped!
Neville Wilkinson
Neville Wilkinson - 5 years ago
Oh Man, Due to the nature of the game.....Thanks for that.... I wasn't expect that and no wonder why you wear a helmet.... I always thought your motor would be too loud... and your excellent taking a fast-moving video of you working on your boat into good shape, plus the water safely... Cheers
bravoboy1234 - 5 years ago
Great video mate, Ive had the mind to get in touch and pick your brains on the do's and dont's for a while now, will wait for the next how to video to come out.....awesome little shallow water boat you've got, think Ill go that way myself when the time is right.
Groomie74 - 5 years ago
Mr Myagi of NZ Jet Dinghy two thumbs up Goat
local angler
local angler - 5 years ago
very informative great work man, there was a few things i didn't know and just learned
stonebay productions
stonebay productions - 5 years ago
Great video goat! Really like it! Done alot of boating but nothing like river racing! Would been so much fun to try it out! Looking forward to next video!
*Atimatik Army*
*Atimatik Army* - 5 years ago
Great video! I live on a river in California, not white water (at least where I live) but can get some narrow channels, obstacles debris, etc in places (the Delta system, Bay Area) I raced jet ski competitively 20 years ago and hold a national title at the World Finals in Havasu in the Novice standup class and later was a top expert rider in the IJSBA, so I am not a total newbie in this sort of this, or at least in the world of personal watercraft, and have fair mechanical DIY abilities enough to do basically whatever I need. I've been watching your guys video for the past 5 years and I plan to buy a decent mig welder with a spool gun in order to do it. (currently only have an ark welder) I know you are one of the original vets in this sport created by your circle of people (kudos!). I must say, you along with youtuber "jetlj" are my favorites in this world. He rips it, I also like his boat design aesthetically the most (even though they are all very similar) but strictly follow the rule of form following function 1st and foremost. Haven't seen anything from jetlj in years though... Anyway, I had a couple of basic questions that I would love to get some insight from you on (I know you are asked this stuff all the time, so I apologize). First of all power plant, what's "the ticket"? I know Yamaha has got it knacked in the reliability department from all my experiences. Maybe find a totaled yamaha 3 cylinder sit down to scavenge the whole pump unit and motor/running gear is what I'm thinking, is there a specific model range to hone in on? (I am a standup rider and never had the desire to follow the sit down models, except now, to cannibalize! I definitely want a mini, in your opinion, what length has proven to be the most idea? I saw some plans being sold online, do you recommend that route or a specific design? I want to do it right the first time (my goal anyway). I have successfully built a full size 24 foot all wooden barrel back boat with my father so I have that as experience under my belt. Of course aluminum is a whole different medium. I have no interest in selling or getting into the business, I just want a bad ass little rugged, sleek, fast runabout to explore and blast the river system that's right on from of me (no desire to drop a load of cash on something commercial that I have to worry about, I want to be able to thrash. Probably get a stainless prop and a couple simple bolt ons to make it rip and stay reliable. Would love any insight from you, I've been checking out your videos for a long time , first time I have posted anything, anywhere.
FireFungi - 5 years ago
I wanted to build a wee boat but my rotax 4tec engine weighs around 85kg. Buying that was an expensive rookie mistake...
Optimal Welding
Optimal Welding - 5 years ago
Great video Goat!
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 4 years ago
Cummins life ile 2nd that! very informative! No 4x4 for me haha shes 22metres!
peace love an light peeps! stay safe an njoy

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