Mako Boat Safety Offshore Tips & Techniques -

Join us for a safety demonstration brought to us by Mako For more information about all Mako models check out our site:

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Join us for a safety demonstration brought to us by Mako For more information about all Mako models check out our site:

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leafar198866 - 6 years ago
This video should be re-posted in better quality. This was posted in 2012 but uses resolution from 2002. C'mon guys lol...
Jmichael Isbell
Jmichael Isbell - 8 years ago
Good video, thanks.  Not part of this video is boat design.  Lot's of debate out there about taking a low sided, "bay boat" into the open ocean.  They are designed, for bays, not the open ocean, yet people argue they are safe: they are not.  You can get away with it for many, many trips, yet, even with good weather forecasting you can get caught out there, far enough, so that even though you head in as soon as you detect a change beginning--you are too fart out to make it back safely.  Err on the side of safety, and use your bay boat in the bays, the lakes, the lagoons; places for which they were DESIGNED.  There is a calculation (don't have it handy but you can look it up) that uses the width of the boat, compared to the amount of freeboard with all passengers standing on one side of the boat--that basic standard can't be met with a bay boat, at least not any bay boat I know of.  Be safe, "it's not worth it"

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