Melbourne Tug Boat Tips Over Towing Ship and Man Overboard

melbourne tug boat tips over towing ship and man overboard...Melbourne.. Australia ...Westgate Bridge in back ground..

Melbourne Tug Boat Tips Over Towing Ship and Man Overboard sentiment_very_dissatisfied 16

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melbourne tug boat tips over towing ship and man overboard...Melbourne.. Australia ...Westgate Bridge in back ground..

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downallyourstreets - 10 years ago
crikey shackle draggers have no business in a pilot house, period
Eric Deneau
Eric Deneau - 10 years ago
GET OUT! GET OUT! man over board man...
wfoj21 - 10 years ago
this make me think a video I watched yesterday was "shopped" edited even mroe- this one might - repeat "might" not be a edit job.
unapro3 - 10 years ago
Don't surprise me much, the military think they are the best at everything but their arrogance truly clouds their judgment.
typo368 - 10 years ago
firemans333 - 11 years ago
odd title , cause it looked more like the ship was towing the tugboat ( sideways)
Owen Nugent
Owen Nugent - 11 years ago
Bunch of morons. Amateurs.
7Seil - 11 years ago
@Matveyka1 Верно.Не пойму только почему он буксирный гак не отдал. Как правило при таких манёврах всегда должна быть "рука на товсь".Ну, а если гак заело - рубить.
dipstick3031 - 11 years ago
Sure.. Try to pull a big boat when it gives full speed ahead away from you.. A bunch of amatures on both boats..

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Matveyka1 - 11 years ago
Для избежания такого рода ситуации, делается "бурундук". -Штатный конец буксира одевается одной гашей на кормовой кнехт буксира, а другая гаша того же конца продевается через центральный клюз на палубе буксира и через ту же гашу продевается буксирный конец. Таким образом "бурундук" значительно ограничивает ход гака, в то же время позволяя должным образом маневрировать буксиру и работать с судном.
Bonnie Neuhouser
Bonnie Neuhouser - 11 years ago
CAElite - 11 years ago
Jeeze these people are terrible seamen... IF YOU NEED TO GO OVERBOARD DONT JUMP OFF INTO THE DIRECTION OF TRAVEL YOU TWONK! If they cable hand snapped they couldve been dragged under the boat or hit in the head by it causing them to die.
Supersteelerfan1 - 11 years ago
@bebajoro77 You would have to, the other way would be hard to get over the other side since it's so slant.
Happy12345 - 11 years ago
@epicunderdog1 wtf?
RickkyP - 11 years ago
Definitely needed that line running through a fairlead aft
Kevin - 12 years ago
@hooarr who was towing whom? :)
HeVsShe TV
HeVsShe TV - 12 years ago
HeVsShe TV
HeVsShe TV - 12 years ago
Wow cool stuff!!!
annanoli - 12 years ago
@Theriomalstrom sideways towing is common in US waters. Indeed the manoeuvre we see is common abroad. I work as a tug captain. Why didn't they put a stopper on the towline,in order to shift pulling point more aft?

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annanoli - 12 years ago
When towing in that way with traditional tugs you must employ one stopper line in order to shift the pulling point more aft. However there is always the possibility to quick release the towing hook from remote, unless the hook itself reaches it's own maximum angle. In that case you have to wait the line to break. Why didn't they use the stopper?
77roadhog - 12 years ago
Tug a bit too small for the job? Fuck me, when the tide can drag your vessel, it is time to upgrade.... And, the "tow vessel"sure aint big, check out the camera angle!
Kamikazeman00 - 12 years ago
gogetassj4isawsome - 12 years ago
@hooarr actually the boat went so far it pushed them into the water
Kait Seth
Kait Seth - 12 years ago
BJ Blackwood
BJ Blackwood - 12 years ago
@bebajoro77 well said. getting caught in the cabin when the tug flips, or even worse, being pushed into the engine room would be a bad day.
weseyedwalk - 12 years ago
what a fat ass!
FadedBlanco - 12 years ago
FadedBlanco - 12 years ago
Overwheight sailors
BigBitch - 12 years ago
@hooarr 3 men did

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Erick Witteveen
Erick Witteveen - 12 years ago
@BelgianEvo i think that tugboat wasn't dutch (dutch people are too careful)
Erick Witteveen
Erick Witteveen - 12 years ago
@BelgianEvo the dutchies are good sailors:P and a bit too careful, so i think that tugboat was not dutch.
Nick B
Nick B - 12 years ago
i like how right when the guys jump off the cable snaps and the boat rolld back over
97Arran - 12 years ago
@bebajoro77 And leave the doors open lol not good!!!
cjellwood - 12 years ago
gay overboard? 0:15
Muzic Trax
Muzic Trax - 12 years ago
The ship was towing the tug, lol
peaceowassis - 12 years ago
AHAHA right when they jump off he boat comes back up!
MuskateerGripWeed - 12 years ago
ha ha ha buttheads, looks more like the ferry was tugging the boat along with it..
fjvideo - 12 years ago
Sterlingjob - 12 years ago
Wheres the Aussie sense of adventure?!
rabia413 - 12 years ago
meeennnnn those 2 guys were really soon as they jumped out the boat when back to normal
jim jenks
jim jenks - 13 years ago
Lesson without words, really, never get side on to the direction of pull!
AlexC - 13 years ago
lol, after they jumped off the boat it came back to its position, those guys on the boat must weight really much XD
awolfpack343 - 13 years ago
wow the boat goes back right after he jumps off
ozdocoman - 13 years ago
So tell me, why are so many of your high skilled workers comming over here, dumb smuck!!
Ash - 13 years ago
everyone has accidents dude dont hate on us just because our country is better
Vivian Richards
Vivian Richards - 13 years ago
How do I get a Job(seriously) on the tug boat especially that one do I have to join the navy or what , that looks funny as shit by the way I from Melbiurne I thought they didn't have tug boats in Melbourne
themanosk - 13 years ago
i am pilot and i was having almost the same accident but i stoped the ship and i was making full astern both engines after that the crew of the tug fount time to release the hook
strozer123 - 13 years ago
wouldnt they be runned over by their own boat had it taken its "normal" course of action and the line hadnt released?
Daniel - 13 years ago
As soon as the guys jumped off it went back to normal...

50. comment for Melbourne Tug Boat Tips Over Towing Ship and Man Overboard

virus56777 - 13 years ago
yes this is very funny
MultiMooncat - 13 years ago
Yes, the tow rope can be seen in right bottom side of the picture
Tania Dottie
Tania Dottie - 13 years ago
this is NOT funny AT ALL.
MrSiraff - 13 years ago
New guy....
realkingkado - 13 years ago
you cant beat a XXXX
Glenn Eirik Hansen
Glenn Eirik Hansen - 13 years ago
It' was probably just hanging behind in case it would be needed later.
tpvalley - 13 years ago
I just wondered why both vessels were pulling in opposing directions!
Glenn Eirik Hansen
Glenn Eirik Hansen - 13 years ago
This tug is escorting a much larger vessel out of the harbour, focusing on turning the stern. This situation went from good to bad in a matter of seconds, and there is no way a larger vessel can react that fast. Thankfully, the emergency release seemed to work properly.
tpvalley - 13 years ago
Why was the ship powering forward when the tug is side on to the stern?
tpvalley - 13 years ago
Fat bastards almost tipped it over!lol!
pandajam09 - 13 years ago
did the rope snap?
Alistair Foden
Alistair Foden - 13 years ago
WTF were they playing at!?!
John O'Neill
John O'Neill - 14 years ago
What ever happened, this is still good footage of a tug getting "tripped". Maybe you call it girting in Australia?
awolfpack343 - 14 years ago
dude as soon as they jump off is goes but up
Adam Schwartz
Adam Schwartz - 14 years ago
you can see one of the men back up against the wall when there is a door right next to him.....xD
tugsri - 14 years ago
Rule #1 of short towing and assist work-SHUT THE F'N HATCHES!!!!!
mdmf007 - 14 years ago
Thats what happens when a conventional tries to do the job of a Z or Voith Schneider drive. Doors should have been closed, and the winch should have certainly been paying out wire until it pulled it right off the drum. 3 MOB - ridiculous
Gaz Mac
Gaz Mac - 14 years ago
I work on ASD tugs and this tug in this video is a conventional single or twin screw This type of tug on the stern of a ship at that speed was asking for trouble they dont have the power or manuverability to hold position whilst doing this . once they start going out of line and start getting girted the only option is to release the tow !!!!!!
Zickcermacity - 14 years ago
You can tip a waitress, but you CAN'T tip a TUG!! ;)
DocterJones - 14 years ago
I am working for McAllister Tugs and when we are braking a ship we are usually on the shoulder though we did have one container ship today that was very wide and we were on the stern....but we got a 3000hp tractor in which we just pulled fancy trying to do like that guy did...probably has twin direct drives with korts, good for power but not so much manuvering as without them.
hooarr - 14 years ago
the tug was towing a ship out of a dock in melbourne australia when this happened
hooarr - 14 years ago
hi the video is from melbourne austraila and my nickname is from the alpachino movie called scent of a woman.
1958johndeere620 - 15 years ago
Looks like tug may have lost power.
ShippingHarbors - 15 years ago
I'm also a tugboat captain ;) But not on tugs with a single propeller or ASD. Ours have Voith Schneider Propellers. On your nickname i think you are a captain in Holland. Isn't it that the bugsier tugs sail in Rotterdam? Or am i wrong? Grtz
ShippingHarbors - 15 years ago
I think the speed is not so high though. Maximum 6 knots or so. It's not the pilots error. I think the tug has an error and that way came in the wrong position ....
owned45 - 15 years ago
hooarr - 15 years ago
it looks like 3 men jump overboard

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