Rough Water Boat Driving Tips

Johnnie Candle shares some tips on driving a boat in bigger waves. Pro's Pointers courtesy of KFYR TV Bismarck, ND

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Johnnie Candle shares some tips on driving a boat in bigger waves. Pro's Pointers courtesy of KFYR TV Bismarck, ND

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the eabster
the eabster - 1 year ago
You're not always able to travel in the trough . I mean the changes of the Wake setting up the way you want to travel is slim to none. so you say do not drive at a 45 degree angle so you should drive directly into the wave then?
Johnnie Candle
Johnnie Candle - 1 year ago
It is more comfortable and drier going into or with the waves of possible. At some point wave height will not allow it.
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson - 2 years ago
Good advice on slowing down, staying in the boat. I've read many stories of empty boats being found empty drifting(out of gas) here in the Pacific Northwest. If you get bounced out of your boat, without a PFD even in the summer up here, you will last a few hours at best. Nobody can swim even a thousand meters to shore in any kind of chop or cold weather.
Moondog9322 - 2 years ago
I was taught to approach the bigger waves at a 45 degree angle. Works for me
G Mackie
G Mackie - 3 years ago
This is bad advice for a bowrider. 30 - 45 degrees angle to head waves makes sense, along with slowing down, and trim up a bit. This needs to be made clear. Head on will swamp the bow and could cause a nose dive in to next wave.
Johnnie Candle
Johnnie Candle - 3 years ago
In really large waves, I agree. In shorter, more manageable waves a 45 degree angle is very hard on your back.

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