The dos and don'ts of boat launching

If you've ever been to a busy boat ramp, you know it can be a high-stress situation as people line up to get their boats into and out of the water, so here are a few dos and don'ts -- mostly don'ts -- on putting a boat in the water. KXLY4's Rick Lukens reports.

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If you've ever been to a busy boat ramp, you know it can be a high-stress situation as people line up to get their boats into and out of the water, so here are a few dos and don'ts -- mostly don'ts -- on putting a boat in the water. KXLY4's Rick Lukens reports.

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Go Ahead Make Our Day Scooter &Peanut
Go Ahead Make Our Day Scooter &Peanut - 3 years ago
That guy shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car yet alone a boat.Gotta know when it's time to throw in the towel and just go along for the ride.
C Burkens
C Burkens - 3 years ago
How about 50 year old frat guy in a jumpsuit suburban douche.
Tammy Hacker
Tammy Hacker - 3 years ago
Fuking ass clown commentary,,that old guy did fine
Panther74 Escaping
Panther74 Escaping - 3 years ago
Launching your private boat ...... isn’t this a rather luxurious thing ?
“Oh gee mr smart ass .... sorry you don’t approve of the way people do this. Are we keeping you from your volunteer work at the Children’s Cancer Hospital ? “
Typical Coeur d’ Alene spoiled brat attitude ..... and your precious lake ? It should be a SuperFund site. Stir up the bottom and you will find all kinds of carcinogens, lead, heavy metals from the centuries of mining and smelting from the Silver Valley.
Have a nice day !
Z0mbiekiller254 - 3 years ago
I'd like to see the crybaby sink his truck lol
Laurent Delattre
Laurent Delattre - 3 years ago
At every launch ramp, there's a douchebag like this Just watching you struggle...
Z0mbiekiller254 - 3 years ago
Another cry baby when I'm off work f them I don't hurry about anything if they don't like it they can go home I don't care
DcCapitalGamers - 3 years ago
His jacket looks like it has the logo for Globo Gym haha
wrench One
wrench One - 3 years ago
I've seen someone leave the trailer attached to the boat and take it off the truck instead of the boat off the trailer that was the most bizarre one I've ever seen

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Joseph Meece
Joseph Meece - 3 years ago
It isn't bouys, it is called BUMPERS!
James  Suit
James Suit - 3 years ago
Dude sounds like a prick. If you're so good go help them, teach them something. If I was at the ramp and saw an elder struggling I'd help. Called being a man, douche!
irishrebel785 - 3 years ago
I'll bet "methodical man" has more fun than douche-bag man, once he's in the water! I'd much rather have a beer with methodical man!
Jordan Ware
Jordan Ware - 3 years ago
the most important must is awd or 4wd
GusgusA1 - 3 years ago
Drown that know it all fucker
Bs W
Bs W - 3 years ago
how about i will take as long as i want. if anyone doesn't like than take your ass to another boat launch. i cant believe the put this on the news.
Wibassguy - 3 years ago
That's an old man who has been on his boat 3 times cut him some slack.
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash - 3 years ago
If I spend $80k on a boat, I dont care how long it takes you vs me. Go float yourself
Matthew B
Matthew B - 3 years ago
Hulk Smash To me your attitude is the problem. This video is simply saying be 100% prepared before you back your boat in the ramp as it is common courtesy. Don't ask others to wait while you do tasks that could have been done in the parking lot.
Moondog9322 - 3 years ago
That guy doesn't deserve a nice boat like that! Sheesh!
2Phast4Rocket - 3 years ago
We won't have one soon since he kept hitting non moving objects
Thomas Staab
Thomas Staab - 4 years ago
good for bill take your time and stay safe fuck that ass hole sitting there commenting he is disrespectful of the purpose for boating.

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aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
Some say he's still loading the boat onto the trailer.
aguyandhiscomputer - 3 years ago
Jebidiah Springfield
Some say he's going in circles with the anchor still in the water.
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson - 3 years ago
some say he's still on the lake searching for the boat launch.
Boda Edits
Boda Edits - 4 years ago
My record 1:23 to dump in, 47 seconds coming out. Clock starts when the first tire hit the concrete on the ramp.
TjRoland - 4 years ago
I headed down to where they launch the boats to see how it's done. One guy backs up and at the right moment put the truck in drive, the momentum just pushed the boat all the way out....took like 15 seconds.
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
Still leaning to master the unloading. I swear my last loading was less than a minute. Luckily I bought a boat that's easy to load. I don't know if it's the people or the boat/trailer that makes them take 5 mins.
final_boss_nemesis - 4 years ago
Double Check... You almost made me cry when you mentioned that....
BilgemasterBill - 4 years ago
Mocking a nice old retiree who's got himself a little fishing boat. Film at 10!
Cole Sikes
Cole Sikes - 4 years ago
ropes are on ranches not boats
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
Cole Sikes dock line?
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
I have 3 kids. I would leave them in the truck if it wasn't illegal.
Robert Gary
Robert Gary - 4 years ago
What I enjoy are those who untie before firing up. Then they start drifting. Or the guy who only ties the bow and then leaves.
Gurn Blanstein
Gurn Blanstein - 4 years ago
Annoying that rookie boaters call them "bumpers" or "buoys" they're called Fenders people!!!
Pat Wister
Pat Wister - 4 years ago
I did. Freddy Fender was a popular country artist... you should listen to some of his music, he's pretty good
Gurn Blanstein
Gurn Blanstein - 4 years ago
You should educate yourself before commenting...
Pat Wister
Pat Wister - 4 years ago
I guess it depends on what country you're from , when you say fender,,, do you mean Freddy fender?
Gurn Blanstein
Gurn Blanstein - 4 years ago
Look it up. They're called fenders...
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
No, fenders are on your car...
A Googler
A Googler - 4 years ago
His legs were bleeding in different spots, he's obviously accident prone, he'd better get rid of it before he seriously hurts himself or someone else! But that's another subject for a video!
Southern Michigan Outdoors
Southern Michigan Outdoors - 4 years ago
That's an awful nice boat for only launching once a year...
A Googler
A Googler - 4 years ago
exactly, third time out, once a year, he doesn't enjoy it.

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Michael Parrish
Michael Parrish - 4 years ago
one of my biggest joys in life is sitting at the boat ramp watching all the people who doint have a clue on how to load or offload a boat sorry but i can sit for hrs watching this sorry but the guy in the video is right know what ur doing before u do it or get a differant hobby .....i need to make a video and call it boating for dummies
Matt Tucker
Matt Tucker - 3 years ago
Michael Parrish If you're such know it all maybe you should assist individuals who may have difficulties at the ramp! Truth is, there's was a time when you yourself were learning how to properly launch a boat. Oh wait...that's right you've always been a professional! Grow up son!
Propane TreeFiddy
Propane TreeFiddy - 4 years ago
Haha look at that smug midwestern-dad bastard. Shoulda helped the old man.
ionizer24 - 4 years ago
Very first thing: Don't forget to make sure your transom plug is in place!
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
I've learned that stopping for a few minutes to collect your thoughts helps prevent the secondary oopsies.
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
ionizer24 safely stored in the truck's cupholder.
Robert Gilroy
Robert Gilroy - 4 years ago
Not buoys. Fenders brainiac.
stevehxx3 - 4 years ago
What "buoys" does that D-bag keep mentioning?
J Co
J Co - 4 years ago
o and keep your kids on a lush :-D
J Co
J Co - 4 years ago
100% f u c k ing STOP BEFORE YOU GET IN
Syris of Lemuria
Syris of Lemuria - 4 years ago
Old people are slow. So what's new?...
Robert Gary
Robert Gary - 4 years ago
Fortunately they usually stay away on the weekends when the rest of us are off and on the water.
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens - 4 years ago
He's an old man give him slack he can't do like a young person does.
battfieldsniper1 - 3 years ago
when you got the money for your own boat you do whatever u want with it. no id required to operate
michael sievers
michael sievers - 4 years ago
Andrew Stevens yeah just need a few trips he will get better
rippito - 4 years ago
Then he shouldn't be operating a vessel. Plain and simple. If he doesn't have the foresight to prepare ahead of time before he dips his boat, or to avoid a pilling at the dock, right in front of him, then what makes you think he has the foresight to avoid a collision with a boat with a family on it. Or to avoid a hard grounding, that ultimately sinks his boat and puts his life at danger?
Joe Isola
Joe Isola - 4 years ago
I hate this guy
Chris Bryant
Chris Bryant - 5 years ago
I give anyone credit for doing it on their own, fuck off with the negative comments
pineyLt - 5 years ago
I give the old fellow credit for hitting the ramp on a slow day. The fellow with the stopwatch is an ass, typical reporter, would rather see him clip the piling then help him fend off. He said he hasn't been out more than a few times so what do they expect him to launch like he does it everyday?
I've been boating some thirty years and trailer every time I go. I hate it when people tie up the ramp unnecessarily too but I've got to say that when you think you know everything and your a pro, that's when karma bites you in the backside. Been there, done that and its best to be humble.
Oh one last thing, Murphy's Law states that when things go wrong and they will, you can bet there will be a crowd to see it.
Bruce Gillespie
Bruce Gillespie - 5 years ago
Don't submerge the wheels much above the bottom of the wheel. It is very dangerous as the bearings rust out and the wheels fall off. Unless you want to pay big bucks each year to a mechanic to put it right.
Chris - 3 years ago
Bruce Gillespie 1. on most boat trailers that is impossible unless you have a trailer with rollers to roll the boat off. 2. you should be regreasing the trailer often enough that that will not be an issue 3. the only way your bearing could get bad enough that the wheel falls off is owner negligence. You will know the bearings are bad long before the wheel is in danger of falling off. 4. It is completely out of your control whether or not you have to back in that deep. Do the world a favor and stop giving stupid advise
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
You should specify the wheels of the tow vehicle or the boat trailer.
Antony Gago
Antony Gago - 5 years ago
+pineyLt Easy..just add an extension to the and easy
pineyLt - 5 years ago
+Bruce Gillespie I would agree with you 100% for the tow vehicle though if that was what you were referring too.
pineyLt - 5 years ago
+Bruce Gillespie ...and how are you going to launch or retrieve on a float on bunk trailer without submerging the wheels? With a proper set of bearing buddies spring pressure presses grease against the bearings keeping water out. Using proper marine grease that will not absorb water is also a must.
olebiker - 5 years ago
+Bruce Gillespie The bearings on modern boat trailers are sealed to protect against such damage.
John La Fontaine
John La Fontaine - 5 years ago
D Bag alert.
Jimmy Soto
Jimmy Soto - 5 years ago
Should be banned, I've never done it before but I've watched many videos of how to do it properly. Quick learner, I'll do it under 3 minutes. Its not a space ship lol
Jimmy Soto
Jimmy Soto - 5 years ago
+pineyLt yes i did forget to install the drain plug but i still manage to get it done under 5 minutes. yes it is more difficult when they're tides, but i said it isn't a space ship.
pineyLt - 5 years ago
+Jimmy Soto Granted you'll get better every time but hit a day with a cross breeze or tide and it'll make the best look like fools. You can also count on forgetting to install the drain plug at least once in your boating career. :)
fanodogg - 5 years ago
Then you Got "DOUCHE BAG MAN" The man who leans back in a seat and gives others nick names cause he's sooooo damn good
Bernie  Payne
Bernie Payne - 3 years ago
He doesn't seem to know the difference between a buoy and fender. Why would anybody get their buoys out? I doubt many people even carry buoys.
battfieldsniper1 - 3 years ago
then you have the people who spend less then 1min launching with a buddy. unstrap it all and reverse lock the brakes and watch it float away with your buddy on it.. we should name them the predrunks
windowclean100 - 3 years ago
Oh I thought his name was butt hurt Mann
Somavinn Sary
Somavinn Sary - 3 years ago
yep that's the douchebag. Mr I don't make any mistakes,I'm a family man,yes it takes me 10-15 min to launch but I'm checking things off the list.
Dr Dwg
Dr Dwg - 5 years ago
Mr00destruct0 - 5 years ago
Two knee surgery's later it takes me about five minutes. 10 if somebody in a hurry tries to help me.
Chuck Dodge
Chuck Dodge - 5 years ago
I don't have a problem with people that do a checklist. I would rather them make sure they have ecerything right before getting out on the lake and realizing they forgot something like the plug or don't have the buoys. The people that load the boat at the ramp piss me off though. That's all supposed to be done up in the parking lot.
josh summers
josh summers - 4 years ago
+Chuck Dodge or they should use the staging area that way others can use the boat ramp
Gary Helm
Gary Helm - 6 years ago
Be able to get it to you by tomorrow, so that we will provide an opportunity. We can do it for

50. comment for The dos and don'ts of boat launching

Ashley Walford
Ashley Walford - 6 years ago
That guy sitting in his boat boasting about everyone, I guarantee he's had problems in the past launching his boat because he mentions bouys so many times...
SuperGrandPrix99 - 6 years ago
I am not the best at backing in the water with or with no boat who cares if there are people there take your time backing in they can wait but you should have everything check before you leave your house and before you back in the water I do that all the time.
Cliff Charpentier
Cliff Charpentier - 6 years ago
Tgis guy must be drinking. You have a problem with people taking longer then you on a public ramp then either help them or shut up and spend the money for docking fees. Then there is no wait. Cheap ass
Cliff Charpentier
Cliff Charpentier - 6 years ago
Tgis guy must be drinking. You have a problem with people taking longer then you on a public ramp then either help them or shut up and spend the money for docking fees. Then there is no wait. Cheap ass
HuntingWolf82 - 6 years ago
I have seen crazy things at the boat launch over the years especially on a sunny Saturday afternoon. People forgetting to put in drain plug, people getting nervous and jack knifing their trailer, people trying to launch their boat with it still attached. I have made many dumb mistakes myself but I had help from kind boaters and now I pay it forward and help anyone who needs it. At the end of the day we go to the lake to relax and have fun and if that means backing up someone's boat for them then so be it.
Mark Reeve
Mark Reeve - 6 years ago
He knew he was slow, so got there when no-one was about - thats good enough.
LordMcMPA - 6 years ago
Right on, Bill. Third time you're doing this? Well done, ol' sport! Also, properly considerate to do this while the ramp is empty. Kudos!
FoxyFatal - 6 years ago
Look out we have a badass in shades over here
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
Yeah, and listen to Joe Cool, know it all, boater extraordinaire, Mr. 5 minute launcher with his slick shades who calls fenders, buoys LMAO!   
hotpockets and santa
hotpockets and santa - 3 years ago
hotpockets and santa
hotpockets and santa - 3 years ago
they are called buoys dumbass. im 16 years old and ive been boating since i was 4 weeks old and we go out just about every weekend in the summer and pretty much everyone calls them buoys
Z0mbiekiller254 - 3 years ago
GoMiGman even though it's your money not there's if they don't like it the old saying give them a quarter to call someone who cares .
michael sievers
michael sievers - 4 years ago
GoMiGman yep the bro who says that lake is artificial. ...or i dont like taking freeways to get to the lake...or im getting a haircut... or i only enjoy the ocean, and you live in phoenix az....
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
+Cliff Charpentier LOL!  That was funny, good stuff.  I know when I bought mine, I discovered who my true friends were - the ones who were happy for me and discovered those who weren't - the ones who were jealous and said things like "oh, you bought a hole in the water?" LMAO or "you bought a money pit to throw money into?"  Hey, it's an expensive luxury no doubt about it and I tell people who complain get used to it.  The days out on the water are worth it and then some! 
Cliff Charpentier
Cliff Charpentier - 6 years ago
+GoMiGman best saying I've heard in my life is "the best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it" and the hole in the water. I see it as people say that to sway people out of buying one so there's less traffic and more fish. My last boat was a 25 foot 85 regal. Cheap but effective. Wasn't by best boat but rags to riches back to rags on a loop. I have to admit though. It sunk last year and we celebrated. Got 3 times what I paid.
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
+Cliff Charpentier Rant away, my friend.  I can relate to every single thing you just wrote lol.  Amazing how familiar things can be.  I wasn't as fortunate as you were to grow up on a boat but have loved it and played it for a while and there's NOTHING like being out on the water on a sunny, hot day in your boat.  Nothing!  Heck we were out yesterday and it was 68 and sunny and still gorgeous and had the time of our lives.  And when I felt the pinch of paying the $700 Billion (you know what I mean, right? lol) for my boat, I new the first time I took it out on that one, sunny day, that just that one time was going to be worth every penny and then some.
     Talk about the non-waivers or the ones that look down at you (my boat is bigger and cost more money people) but grudgingly waive out of obligation as if not wanting to associate with smaller boat people LOL!  Then you got the real cool people as you described who'll go out of their way for you as I do.  Even the one's who'll compliment your boat.  Just the other day an older couple were launching their Formula and grandpa was in the boat while grandma was backing the rig into the water and she couldn't figure out how to unclip the wench to roll the boat off and I was only too happy to offer assistance.  Same with a big boat behind us coming in to the dock and the current and wind was beating the crap out of them while my son and I quickly tied off ours and ran over to catch their line for them and they were very thankful.  All this while some a-hole docked on his mooring with a beach chair and a beer right on his swim platform watching all the people struggling on the dock and ramp and laughing at them and getting a kick out of that because his measly life amounts to that activity lmao.  Loser.  I'm with you, 100%! Cheers.   
Cliff Charpentier
Cliff Charpentier - 6 years ago
+GoMiGman the best messed up pronunciation I've heard to date is saying Bologna exactly as its spelled. Bull-log-na. My wife's mother had a good excuse. English is her third language. But a high school girl in the supermarket whos parents where my guess 4 gen Italian.
Cliff Charpentier
Cliff Charpentier - 6 years ago
+GoMiGman I feel you. When I moved to cali people laughed at me when I called my swim trunks a bathing suite. Never heard swim trunks before. Forget about when I say Nevada. But yea, I lived on my dads hours boat ever summer till I was 14. Heater fire. But never actually left the water. But one things for sure. You can always tell when someone didn't grow up or doesn't have much experience in the water by there unwillingness to help other boater when ever possible. I grew up with waving to every boater that goes by and if there's two much traffic focusing on were ever the other boater are not. Never leave another boater stranded and always take a second to make boating easier for all. Even helping someone dock on a windy day shows more then talking shit about how you could of done it Better but never bothered to get off there lazy ass. I see it all the time. Theres a few boats I want to pull the drain plug on. Two engines and bow thrusters talking shit about me Gavin trouble at low tide with a 20 mile an hour cross wind and my engine half way out the water cause I have 6 inches of Clearence. Sunday boaters are the worst. Dont knkw why I went on that rant but it sums down docking to the tee
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
+Cliff Charpentier Funny thing is after a decent amount of years boating, not until recently, possibly after seeing this video that I started hearing more people around the dock calling them bumpers and not fenders LOL!  Maybe psychologically I started noticing them being called that more whereas before never gave it a thought. 
I'm in Boston and for the past 30 years almost never heard them referred to as anything other than fenders.  Goes to show you how things can be quite different just a few miles away. :)  
Cliff Charpentier
Cliff Charpentier - 6 years ago
Id agree he's arrogant. But at least hear on the east coast we call then bueys. Or bumpers. Depending on whos with you. I at least consider the fenders as permanently fixed to boat and/or dock
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
+kingrider75 Hahaaa, spot on, man! It's so true how some of these guys think they're the perfect boaters?!  No one is perfect and the best boater is the guy who does the best he can to be prepared and help others and also be patient with others because the waters are for everyone, not just the super duper guys.  
kingrider75 - 6 years ago
I agree lol. The asshole in the shades is the douche bag that doesn't go over any kind of checklist and gets towed back to the dock because he didn't check his oil or fuel. What I would do is stop acting like the middle aged chubby douche that you are and give some of these less experienced Boaters a hand at the ramp. Nothing worse than some cocksucker standing around bitching and whining instead if helping someome who is struggling
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
lol!  At least the ol' man had the courtesy to get to the boat ramp when no one else was there, so give him credit for that, anyway.
One thing that definitely gets reiterated with me is if you're 50 years old and you've been thinking about getting a boat for a while and enjoying the water and fishing or whatever, don't do what this fellow did and wait until you're in your twilight years because at 50, you got 15 good years left in you, if that!  So when are you going to take on that enjoyment, when you're 65-70?  GO and do it now, man!  Life it too short. 
Jeff's Big Guitars
Jeff's Big Guitars - 6 years ago
"Forgot to put the plug in" guy is my favorite. They tend to move a lot faster when the boat is sinking.
Haha MadeULook
Haha MadeULook - 6 years ago
its called a line, not rope
Haha MadeULook
Haha MadeULook - 6 years ago
+The10ranger10 ,  its cunt, like your sister
The10ranger10 - 6 years ago
fuck off cock, or is it prick?
peter ellis
peter ellis - 6 years ago
i havent launched a boat in 25 years and still got it in and tied off and car parked in less than 5 minutes 
aguyandhiscomputer - 4 years ago
+The10ranger10 ha ha boo yaaa
The10ranger10 - 6 years ago
probably very similar to your sex life!
l337pwnage - 7 years ago
Somebody needs to contact the nursing home that guy escaped from.
MISFIT TOMSTONE - 7 years ago
If you have enough money to own a boat, definitely doesn't mean that you have enough brains for it.
GoMiGman - 6 years ago
Well said!  Ain't that the truth and there are probably close to a trillion and a half boats privately owned worldwide so maybe it's not always just people who have enough money. 
But you know what they say? 
"Money can't buy you happiness, but it'll buy you a boat big enough to pull up right next to it!" :D
Darren Roberts
Darren Roberts - 7 years ago
I also like how he called line rope. This is their boat expert?
Traxxasred - 7 years ago
this is pretty god damn funny
SuperBubble52 - 7 years ago
This is the typical 30 or 40 something multitasking anal retentive know it all.He should be helping the old guy out.Old age isn't revered anymore.We're just getting in the way and stinkin up the place to these kids.I suggest keeping your guns
gregoir - 7 years ago
why was mr. know it all calling the bumper a buoy??? had me confused!
DemocracyOfHypocrisy - 7 years ago
The guy in the boat with shades is the definition of a Douchbag!
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael - 7 years ago
Haha, I was wondering what the hell he was talking about. I was like Buoy's??
Trich Omes
Trich Omes - 7 years ago
Rule #1 GTFO of my way!
Eights - 7 years ago
The do's and dont's for grammar
The Great Falloni
The Great Falloni - 7 years ago
Let it be known in all the land that Bob Lagossa is a cunt.
m. k,2
m. k,2 - 7 years ago
the guy in the boat is a hug bag of douche
Mikael Lindstrom
Mikael Lindstrom - 7 years ago
This "professional" is such a jack ass. In nautical language, ropes are called lines and I sure as hell hope you don't have buoys hanging from your boat. They are called fenders.
SolarMendicant - 7 years ago
Seek professional help.
Dragon Steel
Dragon Steel - 7 years ago
The guy sitting in his boat with the sunglasses on bugs the heck out of me. I always help people who are having a hard time with something I am good at. The world is about learning people, sometimes you have to help others learn. Don't complain about it, help them learn, you'll be less of a prick and find yourself feeling more happy with life, not to mention they may just pay it forward to the next person needing help.
442hoeky - 7 years ago
I wouldn't consider myself an expert at launching since I only do it a few times a year, but because I my boat's 24', I've become reasonably efficient at it. Twice I've launched someone else's boat at their request because the launch was busy and they couldn't seem to get her lined up in a tight spot with the pressure of waiting and impatient day boaters. Works better than pointing and shaking your head.
TM1Alan - 7 years ago
I guess Mr. Know-it-all was refering to fenders when he kept saying bouys.
marlin kojak
marlin kojak - 7 years ago
i alway try to help people going in and out then it dont take so long why not work to gether so we can all go fishing and have a good time that what it all about help some one back in the water or hold the boat while the guy parks his trailer
djoliver7 - 7 years ago
Then you have Mr. fucking know-it-all douche. Who made this guy an expert. If this asshole said anything to me on the ramp, it would be tied up by his unconscious, convulsing body.
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy - 7 years ago
Hitching a ride is NOT launching. You ride from the grace of others. I have been to Kanuck land and all I saw was a bunch of ass holes drinking at the bar bitching about America. And by the way "Canadians launch shit into space all the time!" I am sure that SHIT is all you kanucks can launch. I haven't met one yet that is worth the gas to burn him to hell. Just in case you haven't picked up on it I think every kanuck is a piece of shit. And I think that from experience.
EComp86 - 7 years ago
I agree that you should have everything ready before you hit the ramp cause its not a hangout but if i saw gramps here struggling i would help him instead of acting like a child and being a fucking geek like the guy who has names for everyone. The guy is a fucking geek.
EComp86 - 7 years ago
wtf is a kanuck? Canadians launch shit into space all the time! We use other nations rockets to do so. Just recently we launched an early warning device that detects meteors like the ones that hit Russia. We have Canadians in the space station as we speak. If you did your research you would actually know that CANUCKS do alot more than you think. Ignorance is sad and people who have it break my heart seeing them all dumb and having no understanding of anything out side of they're bubble.Readabook
nick r
nick r - 7 years ago
this guy is a doucher
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy - 7 years ago
No kanuck has launched anything into space. Another reason to despise kanucks, they lie.
Lucifer Ordog
Lucifer Ordog - 8 years ago
The fuck am I doing here?
Michael Laverty
Michael Laverty - 8 years ago
Hey Butchy.. There called Fenders ..Mr Boatman ????
primate4 - 8 years ago
I hate boaters.
norman ayles
norman ayles - 8 years ago
xfor 4 fuksake ,,,,don't help your fellow man....nope..lets jus judgem & look at how we r better than.....cuz we got more experience,,,,,,but when u breakdown or get stuck ...o fuksake,,,,f u ,,,,,,,,we all cud use a little more help & humility,,,,,,,such is life tho,,,,,,,,jus sayin
greg emenaker
greg emenaker - 8 years ago
Hey Bob buoys, really? Seems you have a name for every kind of boater. Maybe its time to learn the proper names of boating navigational aids. They would be called fenders. In your case you hang them on left and right side of vessel. To everybody else who knows any thing about boating it would be port and starboard.
zombienectar - 8 years ago
She looks like a Klingon spy to me... a very cute one.
Aaron Croteau
Aaron Croteau - 8 years ago
* do's *dont's
hill billy
hill billy - 8 years ago
that aint no shit fucking yuppy i live for fishin i guess im pretty fast at the ramp but try to help others as much as i can i have even backed strangers trailers so when i hear that pathetic piece of shit wimperin makes me sick why dont he jus rent a boatslip he wont have to whine about the public no more
freeklyme - 8 years ago
8======D - O
TheCowboys1957 - 8 years ago
Would love to put my fuckin fist into that assholes mouth....Would love to meet a impatient asshole at the ramp
TheCowboys1957 - 8 years ago
Yea you got to deal with the know it all assholes ...They friggin forget they were new at it at one time or another....
fishaholic2012 - 8 years ago
Thank you, I appreciate it!
Eric Letendre
Eric Letendre - 8 years ago
There should be more people like you in the world, but in fact they are so rare that we can call them Treasure!

100. comment for The dos and don'ts of boat launching

m - 8 years ago
i think he's right about loading up on the ramp, it should be done before hand
Harmonlisa - 8 years ago
You need help if that annoys you that much.
Bill S
Bill S - 8 years ago
If I see someone having a difficult time, I offer to assist them. I was a single father with two young boys, I know how hard it is to launch and retrieve solo. Experience and preparation are the key. This guy is new to boating and will get better with experience. It took me awhile to teach my new wife what to do, but now working together, we have the boat off the trailer, started and tied up in just a few minutes. We prep the boat in the lot, load it and charge the batteries the day before.
Bill S
Bill S - 8 years ago
I don't know who the arrogant B-Hole was they were interviewing, but I work in TV, and you have to understand that the interview with Bouy-man was probably shot at a different time than Bill and his fishing boat. That arrogant idiot didn't know the difference between a bouy which is a Navigational marker, permanently mounted and a boat fender, or bumper that is hung over the side. Making fun pf people with families and checklists? It's A-holes like him that end up launching without a drain plug
fishaholic2012 - 8 years ago
Hahaha you remind me of this over confident asshole I saw this weekend who launched his brand new seadoo boat with the transom straps still on, forgot to put the parking brake on and ended up loosing his whole rig which I pulled out with my Jeep. Laugh, I did. And by the way I don't take forever to launch my boat, I'm out as soon as I'm floating but I don't brag about it, I actually help people. Also do they call you the man for launching your boat fast?
omar926 - 8 years ago
What are you doing with bouys on your boat? Don't you think using a fender would work better?
blampa - 8 years ago
You call me self righteous? You sanctimonious, proclivity-ridden butt plug. I'd bet you'd push an old lady out of the check out line at a supermarket just so you can go through faster. Why don't you try actually helping some of our elders rather than getting frustrated at them; you just might learn something, like not being such a self-absorbed twat. BTW, it's "you're" as in YOU ARE a dick not your; and it's "they're" doing a story not their. I'm guessing literacy isn't your strong suit.
Keith - 8 years ago
Your a dick, if you ever get stuck at a ramp behind some ass like this it's extremely frustrating. Their doing a story on it too asshole, stop being so fucking self righteous...prickenstein.
Keith - 8 years ago
Fuck you moron. I hate fuckers like you and this old jackass who take forever at the ramp.
creatine64 - 8 years ago
everybody starts somewhere. only his 3rd time on the boat. so what if he called them something different.
creatine64 - 8 years ago
my thoughts are: if you are the only one at the ramp and nobody is waiting, who cares how long you take. this guy loading says he likes to get their early and though I have a few suggestions for him (ie prep the boat in the parking lot and go thru your method then launch) he didn't do anything wrong. the idiot expert is the guy that would be screaming at someone else at the dock if he felt like they took to long. when launching a boat, never, ever, ever rush thats how accidents happen
krazor8 - 8 years ago
dont take an open diff vehicle onto a slimy ramp...
Foxtrot Oscar
Foxtrot Oscar - 8 years ago
Aah, makes sense, they have to have a stupid (different, and usually wrong) word for everything.
04smallmj - 8 years ago
I thought the same haha, it's the American word for 'bouy' lol.
04smallmj - 8 years ago
boo - eeee!!!
David K
David K - 8 years ago
How was this a news report?
Kimmi Indigo
Kimmi Indigo - 8 years ago
Why didn't he just go freekin' help him!!!
Nym Rod
Nym Rod - 8 years ago
It takes me less than 2 minutes. Put in the drain plug, remove transom straps. Back in the water and the wife drives the boat off. When loading she gives me very little time to get the trailer in, I'm sometimes backing the trailer in under the boat as she's driving the boat on it. Hook up the bow strap and pull away. We've done it for a long time and make everyone look slow. I could have my boat in and back out again before that whiner could get his boat off the trailer.
Nym Rod
Nym Rod - 8 years ago
The fenders protect the boat, then there are fender covers to protect the fenders. Are there fender cover covers to protect the fender covers?
huhhman - 8 years ago
takes me 10 min because i like to warm up my boat in the trailer and drive it off. Don't like it....too bad. I also power load my boat, cause it's fun and i can.
xSuperiorManx - 8 years ago
Please excuse his mental illness. Martin Bott (wwwtotalitaerde) is suffering from a psychosis that makes him believe the government is after him, controlling minds everywhere etc. >_> His allegedly murdered brother even went to court against him because he didn’t want him to use his name for that nonsense. Now he sticks to defaming my country in Youtube videos. He’s a madman and wants to make his shitty conspiracy-homepage look important.
MegaMouseSEC - 8 years ago
They turned this from something that may have been interesting into a douchefest.
Foxtrot Oscar
Foxtrot Oscar - 8 years ago
Booies? What the hell is a booey? I've been boating for years and never heard reference to booeis. What is this guy on? He has a point though. I can't stand people who take forever. I can get a boat in the water in ten, that's off the trailer, secured, trailer away, sails up, centreboard down, rudder down, cast off, away. It's not difficult guys! Especially if you have an engine!
SR3711 - 8 years ago
THIS is why those who have worked hard all their lives can't enjoy retirement. Its f*ck sticks like this that make life miserable. Id gladly help out someone that wasn't sure about something. For their own safety, and to save time for everyone else. Go back to the hardware store you tool. You don't belong on the water yourself.
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell - 8 years ago
Fenders...They're called FENDERS!!!
fangsea - 8 years ago
Id drown that stupid ass criticising the old man. Get out and help if you do not want him to take too long. bunch of dumb fucks these days.
Arabhacks - 8 years ago
I look at everyone, and drive my CAR in the water. Nearly everyone is in shock as I lower and engage the prop unit and take off. Yes, people at the dock taking an hour is common. I am in and out in an hour, just a quick buzz of the lake, so there is no sense to even try and get involved with anyone else. Yes, I have VHF marine as well as everything any boat should have, but I am not a boater. My car likes water!
austin hill
austin hill - 8 years ago
the guy in the nice boat.. if he ever would act like that around me, id kick his ass. I take about 7 minutes, but thats because i do it by myself mostly, my dad sits in the damn truck and im only 16.. but if someone gave me the dirty look waiting, you can ask my dad ill stop doing what im doing, walk to them, and tell them to shut up, then i slowly walk back to the boat to finish my job.. i only did that once, and it ended up with me wasting 30 minutes talking to someone about manors..
mwcleaning - 8 years ago
It's LINE, not ropes. Rookie.
jcraigb - 8 years ago
Very true ,ive helped many beginners launch their boat even backed the trailer hell everybody has 2 learn
hjewell2 - 8 years ago
this happens during ice fishing season all the time
Kevin Healer
Kevin Healer - 8 years ago
Boat launches are a magnet for people that are down on their luck and salivating for a chance to make themselves feel better by dancing in the glow of someone else's failure. If you haven't yet, I urge you to dock a boat in front of a hundred assholes waiting for you to screw up. Most of those arm chair captains wouldn't know the first thing about docking a boat. Have you ever hung out at a driving school and laughed at new drivers mistakes? If you have, you need to re evaluate your life.
Rob Scott
Rob Scott - 8 years ago
not everyone can be an expert at everything. so if you see someone struggling, if its with a boat launch, car stuck at the side of the road, etc help them out. if people were more like fishaholic2012 and Draknfyre, the world would be a better place.
quickstanger - 8 years ago
INSTEAD of sitting there all smug and condescending, why not offer a hand?? otherwise " DEAL WITH IT" Mr pro i have 100's of Boat launches. One more word but you might Have to look it up. EMPATHY!!
CameronTwinsFishing - 8 years ago
the guy talken is a perfect know it all... no brain.. hes not a real boater, just talk! you should help the man instead of whinning!
ThrasherGnar - 8 years ago
tinbanger66 - 8 years ago
Ahhhh, so sailboats are for republicans and democrats!
Lightnin Hopkins
Lightnin Hopkins - 8 years ago
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho right next to asswipe Hagadones shithole resort.
Lightnin Hopkins
Lightnin Hopkins - 8 years ago
flightsailor - 8 years ago
@1QwkSC What makes you so special? With such a shitty attitude, I hope I never see you on the water.
HackSlashKill - 8 years ago
Bob Legossa, world's biggest d-bag. I am almost tempted to drive whereever this stupid hicktown is, and take an hour and a half launching my boat, and then I would yell to Bob..."Hey, you can call me"
Kyle Kruger
Kyle Kruger - 9 years ago
the best day in a boat owners life is the day he buys and sells the boat
jimbeen1771 - 9 years ago
@SoundOffAudio oh god you sound like a complete fucking retard
Logen Ninefingers
Logen Ninefingers - 9 years ago
@CounterCultureLives "Yeah, my mate Fred taught me how to fly an airplane. Only took a couple of hours." Really? You used airplanes as an example?
2CyMaN - 9 years ago
the guy reminds me of phil hellmuth
cougar351 - 9 years ago
the cocky SOB with black blazer is one arrogant dickhead .........MR "know it all' and too good to lend helping hand ........
fishaholic2012 - 9 years ago
if that was my grandpa that fucker was talking about i'd deck him in the face...i help people all the time at the ramp, i'm good at launching my boat and since i have a roller trailer and a direct injected motor i'm out in time choking the engine and all... i just get out the way and help others. there's times when it's so rough or windy that i use my boat to tow people's boats off their trailer and away from the pitching dock.
sailingjacobe - 9 years ago
Its not called a bouy dip shit. It is called a FENDER! Your not a boater if you call it a bout.
todaytriper - 9 years ago
One other thing when you do back down the ramp don,t take up two spots stay over to one side so somebody can launch beside you.
phantaztix - 9 years ago
I agree and disagree with some things. 1st off, if someone is struggling, be a damn human and go help them. I do agree, you should be ready in the parking lot before you reach the ramp. Get your ropes out, fenders on, tie-downs off, boat loaded and do a run through with your "crew" or yourself if you're alone. Once you hit the water you should be ready to launch, BUT if you're slow at it because you're inexperienced or old or whatever... just take your time and do it right! Offer assistance!
FandRRacing - 9 years ago
@MrBonediver How long does it take you?
FandRRacing - 9 years ago
As the owner of a race boat, it CAN be done in 1 minute. That isn't including the time it takes to park and walk back to the boat, which varies by ramp. We check the necessities once in the pits, and on the ramp, we just check quickly for engine leaks and oil pressure. That takes under a minute.
blampa - 9 years ago
@allenda77 Exactly. That arrogant boat expert dickhead looks like he could suck a dick in less than 2 minutes, but wouldn't have the first clue on how to eat pussy. Leave the old bloke alone. Give him a hand or shut the fuck up.
Tim M
Tim M - 9 years ago
I'm a 55 year old Dad. I do most of the work and my teen age kids hold the boat after I have moored it (with fenders) or beached the boat after launching. They like beaching better than mooring. They say its easier. What ever :>). I then retrieve SUV and trailer and proceed to park it several miles away and hike back to the boat... where ever it may be. Hopefully still afloat and like new... still...Wishful thinking!!!
johnnybikesalot - 9 years ago
@allenda77 Bullshit. Unless there's some unforseen mechanical problem, or high winds or waves, it should not take anyone more than 5 minutes. The point is that you get ready BEFORE you are up. You don't pull up to the water, THEN get ready. If you're not ready to go, let the next guy go ahead of you. Same with pulling, if you boat's not ready to get out of the water, don't block the ramp yet. Let someone else go, and when your boat is ready, THEN back your truck into the water.
Nick Bossclair
Nick Bossclair - 9 years ago
me and my dad can have the boat in the water and off the dock in under 5 minutes lol but i love watching the amatuers launch and it is a fender not buoy. buoys float in the water....
frenchtoast2eat - 9 years ago
That guy is a cock. that is all
Chet Michaels
Chet Michaels - 9 years ago
Dude the guy that is talking during the entire video was a DOUCHE! Seriously bro get off your high horse man...
Carlton Wilson
Carlton Wilson - 9 years ago
@carlthejarl And, BTW, a word of advice on backing your trailer...The trick is to avoid too much head movement. Pick a spot in your driver's side mirror and fix a point on the driver's side of your trailer. Stay as close to the left as you can w/out hitting anything and you can be sure that your right side is far from danger. Twisting your head left to right over and over makes you overcorrect. I've seen a ton of people really F up while backing their trailer.
Carlton Wilson
Carlton Wilson - 9 years ago
I see it every weekend. People who simply cannot get their boat in the water, or back on their trailer. Patience is a virtue, but don't obstruct the lanes if you aren't ready to launch/trailer. If your truck isn't next in line, don't drive your boat into the launch area. It's aboat launch, not a parking lot. I will check you if I have to and have done so on many occasions. I even had a guy try to drive his boat onto my trailer once(drunk ass Canadians).
Angst Tsgna
Angst Tsgna - 9 years ago
I could launch a boat by myself at 16 in under 5 minutes. It's not hard.
bmxguy08 - 9 years ago
douchebag who thinks he knows everything... the guy sitting in this boat in this video.....
JAGS52982 - 9 years ago
dude is glasses had titles for everybody but he forgot his title arrogant douchebag
IronDioPriest - 9 years ago
What BS. When I learned how to launch and land my first boat, I had all kinds of anxiety. Friends told me that I should just relax, and that people by-and-large are patient at the ramp - all having been there before. My friends were right. While I was learning and self-conscious, I never received an ounce of scorn, and was always offered kind words of encouragement, and even offers of assistance. Now after many launches and landings, I am good at it, and I offer the same patience to newbies.
smwizzz - 9 years ago
Basically why create a traffic jamb over lack of organization? Sometimes there are things beyond our control that take extra time. This is where patience comes in. The guy who has no regard for others time is the real problem and there are alot of those out there. Bottom line... some people need to be told to move their butts. Some people need to shut up and wait for those who are trying their best. Yep, you can offer a hand to those in need and hopefully it will be appreciated.
smwizzz - 9 years ago
Alright.... agreed the old dude deserves some respect, however... your boat can be checked and double checked before it goes in the water. I'm guessin you don't like rush hour traffic downtown... something we have to put up with. Lets just have consideration for everyone else. Get as much ready as possible and once your boat is offloaded move your gear so the next one can offload. The sunglasses dude stated some very good points. We can take offense or listen and learn.
saxmanchiro - 9 years ago
Best free entertainment on a weekend, your local boat ramp. Just pull up a chair, a cooler full of your favourite drink, some snacks and voila. I have launched many boats, hundreds of times over 40 yrs and I routinely see funny and sad(costly) stuff at the ramps. Worst thing to do at a busy ramp- butt into the line waiting to launch or pull out. Fists became the weapon of choice.
bazzazaz111 - 9 years ago
get over yaself......
SuperBubble52 - 9 years ago
What a cocky prick!
Thenotoriousfmx - 9 years ago
Lmao the guy with the glasses is such a douchebag
Kcducttaper1 - 9 years ago
It takes my dad and I about 2-3 minutes from when we get to the parking lot until the boat's launched and the truck is parked. I don't think we could make it take 20 minutes if we tried.
Tad Nicholson
Tad Nicholson - 9 years ago
Holy shit guys really he is an old man he has no one to help him and all u guys are bitching
KeepCalmAndBeAUnicorn - 9 years ago
I thought this was a video of a guy screwing up his boat launch!
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 9 years ago
wut a fucking ass hole i would go beat his ass
boiprof - 9 years ago
Well there is one thing you could always do to you know make things go by faster HELP! Dudes like 70 either take a nap or lend a hand.
TheMrsrt8 - 9 years ago
@SoundOffAudio boombah!
OdyBeRidin - 9 years ago
I can launch my 21 footer in 5 minutes and assholes still will get pissed, usually the mens wifes will bitch. LOL . so I take my time.
SoundOffAudio - 9 years ago
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@rs8684 You are 6 years old!! You still need to learn how to read!
rs8684 - 9 years ago
@Shepson1 Ok, I did it, and it your posts are all saying that you should take 30 min to 1 hour to rig up your boat in the boat ramp, and tie everyone up, b/c SAFETY is soooo important. Well, guess what, maybe CONSIDERATION should be just as important, but NO, not for Shepson1. I bet you are the kind of guy that pays by check in the express lane at the store, holding up the show,because the WORLD REVOLVES AROUND YOU! Truth hurts, Shepson1 (as in "I'm #1") Great username, VERY appropriate...
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@rs8684 Really? Are you 6yr old? Tell you what. Click on the button that says "all comments". Then type "ctrl+f" to bring up a search bar. Then type "shepson" into that bar, and click next to cycle through all my comments on this thread. Then see for yourself if what you're ordering me to do, or your comments to me are have even the slightest point whatsoever. Twit indeed...
rs8684 - 9 years ago
@Shepson1 No, I will order you around, twit. Set up your frikin boat in the parking lot. Pull it down to the ramp, back it in, unhook it, 5 mins. What's the problem, glasses?
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@rs8684 You need to research what I've already said at least twice before you go ordering me around. Think before you act.
rs8684 - 9 years ago
@Shepson1 do that in the parking lot, not the boat ramp!!!
Scott B
Scott B - 9 years ago
Good grief sometimes it takes a little time, especially if you are by yourself, but the lesson here is a good one. Just be ready! Do all your checking and prep work before you get to the ramp. When you get there, you back the boat down, bow line ready, drop it off the trailer, tie it up, and good lord please move it down the dock or around out of the way to tie up, and get your trailer and towing vehicle off the ramp as quickly as possible. A fast in or out is easy if you prep correctly.
PotatoGunsRule - 9 years ago
Sunglasses looks like a ski instructor at my ski resort.
Crash2759 - 9 years ago
If you see someone struggling at the ramp and dont want to wait forever, ask if you can give them a hand. 2 minutes of your time helping could make a better day for everyone and save alot of time later on. Just because I or some one else can launch in 5 min. doesnt mean shit. Help each other out and we all have a good time.
arickosmo - 9 years ago
Being prepared is crucial but everyone was a nooby once. I do love to watch the ramp on a Sunday.
Keith Lumley
Keith Lumley - 9 years ago
don't forget... elderly suck at driving boats too
Dillon Goshko
Dillon Goshko - 9 years ago
the guy in the sun glasses is a fucking moron, 5mins? are you fucked it takes at most 2mins and not to mention the guy with the spiky hair trying to pull his boat to the dock with a rope like what a fucking retard like get in the water and push it ya fuck
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@hbplayerz420 And you're obviously a sophomore (sophisticated moron) teenager that thinks you know all and that everyone else in the world is stupid. Read my other posts. I'm in the way for 2 min tops, because I DO know what I'm doing. It is extremely inadvisable to judge someone you know nothing about. Even more-so without doing your research. Grow up. And learn to spell.
oakland002 - 9 years ago
The one that gets to me are the brand new boats owner, that has to wash their boat at the ramp while it's still in the water on the trailer! And all you want to do is load up and get out of the water. Then there are the one that wants to pull up next to your boat to launch since there are two ramp, but only one lane to park and get ready to launch . Then there are the one that is loading up the boat while its at the dock, and won't just move their boat to the other side so people and launch
flynomo - 9 years ago
This guy makes me want to get rid of my boat......
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@dmanlyr At least you're respectful. So long as that remains true, I don't mind that you disagree. I am an accomplished boat launcher. It takes me half an hour or so to put my sailboat together, which I do in the parking lot out of the way. When I actually get to the ramp, I'm faster than 90% of the power boaters out there, launching in less than 2 min. But I don't begrudge a slower person. I still think you think you are more important than anyone else.
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@hbplayerz420 What's more important? You getting to your special cove before everyone else does, or someone who may have a little less experience doing the launch as safely as possible? Don't forget to think of others. You are not the only important person in this world, or the only one using the lake.
MultiBamf69 - 9 years ago
@arcticcat700xtx Omg I cant wait either..I have a jet ski and am egar to gt out and have some fun on the lake!!
MultiBamf69 - 9 years ago
@arcticcat700xtx It almost took that asshole in the glasses 5 minutes to say what he needed to get done at the ramp in 5min! LOL...I have seen people do it in 5 min but they did it 1k times and had their shit together!
Shepson1 - 9 years ago
@biglar155 You need to read more carefully what I wrote. Check the thread before you start ordering me what to do, and you may find that I already do it. @quosmo1 Yes. Americans are jerks. On the whole, stupid selfish jerks who think of nobody but themselves. It makes me ashamed to be one.
biglar155 - 9 years ago
If it's taking longer than 5 minutes then you're doing too much right at the ramp. I get my mast up, boom and sails hanked on, mooring lines on, fenders on, all in the parking lot. My "ramp time" for my sailboat is almost the same as for my powerboat. If you've got a behemoth and are trying to launch on a shallow ramp, it can take a little longer, but for the sake of others, please do EVERYTHING you can to keep your ramp time short. The lake may not be going anywhere, but my V-Cay days are!
tencz57 - 9 years ago
love ya Bill . good job . U never criticized a soul either !
volvocare - 9 years ago
hate these know it all's. He's the reason why people will make mistakes.
Joseph Boyer
Joseph Boyer - 9 years ago
why would you want to rush it in 5 minutes? not safe
GusgusA1 - 9 years ago
bob is a rookie around here and we dont like know it all's especially this kind use the staging area thats why its there
GusgusA1 - 9 years ago
bob is a rookie around here and we dont like know it all's especially this kind
mdr8088 - 10 years ago
I pull into a space and set up the pontoon, load the coolers, etc. the I pull down and get inline to the ramp. Boat hits watter truck leaves watter. The only time I take time is to unhook the winch cable. Or if I'm luanching alone I have to tie up the boat then come back to the truck.. It's called being considerate and not wasteing anyone elses day.......
kingwithabrokencrown - 10 years ago
so your supposed to have a 5 min time limit..i'm sorry but thats just screwed up and freaking wrong,not everybodys a pro.
quosmo1 - 10 years ago
@Shepson1 sure, i sail a mac 26x and it takes me a full hour to prepare all the rigging etc in the parking lot before launch, im not in a rush either -- and yeah the guy is a jerk i agree :). anyway i sail the Mediterranean and i find if i am struggling with something on the ramp, someone always comes up and helps if they think they know better -- instead of cussing and avoiding eye contact (americans are weird that way or just the jerks i guess :) ). 26 feet is difficult to launch tho!
Shepson1 - 10 years ago
@quosmo1 I set up my sailboat well out of the way when I can. I don't block the ramp until i'm ready to launch. I just can't stand the selfish powerboat idiot in the clip who type casts every kind of boater because he can't stand when people take longer than 5 min. He doesn't think of anyone but himself, and doesn't consider that there are different skill levels, and different attitudes that are not wrong to have when it comes to boating. He's a jerk.
quosmo1 - 10 years ago
@Shepson1 yeah so setup your boat in the parking lot not on the ramp while everyone else is waiting!, its not very difficult to be slightly considerate is it.
NiteClerk - 10 years ago
The main thing is to prep and load before you are on the ramp. The old guy in should have done most of his task before he backed into the water.
mthunder15 - 10 years ago
sailboats suck. Get an engine and GO!
John Mastorakis
John Mastorakis - 10 years ago
Over 100 launches and he calls them buoys?? Most people with any experience call them fenders. Buoys are those green and red floating things that mark the channels. "It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt"
mogyver69 - 10 years ago
1 minute in one minute out..... Your boat should be ready so all you have to do is un hook the bow hook once it hits the water... The drain plug should already be in and your side boes should already be set.... It ticks me off when you have idiots that dont know how to back a boat up as it is then they take there sweet as time laughing holding up everyone else waiting...
WT Hendrix
WT Hendrix - 11 years ago
I say somthing to them. they always act mad. but we other guys will be lined up and puts pressure on the rest of us. I get in and out. it i have a breakdown or somthing occurs. i apoligize to the others having to wait on me. If you need practice go get it. not on my time. you might end up in a fight here in TEXAS. We don't do the waiting all day for you thing down here!!!!
Aj Allen
Aj Allen - 11 years ago
im 15 too, not that hard ppl..and my dad has a mastercraft.....i mean come on..
rangerbass519 - 11 years ago
My buddy and I aren't the best fisherman, but we have the boat in the water in literally 2 minutes. He's a truck driver so he's used to it. As far as mobility goes, we're the best in the bass club
Shepson1 - 11 years ago
Sorry folks. It takes longer than 5 min to setup and raise the mast and sails on a sailboat. Just have a little patience and deal with it. The lake isn't going anywhere.
dptymk - 11 years ago
Everybody forgot two major points, #1 shut your f***ing doors on your vehicle while you're on the ramp, and #2 shut your d***ed headlights off after dark when winching your boat onto the trailer so others can see to back down!
Justin Loomis
Justin Loomis - 11 years ago
Is that Mike Leach giving us pointers on how to launch a boat?
audiogod15 - 11 years ago
Uh... you don't put buoys out.. they're called FENDERS! lol
pennsy671 - 11 years ago
That was a stupid video, I can't believe I wasted 3:01 of my life on it, plus the 30sec. it took to write this....
gawnfishin2day - 12 years ago
i'm done in less than 5. ha ha! 14ft john boat in the bed of my truck! i use the beach!
adfildez - 12 years ago
that guy in the sunglasses who thinks he knows everything needs to shut his trap
Gibson - 12 years ago
records 37 seconds as soon as you put it in reverse at my marina lol
Mr. A to Z
Mr. A to Z - 12 years ago
Good stuff, can't spell minutes, but what can you do.
jesse112693 - 12 years ago
im 15 and i can launch my dads bass boat by myself in 4 minites
Belljeep06 - 12 years ago
I do it with in about 2 min. by myself I luanch about 4 times a week from March 30 to December 15
rebeldawg124009 - 12 years ago
damn lol i cant believe this people, well damn i guess if you been fishin, boat/ jet ski ridin as much as this country boy i know wat to do lol
proto57 - 12 years ago
I agree with "xlight's" comment. What we all need is a smug superior commentator. I agree that it can be annoying at the ramp sometimes, but even with lots of experience, things can go wrong. I just hope someone is there to see Mr.Sunglasses's bad day, and then be patient and help him. It would teach him some humility. That is, unless he is as perfect as he claims...
jjdiver - 12 years ago
Mr. Expert, I didn't know boats usually carried "bouy's." Do you know what a fender is? Mr. Expert, what a joke!
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez - 12 years ago
So Dumb what u say, Im 14 and my dad could beat youre dad in Launching
Cincy21red - 12 years ago
As for all of you people going on and on about how you would make the experience as embarrassing for the rookie boat launcher; how did you all become so efficient at launching yourselves? How smoothly did your first few lauches go?
Bob G
Bob G - 12 years ago
I hate it when people skip line and pull right up to the ramp. You're suppose to pull to the back of the line whether you are putting in or taking out.
DRTMaverick - 12 years ago
My brother sank a boat and a truck and a trailer (he was on RealTV if you ever saw that video of the boat launch and the brand new white truck sinking and the prop of the brand new boat being rammed through the boat behind him). :P Yeah 5 minutes if you've launched hundreds of times. If it was my third time launching a boat, fuck you, you can wait or launch it for me.
Tim Bouthilet
Tim Bouthilet - 12 years ago
Mr. sunglasses is a certain type of person at the launch too.....the impatient douche.
Belljeep06 - 12 years ago
im fifth teen and have luanched my boat lots of times
pfuehrer - 12 years ago
I like the people that leave their boats tied to small docks for endless periods of time. Please un-tie your boat and go somwwhere else and look cool.
pfuehrer - 12 years ago
What about the people that launch their boats and forget they can play in their boats somewhere other than the dock next to the ramp. Un-tie the boat and float away plaese!
lolahavasuaz - 12 years ago
Great video posted here boy's........ this is soo true. Rookie boaters, are just clueless and when you have to wait for one of them, it just makes ya want to slap-em. sometimes we will set up a chair, crack a coldie and watch the idiots at one of our local boat ramps on a Holiday weekend here in Lake Havasu City, Az. We go boating opposite of visiting clowns.
seamanE9 - 12 years ago
Captain Know-it-All giving us the lowdown on how it should be done and how long it should take...if he's gonna do that he needs to learn the nautical lingo. He says, "Get there early, throw out some "buoys..." Just shows he's a rookie. In the Navy we call them "fenders" because they "fend" the ship away from the pier. Civilians call them "bumpers," but civilians are ignorant of things nautical. But, Captain Know-it-All, they aren't "buoys." Idiot.
xplmiller1050 - 12 years ago
man id be there yelling at that old man on a busy day soon as he goes to move his truck back to the lot id untie his boat off the dock and push it away ...5 mins is right ...forsure on a busy 5 mins max or comes the cussing !!!!
jimmyray0682 - 13 years ago
ive been around boats my whoel life i was 10 when i learned how to back up a boat trailer into the ramp i can put a boat in the water nd be pulling back out in about a min. you've got to plan ahead and also whats with the lead rope crank it up and back it off, alot easier
christofurg - 13 years ago
Yeah, today's youth rationale, especially with regard to the Spanish/Latinos. Have some respect for others. He's having a great time, good for him. People do need to learn patience but he needs to launch his boat a little bit more within the average window. Again, have some respect for others.
stagesixx - 13 years ago
Just put the friggin boat in the water!
Rlnthndr - 13 years ago
theres no "bumper" also , FENDER LAND LUBBERS
sheracad - 13 years ago
there is no "rope" on a boat- it is called "line"...landlubbers!
theo t
theo t - 13 years ago
I wish eveyone knew the rules. I remember one group of early mid 20's kids back up to the ramp shut the vehicle off and begin to take the tarp off...unbelievable!
mason0392 - 13 years ago
this is why i hate people who have trailered offense, but i find it much easier to just dock mine
tegiteasy - 13 years ago
so what should we call the guy on here who thinks he's a pro but keeps refering to bumpers as bouy's!?!?
Belljeep06 - 13 years ago
yeah we launch boats all the time and there is always people messing with something or getting n the way or can't back up a trailer!!

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