1300 corydoras tank

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MindLag92 - 3 years ago
I like the style very very much
Ashley Applebottom
Ashley Applebottom - 3 years ago
Beautiful tank but in my opinion it needs more sand, plants and hiding spots...Corys like to hide and don't like light very much...Corys like sand beds, especially sand beds bc they love digging their snouts down in it searching for little leftover morsels of food. Not being judgmental, I'm just saying. I have 12 Corys (Sterba's, Emerald Greens, and Pandas) in my tank and I have a 3 in.deep sand bed in it heavily planted with quite a few hiding spots and caves. They sure do love it! My fish are very happy, active and for the most part stress free. Where'd you get your wood/plant decoration by the way? It's beautiful! And is your tank a 20 gallon long? It looks like it. I have a 20 gallon high and fixing to set up my quarantine tank that will be used specifically for them if one or some become sick in another room. I don't want it right beside my display tank just in case there may be accidental transfer of sickness into my show tank...to me it would just be too close for comfort. Can't tell how old this video is but I just thought I'd comment anyway. Maybe you'll see this comment, idk but anyways good luck with your Corys and your tank. It really is a beauty
MindLag92 - 3 years ago
Oh, also this Looks bigger than a 20 Gallon to me :)
MindLag92 - 3 years ago
Video is from 2014 just fyi. :) Do you have 3 Schools of 4 cories? I am planning on 12 to 16 Cories but only 1 Kind. Do you think 1 Inch sand bed is enough?

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