A Visit to Bob Schneider's Cory Catfishery

Here is a look at the fish room of a successful breeder of Corydoras and other armored catfish.

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Here is a look at the fish room of a successful breeder of Corydoras and other armored catfish.

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Deletha Barnett
Deletha Barnett - 5 years ago
I sub u sub to Fish Keeping Jamaica. Thx!
Iamdonald duck
Iamdonald duck - 5 years ago
washing your hands in his inflow water !!
Lucas Jones
Lucas Jones - 5 years ago
Love the music thank you.
The Fish Closet
The Fish Closet - 6 years ago
I watched this video countless times. Just noticed the hydrogen perioxide bottle in the incubator. What would it be used for?
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 6 years ago
I do not know. Maybe he is using it to sterilize egg water... but that would not be very efficient. H2O2 will also decompose into H2O and O2, but not in volumes enough to truly affect O2 levels in the water. It may also just be an old bottle that he is repurposing.
SilverFlame819 - 6 years ago
ZOMG, so many Corys!!! WANTTTTTTTT.
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 6 years ago
If you want cories, come to Cataclysm in September (www.catfish-cataclysm.com)
Punky Pam
Punky Pam - 6 years ago
Ted does he have a website? If u ever get 2 go again I would love an update Thanks so much
RedAquatics - 6 years ago
I have peppered Corys and I was wondering how big do they have to be to start spawning? I don't know if they are old enough but they are both just about 2 inches long. A reply would be very helpful, thanks.
RedAquatics - 6 years ago
+Ted Judy I am definitely sure I have both, the female is a lot plumper and a bit bigger than the male. The male follows her around a lot of the time.
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 6 years ago
They are plenty big to spawn. Are you sure you have both sexes? Sometimes cories prefer groups with multiple males to spawn.
TheBSideDJ - 6 years ago
does anyone have a link that explains a german syphon ?
Something Fishy
Something Fishy - 6 years ago
0:01 - 0:03 that was the Goldlaser A.k.a Corydoras Cw10 am i Right ? thanks for showing us 2 seconds of a rare cory

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Ashley Applebottom
Ashley Applebottom - 6 years ago
I kno this an old video but OMG ur tanks r absolutely disgusting! I feel horrible 4 those corys! Cleanliness goes a long way ya kno!!
Alek Koomanoff
Alek Koomanoff - 6 years ago
Catfish seem to be happy. Teddy July has done a great deal for the hobby. His videos really helped me get up to speed when I started back up in the hobby in 2011. First tank in 1960, then 27 quickly
Nigel Hobson
Nigel Hobson - 6 years ago
They are fine. They're not display tanks. Plus you don't know what his cleaning schedule is.
CamzoIslandz - 6 years ago
What size tank does he use ?
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 6 years ago
lambertavagmailcom - 6 years ago
clean your tank!!!
SilverFlame819 - 6 years ago
lol If all those Corys are spawning, he's doing something right! Fish don't care about pretty, they care about water parameters.
yuk747 - 7 years ago
Did Mister Schneider just miss used God's name ?
miguel contreras
miguel contreras - 7 years ago
i live in cali what are fish auctions and if its anything like live auctions how can i find out how to attend one
miguel contreras
miguel contreras - 6 years ago
I live in the central valley. Ive been looking for a fish club or auction i don't think theres any in the central valley. Well maybe not around me
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 6 years ago
Find a local aquarium society. In northern Cali, there are active groups in San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento. In southern Cali look up COAST... they meet in Long Beach.
matthew schneider
matthew schneider - 7 years ago
hi my name is Matthew Schneider I am his grandson
The Fish Closet
The Fish Closet - 6 years ago
matthew schneider why not do your own video following your grandfather throughout his room?
Lulu Lis
Lulu Lis - 7 years ago
I have 7 day old cories, around 60+ Lol... First time deciding to keep the eggs from my parents.. they are in a small tank, about 2.5g... When can I move them into a 10g to be ready for my friends/family who are willing to take them? And when I move them to the 10g, is sand ok since they are so young?
JeremyTheGoose - 7 years ago
Sand is preferred over gravel or bare bottom because they both can harm the catfish's barbels. About 1 inch of sand covering the bottom should be good for babies or adults.
Sophie Pagan
Sophie Pagan - 7 years ago
Hi my dad and I are trying to breed catfish but we can't tell which are the females I no they have a bigger belly but are there any other differences???
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 7 years ago
+Sophia Ace Which catfish? Some species are easy to tell part. Others is is a matter of fat vs skinny, but only if the fish are conditioned to spawn.
Adam Blas
Adam Blas - 7 years ago
When keeping a group of cory's and they begin breeding. Do they eat their eggs? Or could we leave them all together?
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 7 years ago
+Adam Blas Most species will eat eggs, especially if the eggs are laid on the glass. If there are only a few eggs, move the eggs. If you get a huge spawn with a lot of eggs, move the adults.
Marie R Les Savon Bains Marie
Marie R Les Savon Bains Marie - 7 years ago
Very nice video do can you tell me if cory catfish eat snails and if yes what kind, thanks for sharing
Marie R Les Savon Bains Marie
Marie R Les Savon Bains Marie - 7 years ago
Thank you so much for your reply
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 7 years ago
+Marie R Les Savon Bains Marie They will eat a crushed snail, but will not crush the shell themselves.

20. comment for A Visit to Bob Schneider's Cory Catfishery

W X - 7 years ago
Do Cory Catfishery need air pump ? can they breath through air above tank ? Can keep with betta fish ?
Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 7 years ago
+Wei Xuan Yes, they still need an air pump. They can get air from the surface, but it is not used for breathing.
ed hardt
ed hardt - 7 years ago
my son and I bought Green Corys from Bob at the November 2015 GCCA swap meet. the fish are great and Bob is very knowledgeable and friendly.
jm0277 - 8 years ago
Hi!  Just wondering if you know anything about diseases common to cories. I've lost two sets of C. apiaka within 3 weeks (both trios were bought one week apart, but from the same aquarium shop.) They seem fine the night before, but when I wake up, one is dead on the bottom of the tank the others follow in around 2 day intervals, never at the same time.  When I find them, their colours are pretty bleached out and stomach area seems to show they've had internal bleeding.  My tank has been running for just under two years.  The C. apiaka are new additions to the tank, but I'm not adding more that three fish at one time (the second trio went in after I lost all individuals in the first trio.) I add API Quick start every day, monitor my Ammonium (0,) Nitrite (0) and Nitrate (0.25.) and do a 20% water change every 2 days. I treat them with Melafix, Pimafix and Eiho Parzi Gold in the first days, but they still don't make it a week!  Not sure if it is just the place I got the fish (Their tanks are small and crowded , but I suspect not, cos their tank has had no observable deaths, according to my friends who frequent the same shop,) or maybe they just can't take the stress of the move into another tank?  No other cories, new or old have died in this period, only the apiaka.  Anyone have any advice or recommendations?
Stefan - 8 years ago
What's the difference between C.Julii and C.Triliniatus? Visually both look the same. I own Julii, personally they're probably my favourite along with C.Panda and Sterbai.
SilverFlame819 - 6 years ago
Every pet store in my area claims to have the Jules, and I just roll my eyes. I bought two Corys last week that were listed as Sterbai. I tried to tell the chick that they were two different types (one MIGHT be a Sterba?), and she argued with me, claiming they were exactly the same. sigh Clueless people...
Objective Fishkeeping
Objective Fishkeeping - 6 years ago
Their patterns. C. Julii has circles while C. Trilineatus has more irregular splotches. Sometimes they can be almost identical and to ID them you would need to know where they were collected.
Corydoras Julii is so rare that I am almost sure you have Trilineatus.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts - 9 years ago
Very nice video, Ted.  Thank you. 
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 9 years ago
Great, a cory cat expert… 

Ok, I want to buy safe sand for my Cory Cats that doesn't raise the Ph.
I heard some sand is sharp and can raise PH… I keep my tank around 6.5 to 6.8 PH.
I have Cory cats and Cardinal Tetras… and I am in California if that helps!

I would love to find a bulk sand I can buy from Big Stores that sell Rock, sand, etc. 

Thank you!! 
Chainsaw Reptiles
Chainsaw Reptiles - 8 years ago
+Mike Kollin  Glad I Could Help! 
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 8 years ago
Thanks!! I understand what you mean... soft and not sharp... :)
Chainsaw Reptiles
Chainsaw Reptiles - 8 years ago
Just Ya Normal LFS Sand The Finest Stuff They Have Though. Feel It Over And Make Sure its Nice And Smooth And soft Hope I Helped And Make Some Vids On Ya Tanks! :) 

-Chainsaw Reptiles ~Tom 
Alex Ayala
Alex Ayala - 9 years ago
y no cory pygmeus or hastatus 
TJ.Geckos - 9 years ago
Awesome! I subed can you sub back?
Tolak59 - 10 years ago
Awesome vid! Bob does do things the old school way, with excellent results. I've gotten many tips & tricks from him over the years, he's always willing to share ideas & is what I would consider the cornerstone of Greenwater Aquarist Society.
Patrick D. Neary
Patrick D. Neary - 10 years ago
You and me both! Well, that explains a big key to his success.

30. comment for A Visit to Bob Schneider's Cory Catfishery

Ted Judy
Ted Judy - 10 years ago
Bob has naturally soft water... I would love to have that problem. Interestingly, the water comes out of the pipes warmer than the air outside! He says that in the Summer the cold water is often 85F out of the tap, and this time of year it is in the low 70's.
Patrick D. Neary
Patrick D. Neary - 10 years ago
Great video! I was wondering what his water parameters were? Was he using an R.O. system or was the water coming from a vat of dechlorinated, heated tap water? And with a sweet automatic water change system, does he ever do a water change with cooler water to initiate breeding? I would love to be able to breed cories like he does!
The Fish Closet
The Fish Closet - 10 years ago
excellent video. very interesting set up
aleko11 - 10 years ago
old school :) upper mid W great!
Lloyd Sisk
Lloyd Sisk - 10 years ago
Most excellent Ted!
csolo541 - 10 years ago
Catfishery lol Nice video!

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