Aquarium Tetra AquaArt 30 litres (10 gallons)

Filter: Tetra EasyCrystal 250, Aeration: Tetratec APS 100, Heater: Aquael ComrotZone 50W. Fish: Guppy and Coridoras.

Aquarium Tetra AquaArt 30 litres (10 gallons) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 41

Coridoras 14 years ago 113,706 views

Filter: Tetra EasyCrystal 250, Aeration: Tetratec APS 100, Heater: Aquael ComrotZone 50W. Fish: Guppy and Coridoras.

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for Aquarium Tetra AquaArt 30 litres (10 gallons)

Trouble in421
Trouble in421 - 4 years ago
10gallon is 45litres. well, it is in england anyway
raileanu relu
raileanu relu - 4 years ago
very nice :))
Dave OG Miles
Dave OG Miles - 6 years ago
Thats not bad thanks for showing
Bonnie Bella
Bonnie Bella - 7 years ago
30 litres in gallons is 7.92 and 10 gallons is 37.8 litres
Steve Johnston
Steve Johnston - 8 years ago
theres no sound
NiGhTmaReoFanGels12 - 8 years ago
actually 30 Liters are almost 8 US gallons
Aron Snaer
Aron Snaer - 9 years ago
gyppys dont get bigger but goldfish when they get bigger you need a bigger tank you kan have 1 or 2 goldfishes in there i have the same aquarium and i have 2 small goldfishe in there
MrWwemaster13 - 9 years ago
how long can your fish live in these cause i saw one one amazon thinking of haveing my first pet :) do i need to change tanks if they grow bigger
Kieren Alden
Kieren Alden - 9 years ago
10 gallons is 45 litres.

10. comment for Aquarium Tetra AquaArt 30 litres (10 gallons)

irishtosakin - 9 years ago
actually 5 litres = 1 gallon so 30 litres=6 gallons not 10 u stupid ass
What the play !
What the play ! - 9 years ago
Guppy's must have 60 cmX30cmX30cm for swim !It isn't good for them that aqua :(
Paul - 9 years ago
do you know how to xhange the bulb?
iAzmax - 10 years ago
us 10 gallons is 40L ^^
Dan81369 - 10 years ago
looks like a pc screensaver :P
RandomnessUploader - 10 years ago
Damn my 96L tank got the APS 100 too it sucks lol
lkj802 - 10 years ago
@yathavan999 american(normal gallons) are slightly bigger than imperial. 10 gallon imperial tank is about 15 normal gallons
thekingzliar - 10 years ago
What light do you use for it?
2001ibanezfanatic - 10 years ago
wut fish are those
Jaca - Praca
Jaca - Praca - 10 years ago
very pure water

20. comment for Aquarium Tetra AquaArt 30 litres (10 gallons)

Fudgey Memory
Fudgey Memory - 10 years ago
is all that noise coming from that internal filter? that's loud.
smongone - 10 years ago
also entweder filter oder luftausströmer beides auf 30 liter macht keinen sinn auch grade bei guppys und die pflanzen halten auch nix von zuviel sauerstoff!
OneBadAssMerc - 10 years ago
u spelled corydoras wrong u dum m effer
Ryudo - 11 years ago
@OMGHuygens if u think that a 30 litre tank cannot look better you should do some research.
Huygens - 11 years ago
@RyudoXy dude its a 30 litre tank what do you expect?:P
rainbowpixx - 11 years ago
i wonder wat would happen if u put a convict with betta fish and how compatible they r.
Ryudo - 11 years ago
big joke, learn to set up a tank this is ridicoulus
Gurke D
Gurke D - 11 years ago
How is your water so CLEAN!!
Myles Prower
Myles Prower - 11 years ago
@LilShortAznKiddo, The pet shop I like always has babies in tanks with mixxed sex guppies/mollies.
Myles Prower
Myles Prower - 11 years ago
@LilShortAznKiddo, He will see baby guppies all year around if he puts females in there.

30. comment for Aquarium Tetra AquaArt 30 litres (10 gallons)

Telemachus Kout
Telemachus Kout - 11 years ago
did the aquarium contain the decoration when you bought it?
katerdriver19786n - 11 years ago
@MoRLoC007 dann ist es ja okay. Dann hat er auch nicht das Problem mit der Geschlechtsumwandlung nicht
katerdriver19786n - 11 years ago
Bei 60 Liter Becken ist es schon schwer Guppies zu halten. Die bekommen soviel kleine.
Katarzyna Gawlowska
Katarzyna Gawlowska - 11 years ago
was ist da für ein ausströmer stein dran ? suche einen extrem kleinen für ein 5 liter becken
Ферад Реджебов
Ферад Реджебов - 11 years ago
yupyy guppy :)
remco19 - 12 years ago
btw that filter is blowing your fishes to dead its to big or not i think your guppy's want to swim normal not to be blow away but nice aqarium m8
Ticktack Dayrit
Ticktack Dayrit - 12 years ago
yeah those are guppies. BTW nice fish tank set up you should add more color and try getting fish like platies mollies tetras and angel fish or if you like big fish you can also get color big ones as oscars,convicts,firecichlids and maybe a pair of flower horns on their one tank :)
tehparol - 12 years ago
It helped me. I don't know how much liters I got in my fishbowl, but buy the look of his (10 gallons = 37liters) I have atleast 30-35l. So it helped me.
girl has brain
girl has brain - 12 years ago
what's the point of this video? by the way google has a nifty calculator. in the search box type in 10 gallons to litres and it will pop up the results. ciao.
soundpitchblack - 12 years ago
3.7 liters is a gallon, do the math!
Jakehunter97 - 13 years ago
my guppy is really lazy he lives in a 5 gallon tank
nick360700 - 13 years ago
taht is an ok size tank for guppy. although they do say bigger is better, your tank looks great and your guppy look healthy.
Niklas Kahlert
Niklas Kahlert - 13 years ago
to small for guppys

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