Corydoras and Betta Fish Tank

***watch in HD*** Added 2 albino and 2 peppered corydora catfish to the betta tank. They are living peacefully together.So far my betta ( siamese fighting fish ) haven't shown any aggression towards them

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Coridoras 8 years ago 133,783 views

***watch in HD*** Added 2 albino and 2 peppered corydora catfish to the betta tank. They are living peacefully together.So far my betta ( siamese fighting fish ) haven't shown any aggression towards them

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JoniJosi Coyote Verlingieri
JoniJosi Coyote Verlingieri - 3 years ago
I have several betta's in their own tanks and I added small catfish with them and their all doing great.
FishFish - 3 years ago
I love this song so much. so much I love this video, not only because of the music, but because you actually did an amazing job of stocking your tank! A betta is a perfect idea for this tank. 4 corydoras catfish is a perfect number for them, although they prefer groups of 6-10 (but that'd be overstocking!) Good job!! <3
iggy the iguana
iggy the iguana - 3 years ago
yes betta splendens is very misunderstood fish... i have a blue eyed albino betta crowntail male with a male paradise fish, 4 corydoras, 3 shrimp, and 1 blue platy ... and everybody is getting along just fine.
V00D00GIRL - 3 years ago
I used to have a tank with corys and a betta, my betta died :( , I decided to got another one, I had to take my corys to another tank, as soon as I got home, I found one of my corys in veeery bad condition, all of his fins destroyed, I thought he was going to die!, I have another tank with another betta, I pass them ther in the hope this betta didn't go wild with them, and my hurt cory seems better, now is eating and more active, still he has problems maintaining his position but maybe is gonna make it...
Demon Sam
Demon Sam - 3 years ago
i wish my betta was nice to my cory
Ashley Applebottom
Ashley Applebottom - 3 years ago
Beautiful Betta!! Gonna get one to go with my 8 Corys...however, your gravel substrate is actually a no-no for Corys. It damages their barbels. But totally fine for the Betta. Just saying
Lukas - 3 years ago
Did you have any trouble with that type of gravel with your corys? I have regular black gravel from Petco that I JUST switched to and I'd rather not deal with all the annoyances of sand.
AlexGamerHD1222 - 3 years ago
I began to watch this video and didn't make it pass 5sec the song was to annoying
Nikki B.
Nikki B. - 3 years ago
what are those fern like plants you are growing? I have ye same ones but I can't remember the name

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Ariana LeBouef
Ariana LeBouef - 3 years ago
I know this song! It is one of the cutest songs ever. And your fishys are cute too :)
Falcon Lover
Falcon Lover - 4 years ago
I currently just got a betta fish from my cousin and she's been keeping it in like a 1.5 gallon bowl tank so am gonna be switching it to a 3 with filter/heater and all the other requirements. And since I don't want the other bowl to go to waste what other fish can be added to it?
JoniJosi Coyote Verlingieri
JoniJosi Coyote Verlingieri - 3 years ago
I just recently bought the nano moss balls and their so tiny. Now I ordered the Marimo larger ones also. I also bought my bettas the little betta hammock. Everyone says the bettas love them. I'll find out when I receive them. All my bettas will have one. Can't beat the price on Amazon, so I ordered enough for all mine.
Ashley Applebottom
Ashley Applebottom - 3 years ago
Commander Jun Sato since you don't want the bowl to go to waste, a really neat and beautiful thing to do with it is get some Marimo moss balls of all types of sizes and make a little moss ball bowl with maybe a really small roman column aquarium ornament, and add a small bit of sand to the bottom of it enough to just cover the bottom...just a thought...I'm actually thinking of doing this but with a few aquarium stones instead of gravels. You can look them up in Amazon. Just search for moss ball bowl decorations, something like that should come up!
Jawwad - 4 years ago
steven hansen no! maybe use it as a temporary holder for fish or as a emergency plan
kurt17 - 4 years ago
How big is the tank?
Lili Ren
Lili Ren - 4 years ago
i got 4 minnow, 6 corydoras, 2 african dwarf frogs, 2 mystery snails and 3 ghost shrimps in my tank with my betta and my betta never hurt any of them. Also had 7 cherry shrimps in the tank before (now they are in my shrimp tank) and my betta never bothered them.
Jon C.
Jon C. - 4 years ago
Omg this video is so relaxing.
Betta Bet
Betta Bet - 4 years ago
Could I put a baby female betta with a baby Cory? I was wondering if they could co exist in a 2.5g tank :3
Sam Thomson
Sam Thomson - 4 years ago
Betta Bet you must have at least four corys they like to school in a 15 gallon more
It'sJustTony - 4 years ago
You could however I recommend upgrading your tank to a 5 gallon and get 2 more Cory cats
Nikita Soorjun
Nikita Soorjun - 4 years ago
How do you feed your cory cats without the betta eating all of the food?
TheExperts1000 - 5 years ago
WhiteKoneko - 4 years ago
Clannad <3
Dakota14breyer - 5 years ago
Cool setup! Would this work with a 2.5 gallon tank? (1 betta and 1 Corydora)
Sam Thomson
Sam Thomson - 4 years ago
Dakota14breyer hell no corys are schooling fish you need to have at least four in a ten gal or higher
Gregory Marrero
Gregory Marrero - 5 years ago
most likely yes but try to find pygmy cories you can fit a lot more then one in small tanks unlike larger ones :)
OverlordSheepie - 5 years ago
How warm is the water? I want to add some cory cats to my Betta fish tank that is 10 gallons. The water temp. stays about 80 Fahrenheit.
OverlordSheepie - 4 years ago
+Jack smith Thank you!  Now that it's winter, the temp has gone down a little bit to around 70 degrees.  I've tried a new heater, but it isn't working.  :(
Jack smith
Jack smith - 4 years ago
That temp is fine for them. maybe a little warm but thats fine :)

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Marvin Jügel
Marvin Jügel - 5 years ago
That song is cruel, now i have to cry myself into sleep...
Tanzanite Pisces
Tanzanite Pisces - 5 years ago
ccdawgs - 5 years ago
such a nice video. love your tank, what kind if it?
Arturo Aquino
Arturo Aquino - 5 years ago
Cool video :)
Elizabeth Draper
Elizabeth Draper - 5 years ago
Dango, dango, dango, dango....
sylverclaws - 5 years ago
Points for the Dango song too. I love it. Plus the tank looks great for a betta. Got your heater and filter, smart betta keeper. So few of us out there that know how they should be kept. <3

You have a gorgeous sapphire crowntail betta, and it looks like you have the rounder gravel....still, cories typically don't do well unless they have larger smooth rocks or sand because they damage their bellies and barbels on that stuff and usually die in under two years. My grandma got some Julii's for hers and I was miffed at her, several did lose their barbels and die before I changed it to sand. A lot of people don't know that little detail.  =(
Phil - 5 years ago
I always put one male betta in my community tanks. Never had a problem.
Jeana Jaso
Jeana Jaso - 5 years ago
What type of gravel is that? I really love your set up.
Owen McGrenaghan
Owen McGrenaghan - 5 years ago
Clannad - Dango Daikazoku instrumental was a good song choice. Just made the tank seem even more relaxed and friendly.
Iwan Wirawardhana
Iwan Wirawardhana - 5 years ago
Wow so cutee!!!!! +Clannad Theme Song!!!

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xIncaseOfEmergency - 6 years ago
This is so cute
Kristine Tan
Kristine Tan - 6 years ago
What plants are those?
Asma Randera
Asma Randera - 6 years ago
what about the contrary...your catfish didn't hurt your betta?
Keanu's Aqua life
Keanu's Aqua life - 5 years ago
It's usually the other way around
JosephWazHERE joseph
JosephWazHERE joseph - 6 years ago
no flaring with the betta
david serna
david serna - 6 years ago
what song is that i like
Thatone Gaykid
Thatone Gaykid - 6 years ago
Dango Daikazoku!
TM3000 - 6 years ago
This is an excellent and beautiful video.  It's making me thing about getting a few of these beautiful fish to live with my betta!  I hope they can become friends ;)
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank :D. Anyone who wants to know what the music is call ... music is from anime called: clannad music box :)
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 6 years ago
+Mason Leonard why? its a crowntail betta
Mason Leonard
Mason Leonard - 6 years ago
The betta's tail shouldn't be like that
DreamFishCom Sidd
DreamFishCom Sidd - 6 years ago
ya albino cory pet store had only one cory .. i ordered another 3 and also 4 panda cory.
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ - 6 years ago
+DreamFishCom Sidd hi, you mean albino cory? I would suggest getting four of them as cories love being in groups :) .
DreamFishCom Sidd
DreamFishCom Sidd - 6 years ago
cory cat is my fav ... im having one white one.
UnitiveMeteor - 6 years ago
I have four types of Cory catfish in my tank
Nightfall She-Wolf
Nightfall She-Wolf - 6 years ago
I just had to like this BECAUSE of the Dango Daikazoku song :) now how many gallons is your tank? I have a 5.5 with a veil tail betta and I wanted to add a couple of Cory cats. I've had a larger tank at 40 long for most of my life and kept all kinds of species of fish but downgrading to a smaller tank has me rather baffled! I know the rules are kinda different and I just want to do it right! Great video, greater music, and beautiful tank!
Nightfall She-Wolf
Nightfall She-Wolf - 6 years ago
Ostracods, as far as my knowledge goes, aren't really snails. Theyre tiny crustacean more in the crab family I believe. They're very tiny and almost impossible to see, they look like very tiny grey bugs. Apparently some live plants can carry them, but they usually aren't harmful to fish. I had such a large amount though that it was making my tank look horrible. I siphoned the majority of them out.

I love Octos, they are incredibly cute and active! As for my live plants: I have an umbrella, an anubias congensis, and two amazon swords. All four have grown quite nicely from the tiny little things I got last year in November. I also have two silk plants (one in my back right corner, and one in my front left corner - but I will be taking this one out), and in my front right corner I've a top fin cherry blossom tree ornament. My live plants ive got on the left side of my tank and I've got larger rocks built around them to that it landscapes upwards. I got a little decorative crazy which is why I'll probably be getting rid of the silk plants to offer more room, I might plant smaller plants there instead or leave it bare) Sorry! I'm rambling again! Your tank sounds amazing!
TM3000 - 6 years ago
Ah very interesting!  I added 5 neon green tetras to my betta tank 5.5g tank the other day, these are a type of neon tetra that don't grow to be quite as big as a typical neon tetra. I have 3 anubias plants, a moss ball,  and a beautiful water wysteria.  For animal life I have my simple betta, 2 nerite snails and the 5 neon green tetras.

I'm not sure what ostracods are, but if they're snails I'm sure an assassin snail can munch on them.  Have you considered this option?  By the way the octocinclus look like a very beautiful and interesting fish!  What kind of plants do you have?
Nightfall She-Wolf
Nightfall She-Wolf - 6 years ago
i did add 3 albino corydoras. 2 of them have gotten pretty big over these past 4 months, the third has barely grown. They are doing well though, my only problem now is that because i have four live plants in my tank, ive recently gotten a swarm of ostracods. They are supposed to be harmless to fish but i stll get nervous. I'll probably be getting rid of my corydoras eventually however since they are growing faster than my past corys ever have, and will probably trade them out for a couple/three octocinclus'. They might be better suited for the size tank than corydoras, plus their still pretty active and cute.
TM3000 - 6 years ago
Hey did you ever add in your cory?  I also have a 5.5 gallon with a betta and I want something to add a little bit of life to the tank without overstocking it.  I have 2 plants and a moss ball, thinking about adding a 3rd plant and maybe a couple of catfish.
Jordan Bishop
Jordan Bishop - 6 years ago
iv got some with bettas
gabe a
gabe a - 7 years ago
This is really nice! Great setup =)
adysetan69 - 7 years ago
Wow!!! It's amazing that u successfully get the Cory and Betta together cohesively in a tank! Envy that!! How did u manage to pull things together?? What's the secret yo??! (ADy from Singapore)
Karissa Amrhein
Karissa Amrhein - 7 years ago
Betta fish only fight their own kind or fish that closely resemble a betta, such as fancy guppies. Also Cory catfish have a tough hide, so even if the betta decides to get agressive, the cories won't be harmed from the attempts at nipping.
swift nimbus
swift nimbus - 7 years ago
Nice betta you got there
Epixelle - 7 years ago
Yes swift has a beautiful koi betta. What tank do you think I should get for my first filtered and planted tank? I love the vid and subbed. Please sub back
swift nimbus
swift nimbus - 7 years ago
Do visit my channel
swift nimbus
swift nimbus - 7 years ago
Nice tank you have got there..
Muay Halo
Muay Halo - 7 years ago
Dango .. Dango jaja
jessica robles
jessica robles - 7 years ago
i have to say this tank and the betta and corries r super cute !!!!! ^_^.........but it's weired to me to c a betta getting along with company cause I was told that bettas cannot have company u know there called (fighting fish) lol
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 7 years ago
cories do better on sand

50. comment for Corydoras and Betta Fish Tank

tamonettX500 - 7 years ago
Cute! I love your tank, and your Betta is so beautiful :) Great clear vid as well :)
EerieBetrayal - 7 years ago
M Betta and his 2 Cory friends are kinda cute. He swims around them slowly and gently wraps himself around them, swims around a bit and goes back to being excited coz i'm in the room lol
Denidragon - 8 years ago
Thats a nice fish tank :) How often do you water change?
Chelsee Yalater
Chelsee Yalater - 8 years ago
Beautiful vid :)) and tank, and Crown beta. ^^
CynHng - 8 years ago
hello, may I know what kind of plants do u use inside the tank?
CynHng - 8 years ago
Felipe Lange
Felipe Lange - 8 years ago
Cool huh? I found it funny when your betta stood looking at coridoras! I also plan to build a community with my male betta!
SariCarlo - 8 years ago
Your tank is beautiful. I have 3 julli Cories wit my crown tail in a 6 gal.
crunkwizard - 8 years ago
cool vid! I am going to go buy some Cory Cat's for my betta tanks!

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