Corydoras in the Amazon

Filmed in October 2007 at near Manaus city Brazil.

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Filmed in October 2007 at near Manaus city Brazil.

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for Corydoras in the Amazon

Kevin Esko
Kevin Esko - 4 years ago
So dirty! Someone needs to get in there with a gravel vac
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin - 5 years ago
sir your river is overstocked
Liam does stuff 12
Liam does stuff 12 - 5 years ago
So this is what heaven looks like
the amphibian and fish channel
the amphibian and fish channel - 5 years ago
its a swarm of cuttness
Mar tin
Mar tin - 5 years ago
Wow, this is so much better than any fishtank. They say you should keep at least 6 fishs in one group. They probably still feel more happy as 600...
Mar tin
Mar tin - 5 years ago
Question is: good size for whom? For the owner = fish not dying. For the fish --> but don't keep them and leave them in the wild. It is only my opinion and is basically incompatible with the whole concept of pets :-( That's why you end up with the 8 Cory compromises. If you tell to buy minimum 600, people will go "Whatever. Then I'll just buy pair."
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
Mar tin Completely true but do you think these fish would sell if people told you to keep it in groups of 12 or more (minimum school size for them to act decently IMO)? It is actually sad to enter fish forums and see the "stocking experts" stocking 8 corydoras and calling it a good sized school.
busa89 - 5 years ago
I have 4 of these guys. really active. get along with basically anything. awesome fish
busa89 - 5 years ago
Random User thanks for the advice nobody asked for. I'll flush my fish today just to make you feel better.
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
busa89 If you can't keep them in proper size schools don't get them in the first place. That is egotistic.
Your tank, your crap at the end of the day, but you haven't seen the full corydora potential if you keep them in small groups.
busa89 - 5 years ago
I should have however many I want without overcrowding my tank.
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
You should have 6+
XJustice Leaguex
XJustice Leaguex - 5 years ago
they are getting ready for the big march
XJustice Leaguex
XJustice Leaguex - 5 years ago
Thats alot of them!
TheBSideDJ - 6 years ago
how beautiful is that !!!

10. comment for Corydoras in the Amazon

Jason Ball
Jason Ball - 6 years ago
what species of corydoras?
what is this location in the Amazon?
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
Very good question which I was also wondering. The first thought that came to my mind was corydoras arcuatus but these corydoras don't have the full stripe. There are over 150 species of corydoras known to man (and we still have some trouble classifying those) so I wouldn't be surprised if this was a new species, or maybe it is known but not famous in aquaria.
Steven Pierce
Steven Pierce - 6 years ago
Reminds me of a helicopter shot looking down on a herd of some large wild mammal running over the grazing planes.
piepeep90 - 6 years ago
IAmShadowWolf - 6 years ago
I have two Cory catfish <3
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
6 is a crappy number that started appearing in books on the 1950s and it is totally bogus. While you can't keep them in natural groups of hundreds hobbyists should do the effort to give them the biggest schools they can, even if they have to sacrifice other fish for it.
If you look at my tanks you will see my aquariums have 1-2 schooling species but you will also see that those two schools will be big unlike many tanks which seem to carry a bunch of schools with a lot of them carrying just 6-8.
Will Thornton
Will Thornton - 5 years ago
+Austin Salgat True, thats what I meant to type but forgot to.
Austin Salgat
Austin Salgat - 5 years ago
If your tank is too small too have a sufficient shoal, you shouldn't have them to begin with.
Will Thornton
Will Thornton - 6 years ago
Agreed, unless your tank is too small. I wouldn't suggest more than two in anything smaller than a 10 gallon. I have 6 in a 35 gallon and they are happy as can be. 5 females and 1 male, they lay extremely fertile eggs.
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey - 6 years ago
you do realize they should be kept in groups of 5+, they are a schooling fish, keeping them in smaller that 5 can cause stress
Banany Prutas
Banany Prutas - 6 years ago
Medical Meccanica
Medical Meccanica - 6 years ago
"why do you want to go to south america?"
person: the history, the culture, the rainforest
Water Nebula
Water Nebula - 5 years ago
Medical Meccanica me
the amphibian and fish channel
the amphibian and fish channel - 5 years ago
Medical Meccanica lol XD
Just a Random Dude
Just a Random Dude - 6 years ago
OMG! Maaaan your tank is soooooo overcrowded!
Oh The Mirth
Oh The Mirth - 6 years ago
Nice evidence for corycats needing corycat friends in the tank. Pet shop guy told me corydoras are happy alone. They can certainly survive alone, but I think they will be far less stressed if in a nice group.
Andrew Marlowe
Andrew Marlowe - 6 years ago
+Jessica Chen this video makes my measly school of 7 look like nothing
jason smith
jason smith - 7 years ago
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
jason smith Nice, they look very similar but I don't see spots on the corydoras in this video. On a side note this was recorded in Brazil while C097 was supposedly recorded in Peru, altough I don't think that is enough evidence to discard your comment as there can be many populations far appart from each other.
Ruximenes - 7 years ago
Man... Why people still destroying Amazon? Really, look at this beautiful animals. PS: I know what I'm talking about cause I'm brazilian PS2: If my english is bad, you know why.
Luculencia - 7 years ago
Big businesses are destroying it for money.
Poor people are destroying it to make a living and feed their family.
The people in first world countries are destroying it by not caring and continuing to buy products that have come from or caused destruction of the rainforest.

It's sad but most people don't care at all about the environment - they just want to live their lives in comfort and only think about themselves. It's very hard to get most people to think outside their own lives and consider the impact humanity has on the ecosystem.

I can understand why poorer people living on the bread line wouldn't have time to consider anything but staying alive... but rich people living in comfort in the city should be more considerate that they are able to live so comfortably because the natural world is being exploited somewhere else...

Most people don't think about it, but eating meat everyday (especially beef) is one of the major causes of destruction of forests. Forests are cut down constantly to provide grazing areas for livestock like cows. The beef is then sold to other countries who do not have sufficient agricultural land to feed their own population (e.g. UK). The rivers running through the agricultural land become polluted by animal dung and silt that is stirred up by the passage of herds walking through it and drinking from it. Humans dump their own waste and rubbish into it and soon it becomes uninhabitable for plant, fish and invertebrate life.

The ecosystem would really benefit from a lowered human population too, but try suggesting to people to only have a maximum of 2 children and they freak out and think you're suggesting mass genocide or something....

20. comment for Corydoras in the Amazon

Stenchx - 7 years ago
So beautiful they belong in my tank not in nature
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
PunkSkaful - 7 years ago
PunkSkaful - 6 years ago
+Andrew Marlowe ahhahaha you;re so funny Mr. Crews
Andrew Marlowe
Andrew Marlowe - 6 years ago
corydoras are my muscles
PunkSkaful - 6 years ago
+Andrew Marlowe but you have big muscles..
Andrew Marlowe
Andrew Marlowe - 6 years ago
+PunkSkaful ive always had a soft spot for their innocent wall eyed stare
Dominik Vlahović
Dominik Vlahović - 7 years ago
you have them alredy in nature.
laskolasko - 8 years ago
Gotta catch'em all. EVER LAST ONE OF THEM!!
TeamOG - 8 years ago
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
Yes bro they are beaitiful
Nasso - 8 years ago
It looks so weird when you are used to seeing the species in an aquarium to actually see it in the wild. It looks... fake.. ;) 
A Skeptical Human
A Skeptical Human - 8 years ago
One key take-away message from the video: don't keep corydoras alone in fish tanks!
Undead Trooper
Undead Trooper - 5 years ago
A Skeptical Human I did that once, it died 2 days later,
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
I'm from check out my vids..would like ur feedback
Sempi - 7 years ago
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
Its the cheapest...where are u located
Sempi - 7 years ago
I'm not sure on that one, maybe so!
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
Albinos are actually bronze cories if im nt wrong
Sempi - 7 years ago
The only ones that still hide under my driftwood are my albinos, but I've had them before this tank and they did the same and I had about 5 of them and I rarely saw them. I'm glad I have more than a couple species, they all school together like they're all war buddies or something. 
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
I understand but they seem to be happier with their own species bro
Sempi - 7 years ago
+dogglet1234 they don't have to be exotic. Any cory cat will school with any cory cat. It's best to keep them in groups of 4+ I have 6 in my tank consisting of: Peppered Cory, Panda Cory, and Albino Cory.
dogglet1234 - 7 years ago
Bro u are so right but some of the exotic cories are so expensive
Tony Ngo
Tony Ngo - 9 years ago
Current stock is, peppered, sterbai, gold laser, black, david something, albino, bronze and pulcher
Random User
Random User - 5 years ago
Tony Ngo Corydoras Paleatus and Sterbai together? lol
KaityMarie - 10 years ago
@xJonnyHazardx wow I wish I could have a big group like that! I only have three but they are my favorite:) They're just sooooo cute and funny and and adorable!
Dillon Neighbors
Dillon Neighbors - 10 years ago
AWWWW! <33333

30. comment for Corydoras in the Amazon

Marcello Branca
Marcello Branca - 10 years ago
wow they are really cute awesome
Chris Wong
Chris Wong - 10 years ago
Wonderful Corydoras!
Johnny Hazard
Johnny Hazard - 10 years ago
@kuraisong SO CUTE I have 7 I loves them <3
Pedro Franco
Pedro Franco - 10 years ago
Fantástico, simplesmente incrível.
XTRAO - 11 years ago
this is so awesome. They're so interesting, you can see them playing in my bubber in one of my videos.
SweetNoodle1 - 11 years ago
oh my god it's so amazing!
kutanoid - 11 years ago
lynnani - 11 years ago
Cute Panda corydoras!
nicofish1000 - 11 years ago
small herd of underwater buffalo's :)
Hetzer Hasser
Hetzer Hasser - 11 years ago
They are really cute ! i wish i could spend the day in such waters cause i would never get bored :X !
Guido Gae
Guido Gae - 11 years ago
Gogo ya
Gogo ya - 11 years ago
greenbean477 - 11 years ago
wow! seeing these videos gives me an understanding of my fish and what they would like in my aquarium. thank for the vids
nicofish1000 - 11 years ago
they are like the tiny buffalo of the amazon
Marcello Branca
Marcello Branca - 11 years ago
hell yeah they aresoooooooooooooooooooo cute truly
Mundzak - 12 years ago
Wow! I have 10 those fish. It' s impossible. :)
鴻景 - 12 years ago
stephster575 (SFK Reptiles)
stephster575 (SFK Reptiles) - 12 years ago
And that's why these fish like to be in groups in aquariums. =)
juutTelcontar - 12 years ago
No those have another black spot at their back. And yes, it makes you want a huge tank with hundreds of cory's!
Magnus af Frodenqvist
Magnus af Frodenqvist - 12 years ago
they belong in a tank!

50. comment for Corydoras in the Amazon

Joel Chong
Joel Chong - 12 years ago
Jonathan Challinger
Jonathan Challinger - 12 years ago
Its really sad that people don't think hard enough to realize this is a sarcastic comment.
Jiraiya500 - 12 years ago
andreasluu - 13 years ago
Really awesome got 6 corydoras:)
andreasluu - 13 years ago
They are a group fish you should have 6 or more or else they will not be happy.
A. Snatcher
A. Snatcher - 13 years ago
I'm sorry guys I was being sarcastic ;) I actually have a 120g with a school of 30.
Horror Bull
Horror Bull - 13 years ago
do you see them in groups of three?...... my goal as a hobbyist is to re create a fish's natural biotope as closely as possible. not some tank with odd stocking where the fish is able to SURVIVE but not THRIVE!
amonkeybmonkey - 13 years ago
Aww. So many leetal cories! <3
Horror Bull
Horror Bull - 13 years ago
you need atleast 6.
A. Snatcher
A. Snatcher - 13 years ago
So I should buy just one cory for my tank right?
daniel lopez martinez
daniel lopez martinez - 13 years ago
Ohhhhh my god is incredible, that nice that is in your live world
honzapm - 13 years ago
omg, that´s beautiful :)
Elliottadventure Productions
Elliottadventure Productions - 13 years ago
wow! I love cories, its a shame they're so shy all the time.
Hekuboshi - 13 years ago
great, now i'm gonna feel bad for ever having less than a thousand corys in my aquarium. love this video!!!
sumirei001 - 14 years ago
Aw cute! It's really nice to see them in their natural environment. I have a pair of pandas and they are the cutest fishes ever! =D
Alex Smoler
Alex Smoler - 14 years ago
Can any one tell what kind of corydoras those are?
NickMonsoon - 14 years ago
buncha cories! nice vid ^^
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown - 14 years ago
You can definately say they are a schooling fish!! Nice to see them not in a tank!
Ketman - 14 years ago
It's so nice to see corydoras in their environment
RichyReef - 14 years ago
lovely :D I love cory's and right now i have pygmy's, adolphi's, albino+highfin albino and axelrodi :)I'm going to get some Barbatus for the bigger tank , yeaah :D
tsubor - 14 years ago
Wow, sweet!
luutzen - 14 years ago
amazing!!! wow i wish i had a big enough tank to keep so much corydoras!
adrhenfer - 14 years ago
leosoundvideos - 14 years ago
Amazing !
Janó Ámon
Janó Ámon - 14 years ago
I forgot to write, that i can't find out from the video that how big they are, so i don't know which specie exactly.
Janó Ámon
Janó Ámon - 14 years ago
I think this specie is Corydoras sychri or Corydoras atropersonatus. The sychri is the bigger one ~6,5 cm, atropersonatus is around 4 cm. But correct me if i'm wrong. I have 4 from the smaller one, in my 120L tank. They are really lovely. I'm plannin to breed them, 'couse the female's belly getting rounder and rounder these days. :) Beautiful video, i really would like to see more like this! :)
Sander Bauwens
Sander Bauwens - 14 years ago
chieftx - 14 years ago
I did not know cories lived in such massive numbers in thier natral habitat!
soobie123 - 14 years ago
Great video! What species are they?

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