corydoras tank

feeding time :) Cherry shrimp population has exploded

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Coridoras 13 years ago 30,312 views

feeding time :) Cherry shrimp population has exploded

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Damion Burgin
Damion Burgin - 6 years ago
what type of plants do you have in the tank
GetInMyBelly - 6 years ago
are those white cloud mountain minnows?
JohnnyPlaysGames - 8 years ago
wow too much fish and shrimp for one aquarium like this
microiguana - 9 years ago
pygmaeus! :D :D
cousik65 - 9 years ago
Nice Corydoras
Corydorasmania - 10 years ago
minnows aren't known of being aggressive, don't know the reason. You should provide places for the corys to hide, they are very cowardly fish :(
Corydorasmania - 10 years ago
yeah get rid of your plecos, plecos are too big for 10gal.
Corydorasmania - 10 years ago
their staple food is NLS thera and they get plenty of live whiteworms too
Corydorasmania - 10 years ago
If there's only 3 corydoras in your tank, there is no culprit that would take a chunk of her flesh off. Whatever it is, sounds serious. Panda corys are not the hardiest fish to start your tank with. Try to get a testing kit, essential are ammonia and nitrite test kit. These will tell you if your tank has cycled. If you don't know what cycling your tank means, read up on it, it will save you a lot of dead fish. Good luck!

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Gerardo Ontiveros
Gerardo Ontiveros - 10 years ago
Hey i got 2 tanks of endler live bearer and 2 plecos in each one, one tank is 10 gallons and ther other one, i wanna replace the polecos for corys can i do that?
KajaBB - 10 years ago
Would really like to know what the music to this video is. I come back daily just to listen to it ._.
Corydorasmania - 11 years ago
@immortalityXDD corys are probably too slow to catch them and there are plenty of plants for the shrimps to hide. Once in a while I'll kill some shrimps to feed the corys to keep the shrimp population down.
titanic1990saging - 11 years ago
beautiful corys.. I specially love those meteor white cloud mountain minnows.
Rey Maters
Rey Maters - 11 years ago
Corydoras, very easy to take care of, very tough fishes and love how they move, seems very playful. I have albino, long fins and common gray corys.
Heather Stevenson
Heather Stevenson - 11 years ago
yay white clouds. i have bred them and have too many. i keep them in a simalar tank to yours, with pgymy and panda corys, crystal red, cherry and amano shrimp. i keep them in a coldwater tank with some goldfish and whether loaches
FlowingDepths - 11 years ago
Beautiful tank!
Feeshin - 11 years ago
I'm thinking about the shrimps btw what food do you feed your corys?
Ruben Kuiper
Ruben Kuiper - 12 years ago
planning to do some corys in my 200l tank, how many could i fit in there? 10, 20? oh and i must say beautifull red cherry shrimps!
Corydorasmania - 12 years ago
@foroeste If they get a chance they'll eat any eggs, even their own. But spawning cichlids are nasty, they'll attack the corys before they get too close to the eggs. I've kept corys with a pair of spawning blue rams before and the corys' fins were damaged by the rams.

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armyboy24 - 12 years ago
@mangisda - Put the fish tank near indirect sunlight. Add some snails inside the tank. The snail shits a lot and it becomes fertilizers for the plants. My plants grow very well in such conditions. No kidding.
Nathaniel M.
Nathaniel M. - 12 years ago
You got some rare corydoras there! So cool! I only have two false julii's
mangisda - 12 years ago
tips for plant care?
Trim Crook
Trim Crook - 12 years ago
at 0:36 wats the fish in orange and black. is it a cory?
Night0wl44 - 12 years ago
This is a pretty awesome tank mate. AND I SEE PANDA CORY! <3
65nedilem - 12 years ago
what are the plants in there
syncoke - 13 years ago
those are some healthy looking corys ! big and colorful and with fins in top shape. i love sterbais and pandas... nice vid !
Corydorasmania - 13 years ago
yep :)
Corydorasmania - 13 years ago
They are eating machines
historian111z - 13 years ago
ur corys are big.

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