120 Gallon Discus Tank Summer Update

Just a quick update on my 120 discus tank.

120 Gallon Discus Tank Summer Update sentiment_very_dissatisfied 3

Discus 6 years ago 7,253 views

Just a quick update on my 120 discus tank.

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אושר סלם
אושר סלם - 2 years ago
You have beautiful tank! It’s my inspiration!
How do you keep your water so clearly?
Is it because of the filters?
And another thing, how do you keep the plants so big and green? Do you furtilaz?
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez - 3 years ago
about how much are they?
Brad Fernandes
Brad Fernandes - 3 years ago
Where did you get your piece of bogwood?
Lance Halzen
Lance Halzen - 4 years ago
What do you feed your discus? They look healthy.
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin - 4 years ago
would like to see more videos of you tanks
Dav Aqua World
Dav Aqua World - 4 years ago
Wonderful fishes diskus,love this fishes
lectru - 4 years ago
Hi I really like simplicity of this tank and I do like the way the colours of the fish are rendered but what is the exact type of lighting You use?
David Sato
David Sato - 5 years ago
Has it been hard to grow this fish in a tank that isn't bare bottom?
Ozz Dazza
Ozz Dazza - 5 years ago
Well done PlantedMN. Your passion is evident in the quality of your tanks, I can almost see the smile on your discus faces. I have just purchased an RO/DI unit as my water is very hard, I look forward to stabilizing my tank and keeping some beautiful discus happy. I hope I can keep the balance right.

10. comment for 120 Gallon Discus Tank Summer Update

Mark from acounting
Mark from acounting - 5 years ago
Nice is there an update anytime in the future
James Shaw
James Shaw - 5 years ago
PlanredMN how do you get your plants to grow in the sand?
Denise Heric
Denise Heric - 5 years ago
I love the rafflesia coloring and am wanting to get a couple of those to add to my stock.
Moonlit Tanks
Moonlit Tanks - 6 years ago
Are you from Minnesota? Just wondering because of the name. Awesome discus! I'm just getting into discus. I have 3 so far. Doing well.
Christian Harnisch
Christian Harnisch - 6 years ago
Looks great! Is there a reason you don't have any dither fish i.e. card's etc?  I only ask because a lot of Discus tanks that I've come across have some sort of dither's. 
Christian Harnisch
Christian Harnisch - 6 years ago
Appreciate the answer. Keep up the great videos, love looking at Discus tanks.
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
It all comes down to personal taste and choice.  There are numerous discus keepers that will keep a pure "discus only" tank, and others who prefer a community tank look with the discus being the centerpiece fish.  I wanted a pure discus tank.  The dithers really are more for aesthetics, and if you overfeed or feed too much too fast, the dithers will help with the smaller pieces the discus ignore.  Many think dithers help keep the discus calm, however this is no solid proof of this so it remains debatable.  Thanks for your question. 
Carlos M.
Carlos M. - 6 years ago
I'm working hard on getting my tanks to look like this. I don't have discus yet but one day!
majestic cichlids
majestic cichlids - 6 years ago
Incredible discus fish tank, simple yet very beautiful. I hope to one day own a pair and hopefully breed discus.
jia k.
jia k. - 6 years ago
Did u ever do the discus grow up comparison on planted vs BB tank?
how many have u lost so far?
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Not yet.  didn't win the contest and I do not have the time and extra tanks to do at this time.  I would still like to at some point.  Results could be interesting. 
MrHoney2U - 6 years ago
Good luck with the sick one. That wood makes the tank. Besides the fish lol
almcloud - 6 years ago
Nice update, good luck with your sick fish!

20. comment for 120 Gallon Discus Tank Summer Update

joe c
joe c - 6 years ago
love this tank
Jwhiser1302 - 6 years ago
So gorgeous my friend!
Bao Nguyen
Bao Nguyen - 6 years ago
did u try api general cure? it worked for me when my discus stopped eating and lost color
MrAkasombe Cichlids
MrAkasombe Cichlids - 6 years ago
Awesome looking fish ..tank looks just so peaceful
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Thank you, it is.  They all get along great.  Almost hate the thought of adding new fish as it could stir up some aggression issues.
J B - 6 years ago
Beautiful i agree thay the open space is visually more pleasing. Thank you for sharing.
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Thanks.  I like my plants but swimming space is a premium with this fish. 
Maurice Aquariums
Maurice Aquariums - 6 years ago
Ooh wow this tank looks awesome.
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
PAUL MADFISH - 6 years ago
A platinum white would look great check out my platinum white MN now ive got my 210gal discus tank
Jfleshtanks - 6 years ago
Really line this tank MN. Fish makes me want just one more tank
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Thanks Jflesh.
NYCity Cichlids
NYCity Cichlids - 6 years ago
Beautiful discus and tank
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 6 years ago
Looking crystal man
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago

30. comment for 120 Gallon Discus Tank Summer Update

Mark Abeja
Mark Abeja - 6 years ago
Discus god right here lol
Alex Wick
Alex Wick - 6 years ago
Do videos more often. Love you discus tank. Do you still have that shrimp tank still?
Alex Wick
Alex Wick - 6 years ago
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Yes I still have the shrimp tank.  Just been busy lately with little time for youtube.  Once summer is over here in Minnesota and we are stuck inside for 6 months, trust me, I will make more videos. 
Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes - 6 years ago
The lighting looks great what are you using?
Anthony Piti
Anthony Piti - 6 years ago
Great looking fish!
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
j03yYunG Aquariums
j03yYunG Aquariums - 6 years ago
Nice update! Get a valentine and blushing red if you want red. My discus tank is slowly converting to red :)
j03yYunG Aquariums
j03yYunG Aquariums - 6 years ago
That's too bad. I had a few that I lost this way too. Wait for the next shipment from Kenny. :)
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Too late.  He didn't eat for over a month. He died today.  I just placed an order with Kens a few days ago.  Wish I had this added to my order.  Oh well, thanks for the advice. 
j03yYunG Aquariums
j03yYunG Aquariums - 6 years ago
+PlantedMN My Red is doing awesome, eating like crazy. But it did develop peppering. If you haven't tried yet. Get Ken's Metro+Garlic, vitamin and immune booster flakes for your sick fish. It'll help out your fish if it's still eating. 
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
I will keep that in mind.  How is your Red Eagle doing?  Mine has spent more time in the Hospital tank than in the show tank.  Now sure what that fish's problem is.
Vishaul Hansraj
Vishaul Hansraj - 6 years ago
Great changes to the tank and the Discus look even better. What's the name of the white one with the red spots?
kanda kumar
kanda kumar - 6 years ago
 nice vibrant fish dude, hard to keep a red fish red imo. less is more sometimes with stocking levels,  great update
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Thank you.  I agree.  I may end up keeping it as it is. 
Phil Grady
Phil Grady - 6 years ago
Beautiful Discus but in my opinion the new color varieties are artificial clones of what is, and remains a beautiful fish I am speaking  of the original Syphysodon aequifasciata  axelrodi,(The Brown Discus) and S. aequifasciata haraldi ( The Blue
Discus) the original wild color varieties.  A part of the hobby which may have been before your time but the fish, for those who could afford them were a sight to behold!  I don't want this to be considered a slight towards your tank, I think your fish and tank are. stunning.  I just find the original fish far more beautiful. 
jeremiemcd - 6 years ago
I agree with you Phil, the new strains that have been bred are beautiful, I'm particularly attached to the wild heckles, but I agree with MN if your doing a biotope I would go with the wild discus, but for MN look I feel that it is more eye appealing with all the colors, Great tank and awesome work mn, your fish look really healthy, keep up the great work=)
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
I totally understand what you are saying. I have been in the hobby for over 40 years and have great appreciation for the true wild discus strains.  I agree that the "Skittles" discus are somewhat superficial, but they still make a nice display.  A native biotope and wild discus would be the ultimate discus tank for me.
Amber Courtney
Amber Courtney - 6 years ago
Still one of my favorite tanks on YouTube! Love the discus!!If you don't have a blushing red, you should get one from Kenny. Simply stunning! Just tell him you are wanting some really nice red fish, I'm sure he will hook you up. :)
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
Thanks Amber.  I do have a blushing red from Kenny in my back room.  It isn't nearly as nice of a specimen as yours. 
Ruben - 6 years ago
The Discus tank is looks better with the changes you made to it. Sometimes less is better and it's easier to clean. 
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
With these fish is it all about tank hygiene and water quality.  I only wish I would have pulled the extra plants sooner.   
Sean Williams
Sean Williams - 6 years ago
Outstanding, thanks for sharing! It was a lot of fun to watch! 
Keith's Planted Aquariums
Keith's Planted Aquariums - 6 years ago
Lovely! Great video:)
e schmidt
e schmidt - 6 years ago
Tank looks great.  Blushing red!!!!
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
streetsharklmtd - 6 years ago
i think two more red discus and one super bright solid yellow discus.
mattsaquariums - 6 years ago
Very nice. Did that cobalt blue come from Kenny as well? Very nice looking discus.
Natural Aquatics Eco-Aquascaping
Natural Aquatics Eco-Aquascaping - 6 years ago
..... Those Beauties are looking GREAT! ....... the open look definitely draws your attention to the Discus... I'm looking forward to seeing what you add..... Enjoy.... Tank On!,  Sir
Brian's Fish Tanks
Brian's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
The discus are looking great!
Carlos M.
Carlos M. - 6 years ago
+PlantedMN what's your lighting setup, if you don't mind me asking :) I took your recommendation on using EI dosing and my plants have really started taking off! I just upgraded from current sat+ to the ecoxotic e-120. I'm seeing a response almost instantly!
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 6 years ago
For now.....  You know how it is with these fish.  Thanks Brian.

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