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Ray-an ragucos
Ray-an ragucos - 2 years ago
List of your fishes please
njnaz13 - 2 years ago
Interesting blue...
Gejo Dominic
Gejo Dominic - 2 years ago
Hey beautiful amazing set up ... what light system do you use and what's the names of the 5 fancy tail medium size fish on the left like orange/red and silver
Yolanda White
Yolanda White - 2 years ago
Beautiful Tank
Julia Topoeva
Julia Topoeva - 2 years ago
This tank look so deep. How can one plant is such a tank? Amazing.
Николай Садчиков
Николай Садчиков - 2 years ago
Hello. Tell me please, what is your water temperature? At which fish and plants feel comfortable.
Courtney Carlisle
Courtney Carlisle - 3 years ago
Everything about this tank makes me happy :)
mini zuz
mini zuz - 3 years ago
this vidio have the best fish on youtube (beautiful tankj (11 discuss maturi))
Nick schmitz
Nick schmitz - 3 years ago
That's the prettiest tank I have EVER seen. Man oh man is that beautiful

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Jose Luis Trejo Macedonio
Jose Luis Trejo Macedonio - 3 years ago
Están bien hermosos
Mr Marvin
Mr Marvin - 3 years ago
nice tank
steve mcdaniel
steve mcdaniel - 3 years ago
Best tank ever!! Most beautiful on youtube!
prasanta kumar nayak
prasanta kumar nayak - 3 years ago
Nice tank
Shillelagh Brown
Shillelagh Brown - 3 years ago
Shut up
Balo Mega
Balo Mega - 3 years ago
Please change the music
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 3 years ago
Beautifukl 135g.. I have one too with discus and other fish..
roni raj
roni raj - 3 years ago
vinze18 - 3 years ago
aidan2110 - 3 years ago
really cool, i wish i could keep discus

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Cisco Clash
Cisco Clash - 3 years ago
How bout a background?
ritwik das
ritwik das - 3 years ago
it's truly amazing
Arpan Aussie
Arpan Aussie - 3 years ago
spechless AWesome aquarium man HATS OFF :D :)
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell - 3 years ago
beautiful tank, not so much for the music tho, sorry
Heisen Berg
Heisen Berg - 3 years ago
Dream tank love it
Peter Rossetti
Peter Rossetti - 3 years ago
Temperature?And how are you oxygenating the water?Thank you
iCST - 3 years ago
Those are the most colorful discus I've ever seen. They are just so blue! Amazing setup!
Dartist64 Rocks
Dartist64 Rocks - 3 years ago
beautiful layout and spectacular discus and interesting combination of tank mates.
Yolanda Romero
Yolanda Romero - 3 years ago
Now this one is extraordinary, those larger fish, "wow" perfecto!!!
Shaun's Fish Tanks
Shaun's Fish Tanks - 3 years ago
beautiful mate

30. comment for 135 gallon discus and planted fish aquarium

Its Bongsu
Its Bongsu - 3 years ago
damn its soooo beutiful
Tom Vana
Tom Vana - 3 years ago
Alldila Rizqi
Alldila Rizqi - 3 years ago
this is awesome!
Akash Bhattacherjee
Akash Bhattacherjee - 3 years ago
discus fishes need alot water changes ..I wonder how do you deal with the dosing of plant fertilizers?
LeftyKelly - 3 years ago
Wow, just Wow!
Milton Garcia
Milton Garcia - 3 years ago
what are the measurements of your aquarium???
Sassonic - 3 years ago
Nice music choice, and nice tank!
Donna Joshi
Donna Joshi - 3 years ago
Eddie Novak
Eddie Novak - 3 years ago
One HUGE problem with this tank!!!!! It is NOT in my HOUSE!!! WOW stunning!!! absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.............
Matias En el Campo
Matias En el Campo - 3 years ago
GREAT FISHTANK !!!! I love the color of your discus, what kind of light you have ?
What do you feed them with ???
LRanee - 3 years ago
R u running co2,or dosing ferts?
LRanee - 3 years ago
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THE CONGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roger Rodriguez
Roger Rodriguez - 3 years ago
I don't understand how people can dislike this video this is an awesome tank very beautiful
MRVO2011 - 3 years ago
Well done
bart decock
bart decock - 3 years ago
at what temerature do u run your tank?
Michelle Bailey
Michelle Bailey - 3 years ago
very nice mate!
Mr. Patil
Mr. Patil - 3 years ago
Just Beautiful.....
Bart Botden
Bart Botden - 3 years ago
Can you help me? I have 88 Gallon (335 Liter). Can I archieve this result? What do I need for equipment?
Korhan Ozkan
Korhan Ozkan - 3 years ago
Debaditya Deb
Debaditya Deb - 3 years ago
plz can u give me ur fish list, mail me at plzz :)

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Kira - 3 years ago
wow, how do you do water changes?!?! must be hard to get the poop hiding under the plants
Kira - 3 years ago
how many water chnages should I do for a 125 gallon, lightly planted tank. I have 10 discus in there
Bob Saget
Bob Saget - 3 years ago
Kira lol the plants eat the poop... regular water changes is all they need
InViKTus - 3 years ago
very nice
朱健彬 - 3 years ago
Need use co2?Because have grass
ychsing12 - 3 years ago
Are they Trichogasters?
vinish shetty
vinish shetty - 3 years ago
what lighting is it?
Eko Prayudi
Eko Prayudi - 3 years ago
what kind of your aquscape style??, biotope??
Sean - 3 years ago
what song is this? found it. various artists cannon in d. tricky song to find out.
Hendi Lim
Hendi Lim - 3 years ago
amazing tank!
Francis Wehberg
Francis Wehberg - 3 years ago
Robert DeKane
Robert DeKane - 3 years ago
Like the music and love the tank.
EL CANTANTE LAVÓE. - 3 years ago
Genial , espectacular
Eric TenEyck
Eric TenEyck - 3 years ago
Beautiful set up, great video work and lovely choice of music. I seriously hope that you post more videos.
redheadedturnip p
redheadedturnip p - 3 years ago
amazing tank!  What is the stock and school numbers besides the discus.  Its hard to identify everything in there.  I would love to have a tank like this!
ruban patel
ruban patel - 3 years ago
Moinakh Dey
Moinakh Dey - 3 years ago
edward eskridge
edward eskridge - 3 years ago
nice set up ,  2 questions - 1. what substrate, is that sand?2. What type of light fixture you have?
TLParkinson2004 - 3 years ago
Aquarium Fish
Aquarium Fish - 3 years ago
Amazing setup
WatchThatFast - 3 years ago
To much fishes dont understand the hype.
024DJF - 3 years ago
Maciek Zofinski
Maciek Zofinski - 3 years ago
Hi please tell me are You using co2 system ??? I ask because I start new tank for discus 450 l and Im not sure if I need co2 or I can planting with out ?? You hava amazing aquarium and beautiful fish... greetings
yuehted - 3 years ago
Thanks for the comment! I don't use CO2 system and only dose the excel and flourish once or twice a week as supplement. 20% of RO water change every 2 weeks, retain water temperature at 86 and pH at 6 constant. Light condition is most important if you want to start a plant tank. At the high lighting, the plant will stay low and flourish. At the low lighting, it will grow tall and thin as the plants aren't able to make their own food through photosynthesis.
Chatu Atapattu
Chatu Atapattu - 3 years ago
Isometric Aquariums
Isometric Aquariums - 3 years ago
honestly start making content !!!!!!!!!!! this is awesome !
Erik J
Erik J - 3 years ago
This tank is a work of art. Thank you for uploading such an awesome video!
ROY SHAW - 3 years ago
totally agree, very serine. ROY
yuehted - 3 years ago
Thanks Erik!
Neil Melling
Neil Melling - 3 years ago
beautiful tank. I've been doing this a few years please correct me if I'm wrong I've been doing some research as I'm interested in some discus myself. discus need water temp around 30 deg C but a lot of the other fish need cooler water for example the tetras need around 18-24 deg C. also the phone values and other parameters vary for some of the fish in your tank. how many are still alive if you don't mind me asking. I'd love a tank like this but my research leads me to believe this isn't possible?
yuehted - 3 years ago
thanks! frankly the eco system in the tank is quite thriving! I don't have much fertility rate as the water parameter stay consistent. Some died because of old age. However, the cory cat fish spawn multiple times and the members have been increasing from 15 to 25. The discus spawn many times as well but couldn't survived due to easy picking by tetras. The water stay about 86F and you may surprise the tetra families (not neon) are quite tolerated with such high temperature. It is very possible if the environment is stress free and the fishes are fed well. Only problem i have are the plant grow very fast that require much attention for trimming. Other than that, change the filter and do the regular water changes, your fish should be happy in the community tank.
Erik J
Erik J - 3 years ago
No problem man, I'm glad I could provide you with some useful info. If you have the resources, go for it. Even though there is a lot of conflicting information, you seem like a really detail oriented individual and I feel you will find success from that tenacity rather than correct information.
Neil Melling
Neil Melling - 3 years ago
Erik J thanks for your info. I so agree there's so much conflicting info and like you say it's mostly hearsay. This tank is gorge I'd love a system like this I'm tempted to give it a try I just lack confidence due to all the conflicting info. thanks for the reply fella I appreciate it.
Erik J
Erik J - 3 years ago
You are going to drive yourself crazy trying to establish perfect conditions for each individual fish. Most research indicates that fish are more than capable of adapting to a wide variety of conditions and different water parameters. Discus are often portrayed to be this impossible fish to keep, especially when keeping them alongside other fish. However most of this misinformation is spread by people who's knowledge only extends as far as what they hear from others. The discus in this video are some of the healthiest specimens I've seen in a while, and I attribute this success to how densely planted it is. I would even argue that the water parameters and temperature aren't even "perfect" for discuss. I can confidently say that the nitrates in this tank are pretty much zero considering the plant load, and the water isn't 30 deg C because most plants wouldn't do so well in that warm of water . But if you are really so concerned about temperature, rest easy knowing that most fish, can adapt to warmer water given enough time.
xsara123 - 3 years ago
Which light did you use?
lakhi singh
lakhi singh - 3 years ago
nice look
yuehted - 3 years ago
Total 80pcs of 5630 LED module strip with cool white and blue.
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 3 years ago
What are those big fishes names! the purple ones etc
yuehted - 3 years ago
it is called the royal red rose discus!
PaNdeM0niuM - 3 years ago
gorgeous tank.
the colors.are so vibrant
Spencer Vue
Spencer Vue - 3 years ago
after the first 30 secs of the video, you have fish that have really cool looking tail when they swim appear up after to the left of your video. can you by any chance tell me the name of those fish?
陳振濤 - 3 years ago
Spencer Vue
Spencer Vue - 3 years ago
yuehted ty!
yuehted - 3 years ago
They are called congo tetra oringated in the central congo river basin in africa
Spencer Vue
Spencer Vue - 3 years ago
props to man...that's a beautiful fucking setup. love the music 2 lol it goes well it ha
azhar27 - 3 years ago
Nice setup...what light are you using? Its making the blues pop for sure.
yuehted - 3 years ago
Thanks. Total 80pcs of 5630 LED module strip with cool white and blue
tommylax17 - 3 years ago
awesome tank
ImmaLelouch - 3 years ago
Where did you get your Discus?
Steven Cheng
Steven Cheng - 3 years ago
where did you buy your discus from?
Haase - 3 years ago
Fantastic setup. How are you keeping the water so crystal clear with such a high bio load? UV? RO? Lots of media filler? Just awesome
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 3 years ago
I found roottabs are bad for fish.. I used Flourish tabs which doesnt fall apart immediatly like API ones but they still kill fish.. Used them in my discus tank and had a dead betta, and tons of neon tetras.. Didnt kill my discus but still.. Took them out and did a water change and no more fish died. I use black sand in my 135 gallon tank and i grow plants just fine in it.. Even red plants
Weenie Hut Jr's
Weenie Hut Jr's - 3 years ago
mameapl65 I use sand in all my tanks mainly playsand. Root tabs are the answer and eventually (around 6 months) enough organic matter has seeped through it that it nourishes the plants as well. There's a lot of dopes in this hobby and some of these dopes claim you cannot grow plants in sand and that's not true at all. I've not been able to figure out if they are idiots, intentionally spread bullcrap or are just simple dopes actually there's another possibility they work for companies like seachem and they want you to buy their unnecessary expensive substrate.
67 fastback
67 fastback - 3 years ago
Is that sand you used? How are you able to grow so much with sand? New to the hobby. I'd like to copy this setup! It's amazing
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 3 years ago
RO doesnt mean the water will be clear.. He probably doesnt feed flaked food for one which can create a lot of particles and he probably just has a lot of mechanical filtration. My tank has a bigger load then his and is just as clear
AlphaWolf- Gaming
AlphaWolf- Gaming - 3 years ago
Haase daily? How do you cope?
Haase - 3 years ago
Well damn. I'm surprised they look so great with that few WCs, GOTTA be that RO! I have to do 30% DAILY on my 125g right now using well water. Good news is I got an RO/DI unit in the mail!@
Haase - 3 years ago
RO=Reverse Osmosis. Its basically a filter system that will give you the cleanest /pure distilled water(the same as bottled water).
M C - 3 years ago
yuehted what do you mean by RO? what kind of lighting u use?
yuehted - 3 years ago
Thanks! I have three 100+ gallon canister filters and do both UV and RO 20% every 2-3 weeks. Just be sure the intake tube strainer is not clogged from dead leaf and debris that will otherwise cause nitrate spike and algae bloom.
Yellow Octopus
Yellow Octopus - 3 years ago
Gorgeous tank, love the melon discus
sten beetlex
sten beetlex - 3 years ago
where are the inlet and outlet tube fot the canister filter?.... and where is oxygen air stone??????????
Yellow Octopus
Yellow Octopus - 3 years ago
sten beetlex Darma It's all in the back bud
Wildly Indian
Wildly Indian - 4 years ago
Beautifull tank. Loved it. Whats that long finned fishes that are schooling btw?
yuehted - 3 years ago
Thanks, those are called Congo Tetra
Brenda Boyd
Brenda Boyd - 4 years ago
I would suggest donkey Kong country "aquatic ambience" theme for a tank this nice,not this music.
Buttermybutt - 4 years ago
Get rid of that music!!
Erik J
Erik J - 3 years ago
LOL no. The music was perfect
Denis Vdovichenko
Denis Vdovichenko - 4 years ago
Очень красивый и гармоничный аквариум и в плане оформления и подбора рыб
oddball _fish
oddball _fish - 4 years ago
Wow looks great!!!
Saleesha Khan
Saleesha Khan - 4 years ago
hi what substrate are you using?
Pavol Kulanda
Pavol Kulanda - 4 years ago
beautiful tank. great job in creating this amazing balance.
King Of Fish
King Of Fish - 4 years ago
Your tank is awesome! and so are your plants and discus fish
Reggie White
Reggie White - 4 years ago
Wooooow........ this is a gorgeous tank, thanks for sharing
Marcelo Barttiliery de Souza
Marcelo Barttiliery de Souza - 4 years ago
Si perguntassem a mim si eu queria um carro ou um aquario gigante assim eu diria e claro ; que quero o aquario
Loading Please wait
Loading Please wait - 4 years ago
loving those Congo tetras
Mario Ventimiglia
Mario Ventimiglia - 4 years ago
PaNdeM0niuM - 4 years ago
so pretty

100. comment for 135 gallon discus and planted fish aquarium

Prisca Ratsimbazafy
Prisca Ratsimbazafy - 4 years ago
The most beautiful tank îve ever seen
truyng - 4 years ago
I love your video and the quality of it. Also you have stunning discus.
Robert Cox
Robert Cox - 4 years ago
what substrate do u use?
rey maravillas
rey maravillas - 4 years ago
do you use co2 gen in this tank?
AlexandrZh76 - 4 years ago
cristal clear
willibris - 4 years ago
El conjunto es precioso.
Los discos son bastante malos, en cuanto a calidad, por ponerte alguna pega.
Estoy seguro que en ese acuario, discos marrones, quedarían mejor que los híbridos, que desentonan un poco el paisaje con sus colores.
Pero te doy un 10 por el conjunto, un acuario espectacular.
Joseph Karthic
Joseph Karthic - 4 years ago
tank dimensions?
yuehted - 4 years ago
18W x 25H x 72L
Nelson Lee
Nelson Lee - 4 years ago
What type of plants do you have? Beautiful tank!
Lilly DaYuMmm!
Lilly DaYuMmm! - 4 years ago
such a beautiful tank. i wouldnt change a single thing about it :) exept more discus ;) lol.
maggotslicer - 4 years ago
you have such a beautiful tank and beautiful discus I love it
maggotslicer - 4 years ago
you have such a beautiful tank and beautiful discus I love it
joeashbubemma - 4 years ago
Amazing tank! Elegant and well balanced. I hope I can achieve this level of fishkeeping some day. Damn, I could look at this tank for hours. The fish colors are incredibly vibrant and healthy. I can't believe this is a 135, it's looks way smaller. How long have you been doing this?
Russ Polk
Russ Polk - 4 years ago
ball park price on the entire set guess is 4k
Jenene H.
Jenene H. - 4 years ago
Gorgeous tank..You lighting is magnificent. Are the ones with the brilliant blue on top and bottom Turquoise Discus? They look unreal!
Jenene H.
Jenene H. - 4 years ago
That one is spectacular but I was looking at the 2 smaller ones that hang out with the bigger one with the black stripes. He is cool too! I just bought a corner flow tank and a sump with a refugium. I have been researching all the intricate requirements before I switch out my community tank. Now I am dreaming of the fish and trying to learn all the names! I see you use Craig's list but do you have a favorite online source?
yuehted - 4 years ago
Thanks! I think you are referring the burgundy color with blue pectoral and the dorsal fin. It is called royal red rose discus.
Frank M
Frank M - 4 years ago
Beautiful tank! If you don't mind asking where did you get the Royal Red Rose? Love the rich in burgundy color
Frank M
Frank M - 4 years ago
+yuehted thanks on the info sure will give that a shot so far right now they look ok it's been a week , I started with some swords bleheri and water Sprite. Might try the RO water and flourish tabs soon as I can get my hands on them. Appreciate the info
yuehted - 4 years ago
I dose Excel and Flourish once a week and do 20% RO water change every 2 weeks. Retain water temperature at 86 and pH at 6. Frankly, it is not an ideal condition for plant but somehow they survived and thrived on it:).
Frank M
Frank M - 4 years ago
+yuehted thanks man! One more question what condition you keep your water to have the plants looking very nice looking? :) thanks
yuehted - 4 years ago
Thanks! I got the red rose from the craigslist and here it goes the link
I love the deep burgundy color as well especially the blue color band on the pectoral and the dorsal fin.
Discus101 - 4 years ago
Great looking tank! Are you using CO2 or Excel? Any other plant supplements? Thanks!
yuehted - 4 years ago
Thanks! I only dose Excel and Flourish once a week and no CO2 was used. High lighting is likely the drive for the potential plant growth.
ljatic mikael
ljatic mikael - 4 years ago
nice song and nice tank
Pedro Neto
Pedro Neto - 4 years ago
beautiful tank! congrats! if i may ask, what type of sand are you using? cheers
chinito - 4 years ago
tnx does you UV sterilizer has to be on at all times?
scott zoo
scott zoo - 4 years ago
how do you like the sunsun one? how do you go about cleaning it out? with the fluvals you can simply turn the water off at the top and clean it out easy but the sunsun isnt as convenient so how do you not make a mess with the sunsun??
yuehted - 4 years ago
I have used total 3 canister filters. One Sunsun 404B wtih 9W UV sterilizer and another two Fluval 405, 406. All are 100G+ capacity. I tried to over filter it as the planted tank tends to clot up quite easily especially the java moss and leaf debris around it..
chinito - 4 years ago
hi what kind of filter are you using?
Pedro Neto
Pedro Neto - 4 years ago
that is awesome. Just bought the carb sea sand for my discus tank and it looks awesome!
yuehted - 4 years ago
Thanks, the sand is actually the swimming pool filter silica white sand we use it for substrate.
evemitchellanderson - 4 years ago
what kind of rainbows is that?
yuehted - 4 years ago
There isn't any australian or boesemani rainbow fish in the tank. Are you referring the congo tetra or pearl gourami?
Bluebonnet - 4 years ago
Very nice! What kind of light do you have for your plants?
yuehted - 4 years ago
Thanks. Total 80pcs of 5630 LED module strip with cool white and blue
Win a Heart
Win a Heart - 4 years ago
yuehted - 4 years ago
18W x 25H x 72L
James Panda97
James Panda97 - 4 years ago
This is perfection. I wish my fish tanks were just half as good as this
LighT HanzeL
LighT HanzeL - 4 years ago
Nice Tank
Win a Heart
Win a Heart - 4 years ago
Tank size plz
Timothy Yueh
Timothy Yueh - 4 years ago
135 Gallon
Young Tank
Young Tank - 4 years ago
Love the tank

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