150 Acrylic Aquarium Discus Tank

My freshwater 150 gallon aquarium discus tank, sand bed, led and dual t5's for lighting, sump filter, water change 90% every two weeks.

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My freshwater 150 gallon aquarium discus tank, sand bed, led and dual t5's for lighting, sump filter, water change 90% every two weeks.

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aquatektropical - 7 years ago
Very nice, love the look.
MrLenver - 7 years ago
For Filtration is a sump with a wet/dry, it all first goes into a Micron Sock, then to a series of Matala mats, into bioballs, then a chamber of Eheim ceramic rings and finally into the refugium that only has the heaters and a final matala mat before going into the pump
MrLenver - 7 years ago
the sand bed is play sand from lowes used it before and it works great it keeps solids on top so the powerhead can pick them up, the discus are 6 Valentines they're about 6", also there are 5 High Body Eruption Leopards about 6" also, 3 blue diamonds about 4.5"-5" and one Red turq. Also six cories julies for cleaning up leftovers, 3 Albino bristlenose Plecos, and 2 red/blue colombian tetras had more but the died still don't know why.
MrLenver - 7 years ago
OK, so it's a 150G 48"x24"x30", it's a tall tank but I do not need to vacuum it since I have a tunze powerhead that turns on 3 times a day and creates a good flow to get the solids into the sump, the led is basic not high output and it's on from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm, from 12 am to 8 PM a dual high output t5's are one to give a nice and bright view with this schedule I do not get any algae
njw1383 - 7 years ago
Great video man well done. I've subscribed to your channel. Hope you can sub me back

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