600 gallon planted discus tank! New year update

600 gallon planted discus tank! New year update sentiment_very_dissatisfied 0

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for 600 gallon planted discus tank! New year update

HalfMan HalfCichlid
HalfMan HalfCichlid - 6 years ago
what species of Jurapari?
Siddhartha Saive
Siddhartha Saive - 6 years ago
They are Geophagus winemilleri
Moon Leah
Moon Leah - 6 years ago
AMazing. What kind of sand did you use?
Siddhartha Saive
Siddhartha Saive - 6 years ago
no. just plain sand. a lil coarse
Moon Leah
Moon Leah - 6 years ago
Is there concrete material in the sand?
Siddhartha Saive
Siddhartha Saive - 6 years ago
thank you ☺ that's just regular river and construction sand
Sargent3456 - 6 years ago
awesome tank! love it
Siddhartha Saive
Siddhartha Saive - 6 years ago
thank you ☺
black sea and others
black sea and others - 6 years ago
Man, this is awesome... The fish move so relaxed and natural! Good job!
Addi Gupta
Addi Gupta - 6 years ago
Dear Siddharth, I have been fellowing your post on website which lead me here. First of all awesome tank and hats off to you for doing everything by yourself from planning to the finished product.

This is one of the best discus tanks I have ever seen. Btw I currently have a 100 gallon and planning to upgrade to a 500/600 gallon.

Can you please tell me the cost of the tank including the lights, filter, cabinet etc but without the fishes, decoration, plants, stocklist. Thanks in advance.

Additya (Delhi)
g bear
g bear - 6 years ago
Wow dream tank for me
George Calderon
George Calderon - 6 years ago
one word ( amazing )
Koen Bogaart
Koen Bogaart - 6 years ago
Where did your elephant nose fish go? Also what are your aquarium measurements in Centimeters???
Siddhartha Saive
Siddhartha Saive - 6 years ago
i had 10 elephant noses 300 cardinal tetra and many other fish in the tank at the start. about 2.5 years ago most of the fish in the tank were wiped out by a deadly columnaris infection. lost more than 400 fish. 2 of the elephant noses made it through and are still there in the tank now. added all these other fish 2 years ago. Tank size is 244cm L x 92cm D x 107cm H
noahp312 - 6 years ago
Just found your videos. So nice! Please make more and talk about your tank. I want to know more like filtration, lighting and water temperature.

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