A Monster Discus Fish planted Tank

My Favorite Discus fish tank (meters).

A Monster Discus Fish planted Tank sentiment_very_dissatisfied 9

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My Favorite Discus fish tank (meters).

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for A Monster Discus Fish planted Tank

K00L VIDEOS - 8 years ago
Thanks for sharing. It is an amazing aquarium!
TropicalKIng1990 - 10 years ago
realy cool tank :)
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - 10 years ago
Love discus but they are hard to maintain
pimpjuice739 - 11 years ago
I envy u :)
Yeray gil guadalupe
Yeray gil guadalupe - 11 years ago
what is a monster discus men?? i have monster discus 19 cm come mi page looking mi family discus
Caleb Ott
Caleb Ott - 11 years ago
@iluvfish123 yep
andy79yoda - 11 years ago
Fantastic set up!!!!!!
Myke A
Myke A - 11 years ago
Great Tank, Buddy. Discus take some effort to look after, but well worth it. Please check out my 7ft discus tank :)
Helder Moura Gomes
Helder Moura Gomes - 11 years ago
do u use co2 system?

10. comment for A Monster Discus Fish planted Tank

Dario Galvan
Dario Galvan - 11 years ago
how often do you feed?
Ramtin Kazemi
Ramtin Kazemi - 11 years ago
@shouvikgr WOW! that's what you've noticed while watching a discus video? LMAO
Shouvik Ghosh Roy
Shouvik Ghosh Roy - 11 years ago
Wow you camera zooming lense needs some oiling.. I am dead sure my 4 yr old computer fan makes lesser noise! Cool aquarium btw! :D
jesper andresen
jesper andresen - 11 years ago
Laurensnl - 11 years ago
Toooo many bubbles. You should add some Vallisneria or some other fast growing large plants.
james hammet
james hammet - 11 years ago
Great looking tank !!!!!!
Tim Arschfick
Tim Arschfick - 12 years ago
thats a very shit tank
bodylucas - 12 years ago
quanti litri e?
acco8675309 - 12 years ago
Someday, someday I will have a tank like that (probably after high school lol), but for right now I'll be content with my little 50 gallon discus tank
jillismyname100 - 12 years ago
lol they are all so chill!

20. comment for A Monster Discus Fish planted Tank

Elton Nguyen
Elton Nguyen - 12 years ago
I have one of those golden longfin danios.
Kris R
Kris R - 12 years ago
mayalman.....2 grand? try more than that....the tank prolly cost close to that much...my hubby and i just bought 2 red carnation discus for $240 just for the pair...they get expensive really fast
Adrian NYH
Adrian NYH - 13 years ago
wow,your diamond clue discus is stunning man! check out my video,im only 13.haha
mayalman - 13 years ago
easily 2grand in this video...

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