A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

Today we take a special tour of my aquarium gallery. Get the ultimate DIY book ► http://thekingofdiy.com LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► https://goo.gl/E2l6tk Facebook ► http://facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! Join me each SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY for a new aquarium related video! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: https://goo.gl/gu3CsK How to build aquarium filters: https://goo.gl/cw0Jl9 How to build aquarium stands: https://goo.gl/9JB9jo How to build aquarium equipment: https://goo.gl/BHkT2s How to build aquarium lighting: https://goo.gl/Wg4kt0 How to build aquarium decorations: https://goo.gl/crQkeT Varius aquarium tutorials: https://goo.gl/BKCb3a ALL Thursday videos: https://goo.gl/DPHjEM ALL Sunday videos: https://goo.gl/Rn0wmS My aquarium pumps, circulation and lights are by: http://ecotechmarine.com My aquarium racks and the aquariums within them were made by: http://customaquariums.com My aquarium backgrounds are made by: https://aquadecorbackgrounds.com/

A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget sentiment_very_dissatisfied 145

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Today we take a special tour of my aquarium gallery. Get the ultimate DIY book ► http://thekingofdiy.com LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► https://goo.gl/E2l6tk Facebook ► http://facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! Join me each SUNDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY for a new aquarium related video! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: https://goo.gl/gu3CsK How to build aquarium filters: https://goo.gl/cw0Jl9 How to build aquarium stands: https://goo.gl/9JB9jo How to build aquarium equipment: https://goo.gl/BHkT2s How to build aquarium lighting: https://goo.gl/Wg4kt0 How to build aquarium decorations: https://goo.gl/crQkeT Varius aquarium tutorials: https://goo.gl/BKCb3a ALL Thursday videos: https://goo.gl/DPHjEM ALL Sunday videos: https://goo.gl/Rn0wmS My aquarium pumps, circulation and lights are by: http://ecotechmarine.com My aquarium racks and the aquariums within them were made by: http://customaquariums.com My aquarium backgrounds are made by: https://aquadecorbackgrounds.com/

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Most popular comments
for A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

Luka Heriot
Luka Heriot - 6 years ago
I don’t really mind about beans frank was way better
Fresh isn't so saltY 717
Fresh isn't so saltY 717 - 6 years ago
My son passed away last March he was 2 still miss him everyday shortly after I got a 55g then a 29 a 20 long and a 40g and a 75gallon. It's my get away and I love watching the tanks progress and turn into a home... keep up the good work joey love the content
Eva Maxwell
Eva Maxwell - 6 years ago
Your a good man Charlie Brown! :) And a nice kid too. He will be impacted for life for your thoughtfulness. My heart breaks for his loss and I'll keep him in my thoughts.
Travis VanderLaan
Travis VanderLaan - 6 years ago
That is awesome sauce! Would love to hear more about the how the hobby changed your life. For me it is a place of zen when everything else is going sideways I still have my fish to enjoy. It was the first purchase I made when moving out of my parents house and have only grown to love it more as I went from fresh water to salt water. Would also love to see an update on your saltwater tank and some more diy for that.
coleen huff
coleen huff - 6 years ago
Stories like this are a great inspiration.
Serge Bravo
Serge Bravo - 6 years ago
Where is beaaaaaans?!
Mr. Spotty Dog - Creative
Mr. Spotty Dog - Creative - 6 years ago
I enjoy the hobby because it's relaxing and all of the wonderful colours of fish
Troy Roa
Troy Roa - 6 years ago
Can you breed your fish we want to see baby fish pls pls pls
T Bear
T Bear - 6 years ago
You rock! That's amazing of you!

10. comment for A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

Erick Bertot
Erick Bertot - 6 years ago
dmichaels fish den
dmichaels fish den - 6 years ago
Joey - this is fantastic. So glad you had an opportunity to make such a difference. Well done. My favorite video now.
Ian Barnard
Ian Barnard - 6 years ago
Amazing joey! Touching video! Love it
Steven Davis-walls
Steven Davis-walls - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby because my older cousin had a tank and I wanted one of my own . 16 years later and still enjoying the hobby with 3 tanks currently.
Starr Marrie
Starr Marrie - 6 years ago
Praise you. Role models are painfully needed in every community. ♡♡♡♡
Starr Marrie
Starr Marrie - 6 years ago
Why can I not like this video multiple times! ♡♡♡♡
Starr Marrie
Starr Marrie - 6 years ago
You will never know the full impact you made in that kiddos life.
Chester Lee
Chester Lee - 6 years ago
Wow so big
Karri Thompson
Karri Thompson - 6 years ago
You gave beans away :(
Mehdi Charaf Eddine
Mehdi Charaf Eddine - 6 years ago
I got in the hoby by watching your amazing videos!Thanks for another great video.
Nomad - 6 years ago
Even if the hobby didn't mean anything to me the fact that you made some kids happy when they needed it really touched me. You might have just changed those kids lives and you don't even know it yet. Nice job sir.
Tom Hallahan
Tom Hallahan - 6 years ago
My aunt was the original one to really jump start the drive to be a fish and aquatic pet owner. She had tons of tanks puffers,lion, the best was the seahorses, i got to watch them spawn and what an amazing thing to see. I have always wanted to be a marine photographer or biologist since I was able to answer the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up". I was 8 years old and knew all species of shark. They were the most amazing animal to me. I loved thsre power and beauty which most people are afraid of. This video made subscribe due to your gratitude in your fans and people in general. I feel that you have a big heart and are very genuine. You dont get that everyday now a days. I have both marine and freshwater craziest being a 90 gallon fowlr reef and my big man packy the pacu such s pig reminds me of frank lol. I've been in it 25 years now lol. It really makes you feel and have a break from stress life and hardships. You must be a great father just based on what ive seen through your videos. Please keep doing what you have been doing it helps people and it is nice to feel connected to someone with the same hobby. The best time related to the hobby and my dream of marine or freshwater animals is when I swam with the dolphins. Unbelievable!! Next hopefully somewhere down the line is sharks. I hope my children are influenced by my hobby and will one day join me. Thank you again!

20. comment for A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

Bryan Tube
Bryan Tube - 6 years ago
Omg this made my cry
Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby when I was a kid because of my mom... But got out of it when I was a teen... About 2 years ago I lost my dad to vascular dementia and I started to distance myself from my kids and other family... I was a very bad drunk and wanted just to die myself... But I got back into the hobby because it helps me focus and show off some artistic ability... Something a son always wants to hear from there dad is they are proud of you and because of the hobby I can hear my old Mans voice tell me he is proud of me... I turned back to myself and I don't drink like I used to and I have at least one thing I can control...
Grayson Worton
Grayson Worton - 6 years ago
So close to 700 k
Parker Hero
Parker Hero - 6 years ago
Michael Houlihan
Michael Houlihan - 6 years ago
I got started when I was 10 years old. My grandparents had a 10 gal tank in their living room for years. They got tired of maintaining it and knew I loved it so they gave it to me. I've had the "bug" ever sense. That was a good thing you did for that little kid. Thanks for all that you do
JRPy Fish-n-Game
JRPy Fish-n-Game - 6 years ago
Joey - That was super cool and much respect. Thanks for sharing so much to the community.
Roddy Yang
Roddy Yang - 6 years ago
Mr. Feeny: Even you. Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.

Topanga: Don't you mean do well?

Mr. Feeny: No, I mean do good.
J3ssica Glov3R
J3ssica Glov3R - 6 years ago
Awe, you're so awesome Joey!!!
Kevin Grant
Kevin Grant - 6 years ago
The greatest fish diy youtube content creator
Seth Wood
Seth Wood - 6 years ago
Not sure why you are apologizing for being a parent who actually cares!?

30. comment for A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

zzzz7192 - 6 years ago
Too good Joey!
Angelo Figueroa
Angelo Figueroa - 6 years ago
great job Joey
Hunter Gelwicks
Hunter Gelwicks - 6 years ago
I love big African cichlids and find them calming big being 4-9 inch adult males in my tank
O&C VLOGS Vlogs - 6 years ago
Your such a good person
Ronasio Shenouda
Ronasio Shenouda - 6 years ago
Such a good man!! For me, the fish hobbie destress me and give me a reasons live
Chrystal Der
Chrystal Der - 6 years ago
I started when I had to give up my first child 11years ago. It's tore my heart out of my chest. so I got my first set of fish all tho they were only goldfish but it was a start for me. and since then I've up graded my tank to a 55gallon indoor tank and 110gallon for outdoor in the south to early fall. my all time favorite fish are my convicts they allow to to pet them and hand feed as well.
Ed Ortman
Ed Ortman - 6 years ago
Good man Joey!
J S - 6 years ago
Thanks, Joey, for demonstrating such a great example of giving yourself to others.
No major issues for me, but I can absolutely feel worry and stress melt away when fiddling with, or just staring at, my fish and plants. I've been sharing that experience with coworkers to entice them into giving it a try. It's something we can chat about and discuss, dropping off heaps of stress. Of course, we talk about your videos, and those of many other 'tubers, too.
James Morton
James Morton - 6 years ago
A few years back, at the drop of a hat, I had a panic attack. No history of mental illness or anything of the sort. After that moment, I dealt with chronic anxiety to the point that I could not leave my home. I had to leave a job and move back in with my mother in order to get things back in order. The aquarium hobby had played such a huge roll in my recovery. Though it is still a struggle today, I am leap and bounds ahead of where I ever saw myself getting at the time. Thank you so much for everything you do, Joey.
James Morton
James Morton - 6 years ago
Lorenzantium it’s good to know others have had similar experiences and came out on top. Big love your way.
Lorenzantium - 6 years ago
I feel you bro, back on April 5 2011 I was driving to work and had a massive panic attack. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I thought I was dying but somehow made it back home. From then until 2013 I almost never left my home and had big problems even going to my mailbox. Taking baby steps I gradually was able to go further and further from home and now I can go up to 70 miles away from home without any problems. It has been a long hard climb back from the abyss, but luckily my family was there to help me. Good luck with everything brother.
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez - 6 years ago
Awesome video Joey
fin doe
fin doe - 6 years ago
lmao lets hope i pick the right kid lol stalker
Aquarium Trenten
Aquarium Trenten - 6 years ago
To me fish are really relaxing and I have anger issues and get mad really easily so I go to my room and watch my fish to calm me down. I started getting into the hobby about 3 years ago when I got my first Betta fish now I'm really into the hobby and you are such and inspiration. Love you and your videos!!!! P.s I would LOVE to meet you and it would make my life so much better!!
Jason R
Jason R - 6 years ago
My tanks are a means to settle my thoughts. I am not the nicest guy for sure But get a kid around that likes fish and we will be buddies.
llConstantinosll - 6 years ago
I'm proud of you Joey.
Insomniac Raccoon
Insomniac Raccoon - 6 years ago
First getting into the hobby was a great distraction from depression. It was a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings but having my 10 gallon waiting for me to give it a water change was a surprisingly good motivator. I ended up with four 10 gallons at one point, then downsized to 2, then 1. Then I got a 40 gallon and a 5 gallon. Though I'm sadly at a rough spot. My bettas (who were my hearts) passed away suddenly with dropsy and my black neons in my 40 gallon have been dwindling. My water parameters are perfect and I'm baffled. It's honestly been a huge damper, my 10 gallon is half empty, no fish. My 5 gallon never finished cycling, and my 40 has a dwindling stock. It's honestly upsetting. Hoping I get a good day soon and can work on them.
Hank Meeks
Hank Meeks - 6 years ago
I understand your hesitancy to post this video, but I think you did the right thing. Seeing a good person doing something like this is inspirational for all of us. Thank you for being you, Joey.
Enzo Aquaholics
Enzo Aquaholics - 6 years ago
Joey, I was wondering how you were able to put multiple (Red arowanas is it?) in the tank. We are struggling on this part, since when ever they all get together, A green arowana, bully all of them. To the fact that they are all the same size? If you can provide tips, or a video would be much appreciated.
Enzo Aquaholics
Enzo Aquaholics - 6 years ago
Do you have any tips when it comes to aggressive and bully ones?
Matt Wills
Matt Wills - 6 years ago
long time follower, first time poster. I’m from Australia and have been watching your videos forever, just as Sam has.
you’ve taught me everything I know when it comes to this hobby, yet I’m still learning new things, in every video haha.
youve most of all inspired me, along with hundreds of thousands of others. I recently brought home my 450 gallon tank, Mum wasn’t impressed to start with, but most nights I’ll catch her watching the rays lol. as much as I enjoy it myself, the real pleasure is sharing it with others, and you do it better thank anyone joey! thanks heaps cob, means a lot!
Donald Goff
Donald Goff - 6 years ago
I’ve been in the hobby off and on for 20 years. I also deal with clinical depression, and my tanks help so much. My wife even sees a difference in me since I’ve gotten back into the hobby.
At the moment I have a 5g, 7g, 10g, 40g, 75g, and a 125g. And then my small koi pond outside.
My dream is a 200g or bigger.
CookieGuy97 - 6 years ago
Would like to see a picture or little video of how beans is doing.
You are an inspiration what you are doing for the hobby and your willingness to spend the time helping those who need it.
The hobby for me is relaxing and also a motivator. If I'm feeling a little low but know something needs doing on the tank it will make me get up or if I'm struggling to find motivation for an assignment I will take a break and watch the fish. As with other hobbies it keeps me active when I down and clears the mind.

50. comment for A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

Eric Weis
Eric Weis - 6 years ago
I have a new respect for u joey.
Juliette Prevost
Juliette Prevost - 6 years ago
This was a great thing you did. Probably was the first light he has seen after his brothers passing.
P.s the boy who got beans is a lucky fish keeper !!

I know i lost my fish to dropsy and i havent gotten over it to start again. Its not for the faint of heart but it definitely is a great hobby to keep for young and old !
mtgzelda - 6 years ago
king You are so cool and you have now idea how good it feels to meet or even talk to one of your favorite celebrities ( you made that kids day).

P.S. i have a request I am 14 and i am working on a big project for my school and i was wondering if u my want to help me(let me now if u are interested)
Bonnie Lea
Bonnie Lea - 6 years ago
I agree with everything you have said. I have Bipolar, fibromyalgia and severe anxiety. Basically I am in pain, mentally and physically, every day. I have recently bought a 280 litre (I'm in Australia) 4ft tank and have my three goldfish which are all close to a foot long now, four bronze catfish, four peppered catfish and a sucker catfish. Being able to spend time with my tank helps so much, as do your videos. Thank you so much for uploading such great videos. And say hi to Frank for me :-)
Mezza Mez
Mezza Mez - 6 years ago
Joey you are the best, you must have brightened up that kids life. Here’s to the future
Samantha Kearney
Samantha Kearney - 6 years ago
Looking for advice my parrot fish has what looks like blood worms coming out of its gills how do I treat them before it's too late?
Victor Brooks
Victor Brooks - 6 years ago
any ideas on an octagon shaped aquarium? one day ill have one for my first arrawanna.
Victor Brooks
Victor Brooks - 6 years ago
I met a lovely woman who was the proud owner of a beautiful Oscar. I immediately fell in love with fish keeping and all the ups and downs that come with the hobby. we now have a 55, 90 and a 125. There is something inherently peaceful and calming in watching and caring for fish. thanks for the video and cant wait to see more :-)
Martijn Gottgens
Martijn Gottgens - 6 years ago
Jake Ortel
Jake Ortel - 6 years ago
Yr good man joe. Im from NY. I came across this channel sitting in a hospital bed when i was 13. I was diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer). It was an extremely stressful time in my life. I spent months laying in bed to weak to move or simply to sick. I am now a healthy 21 year old with an unhealthy obsession to the hobby haha. I had fishtanks in the past but you made it fun and interesting. I soon bought a fishtank with gold fish and i watched every video ever sence. I will always watch yr videos and forever be greatful for the videos you make. Thanks man.
james johnstone
james johnstone - 6 years ago
Steve C
Steve C - 6 years ago
Thanks for doing what you do..
Smith tuff Gamer
Smith tuff Gamer - 6 years ago
Joey your epic mate. Our world needs more people like you. Keep up doing what you do best.
Mallory G
Mallory G - 6 years ago
Hey Joey! This is so amazing there just is no words to describe what you do for people on a daily basis. You have truly inspired me, as did I go through a difficult time a little over a year ago, I lost my dad at the age of 55 to a heart attack. Him and I have always been drawn to the water, after he passed I was lost. I somehow stumbled across one of your videos one day, then continued to binged watch practically every one you have made. I started to put a little money away here and there, I was able to start with small 5, 10, 29, 55 gal tanks and now wanting to work my way into bigger tanks. I have learned so much from you and thank you for the time you put into your videos they are truly wonderful!
Becca Stan
Becca Stan - 6 years ago
I was going through deep depression when I first started fish keeping. The aquarium hobby lit a fire in me and showed me that through hard work and patience you can create something absolutely stunning ❤
Amaan Usmani
Amaan Usmani - 6 years ago
Becca Stan fish can cure depression confirmed
Dylon Lowrey
Dylon Lowrey - 6 years ago
139 thumbs down??? Seriously! What’s wrong with those people. Hopefully they’re not subs Joey. Great video. Who would of thought. Happy for the kid! Hopefully we get to see his fish room on here one day
Melanie Holmes
Melanie Holmes - 6 years ago
oh my goodness, crying my eyes out!! You are awesome.
Kenny Wilcock
Kenny Wilcock - 6 years ago
You are such a good person... I tip my hat to you. Bringing comfort to both of the kids mentioned, going as far as to give one money and your book and the other beans? Such moving stories...

Your videos got me into the hobby, now I own two 10G Betta tanks and a 55 Coldwater. I would own more if I wasn’t in an apartment... I’m currently going through stress and possible depression in a concerning amount, and I am telling no lie when I say my aquariums and these videos bring a smile to my face. Especially ones as heartfelt as these.

Keep up the wonderful content, Joey! I cannot wait to hear more in your next video!
Simon Biernat
Simon Biernat - 6 years ago
I've watched all of your videos and you are my inspiration of being good man with such cool aquarium tanks. Thank you for everything! Cheers!
leedle S
leedle S - 6 years ago
I am 14 and have 29 gallon fish tank and it is so much fun for me Ive had these same fish for four years when I just got them, and I recently added more a few months ago over the summer! It is so much fun taking care of them and watching them grow and when I'm older I wanna get more fish tanks because it is so much fun and there are so many pretty fishies!!
John L.
John L. - 6 years ago
you da man. It's the youths that r gonna run this thang, connecting with that will change everything. Awsome!
Copper Canyon Aquatics
Copper Canyon Aquatics - 6 years ago
Joey, I firmly believe you changed that young man's life with your kindness and generosity! You are an inspiration, and I only hope that some day I will be in a position to pay it forward to the youth in the hobby like you are!
EDIT: And no need to apologize for showing you care! (letting your dad side out)
Jacob Karlson
Jacob Karlson - 6 years ago
Keeping aquariums is my stress reliever and my escape from day to day life. I have literally watched my fish for a good chunk of time and not realized how long had past. I’ve dabbled in the hobby here and there my entire life but had been out of it for 5 years and decided to jump back in last summer when I was in a hard time in life and started watching how-to videos when I came across misjinx, solid gold and your page. You guys have me so much more knowledge and confidence to try different things with my aquariums and different aquatic pets which has brought much joy to my 1 year old daughter and my life. Thank you for what you do. Also I have a frank shirt and I love it.
Raid_Sookrah - 6 years ago
Well done respect my man
Sofia Font
Sofia Font - 6 years ago
love this <3
fatfrankie82 - 6 years ago
Best video todate , gotta look after the generations to come, kudos joey
MarkOut1 - 6 years ago
Wow, just wow. Thank you for doing this for these kids. I joined the hobby originally because of my love for animals and an aquarium was the only pet I was allowed to have. A few years later I’m still in it and love keeping fishes.
Alexander Wentzell
Alexander Wentzell - 6 years ago
Sold him 2 of my 75 gals, great family.
SmalllLeaf - 6 years ago
Hej Joey! I've got back into the hobby some months ago thanks to you! Your videos and the fish i have help me alot right now after the loss of my soulhorse Sirius. Frank inspired me to buy my own flowerhorn and his name is Flipp. I know that Flipp is not a great flowerhorn and some call him ugly but he is such a amazing fish fore me like every single other fish that i "own" . It's amazing to have such great animals around me thanks to Your videos that got me back to the hobby. Thank You again!
Doge - 6 years ago
I need stuff like this in my miserable 15 years of life
Shari Bice
Shari Bice - 6 years ago
That’s a sweet gesture Joey.... He should come over more often.
Cici Sullenger
Cici Sullenger - 6 years ago
I hope one day I’m as giving as u r. Ur a real inspiration ❤️
54 - 6 years ago
Ok, i'll call you if one of my brothers have an accident
Michael Klaus
Michael Klaus - 6 years ago
You're the man Joey
Rukasu Hebi
Rukasu Hebi - 6 years ago
Honestly just watching you gave me the push to have a fish tank and i want to do more because of you. I bought a 60 gallon tank on black friday when everyone was buying tvs lol. Still i have nothing set up and i am trying my best to get my four fish transfer into their new home. Love the hobby so much just wish i had the funds to afford their living. But with that said i am still working hard to be the best that I can. Thank you Joey. Your the best.
Suhail Abbasi
Suhail Abbasi - 6 years ago
Thankyou...this isnt a little thing...you have done a tremendous job.thanks again for cheering up the kid :)
Omar Allam
Omar Allam - 6 years ago
people like you are the best in this community and the ones that spread joy and happines to people and you are so polite and you were raised so well "it's a common saying in my country for good people" thank you for everythingg
Sean - 6 years ago
thanks joey
Troy M
Troy M - 6 years ago
My thank is my calm, it helps my ptsd a lot as well as my depression... Honestly your original diy videos opened my eyes to so much more yeah it's not always cheaper however my hands and my mind stay focused as I build another addition to my system..
Thanks for your Time
God Bless
Adrian Roney
Adrian Roney - 6 years ago
Hi Joey. I got into the hobby because my daughter was given a Goldfish as a birthday party favour. I refused to let "Goldie" die. This was nearly 4 years ago and Goldie is still with us in a massive 240l tank with a bunch of friends. I have recently set up a planted tank too. I love it. ( out of the 25ish kids and 25ish fish given to them that day Goldie is the only one alive) I share this story to try and tell people DO NOT GIVE LIVE ANIMALS AS PARTY FAVOURS! You are awesome and inspiring! This was an amazing thing to do.
chevegan - 6 years ago
Mermaid costume for SURE at 1 million subs. No take backsies!
The Mind Nerd
The Mind Nerd - 6 years ago
This is amazing. The fact that you gave Beans away to a kid that was fascinated by him says so much about you Joey! Proud to be one of your subscribers!
Chriszehnt - 6 years ago
You are a Great guy oder wie wir auf Deutsch sagen: Du bist ein fantastischer Mensch

The world needs more like You.
Manny greetings from Germany
G. F. Tengchuachay
G. F. Tengchuachay - 6 years ago
Lucky kid to be able to have a tour at the gallery.
Allen Cranford
Allen Cranford - 6 years ago
You’re a great guy. Awesome videos, awesome content. Thanks for all the knowledge diy. Hobby means a lot to me. For one, I’m allergic to most pets. Not fish though! Honestly though, I have an immense fascination with all things underwater. I always have. It’s such a different world down there. It’s terrifying and beautiful all at once. It’s so cool to have a window into that world.
jmatile - 6 years ago
You're an amazing individual! Thank you!
Sonny Bradley
Sonny Bradley - 6 years ago
Basically I got into the hobby because I watched a YouTube video about axolotl as and so I thought I get one. The day my tank arrived I opened it and they had sent me the wrong one, so I emailed the people and told them what happened. So the tank arrived etc. And the delivery guy was supposed to come and pick up my tank, but apparently he did come. But I hadn’t heard the doorbell and so they never came back and I thought I may as well get some fish as I had a tank. It’s been an obsession since.
Jon Lee
Jon Lee - 6 years ago
This is great! Making a difference is what life is all about.
mrtiesto79 - 6 years ago
I'm a father myself of 2 teenagers and a fan of your channel God bless you for what you do..keep up the the awesome work.
MrIvanbeats - 6 years ago
Loved your videos prior to watching this one but I have a whole new profound respect for you and your channel after watching this particular one. Really really great work Joey!

100. comment for A tour of my aquariums that he'll never forget

Shaikh Sahab
Shaikh Sahab - 6 years ago
Hie joe... my discus are in trouble need expert advice from you. please help me
Weeno357 - 6 years ago
You're a good man Joe and inspiring...
Raptor Rachel
Raptor Rachel - 6 years ago
You have such a good heart Joey
Alonzo Stanley
Alonzo Stanley - 6 years ago
This is awesome dude
Santanu Roy
Santanu Roy - 6 years ago
Appreciate man... Love you man
Scottie M
Scottie M - 6 years ago
Years ago i won a tiny little goldfish from the fair, i took him home and put him in a bowl (bad idea im aware) the next day i fell in love with him and got him a tank and proper set up. I was hooked. Next thing i knew i wanted more fish, bigger fish, bigger tanks. 5 years later i have a room in my home dedicated to my hobby. A 100 gallon, 75, two 55's, two 30's, a 20 , a 15 and three 10's. Stocking ranges from oscars, arowana, pacu, flowerhorns down to little bettas. The hobby is a lifesaver and i couldnt be more happy. I plan on building a monster size tank for all my big guys very soon. Thank you for the inspiration "uncle" joey!
Kali Nunez
Kali Nunez - 6 years ago
The hobby gives me peace of mind. At a young age I was diagnosed with a severe case of generalized anxiety disorder and everyday life was hard to get through. Now that I have my tanks, something I made that is holding life in it, my anxiety is almost completely gone. I get to think about coming home everyday and sitting down and letting the world stop for a few moments while I look at my tanks. Everyday is still as if it’s my first day when it comes to how happy my fish make me. It always made people think I’m weird because “they’re just fish”. That’s why I love watching your channel because I get to see how happy it also makes you. It shows how truly amazing this hobby is and how beneficial it can be. My sickness was never taken seriously because it isn’t something you can physically see or touch. But it’s there, and because of this hobby, I forget I have it sometimes. What you did for this little boy will change his life forever. Thank you for being who you are.
Pd Lc
Pd Lc - 6 years ago
I'd be running in yelling "Frank! Frank!" This is a nice thing to do for the boy.
Angus Chang
Angus Chang - 6 years ago
The Cichlids..Heart breaks
Tyler Mattera
Tyler Mattera - 6 years ago
Im from Halifax and I love this video. Joey I love watching your videos while im living in the city and can't keep up with my hobby in my little apartment.
Love of Animals
Love of Animals - 6 years ago
Nice looking tanks . That boy looked so happy.
veiltailed - 6 years ago
haha im in my 20s and id be running around the fish room haha
Julia Mcshits
Julia Mcshits - 6 years ago
You made me cry actually your so kind
Julia Mcshits
Julia Mcshits - 6 years ago
My first pet saved my life,now i have all types of pets including fish tanks. Although mass incidents happen it doesnt make me want to stop. I love your act of kindness
Sam Al zohiry
Sam Al zohiry - 6 years ago
You had done a great work this kid is the future
Moist Owlette
Moist Owlette - 6 years ago
leidy994 - 6 years ago
You’re the best!!! I cried all thru out the video. Been watching You for almost a year and you take my mind away from the madness of this world the hobby has given me so much tranquility. Thanks you Joey!
Artashes Harutyunyan
Artashes Harutyunyan - 6 years ago
I am your fan for some time already. This was your best videos. These kids need a real life model and not a spiderman to learn from. Real people with real life experience to shear with. The meaning of your videos went to new level.
Thank you.
concrete bill
concrete bill - 6 years ago
I've been following you for a little over a year now and I always enjoy your videos. After this one though.... I have the utmost respect for you. Kind of tugged at my heartstrings a little. You truly are the king!!!
Tonto Tube
Tonto Tube - 6 years ago
Aw man beans. We hardly saw him no he is gone??
Portugal Outdoors
Portugal Outdoors - 6 years ago
How the hell can anyone possibly dislike this video?
Nathan Roon
Nathan Roon - 6 years ago
Portugal Outdoors Makes you wonder about the psyche of some people online.
Billy Henry
Billy Henry - 6 years ago
Well done joey, bravo, emotional rollercoaster,
Hobby to me is a slight break from reality, being a dad to 3 kids very young, 12 hour graft 6 days a week, work at home to do, the fish and me = well earned break
sammy cohen
sammy cohen - 6 years ago
Hey king of diy I have some aquarium questions for you can you dm me?
sammy cohen
sammy cohen - 6 years ago
Scottie M yea same man how cool would it be to get fish advice from him
Scottie M
Scottie M - 6 years ago
sammy cohen i feel brotha !! Hopin he does
sammy cohen
sammy cohen - 6 years ago
Scottie M thanks man if he doesn't respond I will let you know buy my logic behind that was might as well shoot my shot you feel?
Scottie M
Scottie M - 6 years ago
sammy cohen concidering how busy joey is, id be happy to answer any questions if he cant get back to you.. let me know
Andrew House
Andrew House - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby because of reptiles. I always loved reptiles and interacting with them but then once I started liking how cool some geckos would look just in there enclosure, I got into fish.
Scottie M
Scottie M - 6 years ago
Andrew House yup!! Reptile and fish go hand in hand iv noticed
olivver2 - 6 years ago
That was the cutest thing Joey! Even a little tear appeared!
Challenge the Wild
Challenge the Wild - 6 years ago
Awe joey that's so sweet :)
Gary Montgomery
Gary Montgomery - 6 years ago
You are right this stuff means a lot to folks the whole hobby freshwater and saltwater. Thanks
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton - 6 years ago
That is such a awesome video and u really are a stand up guy keep up this amazing work
Duncan Glave
Duncan Glave - 6 years ago
your a swelll guy joey
Carina n/a
Carina n/a - 6 years ago
This is now my fave video. It's not too often we get to see people doing nice things for people outside of YouTube. Honestly, it's because of your channel, I decided to try again with Betta fish and plants. Thank you.
tillapasta - 6 years ago
This is sweet!!! Awesome tanks! I can't imagine what that kid went through. I hope things improve for him.
Edward Bignell
Edward Bignell - 6 years ago
Awesome Joey! No doubt that kid appreciated it way beyond he could express!
Thai Jean
Thai Jean - 6 years ago
We all knew Beans didn't belong
Bradley Harris
Bradley Harris - 6 years ago
Joey, you need a Q&A forum. I think everyone would love to be able to ask you very specific aquarium scenario questions. Just a thought for future videos. Love what you do, keep up the great work!
Kris Wicks
Kris Wicks - 6 years ago
amazing Person!
thepenicillindeath - 6 years ago
you need a betta make a 2.5 to 5 gallon tank and maybe put it on your desk just an idea
but pick one you like and they can live in communities maybe highlight a wild species that is colorful throw some endlers in with them or neons
MarkJoshua Oliver
MarkJoshua Oliver - 6 years ago
So Joey i started around 7 years old like you and it was probably because my Dad was also a fish keeper that bought, sell and bred fish and back then when i was still in my Mothers womb, she would go to my Dad's fish area and see these Goldfish,Guppies, Sword Tails and etc... and that's probably one of the reasons i love the hobby so much, but the weird thing is when i was 7 on a very rainy afternoon, i went to the backdoor to my backyard and i took a piss and i noticed something moving and i got closer i saw a small calico goldfish so what i did was get a cooking pot and fill it with rain water, put the fish and i told my parents whom where working at the moment at our little store that i found this fish told them the story and yeah my Dad told me that it probably escaped from someones tub which is what we called it and it is a large wooden box with some liner in it and owning one in the past i can clearly see if the rain gets to it, it can easily over flow and let them escape and from that day onward's i started the hobby with my Dad's assistance as a experience fish keeper and i started to get some tanks like some 20 gals 10 gals and a 40 gal and yeah the rest is history. The hobby has done a lot for me like making me stop being negative or stopped me from being depressed, especially my Flowerhorn Hangry that has been my most favorite fish recently that has pretty much ignited my passion for the hobby even more to the point of me starting to get more fish and because of youtubers like you, Solid Gold Aquatics and a ton more of Youtubers i am learning more and more on a faster phase. Btw Love the vids and content :D also can you answer my question joey on when to change bio wool kinda new to this stuff. Also the hobby made my life much much more better.
RiqTM - 6 years ago
I was suicidal and suffer from anxiety and depression and these videos help me, I always loved animal I had close to as many pets as the state of Maryland will allow me to have but fish are another thing I love the peace it brings watching these videos and it inspired me to go out and purchase Pirhanas myself I have 4 beautiful red bellies and your amazon style tank with the rays omg I love it your videos help me cope with the death of both my grandma and great grandma passing and I continue to watch these videos to escape. Now I have Pythons, birds, savannah monitors, Nile monitors, 2 English bulldogs, anoles and a little sister lol THANK YOU for the uploads it really helped me embrace parts of me I never saw before
Dennis Bliss
Dennis Bliss - 6 years ago
Joey man I love you for the man you are. I've been watching you for years now and I look forward to every single video you do brother. By you doing something like this for this kid your impack is so great. Thank you for making me cry with joy. And I'm a viewer for life.
Jingm Bells
Jingm Bells - 6 years ago
I’ve always had pets, some of my earliest pets were bettas and goldfish, when I was little (I can’t even remember how old I was) my grandma had one red devil cichlid, I remember that if I put my finger to the glass, or in the water he would try to bite. My grandma could pet him and he would jump up a little to catch flys. Several years ago all I had were goldfish in a 10 gallon, then I got a 20 gallon long and put them in there with some small koi, all 4 ended up dying after jumping out because I didn’t have a lid, after this I went out and bought some African cichlids (about 2 years ago), I had about 7 in my 20 gallon for a few months, my kenyi started to get a little aggressive so I searched around Facebook for a 55 gallon, I got myself a stand and a 55 gallon tank with nothing but the gravel, I bought a new filter one that hangs over the side, as of today I have 2 make kenyi, 4 female kenyi, 2 small kenyi (about half an inch), 2 small red zebras, and 3 mystery cichlids in the 55, I have 2 Oscars in a 20 tall that were given to me and I’m saving up to get them a bigger tank. I’m wanting to make my own sump for all my tanks. Do you think one single male kenyi would be okay in the 20 tall?
Captn Jack
Captn Jack - 6 years ago
I got my first tank, a 10 gal. set up with stand over 55 years ago. It seems like I always had some kind of fish tank set up someplace in my life. Right now looking at setting up a 15 gal. for shrimp >Just something different, I never tried them before.
worthingsteve - 6 years ago
good for you Joey. nice one.
Erika Meilink
Erika Meilink - 6 years ago
Mine started when I was... 7? I'm 24 now and I don't remember not having a fish tank. I have 2 fish tanks, one 350 litre with 5 synodontis eupteris, 2 synodontis lupinis, a lot of diamond tetras, 2 rosaline sharks, 2 congo tetras, 2 fish I call kwikwi's, 5 black fish with blue eyes and a huge pleco. I would love to have something red in the tank like your red rainbows. (other red fish tips are welcome) and a 80 litre japan blue guppy and shrimp tank. And I also have a 2000 litre koi/goldfish pond. I love fishies.
Samaresh Mukherji
Samaresh Mukherji - 6 years ago
Joey i am Spandan all the way from India and I just want to say that there should be more people like u in this world.....
It just makes me happy that many people and many creatures get to breathe comfortably just bcause u live
miguistikerms - 6 years ago
I'm not crying! You're crying!
Bruce Bjornson
Bruce Bjornson - 6 years ago
You made my day
january sunshine
january sunshine - 6 years ago
Absolutely wonderful!!! Truly inspiring Joey this video made me smile inside and out! I am going through a tough time right now, and don't have time to have aquariums so I live vicariously through you!!! I want to again thank you for ALL you do!!!!
Sam Jenkins
Sam Jenkins - 6 years ago
that's wack my names sam and I'm 14 too
Greg Dumont
Greg Dumont - 6 years ago
you inspire me joey...seriously...great work...keep up the awesome stuff your doing man. Honestly the best you tube channel right here guys, hands down
Sam Hass
Sam Hass - 6 years ago
The world needs to know that having Aquariums is so beneficial to human beings.
Rahul S
Rahul S - 6 years ago
best video yet man!!!
Tweak back
Tweak back - 6 years ago
RAD Aquatics
RAD Aquatics - 6 years ago
Tears bro....lots of joyous tears.
s1yf0x24 - 6 years ago
Mine started with winning a goldfish at a fair and me and my gf kept buying tanks and buying many fish along they way. I currently have over 50 fish and I’m torn on what my favorite is right now. Fish are stress relief for me. I have a very stressful job and when I come home it helps me relax and destress. You’re videos inspired me to keep going and building my tanks and all these interesting fish. Thank you for all you do for this community joey. You are a true inspiration
CONNIE DALOIA - 6 years ago
Well done Joey! That's what this is about. Although no one can be everything to everyone; one day Sam may have his own channel and relate this video to his fans.
Rahul S
Rahul S - 6 years ago
the fish hobby is a place of refuge. .. so true...
Cazza - 6 years ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks so much!!!
Durga Panta
Durga Panta - 6 years ago
My name is Nishant panta
임재영 - 6 years ago
I like your video, always really cool my idol is you
ErikSaturn - 6 years ago
You did the right thing in sharing this video with us Joey. Thanks.
jeff stubbs
jeff stubbs - 6 years ago
Wow! Good on ya man! Way to step up!
Jaheem Thomas
Jaheem Thomas - 6 years ago
Well done Joey, keep up the good work. Just the idea of u putting a smile on a 14yr old kid is amazing.and for all the ppl who dislikes this video you'll are haters
flyfreshtadef - 6 years ago
And this is why you are now one of my favorite Youtubers by far. It's not all about just showing off all your tanks...it's about affecting peoples lives in a positive Way. Keep up the great work Joey
Chris Cichlids
Chris Cichlids - 6 years ago
Joey you get my respect.....I started the hobby for therapy for my son he has autism so I started the hobby to distract him and give him some entertainment but u know how that works after that I got new tank syndrome and became a fish aholic.....lol
Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez - 6 years ago
I admire you so much for the work you do. Especially after watching this video. I am in the hobby for a few years with fancy goldfish and butterfly koi. I watch your videos faithfully and admire you so much. I agree with the fact that this hobby helps with stress and many things in life. I have many things going on in my life right now and this hobby helps me cope with stress. Takes allot of things off my mind especially dealing with my sick mother and allot of other things in my life. Keep up the good work. Thank you for giving us hope in life and for helping us with many things in life and for taking the time off of your life to help us
Ian Jameson
Ian Jameson - 6 years ago
This was great to watch. Joey you are a credit to humanity. Keep up the amazing work.
James Davis
James Davis - 6 years ago
I need your help in need some drift wood please call me on ‭‭0412 745 837‬‬
Hamish Leahy
Hamish Leahy - 6 years ago
That's a west Australian number, he won't be able to help mate.
Moon29 - 6 years ago
Scott Hunter
Scott Hunter - 6 years ago
That was a great thing you did for him. The pain this kid is going through no one that young needs to feel. It's great his mum got you to help out with this. I can only imagine the loneliness this kid feels from losing his older brother and while this fish isn't going to replace him, you've at least given him something to keep his mind off it. It's refreshing to see you take your status on YouTube seriously enough to do things like this. Thanks for sharing mate. Cheers.
Collector of Everything and anything
Collector of Everything and anything - 6 years ago
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas - 6 years ago
Its was really touching to see this video and what it meant to sam.
After watching your videos it has inspired me to get back into the hobby. Keep up the great work your doing a reely awesome job there
zenf1sh - 6 years ago
Sam seems like a good kid. Way to go Joey.
Catalin Oncescu
Catalin Oncescu - 6 years ago
You did such a good thing for that boy.
Weston Vlier
Weston Vlier - 6 years ago
You are such an amazing mentor to are youth even us old folks. I do hope to see you again at reefapalooza in Orlando,FL this up coming April.
Louie LA
Louie LA - 6 years ago
Im excited to get the 1mil subs
Just_Bert Just_Videos
Just_Bert Just_Videos - 6 years ago
Make a paludarium plzzzz we wants to see more than fish
Asnl45 - 6 years ago
My first aquarium was given to me at the age of ten by my grandparents. I turn 50 this year. My favourite people keep fish and other pets, mine have also got me through some tough times. Depression anxiety tried to hide who I was from myself. Fishkeeping kept me reaching out from my shell, providing a way to help others and grow past depression and cope with anxiety. It’s a great hobby and really appreciate that you can reach so many people with it.
Joon Young Lee
Joon Young Lee - 6 years ago
that’s really nice of you and should be proud of your awesome hobby!!
Tanner Moore
Tanner Moore - 6 years ago
Fish hobby helped me get off Klonopin for anxiety have 3 big tanks but I did what I had to do, love life and your family. Short and sweet
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - 6 years ago
Honestly my kid is the reason why I got into the hobby my middle son told me that he wanted some fish for his birthday and we ended up spending more than we should have on them within a year he lost interest we had them for almost 3 years and I love them all we've even had a couple of our cichlids spond and now he has a tank full of baby fish I found out he likes them when they're little I like them all grown up so together we keep our love for the hobby strong
Junior Enriquez
Junior Enriquez - 6 years ago
God bless you joey your and an amazing man bro good to see People like you still exist in this world love your vids
NaturesJewels - 6 years ago
Beans! Nooooo! Ill miss the little guy as im sure you will but if it means making a child smile for years to come it's completely worth it.
Amy Balmer
Amy Balmer - 6 years ago
Holy carp Joey youre so sweet :D
Loricarii - 6 years ago
What the hobby means to me? This could potentially be a looong text, but I'll try to keep it shorter. I had lots of depressions last 10-15 years, and like 5 years ago I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder (a kind where you get deep depressions and only slightly up-moody way, a bit like someone with ADHD.) Sometimes I've gotten up from bed only because of my dogs and my akvariums. Also I could and can sitt for hours in front of the glas, very near, almost so my nose touch the glas and just look at what's going on. Works a bit like "mindfulness yoga", and after I feel a lot better. Now I'm all better, I've got a super-psychiatrist, well working medicine and lots of support. But still my animals are where I turn when I have a bad day... Love what you did for this kid!
heather jarrell
heather jarrell - 6 years ago
Aww..this had me all teary eyed..so sweet!
Annabella Laws
Annabella Laws - 6 years ago
dammit joey you have me crying and i'm not normally a person who shed tears. But these are positive tears of being touched by 2 moving events in this vid.
My story: So before i start I love all kinds of animals not just fish so I've had other animals as well. (lost my last cat a few weeks ago) so i'm not just limited to the fish keeping hobby. But it is something i do love.
I got into the hobby at a VERY young age, so young that i don't remember a time without fish. My family have been keeping goldfish for a long time, So I have always been around fish, being in the UK Cold water fish are easier to keep then the tropical fish in our ponds our summers are cool (compared to much of the world) and our winters are mostly wet and cold or very cold (not like the likes of say Canada or Norway were it's extremely cold). So Goldfish are the more logical pet to keep if your a fish keeper with outdoor ponds. So My gran had a number of fish but one fish named Gertrude was almost like an immortal among them in that this fish was large and OLD. When my gran died I inherited Gertrude, she was a large 50cm goldfish and by the time i got her she was already 40 years old (OH YES the common gold fish can live a LONG TIME folks and get HUGE) Gertrude had a spawn brother named jimbo, my gran had to give this to a big public aquarium because this fish just kept growing and growing. I don't know what his record was in the end but I know he outgrew every pond they put him in. Anyway Gertrude was MY first fish that was mine and we put her in the pond we had, she lived to be about 50 years old so I had her for 10 years before she died but before she died she spawned and we know it was her because she was the only female in that pond. When i moved out of my mums house I took some of those babies with me and kept them in aquariums and got a few new fish, such as shabunkins, a red and white sarasa comet, a black more and a red and white fan tail. When i moved again and had a garden i built a pond. and put all my fish in said pond (fan tails included) the Fantail this time was the only female (I REALLY don't have much luck getting female fish), the only reason i put my fan tails in there is the one female was getting egg bound so for a little while in the summer i put her in the pond, and yes she spawned with the common children of Gertrude, she didn't have many that lived due to things like newts and stuff. I scooped out an umber of fry to try and save some. and one ended up being a fan tail common goldfish, well more butterfly tail as it did not fully split into two tails. over the few 100 this little fan tail spawned only 5 lived and one i REALLY should have culled as it has a bent spine, but it had survived newts, disease and just simply had a very strong will to survive and I felt inspired by that fish so I let it live. Sadly a few night later something burst the pond liner while I was at work, i don't know if it was something Sharpe fell in or if some evil person slashed it, but I came home to find all my older pond fish dead, save for those 5 younger smaller fish who'd taken to being in a small puddle and due to their size were able to breath in that puddle. So i took them out and got them into an aquarium i filled with rainwater so it was the same temp as the puddle they were surviving in. Then i set up a 110 aquarium for the little fish, where they spent the next 12 or so years. Sadly the fan/butterfly tailed common fish passed away last year and the one with the bent spin is having swim bladder problems now he's 15 years old so HE may not have longer to live on welfare issues. But here i am now those fish are now 15 going on 16 years old since the pond was destroyed but they've been living in a 110 aquarium which just go moved to a 220l aquarium with 6 new fish (my luck with female fish continues i still only have 1 and its a new one!) But between the bad drama my fish have helped me relax in times of stress i can just watch them. some over time i have managed to get hand tame so i can sort of pet them and feed them and if i need to handle them. I name them based on looks or personailty. the butterfly/fan tail fish was like my grans fish and was female so got named Gertrude the 2nd the others are Jimmy, Luke, Jessy-james, and the one with the bent spin Tiz-taz (because i can't call him tizzy liz) because he works himself up into a bit of a tiz when he gets all excited. The new fish i'm yet to name the new fish.
The hobby for me helps to distract me from a lot of things it keeps me focused on something and when times are dark, it gets me motivated to do something because i know there is something depending on me in need of care. It has been a life line as much as it has been a chore (tank cleaning and such) and its been and is a joy. I don't think i'd be alive today if not for my pets they give me something to forward to.
Clément Pigot
Clément Pigot - 6 years ago
I wasn't doing anything in scholarship and was prone to a boring life up until my mom and grandma found a school to teach basically how to become a petshop assistant. Wich I did and now I'm am manager of the fish section of a petshop. I couldn't have imagined my life otherwise. I have a purpose in life, money wise it is a far better thing to spend money into than anything else. Well perhaps trips as well haha.
Ford Hillibilly
Ford Hillibilly - 6 years ago
Keep up the good work! Nice job mate.
Tracey Clay
Tracey Clay - 6 years ago
Sam looks like Patrick Stump from 2008
seb -
seb - - 6 years ago
omg you are so nice like you should be given best person in the fish hobby award (b.b.f.h)
Clément Pigot
Clément Pigot - 6 years ago
That was a touching episode. Loved it.
Clément Pigot
Clément Pigot - 6 years ago
Parsa Fahandezh yes?
Parsa Fahandezh
Parsa Fahandezh - 6 years ago
Clément Pigot .
MAXXL - 6 years ago
You know da wae Joey!!
iamthesquishy - 6 years ago
Best video of yours ive seen so far. Your amazing joey. Xx watching your videos an getting into keeping fish helped me thru my darkest days when i was self harming. I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you. Xxx much love
Jay R
Jay R - 6 years ago
yor the best u made his his day and I was smileing all the way ture the video u did a very good thing for that boy as I live fish keeping got back in to it about 6/8 years ago it make u stress free and keeps u going I'll allways will keep doing untill I get gray and old and I hope better thing come in your way as u keep doing what u do and helping otheres around u no matter where the come from in the world thanks for everything I appreciate it a lot peace and love to u and all around the world one love .
Jay Moua
Jay Moua - 6 years ago
I started off with betta and loved the aggression then went to gold fish and they actually bred when I was at the age of 6-7 sadly after a year my dad went against it and said it was a waste of money and only bad people kept this hobby. I am now 20 and started the hobby again 2 years ago. Ever since it was a thanks to you joey and your DIY videos helped me save a lot of $. THUMBS UP FOR THE KING OF DIY!
hani isa
hani isa - 6 years ago
This is amazing, you don't know how much the hobby done for me and if I can say for every one in it. it's my savior
keith collier
keith collier - 6 years ago
You are a special kind of awesome! You probably just changed that kids life forever!
TLC onlinecourses
TLC onlinecourses - 6 years ago
Nice one KING OF DIY :-) Let your love and light shine far and wide!
Carrie The crazy fish lady
Carrie The crazy fish lady - 6 years ago
WTG guys! I think you found an assistant in the making!
Blue Yeen
Blue Yeen - 6 years ago
Awh you gave beans away? It's a shame but also such a nice thing to do :) i'd love to see him in his new home if at all possible, and more about the other fans' story, it's nice that you're doing this for people!
catherine peck
catherine peck - 6 years ago
Blue Yeen hello he's lucky
Neet Chhatwal
Neet Chhatwal - 6 years ago
I think beans is dead
Kasper Vestergaard Madsen
Kasper Vestergaard Madsen - 6 years ago
Love it :)
Julie A
Julie A - 6 years ago
I don't really have the time,money or space to keep fish at the moment but I love getting a glimpse into what it is like through your channel.
dontask996 - 6 years ago
Are we ever going to see Beans again?
Mr L3G3ND - 6 years ago
I love your vids
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - 6 years ago
I lost my dad when i whas really young, i spent all the time after that out in strets doing nothing good. Then wen i whas 18 i went to live with my girl and one day started with acuariums that complitly moved me out of doing all that
Jesus Deras
Jesus Deras - 6 years ago
I️ got into the hobby when I️ was small I️ had gold fish in a 75 gallon tank and then I️ had to move and couldn’t keep them and sinces waching your videos I’m going to set yup a another 75 gallon tank with a flower horn like frank
barlos guwop
barlos guwop - 6 years ago
Dope bro
shan Khan
shan Khan - 6 years ago
Bro I want your book can u send the book in kolkata plz
Ryan Burgess
Ryan Burgess - 6 years ago
You're the man g'
flamzy150 - 6 years ago
Good on you mate really made him happy he will be so thankful
Akshay A
Akshay A - 6 years ago
U wr the reason I got into fishkeeping hobby thank you Joey for inspiring me
Aqua Chef
Aqua Chef - 6 years ago
Just Awesome You are a great person
Baby Face
Baby Face - 6 years ago
R.I.P Beans
fearsome 123
fearsome 123 - 6 years ago
Dear joey
I use to have a fear of fish but after seeing your video I realise that fish is nothing to be scared of and I started to keep a few gold fish which in the end conquer my fear of fish.
Thank you so much for helping me get over my phobia
Brandywine6969 - 6 years ago
When I turned 10 years old, my birthday present was to go to our local pet store and pet Tika. Tika was a 15 foot python in the store. They let me pet her and talk to her without having to talk to her through the glass. Plus, I got to hold some of the ferrets and play with some of the puppies and kittens. I've never forgotten that.

It was also the day I got my first gerbil, Emmett. I named him Sir Emmett Emerson III, because I always liked the sound of names with "the third" after them. He was really the first gerbil I ever got though. He was super smart and slept in my flannel shirt pocket while I did my homework every afternoon. My mother made him a leash and collar and I took him for walks. I once tried to get him a girlfriend, but he body slammed her and I had to separate her from him before he killed her. He wasn't having any of that attention taken away from him. I ended up setting up a terrarium behind his cage so he would have something to look at.

I will never forget that birthday, getting to pet Tika, or getting Emmett. I know a lot of people would say he was "just" a gerbil, but he wasn't. He really helped me through losing my cat to leukemia back in the days before they had vaccines for feline leukemia.
dominick lucido
dominick lucido - 6 years ago
Dont make me cry omg
ken br
ken br - 6 years ago
To add on....... you way out kicked your coverage with your wife...........lol

ken br
ken br - 6 years ago
Best video you’ve done ever! You better keep this kid under your wing and do everything you can to keep him interested! Good on you brother for helping the kids that need help! This is next level stuff!
Sher Vang
Sher Vang - 6 years ago
Will you ever open your aquariums to the public to visit?
racer 1
racer 1 - 6 years ago
What is the speacies of these fishes which moves togeather in your long aquarium
saket verma
saket verma - 6 years ago
racer 1 red rainbow fish
Jessica - 6 years ago
Wow, I've only started watching your vids recently and you actually brought a tear to my eye! Can't wait to get my first setup!
kawaiilean - 6 years ago
Man you are the most inspiring human, I cannot wait to start my first tank
Just Me Matt
Just Me Matt - 6 years ago
I hope that you get 1 million subs by the end of the year because you're such a great person and such an inspirational youtuber that you definitely deserve it!
Fat Boy
Fat Boy - 6 years ago
One word AWESOME!!!! very touching
KILLING5PR33 Inc - 6 years ago
122 cookie cutter down votes...
Dragon Fist
Dragon Fist - 6 years ago
Yeah, 122 fish left out of the water down voted this video .....=(
Claufe Nunez
Claufe Nunez - 6 years ago
wow man, been following you for quite some time.
My first time commenting coz now I know you're not just another fish hobbyist.
Keeo up the good work! and the Good heart!
Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy - 6 years ago
You get me through tough times and so
Does my fish
Emma Möller
Emma Möller - 6 years ago
I love this! Thanks for sharing this with us. It made me cry a bit, and it warmed my heart to see this kindness! ❤ You are the best, man!
Joshua Mergener
Joshua Mergener - 6 years ago
Growing up my father had a six foot tank. He always have African Cichlids. When I moved out and joined the Army, I always wanted to get myself a tank but I never wanted to spend the time taking care of them and then when I was ready I went to Afghanistan. When I got out of the Army I moved back home and get a place to live. I was dealing with so much and my mental stress and reliving of so much as I went through the day. I tried many things and started drinking. At the time it was the only thing that helped. I saw how my son was suffering from my life choice. My marriage started to fall apart and I didn’t know what to do. I was able to scrape some money together to buy my first tank. A 37 Gal where I kept just a few African Cichlids. I started to be able to relax. I remembered as a kid how I would sit in front of my fathers tank for hours and just watch them swim. With my own tank I started to do the same and relax again. I found your videos and started doing diy projects I learned from you with the money I saved from not drinking anymore. I know have a 75 gallon with an amazingly beautiful Tiger Oscar. Thank you so much for everything you do and teach Joey. You helped change my life.
Bunny Pleaser
Bunny Pleaser - 6 years ago
I love your videos. You help me so much it makes me relaxed and get me through a lot of things. It's insane how little videos can change your mood. I love it. Thanks so much for everything.
Tashishi - 6 years ago
Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I got into keeping fish in college - they were the only pets allowed in dorms, and I had never not had animals in my life. My first tank was a 5gal. plastic one, but I loved it. Getting to watch my guppies swim around when my class paper was melting my brain was very therapeutic. Everyone made fun of my tank, but I can't tell you how many hallmates got stuck just staring at my fish, choosing to stay and watch them rather than head out with everyone else. Since then, I've always has at least a betta (I love those guys!). Biggest to date is a 100 gal, but sadly that sits in the garage as our apartment doesn't have the space for it :)
pusc1f3r - 6 years ago
Well done, I am really glad you had done this video I have a ton of respect for someone who does this. Hopefully this will inspire people to do similar. A quick question though, who the hell would vote this down?
neon - 6 years ago
for some reason i was hoping you would build a huge tank for him
NinjaNash - 6 years ago
Your such a great person this boer a tear to my eye
Justin Boss
Justin Boss - 6 years ago
Inspiring my friend.
Much respect.
amar shaw
amar shaw - 6 years ago
Great job done Joey, keep this up...giving smile costs nothing u have shown that
TheBakedBunny - 6 years ago
I love when YouTubers do this kind of stuff. Your a legend Joey, and gave this kid a memory for life!
Stuart Cox
Stuart Cox - 6 years ago
Top man, good job.
skip drummer
skip drummer - 6 years ago
Ya got a big heart Joey,God bless ya man.
r.s. creations
r.s. creations - 6 years ago
Bravo, Joey
iKaroliina - 6 years ago
I also needed some cheering up. Thank you for that. I just lost my boyfriend's grandpa, who I was very close to, and my colleague due to a complication in a surgery, she was too young to pass away. It's been tough few days...
Sean Crerar
Sean Crerar - 6 years ago
Hey joey I got into the hobby around four years old my grandma taught me with my first tank being a hexagon 55 gallon goldfish tank my most fondest memory's were of us going to pick up new fish and cleaning the tank every week together. She unfortunately died when I was in 5th grade from a brain tumor, she was my best friend and I lost her it devastated me to the point where the only way I could think of honoring her was to keep going with the hobby I now have more tanks filled with more oddballs than you could imagine. The thought of her looking down on me now and seeing how far I've gone with it fills me with joy. I'm now planning on resealing the hexagon tank and puting fancy goldfish in it in her honor. Thanks for caring enough to ask for our story's on the hobby you definitely helped me with your videos I appreciate everything you've done for the hobby.
Tihs ae
Tihs ae - 6 years ago
You sir, are amazing.
Abdullah Yetim
Abdullah Yetim - 6 years ago
Ur a boss
Lil Stevie Bañales
Lil Stevie Bañales - 6 years ago
This Hobby is probably the only thing I feel normal in I don't really fit in at school but when I have my mom drive me to my local fish store or walk I feel welcomed there the owner knows me by name and as soon as I get old enough I can have a job doing water changes at the store and feeding fish he said I don't even want pay I just want credit to the store because he has an award winning flower horn the most beautiful fish I have ever seen but he is asking 350 for I've been saving but I'm no where near my goal I guess I will just stick to oscars
Strike Knight
Strike Knight - 6 years ago
Joey thank you for everything man you're an inspiration and a hero to many Thank you for being awesome
subparracer - 6 years ago
People that dislike this definitely didn't watch the full video. Ive have been watching joey for years and if anyone knows... well at least from what we see all the effort and love he has for this hobby, that this was in no way him boasting. Im sure Joey cheered up Sam even more by posting this video. Thanks Joey appreciate everything you do for this hobby.
Ranjan Sanyal
Ranjan Sanyal - 6 years ago
What a great initiative man....three cheers for your....Can I have your email ID or FB ID? or any contact?
I started my first fish tank in 2016 October with 30 gallon Tank with only few mbunas and two BP. I didn't have any knowledge on fish keeping. I have just started keeping fish for my father. In India few people believe that if you feed fish by your own hand, there could be chance of reducing the effect of "Ketu" (the descending lunar node in Vedic, or Hindu astrology) and give you longer life, as my Father is cancer patient. As time goes I lost many fishes and then I started reading forums and watched many youtube channels and is yours. Then I got deeply involved into this hobby and now it's become my passion and stress relief. Then I build a 42G tank for the cichlids and found that is also not sufficient for them. Now I own a 90G and tomorrow I going to put all my fishes there. Many thanks to you for your shared information.
Alice Lewellen
Alice Lewellen - 6 years ago
Yes my three fish tanks mean so much to me. When I work on them or just watch the fish and frogs (and soon to be in there shrimp) I am able to escape for a while all the things in my mind like being sexual abused when I was a girl, how awful and inconsistent my family can be, the miscarriages my husband and I have gone though, issues with friends, and my body size and my struggle to lose the weight. Despite all the awful things going on in my life my husband and pets are always there for me and help me to get though things and my three little fish tanks help me to find calm in the storms of life.
Rebecca Cox
Rebecca Cox - 6 years ago
Once I was younger I used to keep fish. I can remember my cousin's once we got together always brought me to a fish store and spend a good hour there looking at fish. My room is an ocean I loved fish and aquatic life for my birthday my dad got one of his work friends to paint my room like one of my fav aquatics books. It's a fond memory i always loved the fish keeping hobby but once i grew up I got out if it. I'm 21 now and I just recently set up a 20 gallon tank again it's been 6 months now and fell back in love with the hobby. I also envyed my boyfriend's multiple tanks with his chichlds tank and his oscers and koy pond ect... So I guess he is also another reason why I got back into the hobbie.
Nej Horton
Nej Horton - 6 years ago
Nice a little thing goes along way
Alice Lewellen
Alice Lewellen - 6 years ago
This is amazing! You are an amazing person!
Kou Yang
Kou Yang - 6 years ago
I want your flower horn plz plz plz
Supremxcy - 6 years ago
Kou Yang No it's frank don't ever not use his name
Viper_SRG _Official_
Viper_SRG _Official_ - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby because first I loved fish, but also because it was and is a way for me to escape from the real world,either cleaning a tank or just feeding it helps me I especially got a lot more into it after My Father passed away on Dec 26 2015 from a heart condition so then sometime later I got a beta fish in a 2.5 gallon tank now I have a 20 gallon Long tank a 55 gallon tank and some reptile tanks.
Thank you so much Joey for making your videos and helping me it is much appreciated.
joyfuljoyce11 - 6 years ago
My dad was really into fish when I was little. I didn’t really become a fan until last year, when I had to train a beta for my college psychology class. Training Spark and learning how to care for him is how I found this channel. I love watching your videos and seeing a whole new world of fish I never would have seen before. Unfortunately Spark got sick, and after doing everything I could to save him for a solid month, he passed. I was so heart broken. I’m not sure I’ll ever get another fish because I can’t bare them dying, but I can still enjoy them through your channel. I really appreciate that.
Cash Heiner
Cash Heiner - 6 years ago
Dang good for you joey you the man!
nemesisazn - 6 years ago
Thank you Joey! This video is inspirational to me and I'm sure to others.
Weston Judd
Weston Judd - 6 years ago
U just became a hero to that kid
Nikki Heinrich
Nikki Heinrich - 6 years ago
My favorite video you have ever done. Thank you for making an impact on a young man who obviously needed a guiding light. Far too many who cry out don’t get a reply, thank you for doing your part and for showing a young boy a great example of being a man. Praying for him and his family that they find a little more peace and happiness every day.
J. Blom
J. Blom - 6 years ago
Really awesome video!! Its cool that your helping the youth in this manner i respect that of you. Well my storie. I got my first tank when i was only 1 year old. It was a 30 gallon. It stood in the garage for years. And only got back into fishkeeping when i was 16 which was 8 years ago. Later my friend joined me we use to bring fish to school where we traded and fridays from school we walked to our LFS's. This happend every 2nd or 3rd friday after we saved lunch money for that period to buy newfish hahaha. If i look back. The friends i made and had i only hav the hobby to thnk i was always critized as im into fish and wht not. I neglected th hobby and starting drinking and doing things i shouldnt with the money i saved to spend on th hobby. I sold alot of my tanks as they multiplied through out the years and got myself in deep troublewith th law or not deep but enough for me to realise i should stop. I started watching your videos done my own DIY projects etc. As fast as i made those bad friends thats how fast i lost them. I made new friends in the fishkeeping. People at home really dont support the hobby. And soo. Those friends started becoming family. Most of my DIY projects i sold as people were amazed by the potential in me to make somthing(all thanks to u, learned to do things myself and use my hands through your videos) i sold most diy projects but as i sold them i made me somthing new and better thats actually for me and that i want. Was never about th money but as these people heard my plans they supported me by buying my old projects so i have the funds to tackle a new one that i want. Earlier this year i made a 700ltr with stand and was sad to yet it go due to lack of space and approval from my parents to keep it. Have now only a 125ltr and at my gfs home a 200ltr i made her from th ground up. Wish i could mKe more and or get a bigger tank but due to circumstances i cant so the hobby is to holt for me i reached a limit i shouldnt exceed. But i mke th best of rhings. Had the fish ready for the 700ltr and had to sell them aswell with tank. Theme was lake tanganyikaa. Had 13 Calvus. 3 frontosa. Some tropheus firecracker. Bricardis(fairies), gobue's and julidichromis
jase - 6 years ago
What a legend! :)
Trever Spencer
Trever Spencer - 6 years ago
Shared to fb. Keep it up joey u inspire fish keepers everywhere. Thank you for what u do.
bob goods
bob goods - 6 years ago
that kid was awesome. Amazing personality.
Trever Spencer
Trever Spencer - 6 years ago
Great video joey one of the best yet!
megan steckley
megan steckley - 6 years ago
You inspired me to grow my hobby. I always had a betta fish, but you and the youtube aquarium community inspired me to do so much more! I now have 2 x 5Gal, a 20Gal, a 40Gal, and my new baby a 125Gal. I work crazy hours, and this hobby (life changing really) has allowed me to become part of a community on my time. I haven’t been doing this long (about 2 years now) but i’m now a board member actually helping to establish an aquarium club/society in our city!! We have our 2nd meeting this weekend!!! We live in Thunder Bay, ON, so we dont have access to amazing fish, we are a small community but I love every part of it!
subparracer - 6 years ago
Yes we need more community everywhere. we need to learn the other side of this as well. where are our fish coming from.. Ive been an avid fish keeper My young life. Like many going from bigger tank to bigger, Saltwater to fresh even. we've all go this problem. To many fish are/will be taken from the waters if we don't come together and Figure out how to Cultivate. Yes we do now have access to many more tank raised fish. Just as the hobby Grows as well does the illegal fish and animal sales... Obviously these fish are wild originally But i feel as a fish keeper thank we shouldn't be aloud to house wild caught animals..Wild caught fish should be intend to repopulate our population of tank raised fish in home aquariums.... Sorry for the rant lol but hey its just my opinion right haha? :/
Mayumy Maday
Mayumy Maday - 6 years ago
megan steckley You should make videos for YouTube.
Suburban Mountian Man
Suburban Mountian Man - 6 years ago
I really dug this man. So nice of you to do this for him. Fish keeping really does do a lot for people, ever since I got my first fish a few years ago i’ve been hooked. I love my little guys. they keep me at peace, even with all this chaos in the world. Thanks for inspiring me Bro! Much Love
ARNAB GHOSH - 6 years ago
I am 3 year old than my father give my fast aquarium ....
Corey Turner
Corey Turner - 6 years ago
Hey Joey, is there anyway I could message you privately?
Jason Grieser
Jason Grieser - 6 years ago
That is amazingly cool and compassionate of you to do! You are by far and away one of the warmest and giving members of the hobby.
prashantpasupuleti - 6 years ago
Hi Joey. Your videos have been my inspiration to start a 90 gal tank. Ofcourse its still not housed with fish but with knowledge i gained watching your videos iam building a custom integrated filtration system. Once that is done hopefully i will stock my tank with discus fish. I never miss any of your videos. Truly inspiring.
Earl Hinson
Earl Hinson - 6 years ago
Mad respect and much love. My story I've never really told. Just one wall after another. Drugs, depression, lack of emotions, ect. But I'm still standing and as for the hobby I've been in and out of it for over 15 years or so but lack of stability and support I've moved around a lot and gave away what I had and always started new systems. At this point I may not be successful at a lot of things but having fish take care of, watch grow and have that little bit of joy come out of it, means more than I care admit. So that's a lil bit of myself, and just want to say thanks, I don't follow a ton of YouTubers but the ones I do follow, as well as yourself, really does bring enjoyment to my day to day. So thank you
Julien - 6 years ago
Good man.
dope sack
dope sack - 6 years ago
I live in southern California so it gang land where I live but. I got in to fish because I can't have any dog or cat so tank it was it help me stay relax and not worrie about outside my door
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson - 6 years ago
Joey, that was a super nice thing to do. Not a lot of people would do that.

When I was a kid my brothers and I won gold fish at a carnival. After the gold fish, we got a 10g with tiger barbs. After a power outage killed them, we were done. I always liked fish but never had them till...two plus years ago. I had gotten some gift certificates to petsmart where I was planning on getting a new lizard. My two year old daughter, Joey(crazy, huh?), wanted to look at fish. She then asked quit seriously, if she could get fish instead of me getting a lizard. Of course I said yes, so we picked up an in tank canister and heater, and headed home to cycle the would be terrarium. On our return trip to get fish, I steered her toward mollies and such. She instead chose “the pretty blackish one”, a young jack dempsey. We quickly acquired a 55g for Joey’s beloved Nassa to grow in. Along the way people gave me aquariums, plants, and fish due to getting out of the honby. Last year we were at our local pet shop and ended up with a group of panda barbs. At Christmas, I once again was the recipient of gift cards, and once again used them for Joey’s hobby upgrading lighting and grabbing a group of green tiger barbs for a planted 30g. All in all, there’s now two nano tanks, two 30g, and a 55g. The Dempsey is pushing 8+ inches, one originally planted tank supplied plants for three tanks, and we have our first group of panda barb fry. It’s been awesome to connect with my lil girl over something I loved as a kid, now she’s four and her 19 month little sister is getting ready to get her first fish. We’ve had one common inspiration along the way, it’s been this channel. The way you get so excited infects people and furthers the hobby. Thanks for what you do.
Darth Valius
Darth Valius - 6 years ago
I've been wondering why there's been no Beans in a while. Glad hes alive and living the good life in his new home.
Emily J.W.
Emily J.W. - 6 years ago
My dad got me my first fish tank and that has led me down a path of loving fish and studying to become an ichthyologist!
eltremendaso39 - 6 years ago
Why are there dislikes? ugh you trolls
Richie Faccio
Richie Faccio - 6 years ago
eltremendaso39 probably because he gave beanz away
Richard Maloney
Richard Maloney - 6 years ago
Joey, I am 42 years old now, I've been into fish since I was 4. Fish to me are #1 relaxing, 2 something to do, and 3 a challenge to keep learning which is why I religiously watch you, Jennie, Rachel, and my boy Dusty from Lexington. You had a pirahna in a 10 gallon many years ago, I had an Oscar with a Cory Cat in a 10, Dusty had a Pacu and a Koi in a 55, I'm sure Rachel has a horror story. Just keep educating us!!!
TinyMighty - 6 years ago
I want to do this when I grow up
Eduardo Elizondo
Eduardo Elizondo - 6 years ago
I am so proud and happy that people like you that I look up, make this very kind things. Nice heart you have Joey, and you keep inspiring me in the aquarium hobby.
SANT MAD - 6 years ago
Good job Joey. Ur a good man
Aredhel Robison
Aredhel Robison - 6 years ago
Who the heck is beans...
Aredhel Robison
Aredhel Robison - 6 years ago
Ooooooooh. Thanks
Shopnil Cat
Shopnil Cat - 6 years ago
Aredhel Robison his other pet flowerhorn
NiNi PokaSpot
NiNi PokaSpot - 6 years ago
I'm not crying! You're crying! You have a heart made of something better than gold. I used to having a 30 gallon tank that I made the mistake of leaving to my sister for 3 months, and she ended up killing everything. It was so heartbreaking I dropped the hobby all together. That was nearly 10 years ago. Last August I went and got my Betta, Solomon, and now have a few amano shrimp in a 5 gallon. I've forgotten just how peaceful a tank is after all these years. I will have something playing on my computer, and just be staring at my tank, not even watching whatever I have running. I struggle every day with anxiety and depression, but for a moment, when I look at this tank.. I feel better and that I can keep going. Thanks for all that you do and for everything you are.
Garrison Smith
Garrison Smith - 6 years ago
Awesome video thanks Joey for showing the good in humanity
Murali PanneerSelvam
Murali PanneerSelvam - 6 years ago
its great gesture joey :) :) proud to be fan.....
Gladiator 51
Gladiator 51 - 6 years ago
What are we doing for Frank's birthday? The first video was last year February 23 and well we aren't far off just about 13 days away so can we all get a frank special as it's basically his birthday on the channel maybe not actual day of birth but it's when you introduced him. So will frank have a birthday?????
Alejandro Moran
Alejandro Moran - 6 years ago
Wow this video has changed my view of you this really has changed my live and I hope yours as well thanks for that uplifting story
William B Peairson IV
William B Peairson IV - 6 years ago
Thank you for being a great role model!
YellowMellow Fellow
YellowMellow Fellow - 6 years ago
Aw man, i wanted to see updates on Beans.
Fenu S
Fenu S - 6 years ago
Byb beans....
Salvin CM
Salvin CM - 6 years ago
Get this man a million
Iain  Witton
Iain Witton - 6 years ago
Joey the hobby has saved my life won't go I to details but you rock and more people like you in the world would make it a much better place.
Fenu S
Fenu S - 6 years ago
uh so much for dont go with strangers....
JayApexEvo - 6 years ago
His mother knew all about it
Brazil Memory
Brazil Memory - 6 years ago
exactly what i was thinking. but i think the mother called the school to let them know this guy from youtube would pick him up.
Brian The Tree
Brian The Tree - 6 years ago
Dream come true.
Sian Pressly
Sian Pressly - 6 years ago
I am so emotional watching this!! So much love for you Joey!! It's so amazing seeing your channel grow so much and you're such an inspiration!!!! I will always appreciate what you do
Sian Pressly
Sian Pressly - 6 years ago
I've always loved fish - my first was a siamese fighter called Jake (he was an asshole... little did we know he was an asshole because he was in a tiny tank) I got when I was about 8 or 9. After Jake, I fell out of the hobby as I really knew deep down I had no idea what I was doing... that being said I started to struggle with depression in my final year of high school (I was 17/18) I was under a lot of pressure and it just sent me into this hole that I didn't think I would get out of ...that's when I decided to get 2 black moors and ah, I just love black moors so much. But once again, didn't know what I was doing, didn't put in the effort and it didn't end well. I still feel so SO SOOOOO bad to this day as I literally thought I knew, as I asked the pet shop (waahahaha oh how much I have learnt... sorry I have to laugh at the stupidity). Eventually, (and thank god might I add) I found SolidGold and King of DIY and HOLY SHIT my world was ROCKED! I didn't think I could love fish more until I found your guys' channel! Seeing fish so healthy and in such amazing spaces and truly learning everything I should know - I finally felt I could get new fish and really take care of them and spread my knowledge that I learnt from you guys! So we found an old 30 gallon tank in my boyfriend's attic (amazing find!!!) and we cleaned it, set up, fishless cycle etc etc it was so so amazing to watch.... yes amazing to watch an empty fish tank no jokes! A couple years later now we have more than one tank and numerous fancy goldfish! I can't truly explain my journey in one comment without coming across as someone who used to pretty much torture fish without knowing it BUT I shall have you know that everyone who enters our room gets a whole talk on fish and fish tanks, sizing, filters, the nitrogen cycle etc etc they have no choice but to listen! My boyfriend and I love it so much and we're always aiming to be better and do better! We've obviously still had some losses (we have T E R R I B L E aquatic pet stores here in Cape Town) which were unexpected, and shit it never gets easier. But what is great and what I truly have learnt is the power of spreading knowledge and teaching others what you've learnt. Thank you so much Joey!! what you do is amazing!!

(I didn't mention this story of before we got the 30 gal.. this pet store sold us like 6 cichlids and told us it would be fine in A 10 GALLON HOLY SHIIIIIT I think back now and I'm like ....WOW. OKAY. mmmm ....wtf. Good news is we had found your channel pretty much around the same time and learnt HELLA quick that what we had was NOT GOOD so we took them back to a different (slightly better) fish store and now they are in this HUGE tank and they are massive... I just can't believe we actually went through that. I was SUCH an idiot but I mean... so was the guy that was selling us the fish clearly)
Sian Pressly
Sian Pressly - 6 years ago
SAAAAAMMMMM!! what a sweet guy! so glad he got a tour of the gallery so amazing!
Kayla Pelkey
Kayla Pelkey - 6 years ago
How can someone dislike this video you just made this young guys day you can tell he's so happy.
Michael Gee
Michael Gee - 6 years ago
this is what its all about ... sharing something unique you've created to improve inspire and entertain others.
M.S. Mohamed Samsudeen
M.S. Mohamed Samsudeen - 6 years ago
Joye you have a great inspiration to all. I am from India and I love your videos and your gallery. I have bought a tank and wnated to do a startup planted aquarium. Please advise.
Heather Simonetti
Heather Simonetti - 6 years ago
Favorite video ever
DUSTIN PIERCE - 6 years ago
It would be a great help to me I have many fish aquariums so I have fish experience and little turtle experience
Charlie Peachey
Charlie Peachey - 6 years ago
I’m 14 and I got into the hobby a few months ago when the depression and anxiety got too much to cope with. I now have 7 tanks in my room and they truly saved my life giving me something that I had to care about when I felt like nothing. Watching your channel helps me to stay calm and try new things, thank you for helping people like me.
Damion Cox
Damion Cox - 6 years ago
Het Joey! I watch your videos all the time... I have a very serious question on how to approach a build of a 75 gallon tank stand. Could you please private message me?!
john woodworth
john woodworth - 6 years ago
Awesome man ! One east coaster to another. Good job ! Give that young man a good push into a life long passion !
Ankit verma
Ankit verma - 6 years ago
DUSTIN PIERCE - 6 years ago
Could you by any chance give me a checklist of thing ms I need to set up a red eared slider tank . I need to know good diet and good care and habitat setup
grantalanh - 6 years ago
That’s awesome ... truly inspirational!
Flynn Mercer Aquatics
Flynn Mercer Aquatics - 6 years ago
aww thats soo nice you did that joey, that is the nicest thing i have seen all year!!
Joe Harris
Joe Harris - 6 years ago
I’m not crying! You’re crying!
Typical White Guy
Typical White Guy - 6 years ago
This hobby has been a way for me to make an impact on the world, the oceans and the people who share it with me. I am going to further our research on corals and help the initiative to save our reefs. The hobby has helped me figure out who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life. And I hope to share this experience with anyone and everyone.
Meh - 6 years ago
Aw, Joey, you're such an angelfish!
Crystal Causey
Crystal Causey - 6 years ago
I have had small tanks for as long as I can remember....buy during my 20's I went through a dark time of bad choices and mistakes and quit keeping fish...in my 30's I had my son and my entire life changed for the better. After finding you in YouTube to help my boyfriend at the time build a stand for a large tank he bought I subscribed and got rebooked and started wanting my son to enjoy the hobby as well....hes 4..lol and he loves his angel fish! We now have 3 tanks, a tub, and a kiddie pool if fish and i ha e started breeding fancy goldfish which is my passion. You and your channel inadvertently also introduced my to other pets that I hadn't kept before and we also ha e leopard geckos and dart frogs. My passion for animals as a whole was rejuvenated through your channel, and others, but it all restarted with you. I have started documenting my pets thru Instagram and have toyed with the idea of vloging, but am mainly just so fired up about goldfish, fish keeping and animals as whole and i am happy!!! Thank you for all you do Joey!
Alejandro 88
Alejandro 88 - 6 years ago
Great thing you did for him Joey!

I got into the hobby when my dad randomly purchased one of those 10 gallon starter kits for me when I was 12 years old. I was completely fascinated by the hobby. My dad would take me to the library to get any books on fish and the hobby in general. Well now I’m 29 and my passion for this hobby is stronger than ever. Keep up the good work Joey!
Phill's Phishs
Phill's Phishs - 6 years ago
Really Class act Mr Mullen, will stay with that kid for life.
Neil Becker
Neil Becker - 6 years ago
You're a class act Joey. Not only opening the gallery to Sam and inspiring him but also inspiring us to give back as well. Thank You!
Ashley Sanchez
Ashley Sanchez - 6 years ago
Im 22, a single mom with three boys. And I got into the hobby because I was so stressed with everything I had going on in my life. I needed something to help cope with it all. I've always loved Bettas and decided to get one. it blows my mind on how something as simple as one fish kept me calm through everything I faced. With all that was on my plate I could always come home n see my fish "red" waiting to be fed n being the constant I needed in my life.
Jerry Ellison
Jerry Ellison - 6 years ago
That was an awesome thing you did. To be honest, I almost cried. As to what the hobby means to me? I can't say, because I have not purchased fish yet. I have other priorities at the moment but you continually inspire me.
Alicia Loh
Alicia Loh - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby because of my now-deceased grandfather. He used to keep fish (arowana iirc) until somewhere in my life we went on a hiatus for some reason. Only a couple of years ago my family returned to fishkeeping and yea, there's quite some bumps in the road. Nowadays I have been messing around with a planted tank lol.
Reeny MO
Reeny MO - 6 years ago
I love this, great job Joey!
AngeL Paq
AngeL Paq - 6 years ago
Thats really cool Joey! Its always important to connect with your fans and inspiring people of all ages! Could not think of a better person SAM to meet you and visit your gallery! You brought joy in his life and hopefully help him know that others care about him. :)
Brian Sickle
Brian Sickle - 6 years ago
I cant like this video enough. Thank you.
Trey L
Trey L - 6 years ago
Awesome Joey! Truly a great guy!
Ashley Masoner
Ashley Masoner - 6 years ago
What a wonderful video - thank you so much for everything you do, both in the services you provide in your weekly videos and with your extra activities you shared with us today.
I was drawn into the hobby during a severe bought of depression; I was living in a remote area with a toxic work environment and was feeling very lonely and isolated. My lease didn't allow for a dog/cat, but it didn't say anything about fish. I fell in love with some skirt tetras and they became my companions. Everyday when I got home from work they would swim up against the glass in greeting. I've since moved to a bigger city and better job, but it was hard saying goodbye to those little guys.
daniyasss - 6 years ago
That is one lucky kid! Your heart is so kind! The world needs more people like you! <3
arcadefever - 6 years ago
Class Act ! Bravo !
Bubba Beans
Bubba Beans - 6 years ago
Great stuff way to pay it forward!
Sanne Kurvink
Sanne Kurvink - 6 years ago
You're a good guy!
david dixon
david dixon - 6 years ago
AngryBirdsguy1 - 6 years ago
Thank you Joey... for just being you. You are truly someone with such a huge heart. This and you and the hobby. No words can describe how amazing. Honestly at a loss for words. You are such a good guy Joey. Thank you for being you, and bringing joy to me, and thousands of other people. Keep being you man. Rock on. :)
Tim Fitzsimons
Tim Fitzsimons - 6 years ago
To me the hobby is my lively hood, I do tank installs and maintenance. I also run the fish room of my LFS and on my "days off" I volunteer at a local exotic animal sanctuary caring for the reptiles and fish. I got into the hobby when my dad went out and bought a fish tank and some fish one day for the kitchen, just as something for the family to react with. It wasn't long before my room was filled with tanks full of local fish like catfish, bass, pickerel, sun fish, craw fish, eels. My first fish from a pet store were two red tiger oscars. I kept them until they were the size of soft balls and had to give them up. Eventually I turned 16 and went to get my first legal job at the store down the street from me, a small mom and pop shop. I thought it would be amazing, playing with animals all day, and setting up new tanks, catching fish for customers and teaching them cool things as they listened intensely. Ah to be young again haha, I had no idea what working at a pet store actually meant and how hard it is to keep thousands of fish alive and to see how many die from shipping and other such causes. I had no idea what it would be like to have to catch out a particular neon from a group of 100 for a customer that "just has to have THAT one!". However I learned and became more knowledgeable and continued to love what I did. Unfortunately I had to move on from the hobby for a few years and ended up moving. I was just job hunting in my local area when I came across my local pet store and immediately knew what I wanted to do again. So I've been there ever since and I don't plan on looking back any time soon. I really love what you and others like you on YouTube do for the aquarium community and how I'm able to interact with my customers based on your recent videos and the progression of your aquarium gallery. Even the selection of fish I stock has changed due to certain trends online, allowing me to bring in some of the more interesting critters this world has to offer. Either way I hope you have enjoyed the story of my involvement in the hobby and how it has played a role in my life. I hope it helps to inspire someone else to turn their hobby into their dream job so they too can enjoy going to work every day to do what they love just like I do.
Amos Neeper
Amos Neeper - 6 years ago
Love this video! it holds so much truth about this hobby.
Chen Zhen
Chen Zhen - 6 years ago
Only Stupid people dislikes this video. Damn. I Cant understand that. Its the king giving back to his fans what is dislikeable about that? Anyway. This hobby made me reunite with my mother in law. They dislike me because I already had 3 kids when I met their daughter and they are truly against me. Years past when I saw this channel it inspired me to get my own tank and fish community. When they visited they where amazed by what our tank looked like and loved it. From then on we became vocal and begun talking to each other because of the hobby. Thanks the King!
Wakin Goldfish
Wakin Goldfish - 6 years ago
Good job buddy...
Tyler tran
Tyler tran - 6 years ago
Good guy Joey!
Mitch 846
Mitch 846 - 6 years ago
I'm sorry but who's beans?
Shantanu Prabhu
Shantanu Prabhu - 6 years ago
Mitch 846 smaller flowerhorn
Conner Kelcher
Conner Kelcher - 6 years ago
Amazing video Joey!! I got into the hobby from my 7th grade science teacher. He gave me a Malaysian box turtle plus everything I needed to keep it happy and healthy! That turtle started my passion for this hobby and taught me so much, I will forever be greatful that he was kind enough to give me one of his turtles right out of his classroom. Also I'd like to say Thank you Joey for furthering my knowledge in this amazing hobby as well.
Evan Vonderheide
Evan Vonderheide - 6 years ago
This is why I really enjoy your videos. Well done. Made this guys year.
Armaan Hirani
Armaan Hirani - 6 years ago
Wow. The GOAT
Destin H
Destin H - 6 years ago
Great use of your influence. In the past year I lost someone who meant a lot to me due to their struggle with depression and addiction. I really wish I could have just reached out and said something even though I’m not directly connected to this individual.

I too am personally going thru a constant struggle with depression and anxiety. Either way I made a choice to actively try to pick people up when they are down on life because you really never know when they could be gone and if someone said or did something before it was to late it may have changed things.

Legendary respect for you brother you single handedly got me back into the hobby and I’m thankful for it.
TheGreenFlamingo717 - 6 years ago
What an amazing thing to do!
Pavel Umanski
Pavel Umanski - 6 years ago
Dude seriously, you have a good heart. There are few people like that in this world. All the best to you Joey.
ttimothyss - 6 years ago
Wow!!! That was a great thing to do. You are a great and caring man. I pray that God continue to bless you with the great things that you are with the gallery.
Samantha Mazurek
Samantha Mazurek - 6 years ago
I never comment on YouTube but this video just made me so happy that you do such wonderful things for people! I have had aquariums ever since I was 5, but haven't considered myself apart of the hobby until recently. I love it so much, and it's something that keeps me sane through college and all of life's craziness. I look forward to continuing to watch your videos!
Michael Melo
Michael Melo - 6 years ago
Great job Joey !!!
AzzaBro59 - 6 years ago
This taking my mind off about my debted car and what can i do after loosing my only carea i planned on doing my whole life.
Turbo Boost
Turbo Boost - 6 years ago
That’s so tru it’s sad that beans is gone but that’s what makes me happy is the hobby thanks you Joey
mewrongway - 6 years ago
We cant accuse you of having fish on the brain, Can we?
Frederick Hahn
Frederick Hahn - 6 years ago
This was awesome! Your gallery is part of your home, and I think opening up your home, and family, to the public, could be a disaster waiting to happen, but using your gallery to connect with individuals on a one-to-one basis is an incredible idea. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
lenny - 6 years ago
my whole heart!! mad respect for you!! the whole fish community has helped me in so many ways i can’t explain! thank u! :)
Michael Ceja
Michael Ceja - 6 years ago
Really great Joey ur a awesome guy
David Barata
David Barata - 6 years ago
I had a tank when I was around 5 years old and after my parents shut that tank down due to a divorce I didn't get into the hobby until early highschool as a place to show creativity and to ease stress. Since then I have had many tanks and fish and it's still a place to relax and just enjoy a complex but peacefully ecosystem.
Tasheena Klyne
Tasheena Klyne - 6 years ago
This made me so happy I almost teared up. Lol way to go Joey.
American Reefing
American Reefing - 6 years ago
Awesome video Joey!
Ivan C
Ivan C - 6 years ago
Dude what you do and your dedication to the hobby is admirable, keep it up my man wish there was more people like you in the world ,peace
Roro - 6 years ago
I have anxiety and watching fish swim around is just relaxing
Blessed one
Blessed one - 6 years ago
Super cool Joey! You the man. High five! It's very peaceful and relative easy hobby.
T Cuddy
T Cuddy - 6 years ago
Keep spreading the love man! You’re a blessing to so many! Subscribing to you was a one of the best things I’ve done on you tube
Rich Diamond
Rich Diamond - 6 years ago
This is so nice. It warns my heart
CKH Leapin' Llamas
CKH Leapin' Llamas - 6 years ago
This is great! I only have one Betta ( well a spoiled betta ) but one day I do hope to get into the hobby! Your videos always make my day! You are great with your fish and seem like a very good person! :) May God bless you and your loved ones! :)
ZD4RK - 6 years ago
This is why you’re my favorite YouTuber
Nillebob Crittermom
Nillebob Crittermom - 6 years ago
This hobby has helped me cope with major medical problems & depression/anxiety. It’s this little world that I am responsible for keeping safe. Thanks for being willing to reach out to people in need.
kaa. el
kaa. el - 6 years ago
You did a great thing.
Jake Halverson
Jake Halverson - 6 years ago
We currently have 6 koi in a 450 gallon aquarium and we love them all I'm 13 and will be in the hobby till the end I love your videos joey keep up the great work and you maid the right choice with beans
Rei Belmont
Rei Belmont - 6 years ago
You're so amazing. Ive had betta fish my whole life but last summer when I was in a really bad place I got on that changed my life. This hobby has been amazing and it makes me so happy to see what you do for people
Tuna Vic
Tuna Vic - 6 years ago
Nice going Joey!
Jason Hargrave
Jason Hargrave - 6 years ago
This is the definition of "purpose".
oklbb101 - 6 years ago
As both an aquarist and a social worker, this breaks my heart in all the right ways. You are right that little things, thoughtless interactions, simple gifts can totally shift someones world. Crying as I write this because it truly amazes me how good hearted some folks are. Thank you Joey. I went a couple years without tanks and now that I have them again, it definitely brings me serenity. <3 <3
Xentoro Beats
Xentoro Beats - 6 years ago
Are u going get turtles again
Joseph Playboy
Joseph Playboy - 6 years ago
You the man joey
Ian McCarty
Ian McCarty - 6 years ago
Justicebuster 440
Justicebuster 440 - 6 years ago
You made somones day dont apologise proof that not everyone are ignorant
Vexing Cat
Vexing Cat - 6 years ago
I have become a profoundly jaded person over the last 6 years. Not much makes me smile anymore. I was halfway through the video when I realized I had a stupid grin on my face and tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for being a caring and loving person, and thank you for reminding me that there really are such people out there in the world still. What happened six years ago isnt important, but the joy you just shared is, thank you.
Cameron Clements
Cameron Clements - 6 years ago
StormCaller5 - 6 years ago
It was awesome that you met up with that boy. I'm suffering from crippling depression, mostly from the loss of my mom. She's the one that introduced me to the hobby. I only currently have 2 small systems, but love working on them when I'm feeling up to it. Thanks to all the stuff I have learned from you, my fish stay very healthy, even if several days go by before I'm feeling up to working with the tanks again. Thank you so much for your invaluable info! ~Stacie
Guppy Gal & Tanzie the Ragdoll
Guppy Gal & Tanzie the Ragdoll - 6 years ago
You’re a great man Joey!!!
Kenneth Brady
Kenneth Brady - 6 years ago
"the dad in me" moment made me laugh haha
Eeka Speeka
Eeka Speeka - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby because my sister had a tank of fish that she didnt take care of and i, thinking every animal should be treated just as nice if not better than humans, took them into my own care. I grew some of them out, many died along the way simply through age. I have a lovely little fish community now and tbh its really calming. Knowing that these animals depend on me really helps me keep going. Also after i clean the tank and make it all nice i swear the fish show gratitude and i think they enjoy seeing me. I love to see how excited they are when i walk in the room and just that little excitement makes me feel loved, wanted, needed and important. These animals depend on me and its really helped me out of dark places.
Jamie Reustle
Jamie Reustle - 6 years ago
That's what I've been saying these past few years - things have gotten so expensive in the hobby - so many stores carrying some many high end things that kids can't afford to even get into the hobby... glad your bringing light to the importance of sharing our hobby with the youth.

This hobby means so much to me - I got my first fish tank when I was only 4 years old and had guppies growing up my room was lined with tanks with different breeding projects (guppies, platties, mollies, gouramis, cory-cats and angelfish) but then I grew up.. went to college and thought I had to leave my hobby behind when I got married. It wasn't until my divorce that I realized that fish keeping is just something that is in me.. I'll never turn my back on it again. After my divorce it was a slippery slope back into the hobby - now most of my house looks the way my room did when I was a kid... tanks everywhere (breeding angelfish project and working myself into discus).

Finding your videos and others on youtube made me realize I wasn't alone in the hobby and I'm not the only crazy person with multiple tanks... this hobby... our people... I love it all... Keep up the good work Joey!
Kulapit Galingan
Kulapit Galingan - 6 years ago
Damn...im actually jealous and happy at the same time
Ikram Miah
Ikram Miah - 6 years ago
As if the respect level i had for you could not gone up any more fair play joy you keep out doing yourself what a great fishkeeper what a great youtuber what a great human bean keep up the good work what a legend :)
Kyle McGlothen
Kyle McGlothen - 6 years ago
Good stuff Joey. Hang in there Sam!
Mega MindyLou
Mega MindyLou - 6 years ago
Only in Canada can strangers pick your kids up from school and they are happy about it. Bless you Joey!
Merc Wd
Merc Wd - 6 years ago
Joey your awesome. You’re a real king. I got into the hobby because I wanted piranhas. I did so much research on them and finally decided to but them. But I didn’t I got my jack Dempsey. He is such an awesome fish. I learned so much from your channel.
Alvaro Contreras Jr.
Alvaro Contreras Jr. - 6 years ago
Seriously Joey, right on. There is nothing better than youth being passionate in such an amazing hobby. I'm grown and I feel like a child when I'm taking care of my tanks or work on one I can imagine a kid how wonderful it can be.
Sollazzo Anthony
Sollazzo Anthony - 6 years ago
Well done buddy
niall mcgavigan
niall mcgavigan - 6 years ago
One word.... insperational
Hữu-Lộc Trương
Hữu-Lộc Trương - 6 years ago
Hey Joey thanks for this video. I got my first fish around the age you got yours (we are at the same age) but life hit me hard after that. Just recently my friend gave me a 50G tank. I didn't give it much care the first 8-10 months, most fishes died. One day I got bored from work and was depressed, I decided to read more about fish caring and made changes to the 50G. It worked and I was so happy and so were the fishes. Everyday I go to work keep thinking about them and can't wait to get home. Then a disaster struck, all my fishes died again because I made a mistake with the airstone while I was on a trip.

After that I told myself I have to be different, all over again. Now I have a 230G tank with perfect condition running a lot of discuses and other fishes. I turned the old 50G tank into an African Malawi tank, still stocking them! My future plan is a fish gallery, obviously inspired by yours! Probably with 5 racks and 10 tanks too.

Now I live in Vietnam and it's gonna be hard to build such a rack system like that but the good side is it's gonna be much cheaper! I checked your past video about the rack but if you could help with some rack design details it would really appreciate it.

Anyways, this hobby has made become more happy, satisfied, and fulfilled with my life. Before that, I only had works and works only and when it went bad I had nothing else to hold to. And it's largely thanks to your inspiration with the knowledge you share with fish keeping (the DIY things I still couldn't do it, buying is sometimes cheaper here in Vietnam).

So thank you Joey and for everything you've done! Keep up the great work!
sjrosenfield - 6 years ago
fuckin awesome dude... we need more people like this in every hobby
Lucy's Aquarium
Lucy's Aquarium - 6 years ago
Ugh this video hit right in the feels. I cannot comprehend how anyone can dislike this video. This is a beautiful act of kindness. Keep it up!
cordinolongiotti - 6 years ago
Very cool we'll done!
Deansfishroom - 6 years ago
Well done Joey!!! You created positive energy and memory in one of his dark moments. . .
Rafay Syed
Rafay Syed - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby by simply starting to watch you Joey! I came by your channel once and you simply inspired me to get into fishkeeping now I am a successful owner of a healthy beta fish!!!
Zombiekillermd7 ___
Zombiekillermd7 ___ - 6 years ago
Who was beans ? Link to the video he was introduced in ?
Phaedra Palmer
Phaedra Palmer - 6 years ago
How can I like this video more than once?! Joey you are amazing! Thank you for all you do!
spinningspun inverts
spinningspun inverts - 6 years ago
make a new account and like it!
The Water Box
The Water Box - 6 years ago
This is what it's all about. Keep doing what you do! It's thinks like this that makes it all worth it. :)
June A.
June A. - 6 years ago
This was very sweet of you.
When I got my first fish a little over a year ago- gifted to me for my birthday, I didn't know if I'd be capable of taking care of him. I wasn't in a good place when I got him, nor was I financially in a place that I could even keep a pet. Even though this was the case, there was no other place for him to go to. So, I kept him and I did a lot of research. He's the reason why I even found you in the first place. Your DIY projects and enthusiasm for the hobby gave hope to me. And as I learned more and became enthused myself in the hobby, the better I felt, emotionally. Essentially, my now late betta fish PJ saved me from a lot of grief which was the beginning of 2017. He gave me a reason to get up each day and I loved knowing that he was there waiting for me. I didn't know until I experienced it myself how great fishkeeping is. I don't think I'll ever stop having fish. I hope that someday I'll have some kind of aquarium gallery of my own. For now, I'll stick with a five gal and ten gal. Also, living vicariously through you! xD
Eagle Aquatics
Eagle Aquatics - 6 years ago
WOW so cool you did that stuff. A lot of respect for. Best channel on youtube!!
Scott Brownson
Scott Brownson - 6 years ago
Hey youtube how do I hit like twice?
Dan-the Lizard-man
Dan-the Lizard-man - 6 years ago
I admire your love for what you do for the youth and others in your field. Me I'm more of a reptile guy. I enjoy lizards rather then fish but we in the pet and animal hobby must respect and stick together.
MrConkee - 6 years ago
awesome you're giving back so much. a lot of respect for you for doing this.
Fernando Marturet
Fernando Marturet - 6 years ago
Soloman Hemmings
Soloman Hemmings - 6 years ago
Fernando Marturet SAME
Keshav the challenger
Keshav the challenger - 6 years ago
I love animals . But I am Boeing bullied a bit but my dog and the fish I own just turns my frown upside down
Keshav the challenger
Keshav the challenger - 6 years ago
I meant being bullied
lou9294 - 6 years ago
This was a true blessing man I really enjoyed this video I have told my story a million and one times on how I got into the Hobby I just thank God that I'm still here and able to watch videos and do what I love to do thanks for sharing
Haley Martin
Haley Martin - 6 years ago
Wish there was a love option. Thank you for taking your time and doing these things ! Much love !
J Alberto Abreu
J Alberto Abreu - 6 years ago
You are a good man, Joey. Kudos.
Estella Rose
Estella Rose - 6 years ago
i started out by getting a small 12 gallon tank and some tetras i then realised the fun in keeping fish and soon had a 20 gallon and a 45 gallon tank.
Eazy Breezy
Eazy Breezy - 6 years ago
That 2000g Aquarium is top notch, but that Discus tank you have is my favorite.
Esqueleto 134
Esqueleto 134 - 6 years ago
And the hobby idk I just think it’s very relaxing seeing all the fishes swimming around happily and it’s just like an escape from real life where I will be going to on my worst times because it’s the way I will be escaping life for some time
Bella Wolf
Bella Wolf - 6 years ago
Warm fuzzy feeling in my heart! Yesterday, I bought a 28L/7gallon tank. I have a female splender betta fish and she is my world.
Because of Joey and other fish channels, I have been able to learn more about fish and take my mind off bad times. 2 weeks ago today, I lost my friend to being shot by police, and nearly lost my fish due to dropsy and the underline problem.
Seeing youth being inspired and having a few moment of joy makes watching and learning the hobby worth it all!
Thank you Joey for all you do!
Daniel Miskov
Daniel Miskov - 6 years ago
Loved it that would be so awesome as a kid!
Esqueleto 134
Esqueleto 134 - 6 years ago
Oh dude you I don’t even know how to explained it but just idk man you are a very very nice man this almost made me cry lol but I am just thankful that you are part of the hobby you and other people but mostly you where the one that has gotten me into the hobby I got my first tank two days ago it’s a 75g (Ik it’s huge and it’s my first to lol) but thanks for all your amazing videos I wish you the best also if you have any suggestions for fish that I should put on my 75g go ahead and I will think about them
Casper Shaw
Casper Shaw - 6 years ago
so much respect joey
Casper Shaw
Casper Shaw - 6 years ago
i personally got into the hobby to help with my ptsd anxiety panic attacks and agoraphobia after isolating myself for 10 years ... getting fish made me come out of my bubble made me ask questions get to know people locally although i still have some issues i can tell ive gone miles compared to where i was without the hobby and i absolutely treasure my fish and built some really nice friendships within the hobby, ive been watching your videos for a long time and value the endless wealth of knowledge you share. you and rachel o'leary really helped me out through the years
amenp - 6 years ago
Your a good dude joey
Ketchup Man
Ketchup Man - 6 years ago
Who’s beans?
sqace face
sqace face - 6 years ago
beans was a baby flowerhorn that he got a little while ago
Dil Powl
Dil Powl - 6 years ago
Beans was his new FlowerHorn
Doug's Fish Adventure
Doug's Fish Adventure - 6 years ago
Sweet video keep it up.
Carey Finding
Carey Finding - 6 years ago
The best part of a hobby is sharing your love of it with others. You're a good man for doing this.
Much <3 from Ontario.
Ry Mac cichlids
Ry Mac cichlids - 6 years ago
Good boy liking the cichlid tank great thing you did joey I have been in the hobby off and on for my whole life I quit drinking a while ago and needed something to take my head away from it and time and I found my African cichlids it had me to me the world I understand your passion for it thank you
Joanna Dyndor
Joanna Dyndor - 6 years ago
Ok Ok I will stop trolling and saying how dreamy Joey is! hahahaha I was just pretending to be a creepy viewer because I am silly. I recently started the aquarium hobby just because I wanted a turtle. Someone gave me a 120 gallon aquarium, which I had to re-seal and build a ramp, etc. It was a huge project; although I am inexperienced, I am quite proud of the results. I am not trying to promote myself here, but it is in my recent list of videos if anybody wanted to see (part 1 and part 2). Then I bought some feeder fish to see if they can live with the turtle. Jeremy ate a couple, the rest are too fast for him, and he has since given up on them. Now I have a second five gallon aquarium, with two goldfish, but they will be moved. I just ordered a "deck pond" for the middle of my living room, with a small fountain. Those fish will be transferred to the pond in my living room and I plan to get a beta for my 5 gal tank. Joey, you mentioned how this hobby helps people, and it truly does. I have major depressive disorder from my 18 years of service in the Canadian Forces. This hobby is peaceful, therapeutic, and I absolutely love it. I have enjoyed your channel for a very long time, and I especially love this video because you share your story and you reached out to this sweet young boy. You are a humble and kind person. Keep up the good work!
WellAll'sLost - 6 years ago
Love his use of the word "holy".
austin williams
austin williams - 6 years ago
What fish should I get for a 75 gallon brand new
Zach Alaniz
Zach Alaniz - 6 years ago
austin williams crayfish. Super easy to take care of
austin williams
austin williams - 6 years ago
Kurla Stabakan thank you I will
Kurla Stabakan
Kurla Stabakan - 6 years ago
austin williams get a dragonfly kokuryo arrowana. They only grow up to 10inches.
Wonderful Pleco
Wonderful Pleco - 6 years ago
The hobby has inspired me to do so many things. It really taught me the value of hard work and the reward it brings. I recently got a new tank and it is really doing wonders on my life. (It did take a bit of negotiation and work on my side to get, but it was well worth it) But your videos have been a huge inspiration for my continued interest, even when I only had my 2.5 gallon Betta tank. In fact, I even got my technology teacher to play your Custom Aquariums tour video in class. (It's a manufacturing class so it made sense). Thank you for being such a great influence for me
Grace - 6 years ago
plot twist : Joey regularly captures unsespecting fans.
Green Kitty
Green Kitty - 6 years ago
You're a good man, Joey, God Bless you : )
Lindsay Warren
Lindsay Warren - 6 years ago
My dad actually got me started fish keeping. I loved animals as a kid (and still do, it's my career) but I was insanely allergic to everything fuzzy and cuddly as a kid. So my dad did what he could - he got me my first aquarium. He didn't know what he was doing and I obviously didn't either at 4 years old, but I've been keeping fish off and on my entire life.
I just recently got more into it and now have 3 aquariums in my bedroom. Now most of my money left after bills goes towards new fish and plants and upgrading systems.
Trinite GQ
Trinite GQ - 6 years ago
I'm crying, no you're crying! Thanks for this Joey. I'm one of them.
T.W. - 6 years ago
charlie8brown - 6 years ago
A long time ago before I was around, my father kept cichlids. I guess when my sister and I came around, dad ditched the hobby.
Now I’m a father myself and the hobby is something I can share with my daughter and reminisce with my dad about. Just when I think he’s out of touch with the hobby, he’s always got some new piece of advice I’ve yet to hear. It’s bonding with family for me.
oextreme1551 - 6 years ago
This video is absolutely heartwarming!! It may just be my favorite video ;) Its nice to see how you outside of your hobby!
josie rhodes
josie rhodes - 6 years ago
your very helpful when I get down. I love your videos
Da Bellman Zoo
Da Bellman Zoo - 6 years ago
Fantastic I work with youth and teens everyday and the look on that boy's face was priceless you may have just changed his life forever I wish we had more people like you not only in the hobby but in the world so many times when people get to a certain level of fandom they don't give back like they should you sir are a true hero I knew I liked you for a reason Joey keep up the great work
Zachary Holmes
Zachary Holmes - 6 years ago
Even though Beans is gone, that was a good act of kindness Joey
Olivia Wrenn
Olivia Wrenn - 6 years ago
75g Discus Tank oh thank you
75g Discus Tank
75g Discus Tank - 6 years ago
Beans was The flowerhorn that he got before.
Olivia Wrenn
Olivia Wrenn - 6 years ago
Zachary Holmes who’s beans? Do you mean buddy his past arowana
erisisthename - 6 years ago
Joey. This is why you’re awesome.
Rob Aust
Rob Aust - 6 years ago
You did a nice thing, good stuff.
K.J. - 6 years ago
That's really admirable stuff his doing in the community, and not just the fish keeping aspect, but also the local community. Keep up the good work brother!
Steve Boling
Steve Boling - 6 years ago
Aquariums allow creativity. I also like to DIY as much as possible for my ponds and aquariums. This video showed a great part of you. Sam, if you are reading these, you are an awesome young man.
Katelyn Angell
Katelyn Angell - 6 years ago
you are a great person :,) watching my fish and your videos help a lot with stress and depression, they are just so peaceful to look at
elias vasquez
elias vasquez - 6 years ago
I respect what you did for that kid Joey. You truly have a great influence on many of your viewers including me, I am very thankful for all you have gone through to make it where you are. Please keep it up and god bless you kind sir.
D cichlid lover
D cichlid lover - 6 years ago
That's is the most kindest thing I ever saw someone did ❤❤
Kyle McIntyre
Kyle McIntyre - 6 years ago
Good job man
Drakes fish world
Drakes fish world - 6 years ago
Man I like your videos there so cool
Courtney Scofield
Courtney Scofield - 6 years ago
yeah I lost my sister this past year, and since she always loved my 55 gallon tank in my bedroom I went ahead and set up a small 10 gallon I had in her old bedroom. Also I got into the hobby because my grandpa use to love fish tanks so I started keeping them as a way of remembering him
CrackerJackBleow - 6 years ago
that was cool, Joey's almost too nice.
Harley Monteiro and his fish
Harley Monteiro and his fish - 6 years ago
I am in this hobby for the exact same reason. As a refuge. An escape. The way you speak about your experiences starting out in the hobby reminds me so much of me. I tried not to get emotional hearing I’m far from the only person to use this hobby for that reason. I also am amazed seeing you do this for that boy going through the tough time and I’m sure he is listening to your 3 conditions so he gets the chance to come back to the fish room! You are an amazing human for doing that for him and for everyone you’ve helped through the years and even for just talking about those things in your videos. The under-talked-about flip side of the hobby that applies to a select few of us. Thank you.
Xyooj Family
Xyooj Family - 6 years ago
I got into the hobby after losing my rabbit. Kept my mind busy and occupied and was also my mothers hobby for a while.
stephen Sinko
stephen Sinko - 6 years ago
Wow! I’ve watched and enjoyed all of your videos over the last year or so. With that being said, This was by far my favorite video that I’ve seen you do. You’re right, this hobby does many things for many people. I am no exception, this hobby has carried me through some trying times throughout my life. Typical tank maintenance or just putting my feet up and losing myself in one of my three tanks has helped calm me during anxious times. Keep doing what you do. Thank you!
Ella Humphrey
Ella Humphrey - 6 years ago
I’ve been 14 for a week and the hobby helps me when I am stressed about the future, and when my mom died. This was an awesome video to see thanks.
Alisson Dalanon
Alisson Dalanon - 6 years ago
All I can say is your the man...
Great Model to everyone...
Chris MacDonald
Chris MacDonald - 6 years ago
Joey, you are a good man.
Joskan Correa
Joskan Correa - 6 years ago
You are the best men...
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor - 6 years ago
I honestly got in the hobby because I have anger issues and just watching fishes and animals in general, it’s like a happy place for me .
James Lavoie
James Lavoie - 6 years ago
You rock joey keep up the great work
brichcarter - 6 years ago
Respect! Come to Dallas, Texas!
zombiehuntertim - 6 years ago
Great Job
Joe Marinaro
Joe Marinaro - 6 years ago
I'm a fan for life now
Daniel Hanson
Daniel Hanson - 6 years ago
Are you sure Beans didn't die and you're just making that up?
Shirley Hopper
Shirley Hopper - 6 years ago
Wow! You are just such an amazing man!
BV TheDude
BV TheDude - 6 years ago
Right on Joey, that was awesome. All that counted was the smile on his face. But you gotta wonder about those obviously wonderful folks that gave this a thumbs down. Kick a few puppies also?
zzospreyzz55 - 6 years ago
The hobby is a nice escape from reality. First of all, it's a good outlet for your creativity. You're literally building a world for these little living creatures to live in and it can be anything you want it to be. Second, it's calming and decorative. Living decorations in your room. Third, I like to look into the world I created and just watch how the fish interact with it. I can get lost in there realizing how basic life really is and how we over complicate things. Watching the natural behavior of the fish and I think it's neat how you can manipulate the fish into doing certain behavior: spawning, hiding, being out in the open, displaying, interacting with you... I'll drift in and out of the hobby but the hobby never leaves you totally.

My future goal for the hobby is to try to create a total ecosystem, complete with overhead aquaculture sump that not only removed all nitrates but also produce food for the fish...
Hinckleberry Toadlipper
Hinckleberry Toadlipper - 6 years ago
That's awesome Joey, I know what it's like to lose a brother, way to go! Enormous respect!!
I was 10 when I got my first tank a 10 gallon, my mother really got into it more than me... lol later in life when I got married. My wife got me back into it she just had a 29 gallon and she wanted to breed angel fish. Seem like over night we had over 60 tanks, ranging from 5 gallon to 500 gallon. Then it went down hill. Divorce... worst time in my life. One thing good came out of it , my daughter my reason for living! She got me back into it again we both have planted tanks hers is a 20 gallon and gorgeous. And mine is a 29 gallon. Loved to share this with you. This video is inspirational!
OnefishTwofishROC - 6 years ago
Andddddd.....not a dry eye in the house....wow, just...wow. :)
Chris Watson
Chris Watson - 6 years ago
Ty joey for all you do ...you have helped me alot in the last year or so ....lost my dad last march and he was the one who got me in to the hobbie and now im going to get my girls in it to cary on the tradition ....ty again keep up the good work
ritul rp35
ritul rp35 - 6 years ago
Where is bean
Molly W
Molly W - 6 years ago
You are such a kind soul Joey!!
How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!!
How lucky is that kid?! Heh

Keep it up!
Fishlover1616 - 6 years ago
Had a hard time trying to stop smiling.  Awesome.
Diane Miles
Diane Miles - 6 years ago
My favorite video so far. Your a great guy.
Ong FishWorld
Ong FishWorld - 6 years ago
Why don’t you get some Altum Angelfish? They will be nice in your 2000g.
ZManZ Gaming
ZManZ Gaming - 6 years ago
How did 106 ppl thumbs down this video???
ZManZ Gaming
ZManZ Gaming - 6 years ago
J Alberto Abreu Nice!
J Alberto Abreu
J Alberto Abreu - 6 years ago
ZManZ Gaming They were crying and missed the button.
Vincents MixedReefChannel
Vincents MixedReefChannel - 6 years ago
My story is too long for the comment section, but to sum it up... I was a single dad with a new born and a 3 year old after losing my wife to cancer. I dreamed everyday of being on the ocean just like my reef tank and leaving it all behind. The hobby kept me grounded and help me to release my hurt and pain, but still smile and be there for my children. I felt like I lost everything. It was my faith, children and tank that helped me to go on. I love this hobby and I think it’s awesome that you use it to benefit others. I was so happy when you finally allowed us to give and contribute to all that you do. You made that kids year a little bit brighter. I’m truly sorry for his loss. Keep up the great work.
Lyda Swogger
Lyda Swogger - 6 years ago
Thanks for making me cry. Such a touching video.
meckael caracas
meckael caracas - 6 years ago
I quit the hobby for 7 years. You made me fall in love again.
C.J. Pets
C.J. Pets - 6 years ago
You got a reply in 1 minute
Mister RANDom
Mister RANDom - 6 years ago
that is so nice joey you are one of the most coolest youtuber no other youtuber would never do that
Unfitting Reaver
Unfitting Reaver - 6 years ago
What you did for that kid was great. Losing a sibling is very hard. Good on you Joey.
As to what the hobby means to me, it helps me with my mental disability. Calms me when I get anxious, gives me a routine I have to follow and if I am feeling fidgety and unable to rest I can work on my tank. It helps me immensely and it gives me an opportunity to teach my kids about fish and aquatic ecosystems.
Noah Mason
Noah Mason - 6 years ago
Absolutely loved this video. In 2008 I was diagnosed with MS, as well as the recession hitting at almost the same time, and being a residential designer my job was cut by 50%. All of this at the same time almost ruined me. I had a friend that gave me a 10 gal. setup to do 2 things. My neuro recommended finding a hobby that lowers stress, and specifically stated an aquarium would do that. And something to fill my time to keep depression at bay. Here we are 10 years later. my MS has for the most part remained stable, and I have not had an attack since 2010. I went from that tiny 10 gal. tank to a 75 gal. high light planted rainbowfish tank. My job has recovered drastically, to the point that I am almost to busy at times. I really do think it was this hobby that pulled me through the darkest time I have experienced.
Diana Dila
Diana Dila - 6 years ago
Anyone's cutting an onion in here?? My eyes are so teary.. you're a really nice guy joey for doing this kind of thing.. I hope a lot more people will love you and support your channel.. and I hope Sam will be a lot stronger after meeting you..
Virgil Petrus
Virgil Petrus - 6 years ago
You sir are a great and wonderful person, mad respect. :)
Billy Weier
Billy Weier - 6 years ago
Thats kind of weird hey kids is there a sam here. But I like your channel joey keep up the good work
Ben Yoel Maglunsod
Ben Yoel Maglunsod - 6 years ago
I got in to the hobby to battle depression anxiety you name it
OSSO - 6 years ago
Ben Yoel Maglunsod self punishment
Ben Yoel Maglunsod
Ben Yoel Maglunsod - 6 years ago
OSSO why are you here tho
OSSO - 6 years ago
Ben Yoel Maglunsod this hobby gives me anxiety
JoMercenary - 6 years ago
Another awesome video. Bye Beans! I'm sure Frank won't miss you. :)
Cyro XVX
Cyro XVX - 6 years ago
Awesome Joey!
044 Aquatics
044 Aquatics - 6 years ago
I got in the hobby to have something to do with my to little girls after my wife Died
oneofspades - 6 years ago
The 2k looks A LOT BETTER if it was possible. The background is amazing.
Simon Chung
Simon Chung - 6 years ago
Very humbling Joey. You are a great man. I was lucky enough to also meet you in person at Reef A Palooza.
Robert Tabert
Robert Tabert - 6 years ago
The hobby to me is an escape from judgement. I have a great family how is always their for me. And in my everyday life I have to make them proud. But this is my first year of college and its been really stressful on me being in a new place by myself. When I come back to my apartment the only one I have to vent to is my oscar. Watching your videos has really helped me feel like im part of a community when noone else does so thank you and keep up the great videos.
CAzamere Long-Bailey
CAzamere Long-Bailey - 6 years ago
Robert Tabert I love this
Kevin Muico
Kevin Muico - 6 years ago
Good on you Joey! That's why you're THE king!
Martin Welters
Martin Welters - 6 years ago
Awesome Joey, just awesome
fancymanchucky - 6 years ago
Love this vid! And you are so right about how this hobby can help and heal people. I've seen it in action countless times while volunteering at my local public school, hospital, and children's aid society to set up and maintain aquariums for over a decade. The feed back I receive about how these tanks impact clients, visitors and children is phenomenal. When I am cleaning the tanks I see all the little finger prints and kiss marks on the glass... that says it all <3 These creatures comfort people in times of need, which is no small thing. Keep up the good work!!
Joyous - 6 years ago
I have had aquariums for about 55 yrs (I am 60) Started with gold fish... went onto other fish like angels, tetras, zeb barbs, then live bearers which took over the house cuz of all the babies, as you can imagine, and as of 15 yrs ago I solely stayed with Angels and breed beautiful Veil Tails and Kois, blacks and platinums. My hobby to me gives me peace and serenity as I am more house bound nowadays. My Angels are sooo happy to see me at any time, and the interaction with them is amazing. They are so serene and peaceful to watch. My kids (fish) have gotten me thru many tough times and bouts of depression too. I will never be without fish. They are my life.
Footnote: My husband is a Pisces and my daughter is an Aquarius.... go figure?
Dave McConnell
Dave McConnell - 6 years ago
That was a amazing act of kindness, Joey. I am a veteran and retired police officer, and put quite simply, this hobby helps me keep my sanity. The inside of my head used to be a very dark and scary place, but not so much anymore. Thanks for all you do.
Sebastien Blackwell
Sebastien Blackwell - 6 years ago
joey being the awesome man that he is...
J Dos Santos
J Dos Santos - 6 years ago
Thats awesome bud, great thing to do!
DeADmANEpIC - 6 years ago
I was born into the hobby with a 20 gal that my dad had. As i grew up my parents divorced and it has been a place of relaxation for me. I now have 3 20 gal tanks a 36 bow front and a 55 gal. Thank so much! I have a shirt of yours and it is my favorite. I have the blue v neck one!
Jamie Wang
Jamie Wang - 6 years ago
This was such a nice thing to do!! HI SAM!!!!!
Savage 3
Savage 3 - 6 years ago
AWESOME Video :)
Harrison - 6 years ago
Love the video, this warmed my heart.
Baseballbat7007 - 6 years ago
Who would dislike
Dom - 6 years ago
You are one genuine guy, put a smile on my face man.
Reach2yen - 6 years ago
Bradley Harris
Bradley Harris - 6 years ago
Thanks for the videos! My son and I are just getting into the hobby but for the last 6 months we've started a tradition Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights! Your videos are bringing us closer together. Keep up the amazing work.
Carl Heller
Carl Heller - 6 years ago
This why your the KING
EagleSushi - 6 years ago
The best thing I like about my aquariums is that every time I come back home and wake up, I see cute little fish eyes looking at me.
Johnos Aquariums
Johnos Aquariums - 6 years ago
i got into this hobby to help escape my dark past from my childhood, drugs were not the answer, and i tried so many other things but this hobby takes me to another world where i can escape and finally be free.... awesome video good heart Joey! <3

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