Amazing Aquariums & Reefs Lives Up To Its Name

Ali's Pico Reef - Store Website - is the source for all your reef aquarium news - the latest on exotic fish, rare corals and hot new aquarium gear.

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Ali's Pico Reef - Store Website - is the source for all your reef aquarium news - the latest on exotic fish, rare corals and hot new aquarium gear.

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for Amazing Aquariums & Reefs Lives Up To Its Name

Darryl J
Darryl J - 4 years ago
Great Video super cool guy has good knowledge to share with new customers like myself.
Oscar1467 - 4 years ago
Awesome intro!!
Quarta's Reef
Quarta's Reef - 4 years ago
Wow... Where to start. Super, super impressive. Wish I had an LFS like that near me!... Great job showcasing it Jake. The highlight of this video (as amazing as everything was) is Alf sitting next to Ali at the end.... and the fact that it was never addressed in the video. Hilarious.
ali atapour
ali atapour - 4 years ago
Thanks. I love my Alf. He's my little buddy. He was kidnapped once however Jeremy brought him back.
FADETOBLACK - 4 years ago
Goes to show you don't have to break the bank on filtration to have a beautiful looking Reef. Something I've been telling people for years.
Sejuknya Oase Iman
Sejuknya Oase Iman - 4 years ago
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Prestige Reef
Prestige Reef - 4 years ago
This store is more of an art gallery!
Miami Reefer
Miami Reefer - 4 years ago
Great video
BigBirdErnTHC - 4 years ago
What size are those Moorish Idols? They appear to be fairly small. Thanks for your videos!!
ali atapour
ali atapour - 4 years ago
They are baby Heniochus diphreutus. They come out of Hawaii and are much more "reef safe" than the other variants and species. I however did have to remove them because they started to nip.
Rogue Aquariums
Rogue Aquariums - 4 years ago
Great tour & awesome store. Your friend Ali has a great approach to this hobby..

10. comment for Amazing Aquariums & Reefs Lives Up To Its Name

Aaron Osborn
Aaron Osborn - 4 years ago
Aliiii ...the most awesome man with the most awesome tanks!
Bryan Bonilla
Bryan Bonilla - 4 years ago
I'm going soon..just an hour drive :)...but you truly do have to appreciate this kind of dedication. This is what it's all about and I'm just glad the hobby is staying strong. I hope to learn alot and make my living room the same:).
jake walsh
jake walsh - 4 years ago
in the heavy staghorn tank. what t5 bulbs were being used?
ali atapour
ali atapour - 4 years ago
Two 250watt Radium metal halides and four Blue Plus 54w ATI bulbs along with a XHO Blue Reef Brite LED strip
EAST COAST REEFER - 4 years ago
Thanks Jake.. (MIC. DROP)
gil - 4 years ago
Good to see a fellow hobbyist adopting the idea that you don't need a ton of gadgets and a plethora of dosing products to be successful. I would've like to know if that idea extended to water changes on his other words does he just occasionally do them or is that a weekly approach.
ali atapour
ali atapour - 4 years ago
I do them very occasionally. One week I'll do 5 gallons, then a month or two can pass and I'll do another 5 or 10 gallon. It's honestly pretty random. However it probably works out to a small water change every 4 to 8 weeks.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
He talks about it in the Next video ;-)
John Smith
John Smith - 4 years ago
Just amazing!
I love simple and clean reefing!
Pachote - 4 years ago
wow What coral was that at 18:51 ???? ANYONE HELP!
Pachote - 4 years ago
Amazing! I def. would love a frag WOW.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
That's Ali's pet 'sparkling Goniopora' flowerpot coral.
Mr - 4 years ago
Great business philosophy. I hope Ali does well in business.
NY Jay
NY Jay - 4 years ago
Very nice
mitian - 4 years ago
My Next Trip to Cali- I am visiting this store!!!

20. comment for Amazing Aquariums & Reefs Lives Up To Its Name

DeMishMIsh - 4 years ago
Come home to the flavor of true completion,Come home,to Simple Reef!
Rural Reefer
Rural Reefer - 4 years ago
Thank you for this awsome video! Absolutely stunning, very big fan of your work.
EN Reefs
EN Reefs - 4 years ago
that dollar sign clown omg!
Life With The Berry's
Life With The Berry's - 4 years ago
love the mangrove! what a differenciator
Life With The Berry's
Life With The Berry's - 4 years ago
great video!!!
Poisonous Python
Poisonous Python - 4 years ago
Gasp! Tanks still being lit with Metal Halides and T5HO in 2018 - I'm surprised you didn't lose your lunch Jake...
Poisonous Python
Poisonous Python - 4 years ago
Hahha I know, just giving you a hard time. MH + T5 is still king for me, but I do enjoy the blue pop from a nice 450nm led strip on occasion. Props to Ali for keeping his setups simple and elegant
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
LOL, I don't care if someone uses incandescents as long as they get the results, I still absolutely love the look of metal halides, especially when supplemented with blue LEDs
Jordan Heaton
Jordan Heaton - 4 years ago
My favorite aquarium is still that 2 gallon on the desk with the rock flower anemones and the domino damsel.
Mo's Soft Coral Reef Tank
Mo's Soft Coral Reef Tank - 4 years ago
as usual Jake good video, quality always getting better and better , you are easy the best channel not just in reef world in youtube but in the whole entire tv world, Someone should just give you a change and go for tv shows , you well deserve it buddy.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
Thanks mo, I strive to make increasingly better content but I like the YT community better than the mainstream TV.
Alex B.
Alex B. - 4 years ago
My favorite local store. Ali is awesome.
MySaltwaterJourney - 4 years ago
wow it looks amazing

30. comment for Amazing Aquariums & Reefs Lives Up To Its Name

CUBAN REEFER - 4 years ago
Very nice store,
Very family oriented
Ames Allmond
Ames Allmond - 4 years ago
Jake, I didn’t see any macro fuge’s nor did he mention it, but how does Ali control nitrate? Thanks
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
MOST reef and saltwater tanks have no kind of algae filter - just keep the tanks 'balanced', have a small bioload and don't feed too much or too often and you won't have excess nutrients.
James Lim
James Lim - 4 years ago
Your display inspired me to consider rescaping my tank to few simple big corals n fish.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
Inspiring reefers is the ultimate goal of this channel
eroggero - 4 years ago
Beautiful place could move in their,lol he is a minimalist ,old school nice and his tanks are all so clean, does he do water changes? Man my sand bed and glass gets brown in 2 days always seem to be cleaning it. Great video look forward to more...
TOM REEFMAN202 - 4 years ago
Swear ur videos are the best.. I must visit this place
Joey Bekius
Joey Bekius - 4 years ago
I like the new intro
akhilennium - 4 years ago
Awesome video Jake. Whats the name of the music that was playing in the start....and then through out the video
Hamodo Almatrafi
Hamodo Almatrafi - 4 years ago
Dude, I love your videos
Nick Mcc
Nick Mcc - 4 years ago
I love coming here. Ali gave me a nice size frag of the green slimer for $20. Just shows he not just in it for the money. Too bad you didn’t show off the awesome paintings on the wall. Those are phenomenal.
tonyy33055 - 4 years ago
Would like to see more of that tank with the mangroves.. always wanted to do a tank like that. But not sure if the roots with impact the tank..
Gb J
Gb J - 4 years ago
What are those two striped fish at 4.24. They are in the tank with the deformed blue hippo tang.
Awsome store thanks for sharing.
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 4 years ago
They are small Heniochus butterflyfish
Nick Mcc
Nick Mcc - 4 years ago
Gb J moorish idol
Jordan Wills
Jordan Wills - 4 years ago
Epic! I have been looking forward to this video for a long time. Ali is the man, has the best store in Southern California, and he is beyond helpful. What more could you ask for!
420skidrow - 4 years ago
that blue hippo tang is crazy!lol
Krishna Karkera
Krishna Karkera - 4 years ago
Wow.... so beautiful n colourful
Sunil Matthew
Sunil Matthew - 4 years ago
Love from India
JekCynical - 4 years ago
that intro was sick
Alex Correa
Alex Correa - 4 years ago
Please keep the halides! They are great!!! Radiums and ATI Blue Plus are the very best you can offer to your systems! Great video!
Frank Pohl
Frank Pohl - 4 years ago
Great vid. We need more lfs like this everywhere. What was the last coral with purple tips?
Tony Vu
Tony Vu - 4 years ago
Frank Pohl goniopora
luis galvan
luis galvan - 4 years ago
wish i could seat in that white coach and just admire those beautiful setups
Oneil's Reef
Oneil's Reef - 4 years ago
such sweet and awesome store, really good pieces of advice given too keep it simple, less live rock etc

50. comment for Amazing Aquariums & Reefs Lives Up To Its Name

MileHighReefers - 4 years ago
Such a cool store!
Felix Moosbrunner
Felix Moosbrunner - 4 years ago
I really like his style!
Chathura Indika
Chathura Indika - 4 years ago
This man's Aquascaping skills are top notch .. Thakashi amano of reef world
oscar Anchundia
oscar Anchundia - 4 years ago
Really nice shop and inspiring
DC Reefer
DC Reefer - 4 years ago
Wow amazing LFS eye candy overload
gord oland
gord oland - 4 years ago
Nice place. I recognized his "style" right away. Great aquariums to feature!
carlos alberto henriquez garay
carlos alberto henriquez garay - 4 years ago
Nice store
Aero Mission
Aero Mission - 4 years ago
The tank at 8:10 is gorgeous!
Andrew Bismire
Andrew Bismire - 4 years ago
i love those big colonies but ive gone with the frags and patience method
Jake, you keep bringing great stores. Especially ones that are not close to lot of people. So we see how other LFS set up they stores. Keep them coming....
MASS Aquariums
MASS Aquariums - 4 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous place
Ash - 4 years ago
Thanks Jake for bringing such a beautiful store...what i like about Ali’s approach is he has his displays to prove his art of reefing...awesome displays man...and a great work in photography....touch of the video is at the very end he appreciated you being there for him 10 yrs ago and how you hugged him...may the friendship prevails and if you talk to him again Jake please pass on my SALAAM O ALAIQUM....meaning my good wishes with peace...
Eddy Ortiz
Eddy Ortiz - 4 years ago
What a cool guy and his tanks are stunningly beautiful,great advice keep it simple and don't pack your tank with corals love the green branch corals in the big tank,he's Old school fish keeper...
Rod Azarmi
Rod Azarmi - 4 years ago
My all time favorite shop in SoCal. Every display is gorgeous, corals are so healthy. Love the unique collection of fish too. Ali is the man!
David Pattenden
David Pattenden - 4 years ago
Love the shop. Thumbs up from me. Thank you.
FOWLR4NOW - 4 years ago
Turner Dischinger
Turner Dischinger - 4 years ago
That $clownfish is sick
Cycnoches2012 - 4 years ago
you hid this JEM well ,beautiful store, lots of unique livestock
Andrew Mabbott
Andrew Mabbott - 4 years ago
Did Ali mention his water change schedule? I always admire these super simplistic setups and the tanks are so successful
andeyking - 4 years ago
The larger display I spotted some yellow wrasse but no sand. How is that working out for him?
Jordan Wills
Jordan Wills - 4 years ago
I go to the store a decent bit. There is a decent bit of sand piled up behind some of the rocks. He sold me my Yellow Coris and I love it!
Java02 - 4 years ago
great timing, new video, thanks...!
Bailey Delivera
Bailey Delivera - 4 years ago
109th view
Catherine Vo
Catherine Vo - 4 years ago
One of the firsts!

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