Amazon Sword Clean Up!

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Discus 5 years ago 5,013 views

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Most popular comments
for Amazon Sword Clean Up!

Cynthia Barlow
Cynthia Barlow - 4 years ago
Does this have to be done or can i just let the snails eat it?
John Sanabria
John Sanabria - 4 years ago
Can I pull the old roots if I don't have a clipper?
dennis domingo
dennis domingo - 5 years ago
Hi jacob,im new in this hobby i bought a 54gal tank 36x20x18 eco complete substrate & using flourish excel cannot able to grow carpet plants.should i put co2?thanks
Jerome Saverimuttu
Jerome Saverimuttu - 5 years ago
dennis domingo what kind of carpeting plants?
Akash Singh Chauhan
Akash Singh Chauhan - 5 years ago
Cool glasses mate! thanks for sharing. .....
lydiaencyclopedia - 5 years ago
thanks for the video jacob! super interesting to see how you take care of the plants before they're sold!
TapedAquatics - 5 years ago
Rockin the shades!
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes - 5 years ago
Jacob question which of your plants can just be planted in a gravel aquarium
jem Ogn
jem Ogn - 5 years ago
Subbed , great channel
Jonniethai - 5 years ago
it's unbelievable how far you've come. brilliant stuff

10. comment for Amazon Sword Clean Up!

Andrew Bigelow
Andrew Bigelow - 5 years ago
I hope you saw my last comment, No joke it was exactly this.. Thanks for the great vids and help.
gman99 - 5 years ago
Jacob does sell a quality product. I got my first order from him about a month ago and I was very pleased.
Mark Robert
Mark Robert - 5 years ago
gman99 thanks Jacob I always wondered why the leaves Chang shape now I know thanks guess it is time to trim some of my plants
Charene Thornton
Charene Thornton - 5 years ago
I love your videos Jacob!

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