Aquarium Routine Maintenance

This covers - checking the temperature, - checking for leaks, - using a test strips to check water chemistry, - feed the discus some frozen food, - topping up the automatic feeder, - giving some Cory catfish tablets, - adding plant fertilizer, - skimming for debris We and our fish community thank you.

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This covers - checking the temperature, - checking for leaks, - using a test strips to check water chemistry, - feed the discus some frozen food, - topping up the automatic feeder, - giving some Cory catfish tablets, - adding plant fertilizer, - skimming for debris We and our fish community thank you.

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Ross Davies
Ross Davies - 5 years ago
Hi you were comparing the test strip you had the bottle with the diagram on the test strip bottle container the wrong side up,so you were comparing the wrong colours with the wrong tests your nitrate you were comparing your ph.ect.if your reading the bottle from the wrong way all the time you will be reading your water chemistry wrong proberly for years putting chemicals into your tank you don't need even more so.try concentrating on the fish instead if mak8nv videos with poor information on keeping fish.
Bizzyfakka - 5 years ago
wtf theres discus in this aquarium, and i am all nervous to get discusand going on a full rampage, still having mind trouble and i just cant do stuff cuz i am just afraid i fail this... i think i am having trouble with my self confidenct xD
Discus Fish Planted tank
Discus Fish Planted tank - 5 years ago
best discus fish food
Juned Xerxes
Juned Xerxes - 6 years ago
Surely keeping discus is not a lowtech
jay dee
jay dee - 6 years ago
Your temperature is to low it should be at least 86 degrees. But the tank looks great keep up the good work.
presouz - 6 years ago
your plants and fish are sooooo pretty well done
Marlboro Discus
Marlboro Discus - 6 years ago
I see the eheim pro 4
something to do about nothing
something to do about nothing - 6 years ago
my only suggestion would be to invest in higher quality foods like repashy, fluval big bites, or omega 1. tetra brand foods are filled with ash and fillers that are phosphate based and in addition to not being very healthy they can cause massive algae outbreaks. one man's humble suggestion, tank and fish are beautiful.
something to do about nothing
something to do about nothing - 6 years ago
this is so adorable, I love seeing people who are passionate about the things that they do. keep up the good work, and your tank looks amazing!

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Wanda Kelso-Smith
Wanda Kelso-Smith - 6 years ago
l love your discus tank! And your videos are very informative . Thank you, now Im ready to set up my tank for discus (my water is from a well and tends to have a higher ph than discus need and its hard water but not severly .) I think your method will work perfectly for me. i refuse to waste water with a RO filter lol
MAVERICKMAX - 6 years ago
So simple explanation.. Love the video
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan - 6 years ago
Your tank is beautiful
AS A sM Philly
AS A sM Philly - 6 years ago
witch size your tangfish ??
riccccccardo - 6 years ago
Fish seem like hard work how an earth they survive in the wild by themselves?
riccccccardo - 6 years ago
Safiloo1 ima just buy me a
Safiloo1 - 6 years ago
riccccccardo She make it so hard, anyone trying to have discus will run away! I have 7 all they eat is bloodworms and a 60% water change every 5 days an d a good heater. theyre healthy.
stan - 6 years ago
Would you be so nice to tell me te dimensions of your tank?
louie pereira
louie pereira - 6 years ago
beautiful discus
Amit Das
Amit Das - 6 years ago
Plz tell me what did you use in substrate for the plants??? And what plants can i use in discuss tank?? The plant which ll be alive with heater upto 29-30c
Plz tell me
And thnx for lovly video
Joricano - 6 years ago
how often does the automatic feeder dispense during the course of the day?
Joricano - 6 years ago
i have the same feeder, thinking of getting discus soon. Just trying to collect info from people that have discus. thanks for the reply
Discus Aquarium Care
Discus Aquarium Care - 6 years ago
Joricano 4 times a day at the time you set. It!s an Eheim feeder.
Discus Aquarium Care
Discus Aquarium Care - 6 years ago
The feeder dispenses food up to 4 times a day at the time you set for each feeding. It's an Eheim and is a bit pricey but it's the only one I found that has that many feedings.
Nat Turner
Nat Turner - 6 years ago
Nice practical video. I'd like to know the plants you have and I see you're using LED's. How long do you leave the lights on?
Discus Aquarium Care
Discus Aquarium Care - 6 years ago
Nat Turner There are a lot of different plants but I don't remember all the names. There's amazon sword, hygrophilia, ulvacious, java ferns and more. We ask the advice of a woman at our LFS whose good with plants. Since the tank is kept at around 82 with acidic water, not many plants will work. The lights are on for maybe 10 hours total, but the brightness ramps up and down gradually with about 6 hours of full brightness.

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Shekhar Kumar
Shekhar Kumar - 6 years ago
I am so glad to see a lady presenting the video on discus. I am in this hobby quite some time and wondered all the time why not women. In fact this hobby is not so tough it just need patience and consistency.

Thanks again and hope to see your some more videos.
Hamza Kanaan
Hamza Kanaan - 6 years ago
So beautiful tank and fish! What are the small orange fish? They are very beautiful!
Boba Fett
Boba Fett - 6 years ago
Hamza Kanaan discus fish I am pretty sure
paul kelly
paul kelly - 6 years ago
lovely looking tank
rinokaz - 6 years ago
You did not said about water changes. How often and in what amounts you do? Thx. Very nice aquarium!
zee guy
zee guy - 6 years ago
your aquarium is very nice
Joash Miranda
Joash Miranda - 7 years ago
I{ve noticed you guys use a lot of chemicals, couldnt that harm the fish
something to do about nothing
something to do about nothing - 6 years ago
Joash Miranda they aren't chemicals per say, they are concentrate of macro and micro nutrient blends that are naturally occurring and beneficial for healthy plant growth. the fish are perfectly equipped to handle them. hope that helps
Life by Brian
Life by Brian - 7 years ago
What fish are in the tank other than discus?
Bob - 7 years ago
Jeez i need to get me some of those test strips
Strange Person! xP
Strange Person! xP - 7 years ago
I used to keep gold gouramis, pearl gouramis and silver dollars and the tetra colour tropical granules really did an amazing job at bringing out their colour. Even the grey silver dollars started to develop some red pigmentation and some shiny spots on their backs which looked like shining dust.
mysister&i show
mysister&i show - 7 years ago
beautiful tank

30. comment for Aquarium Routine Maintenance

Angel Varela Faroppa
Angel Varela Faroppa - 7 years ago
my tank is 80G big. can i put 5 discus, 10 neon tetra, 10 black tetra, 10 tetra serpae, 5 corys and 3 botias?¿
Acuarios Anubis
Acuarios Anubis - 7 years ago
Just go with discus, neon tetra and corys.
Grecia T
Grecia T - 7 years ago
T Pir
T Pir - 7 years ago
I like your plant growth. Can you please tell me the make and model of your exact light fixture on top of the tank?
frederic amirat
frederic amirat - 7 years ago
Is very beautiful
wyzemann - 7 years ago
Wow, pure textbook/attention to every detail aquarist. I just subbed and hope/pray you two return with more vids, if possible.
SilverPower - 7 years ago
what is the dimension of the tank please ?
Devin Flickinger
Devin Flickinger - 7 years ago
what size tank is that?
Discus Aquarium Care
Discus Aquarium Care - 7 years ago
the tank is 65 gal - just barely big enough for 6 discus (and friends)
Pierre-Louis Parant
Pierre-Louis Parant - 7 years ago
W Murphy
W Murphy - 7 years ago
great video
Eduardo Vasquez
Eduardo Vasquez - 7 years ago
I mean I am going to try it your way and I subscribed already cool how you do it
Eduardo Vasquez
Eduardo Vasquez - 7 years ago
I'm a try it your way I subscribed alredy
Fish Tales
Fish Tales - 7 years ago
Hi it's nice to see a lady do an aquarium video for once.
Lovely tank hope mine gets as good as yours .
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - 5 years ago
Fish Tales You just ruined it for me, unsubscribing!
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 7 years ago
Lovely tank Pam. Well done
AQUA NUT - 7 years ago
Great video. I don't use test strips but i would suggest using a cup to scoop tank water and dip your strips in a cup. I was warned about that a while back. I really did enjoy the video and i subscribed to your channel as well.
Atsadawut Phuengsat
Atsadawut Phuengsat - 8 years ago
lovely fish care tips n tks for sharing
David King 1
David King 1 - 8 years ago
great video super good info thank you
Navy Sar 2016
Navy Sar 2016 - 8 years ago
thats a small tank for 5 discus but they seem happy enough. might need to upgrade later.
alphapimp - 8 years ago
lol this is ridiculous
alphapimp - 8 years ago
lol this is ridiculous
X3N - 8 years ago
Thumb  up for you video. Thank you for share your aquarium routine with us.

50. comment for Aquarium Routine Maintenance

Le Kev
Le Kev - 8 years ago
thank you so much for a very detail video.
JamesCrowonline - 8 years ago
Would like to see a video on the type filter system you have on this aquarium.
Rain Yuri Young
Rain Yuri Young - 8 years ago
Your adorable :) great video, very informational.
TheAquasea - 8 years ago
Hi there. i am just subscribed to your channel it is the far best videos i have seen on youtube for a long time explaining in very detail. can you please do a video on discus care even if it's a long one that would be great about 30 minutes i'm thinking to buy some discus so i video on the care would be great. Also i have been unfortunately not having a good success with life plans if you can do a video on your life plans that would be much appreciated. keep up the good work and thank you again for sharing
jeremiemcd - 9 years ago
Beautiful tank and fish, great vid :)

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