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Discus 7 years ago 4,762 views

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Most popular comments
for Aquarium Stand GIVEAWAY

Neil Buenaventura
Neil Buenaventura - 7 years ago
very nice unit mate!!!!
billy boy m
billy boy m - 7 years ago
hhhahahahahahaha love 2:00-2:26
puffin stuff
puffin stuff - 7 years ago
beautiful goldfish,,,sorry i live in texas ,love to have intered the contest but live to far,,,,so sad,,,i raise gold fish to the fancy kind....hope to hear from you thanks for the videos i follow them every day.
Carmen Molina
Carmen Molina - 7 years ago
Please, pick meeeeeeeee, I am upgrading to a bigger fish tank, so I will be needing a stand for it... I live in LA, right where the 105 fw and the 110 fw meet.... Love your videos =)
Tornadoplays Minescraft
Tornadoplays Minescraft - 7 years ago
Tornadoplays Minescraft
Tornadoplays Minescraft - 7 years ago
I live in Connecticut... LOL
Corbin Hareld
Corbin Hareld - 7 years ago
Hey! I'm your BIGGEST FAN I absolutely love your video we are going to be getting into a house too soon! And I was going to buy a tank buy I don't have the money for a stand LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!
Peppy Grace
Peppy Grace - 7 years ago
Aww. I wish i lived in southern cali
wigstone75 - 7 years ago
Have learned quite a bit from your vids. I have a 40 with two baby fancies whom are thriving with your help :-] I must say I thought you were older since you are quite knowledgeable... Keep up the good work Jacob always look foward to new vids ;-]

10. comment for Aquarium Stand GIVEAWAY

Tom will
Tom will - 7 years ago
new subscriber here, good luck in your new place. you videos help a lot.
Tuna Vic
Tuna Vic - 7 years ago
Like you're videos,could of done without the cussing,even though you weren't saying the entire phrases its obvious what you were saying,remember very young impressionable people watch your videos,jmo.
Descendant178 - 7 years ago
I'm in Anaheim!!!!! Hope I win, keep making those videos. It enjoy watching them
PeabodysParadise - 7 years ago
Use a bunny to pick your winner, that's what I do :D
Lucien Barbarin
Lucien Barbarin - 7 years ago
dude your videos are awesome, I haven't been on youtube in a while because all of my time goes to my nonprofit (School of Fish). Look me up on facebook..... Anyway your vids have been very informative. I have planted aquariums in my house and have now switched to oto's to handle my algae. Because of you I will now use Oto's in the aquariums I put in schools.....thank you very much
Caleb Poulson
Caleb Poulson - 7 years ago
WOAH! I bet that stove hurt, seeing the huge reaction, Much love
Gil Cardenas
Gil Cardenas - 7 years ago
If I get a 50 gallon tank is ther some taller then wider and how many fancy goldfish can it hold thanks Btw nice videos
Gerardo L
Gerardo L - 7 years ago
One of your best videos for sure!!! Greetings.
Gil Cardenas
Gil Cardenas - 7 years ago
Thanks :)
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Yes will do.

20. comment for Aquarium Stand GIVEAWAY

JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Gil Cardenas
Gil Cardenas - 7 years ago
Do all gold fish need a oxygen pump?
David Par Seth
David Par Seth - 7 years ago
Hi Jacob could you post a video that show us what to do with fish when moving house?
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez - 7 years ago
pick me!!!XD
Joseph Nolan
Joseph Nolan - 7 years ago
WIsh i lived in CA...could do with a bit of sun haha. The UK is so drab at the moment! Good luck everyone!
Bao Nguyen
Bao Nguyen - 7 years ago
keep it up jacob!
Zacharry Sison
Zacharry Sison - 7 years ago
I luv your cheeks
Juan Ortega
Juan Ortega - 7 years ago
I live in Fontana I'll take one
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Yes. Anywhere is fine, as long as you can pick it up from my place in the Inland Empire.
Coolbeatrix12 - 7 years ago
Hey I NEED this stand! Is Palm springs CA, okay?

30. comment for Aquarium Stand GIVEAWAY

FishyDrizzy - 7 years ago
I want the aquarium stand!! I live in Santa Barbara, Southern Cali!
nismo_alan - 7 years ago
I need it
Robert H
Robert H - 7 years ago
Omg, u are so funny, I liv ur vids, mmmmmk bye
Outdoors Guy
Outdoors Guy - 7 years ago
dont worry bout living with ur parnets i live with mine and im turning 25 this yr and i am a yr out of my college career so no worries lol
Michael Sikler
Michael Sikler - 7 years ago
Congrats on the move! Look forward to more videos
Ronnie Diaz
Ronnie Diaz - 7 years ago
Hope I can win :)i never won anything .....
littleIggydog - 7 years ago
Damn, Portland Oregon. Nice to have you back and congrats!
akalegs - 7 years ago
Always nice to see you. You don't think you'll need if you get another tank?
TheCyanidePie - 7 years ago
How many tanks do you have?
Taigaboi - 7 years ago
so nice to have you back Jacob. im been barely watching all of your videos! you are really helpful! Im from Norway so.. can see a problem getting that fishtankstand. Anyway.. i only got a 13 gallon or so and i started doing this hobby only a month ago. So what i want you to do is to keep it up! you're videoexperience are really growing!
e schmidt
e schmidt - 7 years ago
Go figure....Kentucky is a bit far.
joren70 - 7 years ago
Nice giveaway. Goldfish look awesome! Grtz
fyaluugda - 7 years ago
still cant believe how big goldfish can get, i used to have a fancy one in my tank, but the crab i had in the bottom ate its fins.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen - 7 years ago
this would be perfect for my gf's 55 gallon. her tank right now is on cheap wood that shouldn't be holding all that weight. im in so cal and can pick it up :)
nismo_alan - 7 years ago
I want it for my 55gallon
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis - 7 years ago
When you moving men?
Jonah Foust
Jonah Foust - 7 years ago
I have family living in Orange County that would maybe want it. Totally would prolly. Depends on what size the tank stand is.
miguelhuizar90 - 7 years ago
Wish id live in oc lol oh well ur still funny as hell and I'm not gunna stop watching your videos oh I really learn alot from u ....thanks
Elpinacate - 7 years ago
good Luck in you new apt , can you tell me the brand of you pellets ? and where can i buy some , you Goldfishes looks Awsome ;)
carlatan - 7 years ago
Good luck to your new unit

50. comment for Aquarium Stand GIVEAWAY

heidi stafford
heidi stafford - 7 years ago
i would LOVE to have a tank stand... mine is sitting on my dresser atm. : ) i live in san diego, but i would DEF come that way to get it if i win! *crosses fingers*
Oceguera_54 - 7 years ago
I need a stand I live in Lake elsinore. Pliz pick me i need one soo bad
Hello! - 7 years ago
I want it
Trena Marie
Trena Marie - 7 years ago
I dont live in CA, but just wanted to say I was LMAO on the cooking portion. Love that apartment, looks like an awesome place.
theModernFishkeeper - 7 years ago
Your back! I missed you!
Iskandar Danial
Iskandar Danial - 7 years ago
aww man, why everytime I see a giveaway or contest, it never is worldwide.
Min FishGuy
Min FishGuy - 7 years ago
finally BACK!
david2000821 - 7 years ago
wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy!!! cant it be nation wide. I live I Kansas and have a 30 gallon tall tank. hints give the demotions please.
CodCrazyClipz - 7 years ago
cooking part chino hills me
Aquariumlover1999 - 7 years ago
I love your channel
DayTripTravelers - 7 years ago
Cool, I'm in the of, buttttt probably dont deserve it. There are tons of other people that probably can't afford it, so good luck to them!
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Cool man, good luck! :)
Damian A. Corona
Damian A. Corona - 7 years ago
i live in upland!!!!!!
hanzifaction - 7 years ago
Yo this is bogus, I live in New York State!
mersf559 - 7 years ago
ilive with my parents and ilove it
Oscar Segundo
Oscar Segundo - 7 years ago
Aww man!!!! :( im all the way here in Vegas! Goodluck to everyone!
GodofFishtanks - 7 years ago
Dang it! I live in Illinois! Good luck withthe give away!
grace4realz - 7 years ago
hey jason, noticed the food you have on top of the tank. was thinking of buying that for my oranda but i read online that they float?? or do you still have to soak to sink? my oranda seems abit disoriented when i feed any floating food. thanks!!! and congrats on the move, that's exciting!
Dopemop - 7 years ago
Ahahahaha the cooking part.
Why - 7 years ago
I don't live in cali. Good luck to the winner
Why - 7 years ago
Man I need one too for my 20L that I wanna start up just need a stand..
Why - 7 years ago
CodCrazyClipz - 7 years ago
how big is it for how many gallons
HardyAquariums - 7 years ago
In from the IE!! I have no room in my studio apt tho :/
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Yes Chino is perfectly fine, you would have to come pick it up if you win.
CodCrazyClipz - 7 years ago
thank you for the video show around your new house
CodCrazyClipz - 7 years ago
i need a fish tank stand is it ok if i live in chino hills california reply
CodCrazyClipz - 7 years ago
do the cooking show and dont burn your self hehe
CodCrazyClipz - 7 years ago
MrRangerZr1 - 7 years ago
WOW WOW ur getting toooo excited
MrRangerZr1 - 7 years ago

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