Bare Bottom Tanks

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Discus 11 years ago 30,815 views

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Most popular comments
for Bare Bottom Tanks

Summer Folster
Summer Folster - 6 years ago
I have bare bottom at the moment. I really don’t care for the look but clean up is sooo easy this way and they are happy in clean water
River Life
River Life - 6 years ago
Beauties! No substrate, no problem! New subscriber.
XJustice Leaguex
XJustice Leaguex - 7 years ago
I think Bare tanks are awesome! if you have arrowana or somthing large that cant be scraped by rocks ist awesomeeee
nes ra
nes ra - 7 years ago
bare tanks with sponge filters are my fav
sam soria
sam soria - 7 years ago
Guys what is the best food for grooming a ranchu, ryukin and oranda! im starting for 1.5 inches!
Summer Folster
Summer Folster - 6 years ago
sam soria bloodworms, lots and lots
franchiske - 7 years ago
The neon tetra is trying to figure out who are these giant fish are. Its probably scared of these gentle giants.
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh - 7 years ago
Keeping Corries in a bare bottom for almost a year with no problem. They are as active and healthy as they would have been in sand substrate. Yes, sand do encourage grazing habit in them because thats how they search food in nature. However, in my tank, I am responsible for feed them what they need to stay healthy. To have a substrate filled or bare bottom tank is a matter of personal preference of a hobbyist.
Jaz 99
Jaz 99 - 7 years ago
Okay hey. Gravel is not really best option for goldfish but fine gravel or sand does not harm goldfish AT ALL. If they swallow it actually even helps them to digest. But they really are unlikely to swallow it at all.
Michael Lou
Michael Lou - 7 years ago
Totally agree with the bare bottom tank. i have a bare bottom tank for my orandas and for my discus. Easy to clean, feed and do water changes. Sponge filters provide more than enough biological filtration and consistent water change keeps the nitrates down and keep the water absolutely pristine.

10. comment for Bare Bottom Tanks

kathy laughlin
kathy laughlin - 8 years ago
hi jacob i have a 55 gallon with large gravel i want to take the gravel out how do i do it without killing my fish i'm afraid if i take it out it will mess up my cycle the tank has been running for 3 months and i have 3 ranchu's in it any info would be great
Jaz 99
Jaz 99 - 7 years ago
Makes no sense, the system doesn't just break down because you take out gravel.
Nicholas Walton-Jones
Nicholas Walton-Jones - 8 years ago
Fancy goldfish do best on pelleted food that sinks so they don't gulp air ( as they do with flake food ) so a bare tank is best so they can easily find food. I use bare tanks and marismo moss balls.
Michael S
Michael S - 8 years ago
That calico Ranchu is a stunner.
Leonel Cabrera
Leonel Cabrera - 8 years ago
Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!! for bare bottom tanks, don't regret it and i m not going back having 4 hugeee golfish
T-Zay - 8 years ago
Those are some JUICY goldfish, like dumplings with tails.  You just wanna pick them up with a pair of chopsticks! lol

Very good points about them swallowing gravel.  I think one of my betta got a piece of plant matter stuck in his throat for days and he seemed to choke to death from it.  I was hoping he could get it loose but I probably should have scooped him out and removed it with some tweezers or something.

All the best with your lovely G. Fish!
Scamcaster - 7 years ago
Plague Gaming
Plague Gaming - 8 years ago
+tazia hall goldfish dont taste good.
Sunny Davison
Sunny Davison - 8 years ago
How come you have a neon in your goldfish tank?
T-Zay - 8 years ago
+Sunny Davison I saw the random neon! I love those fish.
torpedo 192
torpedo 192 - 9 years ago
Don't Goldfish live with gravel/sand in nature?
Emmit Stewart
Emmit Stewart - 8 years ago
+torpedo 192 yes, but in nature they don't have eight inches of guts packed into a five inch belly.  Fancy goldfish have very delicate digestive systems.
SamLesCreations - 9 years ago
THEY'RE SUCH CHUNKY GOLDFISH.I LIVE HOW THEY WIGGLE! lol and their fins and colors are so pretty. I love good fish but they're so messy.
I've never seen that kind.
My favorite is butterfly.
Dakari Howell
Dakari Howell - 9 years ago
Should I do a bare bottom if I only have a hang on the back filter
nancee Lowcarb
nancee Lowcarb - 9 years ago
Once I realised you don't need gravel there was no turning back for me! I do have a couple of potted plants in there tho but they don't cause any issues.
Good vid, thanks!

20. comment for Bare Bottom Tanks

HooRidingGnome - 9 years ago
i was able to trade an ounce of weed for 8 baby ranchus. a steal in my book lol 
Cute fish
Cute fish - 9 years ago
Bare tanks are boring.
The decorations will house beneficial bacteria and can grow some algae
on the decorations for the goldfish to eat.
Beneficial bacteria will grow naturally on many surfaces within the aquarium including gravel, decorative rock and plastic plants and will provide biological filtration.
Eric Lind
Eric Lind - 6 years ago
Spiritofequis I often wondered about the value of having gravel substrate. Yes, it can cultivate beneficial bacteria but it also traps a lot of gunk. So imo, the chunks of gunk trapped outpaces the ability of the bacteria to break them down so it's a losing battle. With bare bottom, you can still have floating root plants to clean water but the ability to just suck up chunks of gunk into the filter cleans exponentially faster than bacteria breakdown. Think about it, our toilets are "bare bottom". We flush our junk with a flush. Imagine pooping on gravel and leaving it there waiting for bacteria to consume the poop. Your rate of pooping would simply be too much for the bacteria.
Jaz 99
Jaz 99 - 7 years ago
Bare bottom does not mean no decoration bro.
am ber
am ber - 8 years ago
+JacobsAquarium I agree with you as I got 2 fancies. I actually find bare bottom good because it is easy to scoop up left-over food and no choking plus easy to just need a very efficient filter and it would be good to have aquarium plants but not the tiny one as they love to nibble and toss it around..and love your goldies..they are so adorable...
Spiritofequis - 9 years ago
I have to agree with everything you wrote. The argument for bare bottom tanks is a flawed one. If we apply the same logic to children we would have to keep them in bubbles. Kids can kill themselves in countless ways. Fish in their natural habitats can die from countless causes including yes, the dreaded choking on a pebble. Somehow, nature works it all out and life persists even among the hazards. My fish live in a gorgeous fully decorated tank complete with gravel for substrate. Some of my fish use the gravel to help grind up their food by choosing a small piece of gravel and chewing it with the pellets. They spit out the gravel when they're finished. I'm thinking this is natural behavior and they do this in the wild. So actually, fish without this useful tool can choke on their food! I suppose that makes for a valid argument FOR gravel. ;) Check out my videos to see my tanks. Now ease of cleaning, is perfectly valid. But I don't find cleaning to be a chore so....there's that. ;)
JacobsAquarium - 9 years ago
+Cute me This isn't about the look of a bare bottom tank, this all about cleanliness. Having a bunch of decorations, gravel, other stuff and a goldfish constantly defecating will only dirty a tank in a matter of days, which in return makes more work for you. Beneficial bacteria doesn't have to grow inside an aquarium. If you have a wet dry or canister filter with biological media, you should be fine. Thanks for watching.
Bayonetta - 9 years ago
goldfish r the BEST!! theyre sooo fckin cute lol. I have some anubis and lucky bamboo is my bare bottom goldfish tank and it seems to do pretty well. 
Devawrat Bhogawkar
Devawrat Bhogawkar - 9 years ago
 jacob i like your videos alot! thanks for all the info!! i have a doubt.. do u have any idea about keeping a flowerhorn? like his feeding, tank setup, n not letting it bite me! i m planning to keep one with a bare bottom tank! kindly help me out if you have any idea! thanks !! keep up the good work bro!!
Artantica - 9 years ago
Gorgeous goldfish Jacob!
wyzemann - 9 years ago
Up until now, I thought all bare bottom tanks were purely for aesthetics.  I'm  absolutely interested in keeping most breeds of Fancy Goldfish, so you're vid has added to my knowledge base.  Now all I need is a 90G and 4 beautiful Orandas & 1 black moor.  
cmykolor - 9 years ago
Just wondering, if I were to fully change my gravel bottom tank to a bare bottom tank, how do I manage my fishes? I dont think I would leave them in the tank while I take out all the gravel, etc... 
Rozen Love
Rozen Love - 9 years ago
You have a point. But it will surely be most boring. But I'm switching to a DIY pond so w.e.
Tw1zzl3rs - 10 years ago
I am actually going to swipe all of the sand and gravel out today from my goldfish tank. The reason being is that I think they are finding it very hard to find the food and I have noticed this from observation. The sinking pellet are the same color and even when I pre-soak them it sinks slowly in front of the goldfish's eyes or it's right under their nose when grazing and they miss most of it.

Question; How long do goldfisk take to grow to full size? I feed mine every other day and I swap food so it's Pellets one day/no food the next day/peas the day after that/no food again/pellets again
Tw1zzl3rs - 9 years ago
+Steppen03  I've had incredible results ever since I went bare bottom, the goldfish feed so much better :) In a few weeks I should be transferring them to a 120L long tank and I was thinking of putting white sand with some rocks and anubias barteri (I've read online goldfish don't eat these) and some nerlite snails and pondloach. As filtration I have a 980l/h marineland canister filter with activated charcoal and also a biowheel. I've bought this on purpose for two reasons; the price was too damn good to refuse and since goldfish are very messy I need a beast to clean up that ammonia. I can't wait till the tank is done :)
Steppen03 - 9 years ago
you should feed once a day, everyday if you can, what they can consume in 5-6 minutes. good thing you are taking out the gravel - it's nice to have it but it's not really practical for fancy goldfish and a lot of hassle come cleaning time.  it will take several years for fancy goldfish to reach full size - same for all goldfish (hardy ones and koi).
Mgtow Monk Templar
Mgtow Monk Templar - 10 years ago
Bare bottom aquariums are awesome.

30. comment for Bare Bottom Tanks

Elle Q
Elle Q - 10 years ago
So you don't keep any plants or anything in your tank? I'm thinking about swapping mine to bare bottom too. I struggle with the look of bare bottom tanks though, so considering DIYing something like a fairly large rock archway with spots in it for plants to grow, for the fish to swim through and add interest to the tank. Think this will significantly reduce spots for bad bacteria, while still looking nice :)
TheFireFistGamer - 10 years ago
my gold fish takes the gravel then put it in its mouth then spits it out
Mgtow Monk Templar
Mgtow Monk Templar - 10 years ago
don't use fake decorations, and tie anubias and java fern onto them. they like driftwood better, because the fish waste and ammonia and nitrate are sucked into the driftwood. so, the anubias and java fern will absorb all that, on the driftwood.
kong lin ni
kong lin ni - 10 years ago
You can use sand instead of gravel
JacobsAquarium - 10 years ago
I bought my tank locally.
Lovefish - 10 years ago
where do u get your fish and tank from can u give me a website please
JacobsAquarium - 10 years ago
andy325is - 10 years ago
nice orandas and video
heidi stafford
heidi stafford - 10 years ago
i have bare bottom tanks and im thinking about spray painting the back and the bottom. looks pretty cool! bare bottom ftw! : )
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee - 10 years ago
moe jem
moe jem - 10 years ago
Lol obiese fish XD
jinilover - 10 years ago
i am also thinking of removing the gravel becauseit traps lots of debris and hard to clean, but someone said the gravel is a substrate for the good bacteria controlling ammonia/nitrite, removing gravel will make the water cloudy and got to do more water change. My tank is cycled with a normal top filter with ceramic noodles for the good bacteria as well. Therefore do u need to use a very powerful filter such as canister and uv sterilizer as the gravel for good bacteria is removed?
Michael Blackwell
Michael Blackwell - 10 years ago
some potted plants in dirt would help caped off with play sand great video jake
Sean Theo
Sean Theo - 10 years ago
I love your tank! :) What are the dimensions?
MrMOFish - 10 years ago
Good vid, thanks. The next tank I set up is going to be for gold fish, good information to know.
organicfisherman - 11 years ago
ever tried or made a java moss carpet easy to clean and it needs no substrate to help it grow see if this helps keep your bare bottom tank clean
123Ronv - 11 years ago
Could you please do a video about convict Cichlids ?
bahcoc93 - 11 years ago
Hey I'm in the process of setting up a 90 gallon for my 5 Lionhead Goldfish (currentyly juveniles 2") I can't decide if a canister filter is the way to go, or a wet/dry. Any suggestions for these larger goldfish
123Ronv - 11 years ago
What are your plans for the future of this tank? Out of curiosity.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Four goldfish max, especially if you're getting orandas, they get big. I have a fifty and only have three in mine as you know. The more space they have to swim and the less populated the tank is, the bigger the fish will grow.

50. comment for Bare Bottom Tanks

Damian A. Corona
Damian A. Corona - 11 years ago
hey dude i will be setting up a 55 gallons for fancy gold fish only bare bottom as the one you have. how many gold fish will i be able to keep there?????
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Yes I will put a video together, allot of people have been asking me too. Thanks friend :)
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Thanks friend! :)
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Yes I will, sorry for the delay.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Thanks friend, yours look amazing as well! :)
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
A tank with no substrate.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Yes it is a big change and for most an ugly change. But I see the beauty in these fat little guys so I really don't mind.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
I will do my best, thanks for the request friend :)
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Cool, good luck friend! :)
Tony Workman
Tony Workman - 11 years ago
Nice fish man. I have been getting into goldfish recently and am really liking them.
coolguywithagirl - 11 years ago
Did your black goldfish change color?
selectpet - 11 years ago
In most modern nonplanted tanks the substrate (gravel) is just for decoration on our part anyway
123Ronv - 11 years ago
Hello, could you please do a video about convict cichlid care and breeding ? It would be much appreciated.
Alan - 11 years ago
Ahhh man why go from discus to goldfish though ? all personal preference but a nice planted discus tank to a barebottom goldfish tank ?
Solid Gold Aquatics
Solid Gold Aquatics - 11 years ago
Hi Jacob, your goldies are looking great and healthy!
panda8alex - 11 years ago
can you please make a video about your planted tank?
123Ronv - 11 years ago
You have the most beautiful goldfish I have ever seen, and I've seen plenty.
Ethan Vargas
Ethan Vargas - 11 years ago
You have a tetra in there
Danny P
Danny P - 11 years ago
Whats up Jacob. Can you consider doing a video on ick. My Black Moore goldfish got it had to set up a quarantine tank but he still look like hes gonna die. Did some research and read that ick is very common in fish tanks. Hoping you could touch on it in case someone else gets it in there tank. It really sucks! anyway thanks and keep the videos coming!!
skate to survive
skate to survive - 11 years ago
i see your gold fish does tricks cool 2:48
Elast3l - 11 years ago
i love how easy bare bottom tanks are to keep clean...but i just can't stand it not looking pretty....thats why i went to the dollar tree and bought a bunch of river rocks for my turtle/goldfish turtle digs in them and they are much easier to keep clean compared to small gravel or sand...
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
As goldfish age they loose certain prominent colors, black in particular, is a very unstable pigment in goldfish. 90% of the time it will fade as the goldfish ages. This fish is almost five years old, so its at that time in its life when color starts to fade and no matter what food you feed them claiming it'll improve color will just fail every time, its completely natural and not a sign of illness or poor water quality.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Rocks will just give the goldfish feces a place to grab on too, no matter the size, they still store goldfish feces. A bare bottom tank with some floating plants is good enough :)
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
It was a fish left over from when this tank was a living planted aquarium. I plan on putting it in the ten gallon planted tank I'm constructing soon.
CaliRanchu - 11 years ago
Yay for barebottom tanks! Both of my goldfish tanks are bare. I tied down some live plants to a large rock for aesthetics.
Discus Pilz
Discus Pilz - 11 years ago
why is there a neon fish inside
jashelps - 11 years ago
put some floating plants in there my goldfish love it
AquaStudent - 11 years ago
Very nice Jacob. A bare bottom tank is easier to keep clean (which is very important with goldfish like you said). good work. I can't wait to see an update on the 10g planted
Pure4Kicks - 11 years ago
those fish are lucky
clydezboy - 11 years ago
great looking goldfish
BayAreaAquatics - 11 years ago
I think decor would be better because it gives the fish a sense of security makes them less stressed. Also sand would make a good replacement for gravel because it can't be swallowed, it also adds surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. The occasional vacuum and smaller snail species would keep it poop free as well. I know you spent a TON of money on those fish so I can understand why you went bare.
edifiz934 - 11 years ago
Is it me or is your oranda losing its black color?
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Yes, in a couple weeks.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
My personal opinion about sand is, its smaller, finer and goldfish can accidentally swallow more of it. I wouldn't recommend it.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Yes, I have an interest in them. I might buy a couple.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Well...yeah..that's probably not the best method for removing gravel from your goldfish....usually its best to just have a bare bottom tank.
TechYK - 11 years ago
Looking forward to the fish store video :)
TheDarthGod - 11 years ago
one of my dads fish ate a piece of gravel and he noticed that something was wrong with it so scooped it out with his hand (didn't have a net at the time) and it jumped out and hit the floor and the piece of gravel went flying across the floor he picked it up quickly and put it back into the tank and he just swam away like nothing was wrong
akalegs - 11 years ago
I can understand the advantage of the bare bottom tank for these fish. Have you thought about floating plants to add some interest?
mariosam2 - 11 years ago
what about using sand with goldfish they still may die?
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
Its still there, sorry its not that visible in the video.
David Ferrufino
David Ferrufino - 11 years ago
What happened to your Fluval C4 filter?
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
I bought a bag of ADA aqua soil, I'm just getting together a plant list so I know which ones to buy and then I will be ready to make the planted tank construction video. Thanks for watching friend! :)
watch057 - 11 years ago
MrRangerZr1 - 11 years ago
Next time i will be 1st

100. comment for Bare Bottom Tanks

MrRangerZr1 - 11 years ago
Damn it 2 nd one!
ronifiedful - 11 years ago
Beautiful fish!

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