Best Discus Aquarium

Discus hardscape with anubias

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Discus hardscape with anubias

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nouval nurmansyah
nouval nurmansyah - 4 years ago
pake heater ato tidak ini?
mini zuz
mini zuz - 3 years ago
i have the best aquarium look my chanel
lim maveric
lim maveric - 4 years ago
Very nice setup, wondering what your tank size?
Teddy Irawan
Teddy Irawan - 4 years ago
it is 90cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
andrzej731731 - 5 years ago
neon is not liv in 30 c
AZI3623 - 5 years ago
Very nice setup and beautiful fishes however I feel that there is less space for them..
Teddy Irawan
Teddy Irawan - 4 years ago
yes its very crowded

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