Biotope Discus Aquarium

Biotope Discus fish Aquarium tank Oradea , Romania - 7 x Discus : Red Turquoise , Snakeskin , Cobalt , Red Tangerine

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Discus 12 years ago 13,754 views

Biotope Discus fish Aquarium tank Oradea , Romania - 7 x Discus : Red Turquoise , Snakeskin , Cobalt , Red Tangerine

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claudiu bocra bululete
claudiu bocra bululete - 9 years ago cate ori ma uit la acest video imi amintesc cu nostalgie ca a fost primul acvariu cu discusi ce m-a impresionat!
drkingslend - 11 years ago
Its not really a biotope fr discus as discus come from areas with very little water movement.
Lucian Vlad
Lucian Vlad - 11 years ago
Yes, this is a real biotope with snakeskin, cobalt and red tangerine. Lol. The aquarium setup is ok but it will never be a biotope with this kind of hybrid fish.
blkattk2 - 12 years ago
@sousafan100 lol prove it and post a video of your setup. you probably have a cereal bowl with sea monkeys in it, still waiting to see if they are real HAA HAA FRIGGIN LIAR!!!
sousafan100 - 12 years ago
nice tank just41 - i have a 55 gal. biotope setup with discus, cardinals, rummys, rams, and corys - i use gravel, driftwood, rockwork, and swordplants - it's real cool!
Cezar Serban
Cezar Serban - 12 years ago
oh geoo;;)
TazDevil45 - 12 years ago
Salut. F.fain acvariul, un biotop adevarat.Felicitari.

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