Discus Tank 2012

second vid from my 450 liter tank running since March 2011 - have fun :)

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second vid from my 450 liter tank running since March 2011 - have fun :)

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Hamlet spa
Hamlet spa - 4 years ago
Kathleen Monsegue
Kathleen Monsegue - 4 years ago
Beautiful fish!
Аквариумный новичок
Аквариумный новичок - 4 years ago
roni raj
roni raj - 4 years ago
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia - 4 years ago
Paul Proctor
Paul Proctor - 4 years ago
Alberto Garcia i
Nil Sunil
Nil Sunil - 5 years ago
plz tel me the food name
Nil Sunil
Nil Sunil - 5 years ago
its truly beautiful...
George Calderon
George Calderon - 5 years ago
Atataş World
Atataş World - 5 years ago
I am waiting for your support to make the channel production discus angel and japan
Dee0862014 - 6 years ago
Beautiful discus!

10. comment for Discus Tank 2012

George Spigner
George Spigner - 6 years ago
Doogy262 - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank are those frozen brine shrimp you are feeding?
Verdigris - 6 years ago
+Doogy262 Frozen mysis shrimp.
اسلام محمد Mohmd
اسلام محمد Mohmd - 6 years ago
احلا سمك
اسلام محمد Mohmd
اسلام محمد Mohmd - 6 years ago
احلا سمك
Spartan - 6 years ago
Hey these are nice. What do you find are the deepest blue/indigo varieties?
Carlene Pool
Carlene Pool - 6 years ago
omg wow just wow!
Jennifer Minerve
Jennifer Minerve - 6 years ago
My God! ! Magical! From the fishes to the aquascape to the background music... Superb! Keep it up and thank u to share!!
ahmet mithat
ahmet mithat - 6 years ago
ekşiçiler merhaba :/
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez - 7 years ago
omg they're beautiful...
Engilbert Vignisson
Engilbert Vignisson - 7 years ago
what kind of lightning are you using?

20. comment for Discus Tank 2012

Tech Pro
Tech Pro - 7 years ago
Melissa Marie
Melissa Marie - 7 years ago
S.T. International Aquarium Supply
S.T. International Aquarium Supply - 7 years ago
This is too beautiful, we are sharing this on all our Social Media pages!
S.T. International Aquarium Supply
S.T. International Aquarium Supply - 7 years ago
+speel Thanks! We'll be sharing this!
speel - 7 years ago
+S.T. International Aquarium Supply<<< <The Ultimate Guide to Discus Fish Care.<  <<<FishCare-discus.blogspot.com <<<
The Ultimate Guide In Caring For Your Discus Fish. This Resource Is A Must Have For Any Discus Fish Owner Or Potential Buyer Wether They Are A Beginner Or An Expert Aquarist. This Guide Covers All Aspects Of Caring For This Beautiful Species Of Fish.
S.T. International Aquarium Supply
S.T. International Aquarium Supply - 7 years ago
Beautiful! Liked & Subbed :-D
Jonathan McBee
Jonathan McBee - 7 years ago
What's the fish at 0:18?
Heron 1818
Heron 1818 - 7 years ago
awesome !
GwynnbrookFarm - 7 years ago
Very nice video.  
Maurice Aquariums
Maurice Aquariums - 8 years ago
Gorgeous fish bro. I liked & subbed.
Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas - 8 years ago
great fish and acquarium
Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas - 8 years ago
What is the food your are feeding?...can you tell me the name of fish like blue diamond etc

30. comment for Discus Tank 2012

Aarons Aquarium
Aarons Aquarium - 8 years ago
Great tank and beautiful Discus. liked and subbed. Check out my 170 Gallon Discus tank and let me know what you think.
Peter Frans
Peter Frans - 8 years ago
One word... BEAUTIFUL !!!
Andrew Floyd
Andrew Floyd - 8 years ago
PSN.FreePoitnsForYou. c o m
Henry Doan
Henry Doan - 8 years ago
Christoph Berger How come your discus doesn't have any peppering when ur back ground is black and there are some driftwood in ur tank also? 
Matt Richison
Matt Richison - 8 years ago
What's that you fed them?
lumpy1space2princess - 7 years ago
Looks like brine shrimp.
FunPentaTR - 8 years ago
this fish is 3000$ uff..
FunPentaTR - 8 years ago
you have got a million dollar ?  omg....
faisal butt
faisal butt - 8 years ago
RamirezHD - 8 years ago
Lillagrodan13 - 8 years ago
I get so happy when I see animals so healthy as this discus are. Nice job! and thanks for this beautiful video!!!
Yesenia Castellanos
Yesenia Castellanos - 8 years ago
They are beautiful but no personality lol
Jill Skyz
Jill Skyz - 8 years ago
love, love, love. Beauties.
Pez Disco Channel
Pez Disco Channel - 8 years ago
Bonito vídeo y muy bien editado. Saludos desde España donde también reproducimos al "rey del acuario".
IADave - 8 years ago
How could anyone downvote? This tank is stunning!
MSTANG_GT - 8 years ago
Those discus are stunning! Well done for keeping them looking so healthy! Mine are juveniles but still lovely. there are 5 in a 300litre:)
ancient aliens are coming
ancient aliens are coming - 8 years ago
like a family...
János Koncz
János Koncz - 8 years ago
what's your filtration system?
AcquariofiliaItalia - 8 years ago
very very nice video tank discus, thanks you friend by AcquariofiliaItalia . com
Oleg Gavrylenko
Oleg Gavrylenko - 8 years ago
Hi,nice tank,what filtration?
Lionel Pichon
Lionel Pichon - 8 years ago
It's probably Manzanita wood.

50. comment for Discus Tank 2012

Lionel Pichon
Lionel Pichon - 8 years ago
It's probably Manzanita wood.
vivaldo medeiros
vivaldo medeiros - 8 years ago
Can somebody tell me what are the name of these roots/wood/tree?
Marina Roguljić
Marina Roguljić - 8 years ago
I can' take my eyes off !
Vestora Cx
Vestora Cx - 8 years ago
I have 8 3 inch discus cant wait till they are that big
sagatbalrog - 8 years ago
their mouth look like they got lips
Hamish cleland
Hamish cleland - 8 years ago
this tank is so nice I would consider taking a poo in it.
Patryk C
Patryk C - 9 years ago
Chad Davis
Chad Davis - 9 years ago
This guys has killer discus and they look beautiful and healthy and you are telling him how he should feed them?!?!?! LOL
thehumuyopi76 - 9 years ago
You feed too much
Peter Burgess
Peter Burgess - 9 years ago
Hi, lovely looking tank! The orange discus you have, what strain is it? I have one very similar but can't find specific name for it.
max parsons
max parsons - 9 years ago
Nithin Prakash
Nithin Prakash - 9 years ago
what did you feed ur discus
Dave L
Dave L - 9 years ago
Lucky Man. Thank You.
udis udist
udis udist - 9 years ago
the pure orange one looks best
Tom's Fish Tanks
Tom's Fish Tanks - 9 years ago
Gorgeous Discus. Nicely done!
andy325is - 9 years ago
aquariuman oscar
aquariuman oscar - 9 years ago
You see some videos of discus keepers who are so proud of their fish, even though they keep poor quality discus. Not you, yours are beautiful
Calaca - 9 years ago
Nice fish, but lame video o
Higor Nunes Monteiro Carlos
Higor Nunes Monteiro Carlos - 9 years ago
Beautiful!! Can you say the kinds of discus you have??
qicsilver76 - 9 years ago
Could you name the species of your fish?
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 9 years ago
It's the bomb!!
Dan A
Dan A - 9 years ago
Beautiful !
Dan A
Dan A - 9 years ago
Red melon (peppered) I believe !
Dan A
Dan A - 9 years ago
What ?????
Ercan koşar
Ercan koşar - 9 years ago
this tank new, new released fish, fish in 3 months you will find that a very distorted. This is not an aquarium discus fish.
aponcapone - 9 years ago
so nice to see youre tank
Piotrek Nowak
Piotrek Nowak - 9 years ago
Can you please tell me what light bulb You using for them so they look so great ?
Nate Green
Nate Green - 9 years ago
These fish are awesome I have a few discus they are clearly my favorite fish. I did not know they eat shrimp.
NevadaBrad - 9 years ago
how can anybody dislike your aquarium is outstanding!
EpiK1ReM5611 - 9 years ago
the one at 1.27 is the best one in my eyes pretty bad ass..what is the name color called?
mtirrell2 - 9 years ago
Amazing setup! Really well put together and amazing quality fish!
Wezilla - 9 years ago
I was shocked Discus has explosive many new colours I have not see them like some 30 years ago mostly brown and blue stripe...boring colour but now we have full yellow full blue full red AWESOME !!!!
Wezilla - 9 years ago
I reckon Discus are the best beautiful fish very worthy I could watch them all day...Lovely temp.
Krystian Chim
Krystian Chim - 9 years ago
they are sick , don't eat .... maybe wather isn't good
sousafan100 - 9 years ago
nice discus aquarium - thanks 904c
St8Solja - 9 years ago
fisbo10011001 - 9 years ago
what exactly are you feeding them? very nice tank and vid.
Wilson Tan
Wilson Tan - 9 years ago
what program did you use for the first part of you video.And btw nice hleathy fish.
jb007r1 - 9 years ago
Beautiful fishes, but I dont like too much close-up....
WolleytheMonster - 9 years ago
i could watch this tank for days
Zoran Vujadinovic
Zoran Vujadinovic - 9 years ago
i love yellow discus
mancas24 - 9 years ago
I would love to marinate my nuts in your insanely nice discus tank... Just so that I could be as close as possible to such an amazing display of aquarianism
royalton12 - 9 years ago
Cool vid! Nice fish
Marcio Dias
Marcio Dias - 10 years ago
ERIC CIN - 10 years ago
AWESOME TANK. the fish look so beautiful especially the orange ones. do you feed your fish frozen bloodworm all the time ? some experts say the fish will get constipated, i dont know if it is true.
MyTurkstar - 10 years ago
are you aloud to have only 1 duscus ???
Kebei Li
Kebei Li - 10 years ago
Discus - 10 years ago
Great! vvvvvv..khoadiscus..com

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