New details on the Fish room.

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AQUA FUNK W/ ANGEL FREAK - 4 years ago
Can't wait to see what you ganna do with all that space. I hope to have a true fish room one day. Just subbed
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
AQUA FUNK W/ ANGEL FREAK thanks brother!
Yanksfan23 - 4 years ago
oh yea baby, its Emperor Cichlid time in that 5 hunnit gal......
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Yanksfan23 still too small
Corey Dudley
Corey Dudley - 4 years ago
Nice....space...I was always told if you enjoy what you do ,you will never work a day in your life.
Looking forward to see what you come up with.
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
noelfezza - 4 years ago
shayna cope
shayna cope - 4 years ago
That looks like a dream room Jay
Flavio Design Aquairums
Flavio Design Aquairums - 4 years ago
Sand, driftwood,Amazon sord,redeye, black, neon tetra, Cory cats,German blue rames, angel fish." South American biotope ish tank"& hell ya put a 100g Central American tank in there too.its going to be an awesome fishroom.
Jeffery Martin
Jeffery Martin - 4 years ago
Do an angel tank.
Adam C
Adam C - 4 years ago
looking very cool
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
I tell you what Jay, so I dont come across as a Overbearing SOB, and since Universal Rocks has been good to me over the years...............Why dont I send you a Ocean Clear Canister filter, a Iwaki Md70 and you can get a taste of how the Big Boys do big tanks? Free wont cost you a cent, I will even pay for the freight to get it there. I will send 1 extra Cartridge that way you have 2, all you need is some PVC Pipe, Ball Valves and Some fittings.

Call me on my cell if Ben doesnt have it Butch Does!
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
You know what Jay Since you didnt call just sent me a reply (which is fine) we need to have an agreement publicly. I have ulterior motive here (I always do) and that is I want an agreement your putting it on the 500 and you will do a comparison video of it vs the Fluval FX6. I dont care about the criteria, you can choose that..............This way it isnt left to my subjective opinion, it can be your opinion. What I want out of this is for people to truly understand that there is a much better way for not much more $ to filter ANY Aquarium above 70 Gallons...............Hell I would probably select a different pump than the Md70 Iwaki and still run this set-up on a 55 Gal! If you agree to that, than all of this is yours.
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
I will get it boxed up this weekend and on its way!
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
825 Shepherd dr Garland tx 75042

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Jerome Horn
Jerome Horn - 4 years ago
geos with rainbows and barbs in one of the 100s.
Wichita Falls Fishkeeper
Wichita Falls Fishkeeper - 4 years ago
Love the setup Jay. What an opportunity. Please toss the plastic plants and stick with live plants with a Fluval 2.0 light on them! Thanks
Wichita Falls Fishkeeper
Wichita Falls Fishkeeper - 4 years ago
How about geophagus and tie some java fern to driftwood so they don't uproot them.
tnnsman7 - 4 years ago
Geophagus are a great choice, one of my favorites.
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 4 years ago
BENNY AVILES - 4 years ago
GDee Cichlids
GDee Cichlids - 4 years ago
This is going to be epic.
James Calvin
James Calvin - 4 years ago
Driftwood and plants with rocky background...it's going to look incredible. I think you should go with an Congo river theme and put some fresh water Mbu Puffers in there!
The fish room looks incredible, Jay!
Dutchcichlids - 4 years ago
I like the looks of the fishroom damn pretty!
Jacob Chrem
Jacob Chrem - 4 years ago
That fish room is guna be awesome! I love what you guys did with the canisters. You should put hollow rocks to cover the pipes with a hole on top to hide them, I think that would look great!
Walter R.
Walter R. - 4 years ago
Me like

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Jimmy H Fishes
Jimmy H Fishes - 4 years ago
Awesome... a touch of home at work with you.... thanks for sharing
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor - 4 years ago
How about some discus or angels?
John Sousa
John Sousa - 4 years ago
What do you do at work?
Ry Mac cichlids
Ry Mac cichlids - 4 years ago
Nice bro 500 going to be sick yea do the geo in the 100
Donna Kate Morgan
Donna Kate Morgan - 4 years ago
South American dwarfs tiny jewels Rams tiny tetras shrimp little Cory's

Amazing wood etc
Rene M.
Rene M. - 4 years ago
Ndole Bay Reds are very nice looking Tropheus. Love Ikolas as well.
Cichlidscape •
Cichlidscape • - 4 years ago
500 gallons going to look soooooooo sweet! Room looking great jay
Saxena Aquarium House
Saxena Aquarium House - 4 years ago
Oscar, bass and arowana in 500 gallon?
Saxena Aquarium House
Saxena Aquarium House - 4 years ago
Jay Wilson hmmm. Red belly piranhas or sting rays? Well sometimes its worth to wait for a suspense or surprise, waiting to know what finally lives inside the 500 gallon tank.
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
No lol
madcypress L.L.
madcypress L.L. - 4 years ago
Sounds good
Russell The Fish Guy
Russell The Fish Guy - 4 years ago
South American in that one tank.

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Jeffrey Lei
Jeffrey Lei - 4 years ago
I am so jealous!!!! :'(
Turbo Fish
Turbo Fish - 4 years ago
Live plants for sure in the geo tank. Really give the viewers a different tank every where they look. Also gives you the opportunity to showcase more products in different ways.
HalfMan HalfCichlid
HalfMan HalfCichlid - 4 years ago
A 500 gallon with cannister filters.. no sump??? That is taking big shortcuts IMO. Are those tubes coming out of the bottom of the 500 really going to be visible?
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
No they are not visible once tank is done half Fish guy
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Nope the tank was plumed for canister there is no over box and I didn’t want to risk a flood. Make do with that you had. Planning for the future not shortcutting
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 4 years ago
Good for you man I'm excited to see what you do with these tanks. Mainly the geophagus tank. I had thread-fin heckelii like 4 or 5 years ago before I decided I liked africans better and have recently been considering going back to that kind of tank with my 125. I don't generally see smaller fish as sentient beings but these guys were really cool for a relatively small fish
Corey Hecker
Corey Hecker - 4 years ago
Very nice set up. I really like the salt tank. Maybe geos in one of the others.
David Feldbauer
David Feldbauer - 4 years ago
Geophagus Tapajos in the 100!! Rio Tapajos biotope!! Did this in a 75 gallon at my house.. next to my Malawi peacock/hap tank it’s my second favorite.. very enjoyable to watch them sift the sand and grow and color up
Patrick Tezak
Patrick Tezak - 4 years ago
With the other 100 gallon, how about a Chocolate Cichlid with Severums and a few Rainbows for even more movement and color?
Maximus Aquatics
Maximus Aquatics - 4 years ago
Living the dream brother! Very cool, looking forward to whats next.
Saxena Aquarium House
Saxena Aquarium House - 4 years ago
Eagerly Waiting for 500 gallon to be up.
FishPerson Vblogs
FishPerson Vblogs - 4 years ago
That's dope! You have any off white nikes?
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
No lol
Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips - 4 years ago
looks bad ass!
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Thanks Lisa
adeel shaikh
adeel shaikh - 4 years ago
What about the three different tank one is the lakeMalawi second one is a lakeTanganyika and the third one is lakevictoria
Robert Reese
Robert Reese - 4 years ago
Very nice.
George fish tank
George fish tank - 4 years ago
How about something with an oscar or two
benny dejesus
benny dejesus - 4 years ago
Pictures of your fx6 plum please... 100g maybe some beautiful rainbow fish...friendly community tank...
KG cichlids
KG cichlids - 4 years ago
Very nice show room! Can’t wait to see how it comes out.
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
Good lord Fx6's on a Tank that size..............Thats not good unless you have 15 of them!
OG`s Fishroom
OG`s Fishroom - 4 years ago
Gina Corno Yea Gina what do you know? Lol
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
Its the opposite Willie, Asking a FX6 to push through water like that is like towing a 45 ft toy hauler with a Toyota Tacoma into a 60 Mile an hr head wind...............yeah its going to do it but not very fast and not very well. But Jay has a plan and he is executing that plan and at the end of the day what do I know, I am just a mechanical engineer in a hobby with Experts on tank design, water flow and Biology LOL!
Willie Fistergash
Willie Fistergash - 4 years ago
Gina Corno
Willie Fistergash
Willie Fistergash - 4 years ago
Gina Corno
Willie Fistergash
Willie Fistergash - 4 years ago
Gina Corno
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
Now you do realize that having the return lines at the bottom of the tank like that are restricting your flow tremendously because of the water pressure right. This pretty much means if you have 3 FX6's your actually moving the equivalent of 1 to 1 1/2 Fx6's. The pump design on the Fx6 already leaves a lot to be desired for water flow at anything above 7 ft in the hose (Look at the pump curve), but to push it up through the tank like that your really killing the output. Now if your plan is to have a small amount of fish then by all means go for it, I just think you have more creativity in you than that......... Or not!
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
No really he was a dumb Ass!
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Gina Corno ya! Your context is horribly wrong but hey we all have a dumbass in us.
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
Well you are right to each is their own, I once saw a guy eat 5 of the hottest known peppers on the planet, He ate 1 then waited 5 Minutes and ate the next one, then ate the next and so on and so forth................Doesnt mean he should have but again your right to each is own. I remember a guy putting a Big Block Chevy in a Datsun B210...........That wasnt a to each is their own situation...................I remember him wrecking it a week later, he was a Dumb Ass!
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Runs like a champ. Haven’t had an issue when it was set up and won’t have one when it’s re set up. To each their own lol
Matt B
Matt B - 4 years ago
How are you planning on hiding the stand pipes/returns in the 500?
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Some rocks
Gina Corno
Gina Corno - 4 years ago
Universal's Bottom Rocks is what they had in that tank previously.
Dante Mack
Dante Mack - 4 years ago
Do you have any aquariums at home still? Sweet fish room by the way!!!
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson - 4 years ago
Yes I will have one Big mamba jamba
Bobby's Fish Tanks
Bobby's Fish Tanks - 4 years ago
Very cool

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Libertybell Cichlids
Libertybell Cichlids - 4 years ago
Looks like it’s going to be awesome
Joe T
Joe T - 4 years ago
Sweet showroom!

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