HOW TO: Keep Discus

How i made $20,000 in one month, selling Discus ► Where to BUY DISCUS: HOW TO BREED DISCUS ► How to keep Discus in your aquarium and all the discus care information you need! An introduction to discus. The different types and strains of discus. What discus need. A discus tank setup. Stocking a discus tank. Feeding your discus. Discus tank maintenance. Breeding discus. Medicating discus fish. How to choose healthy discus. How to buy discus. AND SO MUCH MORE!! Get the ultimate DIY book ► Follow me ►

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How i made $20,000 in one month, selling Discus ► Where to BUY DISCUS: HOW TO BREED DISCUS ► How to keep Discus in your aquarium and all the discus care information you need! An introduction to discus. The different types and strains of discus. What discus need. A discus tank setup. Stocking a discus tank. Feeding your discus. Discus tank maintenance. Breeding discus. Medicating discus fish. How to choose healthy discus. How to buy discus. AND SO MUCH MORE!! Get the ultimate DIY book ► Follow me ►

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Chris Simon Morphitis
Chris Simon Morphitis - 4 years ago
Hi Joey
I wonder if you can help is there or can you recommend a submersible aquarium water pump that can extract water for a water change then be able to replace with clean water thereafter in the UK
Thanks Chris
aalirashid - 4 years ago
Hi its a most value information you shared for Discuss, i am facing issues with the PH level for my tank that is not decreasing from 7.5; if you could guide me to any of your video or any trick to decrease Ph level . (marking i am using a low level planted tank i.e. no CO2 is installed) if you could guide with ur expertise please.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith - 4 years ago
Ridiculously good and informative video time consuming but what isn't in life. Rather know to much than to little
xXceejaybeeXx - 4 years ago
I never plan on keeping Discus, but man I learned a whole hell of a lot about the hobby watching this.
Abhishek Seewoosurran
Abhishek Seewoosurran - 4 years ago
Hey can you make a video on how to keep arowana pls
Shabir Zainudeen
Shabir Zainudeen - 4 years ago
I made a very big mistake in putting my Discuss in an Amazon soil planted tank. Thanks for your advise I will go back to Substrate free tank . Thanks for the excellent video.
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson - 4 years ago
Is a Aqua-Tech power filter okay for a discus tank?
Kris Martin
Kris Martin - 4 years ago
Who came back in 2017 because he is about to get them again
Fur, feathers, scales, N more
Fur, feathers, scales, N more - 4 years ago
I really wanted to enjoy this video but an ad every 10 minutes is bullshit.

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Mr Hyde
Mr Hyde - 4 years ago
Too many adverts dude
Rrajesh Survey
Rrajesh Survey - 4 years ago
very helpfull...
HotFrost - 4 years ago
How many gallons per discus ?
kylie anderson
kylie anderson - 4 years ago
Just a little tip, you want to use 70% rubbing alcohol for anything. 90% evaporates to fast and it doesnt end up working nearly as well.
Rich Everakes
Rich Everakes - 4 years ago
Great info. Thanks
Russell The Fish Guy
Russell The Fish Guy - 4 years ago
I think I want to start keeping discus.
Mike Alarcon
Mike Alarcon - 4 years ago
Great video , very informative well done my friend
James Wilson
James Wilson - 4 years ago
so keeping discuss in my dogs water bowl is bad?
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 4 years ago
what are you talking about? i've kept my discus in my dog's water bowl for years and they seem fine
Katie Bergstrom
Katie Bergstrom - 4 years ago
how meny discus fish can I put in my 120 gallon fish tank
horse rock
horse rock - 4 years ago
my son has a house of fish and he sarted when he was1

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DeAnne Heitman
DeAnne Heitman - 4 years ago
The more I see Discus, the more I want to do a tank of them in the future.
ray speed
ray speed - 4 years ago
A beautiful and easy fish to keep
Great Account Hugh
Great Account Hugh - 4 years ago
ray speed easy?
TWD Nerd
TWD Nerd - 4 years ago
This video is an ad minefield.
Baris Pehlivanoglu
Baris Pehlivanoglu - 5 years ago
Thanks for all of the info. It's amazing to find all that much of info in one shot.
The Rickiest Rick
The Rickiest Rick - 5 years ago
y so long
Pocky The Dragon
Pocky The Dragon - 5 years ago
What is culling
Xander Chia
Xander Chia - 4 years ago
Chloe Jackson selective killing I guess...
something to do about nothing
something to do about nothing - 5 years ago
should you use peat in the filter to lower on if you have very alkaline water?
Cecilly Rowe
Cecilly Rowe - 5 years ago
What's your phone number?!
Safiloo1 - 5 years ago
Love your videos!!! this was very helpful!! specially the ph part. Stabble is the key!!! Hi from Puerto Rico.
speeddemons004 - 5 years ago
how often u do water changes some say 2 times a week i do it once every two weeks. would need to increase this if i got some discus

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Kri Bu
Kri Bu - 5 years ago
Im just here because fishes, tutorials and aquariums relaxes me. Although I'm never going to set my own serious tank.
Bjørn Åge Lunde
Bjørn Åge Lunde - 5 years ago
How do you feel about Astronotus ocellatus, or as they are called more commonly, the "Oscar fish"?
I've lacked to find a good "Oscar 101" video out there, and was hoping you might have one or maybe know of someone who has maybe already made this ;)

All in all, gotta admit i just heard about you over here in Norway (maybe just a coincidence), your content is great! :)
Keep it up!

Love from another fishkeeper, from other shores :P
beezy yo
beezy yo - 5 years ago
If I get 100 likes I'm going back in the aquarium hobby
Great Account Hugh
Great Account Hugh - 4 years ago
Either way you should
M W U A H RR - 5 years ago
I watched a video on a video ahahha
Angry-Moth-Noises - 5 years ago
King of DIY I have a question when it comes to culling. (I am used to bettas so i know culling is a think among breaders when trying to raise top fish) I totally understand culling any fish that might be sick or not have a good life. But fish that are healthy, and maybe are not top grade. Surely there isn't anything wrong if the breeder keeps those fish. Keeps them aside in their own tank and never plans to sell them right? I mean, you breed and sell only the top fish but that doesn't mean you have to kill the ones that are still healthy that are not up to par. (I know this video is a year old).
Robert Place
Robert Place - 5 years ago
This was a great video full of great info. It has been about two decades since I've been in the hobby and I am amazed at how much things have changed with regard to attitudes toward water quality, how to care for these fish, and breeding in general. I can't wait to get back into it and try my hand at breeding again. I used to have a lot of luck with African Cichlids but shied away from the Amazon species, we just didn't have soft enough or acidic enough water where I lived then and they just never fared well, even when messing with softeners and acids. Thanks for posting this.
pradnyesh dound
pradnyesh dound - 5 years ago
Please help me out with the background paint for a naked bottom tank as of what paint will go good on dark red coloured discus and also help enhance its colour? for blue and yellow ones as well.
Austin Fistilla
Austin Fistilla - 5 years ago
so would it be good that my water out of my tap is 6.4 and in my tank is 6.0
Lexy Lyes
Lexy Lyes - 5 years ago
Waaaay too many adverts! Every few minutes is not necessary and takes away from an otherwise enjoyable video.
David Magowan
David Magowan - 4 years ago
Lol I got adblock so i didnt see any videos
T Buzz
T Buzz - 4 years ago
Get adblock
TheFatRat - 4 years ago
not if you have youtube red
oh herro
oh herro - 4 years ago
Nick M
Nick M - 4 years ago
Agreed. I didn't even watch when i saw all the adverts lined up for every few minutes.
Amy Bumstead
Amy Bumstead - 5 years ago
Soo many commercials!!
Geckos 'N Stuff
Geckos 'N Stuff - 5 years ago
hey this was uploaded on my birthday!
Raquel Lee
Raquel Lee - 5 years ago
is it ok to have small gravel for the base in a 60 ft tank.....if you have DISCUS.....will it be difficult to clean the tank......
global auto
global auto - 5 years ago
Hello joie.....
I am Ryu from japan. I need your advice. I have set 120cm discus tank and painted its bottom and back in black color. My fish are very healthy and eating proper but i still don't see much brighter color yet and some people start telling me that may be its due to the dark color i painted. Is this is the case?
I don't want to undo the paint and stress the fish. What should i do? I should give them some time? By the way they are in this tank just for 2 to 3 weeks now.
I am feeding them discus hamburger, free zed worms and three types of dried food.
reef guy 92
reef guy 92 - 5 years ago
this video has helped me alot but I got a couple questions 1. here in the uk the ph level is high about 6.9/ 7.0 but the breeders have raised them all in that water isit ok to still keep them in that water level? 2.i have two small tanks under my main tank one for quarantine and other is my medical tank but wen I'm using them I wash and dry my hands before going into any other tank and make sure no water drips go anywhere is that ok? 3.whats ageing water? 4. you said mix the food up is that daily or mix it up the 3/4 times you feed a day?
rhidoy sarker
rhidoy sarker - 5 years ago
awsome info for the hobby of discus thanks joey\
Goodwin's Aquatics
Goodwin's Aquatics - 5 years ago
He is the master
Bo Chapman
Bo Chapman - 5 years ago
Enjoyed the video! Just want an opinion would a 47 gallon aquarium be enough for four discus. Bare bottom or maybe just some flat rocks?
Silver3xterior - 5 years ago
Really informative!
jason gaurana
jason gaurana - 5 years ago
hi did you sell a proven pair discus
Charlesploitation - 5 years ago
Whats the minimum amount you can do water changes and be successful? I have an extremely busy work schedule.

50. comment for HOW TO: Keep Discus

The Weird Macaw
The Weird Macaw - 5 years ago
i watched till the end without skipping, well, now im more confident on having discus fish
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 5 years ago
Phil Morello
Phil Morello - 5 years ago
Hi, I have a 180Litre tank 90cm x 45cm x 45cm, is this big enough to start with discus, I currently have it setup with 4 angels and some neon tetras but am contemplating swapping over the angels for 4 discus? Would this work?
rancher2112 - 5 years ago
Ink - 5 years ago
Some fancy names for the strains, still not as bad as trying to keep up with ball python morphs!
Javier Del Valle
Javier Del Valle - 4 years ago
The difficult thing about ball pythons is not the genetics but the number of morphs
Fur, feathers, scales, N more
Fur, feathers, scales, N more - 4 years ago
Ink idk I find royals easy because of how simple the genetics seem
Erica M Stone
Erica M Stone - 5 years ago
Hey I'm new if I was to get a discus. Would it survive in well water?
APinchOfDecay - 5 years ago
I highly doubt it. They'd need a heated and filtered tank.
Leonardo Barajas
Leonardo Barajas - 5 years ago
I'm new to the discus hobby. my question is i added a new discus two my tank about 5 days ago and it's not eating, i have tried multiple food bloodworms, beefheart and flakes. any suggestions? thank you
Sean Begley
Sean Begley - 5 years ago
Hi Joey,

You have an incredible wealth of knowledge on Discus and was wondering if you could give my some advice.

I have 5 discus 3 of which died randomly over a 3 month period. The remaining two starting having eggs. At this point they were in 430L tank with lots of other fish, plecs, Shark, Clowns, tetra ect.

I wanted these eggs to hatch, so i move the two discus to a 100L tank. The tank was pre-treated with anti fungal and anti-parisite treament, a week later the fish moved. They have been in the new tank now for 3-4 weeks and seemed to be settling in until now.

I have been doing good water changes and have been monitoring water parameters which have all been good. Today they started shedding a slimey white coat.

Any ideas?

Zeev Kovalsky
Zeev Kovalsky - 5 years ago
What is the Levamisole and Prazi dosing in the QT tank?
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma - 5 years ago
can discus be kept with artificial plants? please answer☺
Justin Foulk
Justin Foulk - 5 years ago
I wonder what the discus community would think if they know they had a fan club in the humans. Lol
Been Woods
Been Woods - 5 years ago
Maybey you can help me, can I have problem when my finish never been in Osmosis water and now I put them there ,
Damian Adamus
Damian Adamus - 5 years ago
Thanks for video. I really enjoyed it. Cheers
rattatt25 - 5 years ago
Do discus have to have perfect water?
Zeev Kovalsky
Zeev Kovalsky - 5 years ago
Very interesting,
can you spread some light on Levamisole dosing during on the QT tank? Thnx!!
MasterAquatics - 5 years ago
cool video. i like this video. its cool.
William Tufts
William Tufts - 5 years ago
If they need lots of water changes how do you get the tank to cycle? Won't the constant water changes make it almost impossible to have enough ammonia to start the cycle? Or if you cycle it with different fish won't it throw off the balance when you start doing huge water changes everyday?
Daniel Murtada
Daniel Murtada - 5 years ago
How is it possible you keep discs with substrate ? What do you use to have no bacteria attacks?
Wiljess Garcia
Wiljess Garcia - 4 years ago
Kevin spacey. S2 t
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 5 years ago
keep the temps lower... 80f is fine for a discus, higher temps only invite bacterial growth
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 5 years ago
You do know that with higher temperatures bacteria and virus's grow like crazy...  Substrate doesnt really hae anything to do with it.  I have a 92g corner bowfront tank, with 70 neon tetras, 4 rainbows, 1 red tailed shark, 6 discus the size of your hand, 3 of them i raised as babies the size of a silver dollar.  Heavily planted, never vacuumed my substrate because of the plants.. not 1 time..   I just do 80% water changes with tap water that has a ph of 7.6, and use prime.. I also keep my temps around 80f no higher..  So to the people who claim bare bottom and super high temps and no plants... and to use RO low ph water... yea ok..  Higher temps is only good for parasites.. Bacteria and virus grow again way faster with high temps..  So if you ever end up with a bacteria infection in any fish you want to lower temps not raise them
Daniel Murtada
Daniel Murtada - 5 years ago

Usually , I trade 40% weekly , my aquarium has average small discus and large , my big problem is the internal bacteria , you do cleaning the substrate with Siphon ?
SOMETHING FISHY! - 5 years ago
how big were your discus? if they were small your better off with no plants, even if they were big you must do big water changes not partial ones.
Daniel Murtada
Daniel Murtada - 5 years ago
Hello , whenever I had the same substrate making partial water changes my discus suffered from bacteria ... I do not know what to do in such cases , I had to take to have no more problems , but I wanted a planted discus with using sand .. .
SOMETHING FISHY! - 5 years ago
Daniel i have two large discus tanks with substrate, i use fine sand in one and quartz gravel in the other, bacteria attacks and other problems happen when you don't do regular water changes.
Terrisa M
Terrisa M - 5 years ago
My professor has 10 pigeon blood (I know cuz he almost every day brags)
NiX aKi
NiX aKi - 5 years ago
I really enjoyed this online seminar. I thought it was going to be long but when the presentation ended I still wanted more!
Zonester05 - 5 years ago
I've always wanted archer fish
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean
ShadowKittyKat Thesmolbean - 5 years ago

the look of the ragged fins look much more pleasing to me than the smooth fins for some reason
Shane Puthuparambil
Shane Puthuparambil - 5 years ago
What color morph are your discus in the thumbnail?
Owen's Aquariums
Owen's Aquariums - 5 years ago
Don't mind me, reminding myself where I am! 5:13
Owen's Aquariums
Owen's Aquariums - 5 years ago
+Dank Memovich Really? Thanks!
Chode - 5 years ago
+OwenGornicki it works only on mobile!
Owen's Aquariums
Owen's Aquariums - 5 years ago
+Dank Memovich I only watch YouTube on mobile, but thanks!
Chode - 5 years ago
There's a 'Continue Watching' feature in YouTube. When you click on a long video that you only watched halfway, it plays from where you left off
Linkin Knoxville
Linkin Knoxville - 5 years ago
It's all about the fish you dumb f#cks !!
TheSNOTTBALL - 5 years ago
a half inch of sand is not worth the trouble. I like runn I ng a diatomaceous earth filter once a week to clean the tank to pristine condition
Rajdeep Sinha Choudhury
Rajdeep Sinha Choudhury - 5 years ago
great video.. i have a question.. i saw many people feed beef heart mix to discus .. but beef heart is unavailable here.. can i use goat heart or chicken heart mix for my discus instead? thnks
Chode - 5 years ago
+Leah Ferrier im guessing its "peppering". Is it a pidgeon blood or does it have pidgeon blood relatives? if yes then its completley fine. if no then i have no idea
Leah Ferrier
Leah Ferrier - 5 years ago
My Discus has black spots like "dust" across its nose and on the back end of its body by the fin. I notice now that my angel fish also has these black spots on him. They are both healthy an eating. I have no substrate or plants in the tank, just cover for the fish to get cover.
I have fed them garlic guard and did 50% water change every day for a week. Still no change.
alex bomb
alex bomb - 5 years ago
+Dank Memovich​ well ..mine is juvenile discus in planted tank l.So i have to feed them 3 times a day.I have no experience keeping discus.The water in the store where i got them are very dirty.The first time i put in my planted tank they keep swimming at bottom and not very active.After 2 days they start swimming middle area and seems happy.After watching this video.Im a bit scared if they will going to grow to their proper size just because i chose to keep in planted tank (wrong choice).The filtration is pretty good and ph 6.5.Stock : 4 juvenile discus 5 nerite snail and 9 cardinal in 100 gallon
Chode - 5 years ago
+alex bomb oh yeah! They'll love that stuff! Although, I encourage you feed them two times a day two different foods. Flakes are really good for discus. The best way to make them eat any food you want them to, just put a little bit of that food in a small container and pour in some Seachem 'Garlic Guard'. They'll eat anything that has 'Garlic Guard' in it. If Yu can't get the Seachem 'Garlic Guard' liquid, feed them Hikari 'Discus Gold'. Hikari is a great brand. Beef heart is completely unnecessary. Just feed them frozen bloodworms and some other food. They'll be happier then ever :)
alex bomb
alex bomb - 5 years ago
+Dank Memovich is it good for them? my discus dont want eat flake food..but i put bloodworm and they all go it okay to feed them just that?
Chode - 5 years ago
I recommend feeding them frozen bloodworms
jiarealty - 5 years ago
(1) I was told by Discus breeders and experts to keep Discus in a smaller tanks to promote growth (because Discus conserves energy) as long as frequent water change is made Discus will grow big.- In this video you advocate more room
(2) I have a planted tank, but have the plants in pots and raise the pot off the ground on a metal stand (i.e. metal candle holders) to prevent debris from accumulating underneath
(3) Discus will grow in any clean water and does not need to have a lower pH
(4) Discus in nature hides under tree stumps and plants. That is why Discus have compressed flat bodies to navigate between plants and stumps to avoid predators. Giving open space is good to view discus but by nature, Discuss likes dense plants
quepiid - 5 years ago
I been meaning 2 watch this video for a long time. But I'm going to buy 8 baby discus tomorrow. So I guess it's time to finish this video.
TheDagone2 - 5 years ago
Hi my name is Ramon I have a pair of discus fish but I would like to know how to tell whether a discus is male or female? Because I don't know the difference between the two. Can you help me plz?
NoodleMan - 5 years ago
Watch joeys other video on how to breed discus.
Hectic Flex
Hectic Flex - 5 years ago
I'm getting a 60 gallon tank could a discus go in it and could it go with a Oscar
NoodleMan - 5 years ago
NO Oscar are to aggressive eaters and will not let the discus eat properly and won't grow and other problems might happen because the Oscar can attack them but they can't fight back and they can die from stress.
Steve Solo
Steve Solo - 6 years ago
Beststart...move to a city with soft clean water.
Steven Wiese
Steven Wiese - 6 years ago
Hi , i would like to ask a question. I have brought some blue discus. They are very dark in my tank, also brought a rossa and his tail and face have turned from yellow to black. Also i have a yellow checkerboard which is starting to get black lines in it . Help what is going on.
Jay's Aquariums
Jay's Aquariums - 5 years ago
Steven Wiese Check the water parameters, ammonia nitrate nitrite levels, if all seem to be right, then u might want to observe the other fishes in the tank, they are stressed and maybe will die from it
ThatFishGuy - 6 years ago
Yeah, I mean, keeping discus does not mean you can keep an Arapaima.
freebandz f
freebandz f - 6 years ago
i just started a aquarium and out some of the bacteria in a bottle in a few days ago which has clouded my water.. what should i do?
BikersWithGoPros - 6 years ago
Patience, this is normal
Angel Varela Faroppa
Angel Varela Faroppa - 6 years ago
my tank is 80G big. can i put 5 discus, 10 neon tetra, 10 black tetra, 10 tetra serpae, 5 corys and 3 botias?¿
Austin Hebb
Austin Hebb - 4 years ago
Kevin spacey that must be an amazing tank, do the discus not eat the neons?
Kevin spacey
Kevin spacey - 5 years ago
sure you can, just have to do more water changes.. i have 70 neon tetras and 6 discus, and 10 red barbs, and like 20 other fish in my 92g corner tank
The triple Hobbyist
The triple Hobbyist - 6 years ago
Well debending on size
The triple Hobbyist
The triple Hobbyist - 6 years ago
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
Jose Feliciano
Jose Feliciano - 6 years ago
awesome vid,I'm new to the hobby and I'm doing so much research on discus and preparing myself the best way to succeed keeping discus their so beautifully and I love them.
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones - 6 years ago
Can i only have 1 discus in a tank because i only want 1 discus
Chode - 5 years ago
They do best in groups of like 6 in at least a 200 litre tank.
BikersWithGoPros - 6 years ago
Not recommended to have one on its own
Keith Dockery
Keith Dockery - 6 years ago
I had 10 baby discus ,dime size. 3 died over a week period. Ammonia is zero. I was wondering if there is anything I am doing wrong?
BikersWithGoPros - 6 years ago
What were your nitrite and nitrate? What size tank and other fish in there? How long have you had them? What were your feeding and tank cleaning regime?
Mr.Bobert - 6 years ago
say Discus one more time!!!!! :¬D
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
abe mike
abe mike - 6 years ago
thanks for that amazing presentation, I am new in the discus world and your knowledge has been great help thanks again,
Trung - 6 years ago
Thinking about throwing it like a discus
Miranda H
Miranda H - 6 years ago
Great video. Thank you.
Desirea Herrera
Desirea Herrera - 6 years ago
I definitely learned some things watching this video. I've been planning and thinking about setting up a discus tank for years. Now I'm inspired.
Benjamin Deal
Benjamin Deal - 6 years ago
are they agressive and do they fall under ciclyds
Jared Hayes
Jared Hayes - 6 years ago
Watch the video!
Shelly Higgins
Shelly Higgins - 6 years ago
No and yes......did you WATCH the video? Please google them!
Benjamin Deal
Benjamin Deal - 6 years ago
i have some questions about discus. where do they originate from? why r discus more desired or more popular than others and what makes them so exotic or rare?
Jared Hayes
Jared Hayes - 6 years ago
Did you not watch the video?
Rachel La
Rachel La - 6 years ago
google it
Nicholas Correll
Nicholas Correll - 6 years ago
This was my introduction, or first YouTube of you I watched after the sand waterfall. Thank you very much for this!
MsArtemis01 - 6 years ago
I don't even own discus, but was fascinating to learn about them, especially the quarantine method.
Brian Sheppard
Brian Sheppard - 6 years ago
I know have some work to do. Thank you very much for this.

100. comment for HOW TO: Keep Discus

Choco Mongo
Choco Mongo - 6 years ago
What are the two dewormers he mentions? I can't find them. I'm probably writing the name wrong. Thanks in advanced.
Zeev Kovalsky
Zeev Kovalsky - 5 years ago
Praziquantel and Levamisole.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
Making $20,000 on discus ►
Breeding Discus ►
snoap - 4 years ago
designated shitting street, poo in the loo
JAI SHREE KRISHNA - 4 years ago
sir, i love your videos. i share all the knowledge i get from ur videos with my fish lover friends. i am from india. most internet plans do not provide much speed. those plans which provide speed are very costly.
so.., (if possible) i request you to make videos of shorter length......
Lord Twaddle
Lord Twaddle - 6 years ago
I specialise in South American fish..... And even I don't think I could tolerate discus.
Muzamil Ahmed S
Muzamil Ahmed S - 6 years ago
hey jo big fan

i got question , i live on the top floor of 6 story building is it ok keep discuss, caus i have seen a video where the guy says its not right discuss dont like that
varanidguy - 6 years ago
I can tell from this that discus wouldn't work for me. I would probably only be able to do water changes once per week...bummer.
varanidguy - 5 years ago
+Glenn Martyn It's not realistic for my house. I'd have to do some really fancy plumbing and I plan on selling or renting eventually. Plus I'm on municipal water meaning there's chlorine and stuff in the water that needs to be treated before going into an aquarium.
Glenn Martyn
Glenn Martyn - 5 years ago
Why not set up a simple auto top up system like Joey shows in his other videos? constantly replenishing fresh water.
XxXMidnightblackXxX - 5 years ago
With the right filters you could and the right tank set up. Like bare bottom tank with filters that filter at least double the amount of water that would normally be recommended as an minimum.
S Park
S Park - 6 years ago
This is a very informative and professional presentation. Thank you. :)
AquaWoman - 6 years ago
This is should be required viewing for all new Discus keepers. Really on point. Thanks for sharing!
luibalu - 6 years ago
beautiful Videobest regards Luigi
Microwavedshark - 6 years ago
I love your fish videos :)
Peter Hill
Peter Hill - 6 years ago
can you keep red line torpedo fish and Siamese fighter in the same Diccus tank my tank is planted with gravel and it is 5 ft x 2 x ft x 18 inches at the moment i have 3 number red line torpedo thinking of buying more i have not bought the discus yet also i have not bought the Siamese fighter waiting on your advise.
Thanking You Peter
Chode - 5 years ago
Probably not. Siamese fighters do best on their own. So do the torpedoes. The best combo is 200 litre tank, 6 discus fish, 5 cory catfish or 3 dwarf bristlenose catfish, and 10 rummy nose tetras. Honestly, I prefer cory catfish, but if you like bristlenose catfish, then you should get them.
Levent ÇOLAK
Levent ÇOLAK - 6 years ago
He is a Master :)
Okidokki Morlock
Okidokki Morlock - 6 years ago
Learned so much from this presentation, thank you so much.
Quality information, delivered in a understandable and enjoyable way.
Highly recommended.
Sabuj Jana
Sabuj Jana - 6 years ago
Good Video | You look like Tom Cruise - Compliment really
Andrew Duong
Andrew Duong - 6 years ago
I'm thinking of keep discus in my fish hobby.Thanks for making this video.
jim a
jim a - 6 years ago
bought some discus and angelfish from fishalish and did just that made some money thanks It does work great video ps made more money on angels..........go figure
Brady Hubbard
Brady Hubbard - 6 years ago
how do you cull a fish humanely? :s
joeashbubemma - 6 years ago
Awesome presentation! Thanks for posting!
Tidjypudds - 6 years ago
Thank you for this, really enjoyed it and helpful. Great to see such a thorough catalogue of information in one place presented so well from a trusted source.
Stevianne Leon
Stevianne Leon - 6 years ago
This was awesome, thank you for such a great video, specially with so much conflicting information out there.
amber cutter
amber cutter - 6 years ago
No man, Thank You very much! I've kept fish for almost 40 years and am now looking into keeping Discus. Trying to become as informed as I can. This vid is a great help. Peace and happy fish to ya'll. Again thanks.
mef1975 - 6 years ago
22:08 After running the water thru the RO membrane, which brings the TDS down around 90%, I run thru a DI filter that removes the rest of the sodium (well softener).
BIO-TOP-SV - 6 years ago
霜夜 彬
霜夜 彬 - 6 years ago
i have a low-budget planted 55 gallon with 13 harlequin rasboras and 8 rummy nose. I was looking at the possibility of getting discus but it looks it's best if just stick with what I have
MetalSlugzMaster - 6 years ago
+子強 If you currently have a low maintenance planted tank with rooted plants and substrate (like I do), then prepare for A LOT more maintenance and the occasional infection if discus is added. So yeah, maybe not for you. There are alternatives in your situation - angelfish for example. They breed a lot of colorful varieties these days, and even as full grown adults they won't bother your tetras if you introduce the angels as juveniles. My life can be busy these days; I'm thankful in some ways I don't have a discus tank anymore.

The easiest, most hassle-free planted tank for discus IMO is with little or no substrate and java fern. I set one up in the late nineties. A sumped 75 gallon tank with very large round stones on the bottom, and driftwood running the length of the back of the tank with tons of java fern on it. It looked great and didn't have water quality issues most planted tanks would present for discus.
drijesh shahi2
drijesh shahi2 - 6 years ago
nice I like this videos
Laurie Gerega
Laurie Gerega - 6 years ago
jmoran1954 - 6 years ago
Thanks for posting this video! Definitely gives the beginner a good jump on getting started.
srbsilver - 6 years ago
more about keeping discus please
Boby Udrea
Boby Udrea - 6 years ago
More videos like this! :D
Gauri Swati
Gauri Swati - 6 years ago
Thanks for sharing this presentation, helped me alot Joey..!
Ginny Ward
Ginny Ward - 6 years ago
I loved this video and found it to be impressively helpful for information about Discus! I hope many people will see this video, and realize, as I do, that the info. is so helpful even for( general, freshwater, tropical fishkeeping). So many of the methods apply for keeping a tank clean and healthy! =) Thanks so much for this video!
CVA- Breed
CVA- Breed - 6 years ago
I purchased my first discus about 3 months ago and they were doing good, but I introduced a little bit larger blue diamond to the school and he has a completely different attitude. He is constantly hunting for black worms and has been teaching my other discus.
Russ Polk
Russ Polk - 6 years ago
wow great vid
M. Jay
M. Jay - 6 years ago
Sounds like I'm off to a good start for a hobbyist just wanting a pair in a community display tank. Thin sand substrate, stable water chemistry, water changes, high grade protein based food, and plants are not dense. My only no no is pet store shop hopping simply because people have problems stocking their shop. I've used all the shops before though and didn't have any problems with fish adjusting. This is my start up trial so in the future if I buy more discus it'll be more to your listed method.
AquaLady 420
AquaLady 420 - 6 years ago
I'm thinking of doing a discus tank. This video as well as forum will be my go to.
Guy Green
Guy Green - 6 years ago
Great presso!
Tina Lynn
Tina Lynn - 6 years ago
do they eat guppies?
Ro Li
Ro Li - 6 years ago
Don´t buy wild animals.
Aaron Cauraugh
Aaron Cauraugh - 6 years ago
so are discus hybrids ?
Wilson Tan
Wilson Tan - 6 years ago
20 gallons for 1 big discus fish. Damm never knew that. THought they needed way more
Jim Nowinski
Jim Nowinski - 6 years ago
oustanding presentation
SuccMyEgg - 6 years ago
what if you hooked up an RODI unit that filtered the water constantly? that should keep it perfectly clean.
Donotlikebadpeople - 6 years ago
Joey can u do a vid on caring for stingrays ? Thanks in advance
b.a. Warman
b.a. Warman - 6 years ago
This literaly rocked my world! Anymore like it?
darrel stinkmeaner
darrel stinkmeaner - 6 years ago
You should do one of these for Asian Arowana.
TMapet - 6 years ago
Nice presentation Al. :)
star and fox
star and fox - 6 years ago
so your not breeding strains in the discus world but rather varieties.

I'm apart of the rat breeding world(not feeders but actually healthy pets)and we call them varieties cause basically their all the same species but breeding 2 similar rats won't owes yield rats that look like the lets say you picked 2 black hooded rats.breeding them may not result in all black hooded babies you'd get a mix of pink eyed whites,possible fawns,agoti maybe even might not even get hooded rats at all and wind up with capped,variegated or some other weird pattern from miss marking.
banawestreet - 6 years ago
Thank you Joey annd Al for creating and sharing this video.
kanda kumar
kanda kumar - 6 years ago
enjoyed this video , thanks joey
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - 6 years ago
I watched this like 8 times I can't describe how I feel about keeping discus now....I will try my hands at some in the future
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - 6 years ago
+Ivan Morales i tried my luck one time about ayr ago at keeping a discus i got from my lfs that had some kind of internal parasite and ended up dying...i do want to get a group from jack wattely discus or discushans but not too sure if i have somewhere to house them properly....i dont think a 55gallon would be too suitable  
Ivan Morales
Ivan Morales - 6 years ago
+Rico Suave Go for it never be discouraged :) Once you keep them you will see that it is
easier than what you think. Beautiful and social fish and you seem to care for fish. If you
treat them and show good care well then you will not have problems with them. :)
Peter Harrison
Peter Harrison - 6 years ago
Great seminar Al....covered all the bases. Yeah, I also wondered about a ph of 86 ;)
EyEDyD - 6 years ago
Thank you for this video and Simply Discus for the wealth of info.
LOL59hahaha - 6 years ago
this is very educational! thanks a lot!
Benjamin Stanley
Benjamin Stanley - 6 years ago
I like the cleanliness of your bear bottom tanks, but want to keep my plants. Do you have any suggestions? So far, all I can think of is putting the plant in the pot upside down (the drain hole), and sealing the other end with scrap acrylic that I have lying around (after adding soil and such) with caulk.
Kastin4Dayz - 6 years ago
i like discus, but i cant find a normal one, id like to keep one, but they are always to expensive, i think the normal discus would be cheaper, but I cant find them anywhere. pls help
Eriamis Nami
Eriamis Nami - 6 years ago
Oh hey, awesome job Al! Took a while to watch the video but nether the less. Inform the world of your intelligence! >:) -Fonzie
NORVAheelhook - 6 years ago
have you ever kept African cichlids from Lake Tanganyika? I would love to see a video on keeping these types of fish
Kevin b
Kevin b - 6 years ago
is there a strain of black discus?
Pk Singh
Pk Singh - 6 years ago
I would love Al to think about planning a presentation on some practical procedures for Discus medical treatment to help those that have somehow fallen prey to common discus ailments.
Pk Singh
Pk Singh - 6 years ago
Excellent presentation by Al! Very informative, specific to the points, very practical advises with a good bunch of inputs that's going to benefit any discus keeper of some sincerity. I am glad my discus keeping philosophy is very similar to that of Al's other than the sentimental aspect of culling. Thank you!
Matt Guidice
Matt Guidice - 6 years ago
If u want to be big u can't post once a week u just can't u need to find something else u can post that's part of the aquarium hobby

Good Chanel tho
Janah - 6 years ago
Hey , i want to ask something , i have a large discus , but its reacting to me waving to it , from far away i can wave at it , and it becomes totaly crazy , moving its whole body , and swiming , its waving back and atleast aucknowliging that im waving to it , it knows , and its so happyh when i wave at it , is not normal with all fish or just discus? kinda amzing , its always look at me from the tank , if i wave to it , it goes nuts :)
Diskus Direkt
Diskus Direkt - 6 years ago
Greetings to AL from simply discus! Nice performace!
teliah jackson
teliah jackson - 6 years ago
Amazing! Super helpful! I'm still somewhat new to the hobby, 3 years in, and doing research before attempting my first discus tank. Now I feel super confident and even more juiced to get started. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
z18turbo - 6 years ago
This was a great video that has information that applies across the board as you said. Thanks for posting.
paul licaros
paul licaros - 6 years ago
Is your system applicable to planted tanks also? How about cichlids? Thanks in advance!!
Scott Bowlby
Scott Bowlby - 6 years ago
Awesome video really informative and learnt a lot!
BeautifulHazelEyes Acosta
BeautifulHazelEyes Acosta - 6 years ago
thank you Joey that was awesome to watch and listen. He answered a few of the questions I had and it was just very informative. I love my discus I'm obsessed.
Adwait Joshi
Adwait Joshi - 6 years ago
+BeautifulHazelEyes Acosta :make a video of them..what is the average lifespan of a discuss? and at what size should i ideally buy them?
DW_Aquatics - 6 years ago
Awesome video Joey! Thanks for taking the time to compile it and share it with us!
David Munro
David Munro - 6 years ago
I really enjoyed the presentation i don't own discus but i loved how it applied for all aquarium fish
powerful LANCE!
powerful LANCE! - 6 years ago
Thanks for putting this up as a podcast. I was super interested to hear the lecture, but honestly I don't really have an extra hour and a half to watch it. I just downloaded the podcast, and am going to listen to it tonight at the gym. Cheers
Powerful joey!
Brad Summers
Brad Summers - 6 years ago
Very informative video bud. Helped me make some decisions on making my 60 gal that I'm setting up for discus
Orlando Felix
Orlando Felix - 6 years ago
Nice and clear,thanks
David Schneider
David Schneider - 6 years ago
Joey, thank you for taking the time to video AL. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the show and only living a short distance from Springfield, it killed me not to go.
Maurice Aquariums
Maurice Aquariums - 6 years ago
Great video +The king of DIY discus are a passion of mine and this video helped reassured what I already know, as well as added some info I didn't know. Thanks for sharing. It was gold.
Maurice Aquariums
Maurice Aquariums - 6 years ago
Haha so true, I go through my YouTube videos on lunch as well. My co-workers think I'm nuts 
Maurice Aquariums
Maurice Aquariums - 6 years ago
+Scuba Steve You got some time on your hands LOL
MrKazuma52 - 6 years ago
longer video but it was good advice for really any fish at a general level, he was a great talker as well, I enjoyed listening to him!
OhmannOcean - 6 years ago
I'm glad you posted this. As a LFS employee who is lucky enough to work at a store that has healthy discus which breed on occasion, I'm glad I have the knowledge to better assist people who are interested in them. (Or at least direct them to this video)
Fallen Hydra
Fallen Hydra - 6 years ago
hey can you do a big video on everything you do daily, monthly, yearly ect. im a huge fan and i love your videos i love everything you do and have done many of the things you have as im a builder and like DIY and fish so putting it together is the best of both worlds any way id like to see a big video on how you do everything because you make everything seem so easy and you make it very understandable and i also trust pretty much everything you say and do

ShinyGoldBacon - 6 years ago
Okay, so he recommends prazi and levamisole as treatments for new fish in quarantine. Where the heck do I get levamisole??? I have read that fenbendazole is a more widely-available alternative...So, I guess I'll get that? Prazipro is sold commonly enough here, though.
dorkgirlalamode - 6 years ago
Thanks for sharing--this was a great presentation!
Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More
Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More - 6 years ago Discus....I'll have to grab a coffee and finish this video tomorrow ;)
Aquarium Hobbyist
Aquarium Hobbyist - 6 years ago
+Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More watching second time now :)
Quantum Aquatic
Quantum Aquatic - 6 years ago
i should of got discuss when i had the chance, you dont need that much acidic water for them, however i do have alot of wood in my tank obviously though notgonna put them in a ph of 8.0 and supermlimestone water.
Bathtub Renew
Bathtub Renew - 6 years ago
Mine discus thrive and breed in 8.2ph, they are sensitive to hydrogen fluctuations in the water, if it's stable there good, I even have wild discus and breeding in ph8.2.
Jordon M
Jordon M - 6 years ago
i can keep discus and they look amazing and are happy but i cannot keep guppies alive for the life of me
Jerome Saverimuttu
Jerome Saverimuttu - 4 years ago
KommentMonster maby there inbred.
KommentMonster - 4 years ago
I've heard that modern mass produced guppies are terrible quality. You might want to try finding a hobbyist who has their own stronger strains of guppies. Most breeders are happy to sell their fry on to grow the community.
Jerome Saverimuttu
Jerome Saverimuttu - 4 years ago
Jordon M mabye its the water
Xander Chia
Xander Chia - 4 years ago
Jordon M Haha! Me too!
colinbarsby - 6 years ago
Great presentation. Must watch.
Andrew Baggett
Andrew Baggett - 6 years ago
Excellent job joey! Thanks for recording this, simplydiscus is onen of my favorite forums to frequent. And I look up to both you and al!
thomas salvatore
thomas salvatore - 6 years ago
Great stuff Al!
Joetis87 - 6 years ago
Cool upload, but all I got are turtles lol
‍1marcelfilms - 6 years ago
You should make videos for beginners and really cheap like under 5usd about goldfish. anyways keep up the good videos
Kayleigh Lowe
Kayleigh Lowe - 4 years ago
I've spent $600 on my $6.49 Oranda goldfish. This definitely is not a cheap hobby.
MrKazuma52 - 6 years ago
+‍1marcelfilms My goldfish probably cost me the most in terms of maintenance compared to any of my tanks, just because they have the most waste out of any of my fish, even though they are hardy fish and comet goldfish are very cheap (7 to 10 cents per fish)

Betta fish would probably be a better "cheap" fish but even then still should be given a larger tank then what I see people give them a lot
‍1marcelfilms - 6 years ago
+The king of DIY Very good.
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+‍1marcelfilms The price of a fish does not depict its level of care. My videos apply to them as well.
Blimpus Rock Videos
Blimpus Rock Videos - 6 years ago
Very well done Joey thank you.
I have been a member of Simply for a lil over 3yrs now.Love that site.
It was great to see Al's mug in the video.
AquaStudent - 6 years ago
Hmmmm... this looks familiar :D
Amelia Bee
Amelia Bee - 6 years ago
DISCUUUUUS! Discus discus discus! Ohhhh, I love them. I had a pair of blood discus and a single yellow in a lovely 50 gallon setup with two butterfly fish, a tire track eel and a pleco. I know that's not ideal, but everyone got along just fine! I miss my fishies so much ;;
Amelia Bee
Amelia Bee - 6 years ago
+redsavageful Oh, sweetie, they're long gone. I had them way back when I was a freshman in college. I'm 32 now. :p
Adwait Joshi
Adwait Joshi - 6 years ago
+Amelia Bee :why do you miss them? are they ok?
Zante - 6 years ago
Since we're talking about discus, how many have had discus successfully breed in planted community tanks?
Pastor Velcro
Pastor Velcro - 6 years ago
+Zante People were breeding them in planted tanks back in the 1970s - we used Val & Swords - but healthy was much harder that way - high loss ratios
Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette
Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette - 6 years ago
Yes it was, I kept my discus together with 4 Sturisoma catfish, 4 Sterbai corys and around 12 Cardinal tetras. Most food was live ones, I lived in a tropical country so live food are easy to get.
I have a fellow discus fan that also had his pairs bred in a community tank. But still, I think it's not very common for discus to breed in a community tank. Might be wrong about that though :)
Zante - 6 years ago
+Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette Was it a community tank? I'm asking because one of my two pairs successfully bred in a tank with three other discus, bristlenose plecs, corys and tetras.
I was wondering how common that is, since typically discus are bred in isolation in bare tanks.
Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette
Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette - 6 years ago
I had 2 pairs of them way back in 2005. One pair breed successfully in a planted tank that was placed in my living room. But since I was just learning, my breeding pair only managed to raised 4 of their youngs into maturity.
Amelia Bee
Amelia Bee - 6 years ago
+Zante Mine paired off, but they never laid eggs no matter how many almond leaves I put in the water!
Zante - 6 years ago
What would be interesting would be a series of videos on nutrient export. From algae scrubbers, to emersed plant systems, from nitrate reactors to pellet reactors, all in a DIY framework.
Actually I have a crude project for a self-contained HOB algae scrubber. If you're interested give me a shout.
zzzBauRzzz - 6 years ago
please add russian subtitles (not auto) and you get over9000 followers
Yann.H Fanatik-Discus
Yann.H Fanatik-Discus - 6 years ago
This is a very good presentation! Thanks to share it! :) many good advises for discus lovers... Keep up the good job! Yann
Noah589 - 6 years ago
Joey, he said that these fish are kept in a Ph range of 4-5, from a salt water guy my r.o. water stays around 7.8-8.0. My question is how would you even drop your acidity that low in freshwater, or what is your process?
Zante - 6 years ago
+Noah589 Water with low Kh has very little buffer to keep the Ph stable, that means that very little will produce very large changes. My ro comes out as neutral, but once it's in my discus tank it goes down to 6 even with the addition of minerals, including some of Salifert's marine Kh buffer.
Noah589 - 6 years ago
Go figure, for once i am interested in doing a large fresh water tank for a HECKLE discuss, only to find that they are hard to keep lol. Great video joey i learned quite a bit...great hour and 20 minute start to my Sunday morning!
Ian King.
Ian King. - 6 years ago
They are not hard to keep trust me if u keep the water clean u will be fine!
Emmit Stewart
Emmit Stewart - 6 years ago
I'll probably never keep discus,  but I found a lot of good information from this video that I can use for all my fish.  Except for his discussion of different  strains, everything he said can be applied to almost every other kind of fish.  Maybe zebra danios and guppies are more resistant to the things he warned against, but they are still affected by them and, to get the best, show quality fish, or just healthy pet fish, you have to pay attention to these factors.  Every aquarist should see this video.  I love your DIY videos, but videos like this, which give information about good fishkeeping habits in general are just as important.  Keep up the good work.
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray - 6 years ago
Now that you shown this. does it mean you will be doing more discus projects in the near future?
Mohammed Rizq
Mohammed Rizq - 6 years ago
Yeahs ! Thanks a lot for making this video ! Your time and effort is much appreciated sir
Professional Fish and Herps
Professional Fish and Herps - 6 years ago
It is great that you filmed this because missed it by a couple hours. It was nice meeting you later that day.
Ryan Johns
Ryan Johns - 6 years ago
Nice video I enjoyed it
mrinsanitii - 6 years ago
17:30 "PH at 82 degrees for adults to about 86 -87 degrees" LOL. Im sure he meant temperature but that was funny! :P
Javier Duenas
Javier Duenas - 6 years ago
+Al Sabetta Thanks for the great presentation and for letting Joey film/upload it.
mrinsanitii - 6 years ago
+Al Sabetta Thank you Al, for allowing Joey to film your presentation and sharing it the hobbyist. I've learn a lot and now I have a better understanding about Discus fish. Hopefully there will be more videos in collaboration with Joey :) I'm sticking to African cichlids for now until i move onto discus in the near future.
+The king of DIY

I've seen your video bloopers, the funniest video was the trickle filter system. You were filming in your backyard and you had nosy neighbours haha.

Thank you to Joey and Al for a successful educational video!
Al Sabetta
Al Sabetta - 6 years ago
+mrinsanitii ...yes, you got me there. Only had 1 cup of Java that morning, and it was an early presentation. Glad you were listening to what I was always, Al
DW_Aquatics - 6 years ago
+Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More
Totally agree! A compilation of bloopers would be very entertaining and certainly a change!
Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More
Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More - 6 years ago
+The king of DIY That's a good future video ;)
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+mrinsanitii Agreed. Speaking live can be challenging sometimes though. You should see my video bloopers!
Young Sperm
Young Sperm - 6 years ago
need more videos from you're discuss :)
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+Young Sperm There are 40+ on facebook. Im not a huge fan of posting the same fish again and again. So updates are rare on here.
Coel Acanth
Coel Acanth - 6 years ago
Nice video, Joey.
Trolly - 6 years ago
Cool presentation
Floyd Morey
Floyd Morey - 6 years ago
I had a great time at the ACA convention it was cool to listen to Al Sabetta talk live And it was nice to meet you, good job on the video and keep it up.
dee dennaoui
dee dennaoui - 6 years ago
Start a reef tank !!!!
joe meredith
joe meredith - 6 years ago
Hey joey
Do you still have the marine aquarium you set up a few years ago?
If so could you do an update video please
The king of DIY
The king of DIY - 6 years ago
+joe meredith If you read the description in that video, you will know what happened with it.
ivanthegod - 6 years ago
+joe meredith i guess it didnt work for him? ive asked him if he was gonna start one,, he said maybe in the future....
joe meredith
joe meredith - 6 years ago
He set up a small one in video a few years ago with a couple of clowns a peppermint shrimp and a pencil urchin
ivanthegod - 6 years ago
+joe meredith he doesn't have a saltwater tank
Halley Rai
Halley Rai - 6 years ago
Im here :D ..ill leave another cmnt after 1'2" :D

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