Hardscape Set Up Timelapse

Hardscape IAPLC Project 2017

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Hardscape IAPLC Project 2017

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Adam adi
Adam adi - 3 years ago
Sharon Bendtsen
Sharon Bendtsen - 3 years ago
Good to hear I had to put stones on my wood Nice tank
Sharon Bendtsen
Sharon Bendtsen - 3 years ago
All that wood is just going to float away when you add water
simon estades
simon estades - 3 years ago
Hi Sharon,
I started this tank with DSM. All the wood was completely wet when I added water and nothing floated thankfully ;)
Thanks for your comments!
RR26 - 4 years ago
Interesting to see what kind plants you put into this small tank.
simon estades
simon estades - 4 years ago
Visit the blog to see some pictures http://simonsaquascapeblog.com/

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