Hari's Discus fish tank

The Discus fish is known as the king of aquariums. These are arguably the most beautiful, sensitive and elegant fish found in the world. I've managed to create this healthy aquarium at home. I enjoy watching and picturing them and I hope you'd enjoy watching them as well.

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The Discus fish is known as the king of aquariums. These are arguably the most beautiful, sensitive and elegant fish found in the world. I've managed to create this healthy aquarium at home. I enjoy watching and picturing them and I hope you'd enjoy watching them as well.

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for Hari's Discus fish tank

Angela Gartner
Angela Gartner - 5 years ago
hi I want to know where did you buy the purple discus. they purple right.been looking for a purple discus for a long time. please let me know where thanks Angela
Jani Teeter
Jani Teeter - 6 years ago
They are very beautiful and healthy looking Discus Hari thanks for sharing! May I please ask, the 2 fish about about 1:40 that look purple/pink under that light, what colour strain are they please?
Madi Saul
Madi Saul - 6 years ago
mini zuz
mini zuz - 4 years ago
look my thank on my chanel
عبدالله حمد محمد
عبدالله حمد محمد - 6 years ago
speel - 6 years ago
+GreatBlueSkye<< <The ultimate guide to discus fish care.<
<FishCare-discus.blogspot.com <<<
The Ultimate Guide In Caring For Your Discus Fish. This Resource Is A Must Have For Any Discus Fish Owner Or Potential Buyer Wether They Are A Beginner Or An Expert Aquarist. This Guide Covers All Aspects Of Caring For This Beautiful Species Of Fish.
AJAQUASMART - 7 years ago
Great video Beautiful fish
azzadee321 - 8 years ago
great set up,nice fish discus,i had one that thought it was Mike Tyson in my tank..it beat the other fish up daily.
walkersdpj - 8 years ago
my discuss have very tiny holes in there head what should I Do I have only had them a day
gmani1232012 - 8 years ago
i in madurai i have flowerhorn fish layed eggs but i couldn't protect or grow it if any one have male pair help me for contact 7502714260
TAKUARE - 8 years ago
.... Hariharan........ Im .. not speak english... : TE DAS CUENTA DE LO HERMOSO QUE TIENES.... Un saludo desde Argentina..
Ashraf Hamza
Ashraf Hamza - 8 years ago
great where i can buy these kind of fish.ashrafak4@gmail.com

10. comment for Hari's Discus fish tank

Melita jollimore
Melita jollimore - 8 years ago
really nice tank
Hermawan Julianto
Hermawan Julianto - 8 years ago
beautifull, please watch & comment my discus natural tank. Thanks friends
Michael Wharton
Michael Wharton - 8 years ago
Really awsome tank and very relaxing
Rasakins - 8 years ago
Back in 1999, I had a massive aquarium setup with over 200 discus. 1 of them got a virus and they all just died in days. I felt so bad, I stopped keeping fish after that. This video brings back memories. :)
andy325is - 8 years ago
kingofallwhites - 8 years ago
Where do you keep the latin jazz band?
rickyd454 - 8 years ago
great tank check out my 2 discus set ups if u get the chance
Debdutta Gomes
Debdutta Gomes - 8 years ago
Thank you Hari for the beautiful Video. It seems that your discuss fishes are very happy with the environment you have given them. Hope to see some more videos in future. Regards. Debdutta Gomes.
DiscusMagic - 9 years ago
What strain is the 1st fish?
xpertbrewer - 9 years ago
what kind are those purple ones?

20. comment for Hari's Discus fish tank

Lassmetalhead666 - 9 years ago
You need to have rare and beautiful Discus to say that this kind of fish is the most elegant in the world, and you actually do.. !
Saya Aryal
Saya Aryal - 9 years ago
which type of soil do use for?
captainhelmet69 - 9 years ago
very nice check out mine see what you think
luke macaulay
luke macaulay - 9 years ago
very nice check my tank out love to hear your thoughts
meme-lovin fuck
meme-lovin fuck - 9 years ago
I put this on full screen and my cat started attacking my laptop screen
Gosia K
Gosia K - 9 years ago
Discuss are very beautiful and when I watch them in aquariums I started to love them so much !!
Jaquelyn67 - 9 years ago
Just beautiful!
Kasumi95 - 9 years ago
Awesome,it's really beautiful and relaxing to watch this beautiful Discus ^^
CuteSagittarius79 - 9 years ago
Gorgeous! :)
wolf3047 - 9 years ago
@butterfly72949 Discus are freshwater fish from the Amazon River in South America.

30. comment for Hari's Discus fish tank

Melinda Collum
Melinda Collum - 9 years ago
are the fish you have here Salt water fish or fresh ?
xpertbrewer - 9 years ago
Hardest fish to care for but very beautiful to look at and fun to watch. Nice work you must take good care of them and the tank!
pimpjuice739 - 9 years ago
Nice tank, how are fish doing these days?
Sefra Wilson
Sefra Wilson - 10 years ago
beautiful fish there color is brilliant !! great job my friend , what are those yellow checkered fish ?? called i really want some strains of yellow in my tank
Antoneeo Lasamahu
Antoneeo Lasamahu - 10 years ago
i love the music...amigo
Revelation 3:20
Revelation 3:20 - 10 years ago
Prince Kehy
Prince Kehy - 10 years ago
Hmm I've never been a huge fan of discus (they don't look 'natural' enough for my tastes) but yours really are beauties. Who knows, maybe someday I'll change my mind
Ljiljana Petrovic
Ljiljana Petrovic - 10 years ago
kako da ih kupim!dajte mi neki vas kontakt?
Andalas Jaya
Andalas Jaya - 10 years ago
woow :) Discus
Polska675 - 10 years ago
can anyone tell me the "race" of red discus is called?
Platinum Goldie
Platinum Goldie - 10 years ago
Looks nice and happy fish if they could talk
adalimz - 10 years ago
your mistaken! the red and golden arowana is the aquarium king!
kope corleone
kope corleone - 10 years ago
excuse me could you tell me what song is that
Emanuel Nunes
Emanuel Nunes - 10 years ago
Nice that's a great looking discus, really nice tank... They look very happy. Well done!
Kevin Bui
Kevin Bui - 10 years ago
that red discus is GORGEOUS
Elisha Fitzpatrick
Elisha Fitzpatrick - 10 years ago
really nice tank btw:D
Dario Galvan
Dario Galvan - 10 years ago
what do you feed?
carina - 10 years ago
i like the red and white one is beautifull :)
Trae Turner
Trae Turner - 10 years ago
how big is your tank? p.s. beautiful tank love these fish!!!!
Nadeem Farooq
Nadeem Farooq - 10 years ago
Dear Hari, What is the name of Blood red discus is that Pigeon/Marlboro?

50. comment for Hari's Discus fish tank

Paddy Larkin
Paddy Larkin - 10 years ago
Hi Haribojan thank you for sharing the most beautiful tank in the world with us. I have watched your video five times and I hope do so many more times its so relaxing
Endlessroad2 - 10 years ago
Really wonderful I'm totally in love with this! :)
Hotlips4000isback - 10 years ago
@sarcastic52 Down you're local chip shop.....
fspopshovit - 10 years ago
Pigeon Blood discus are freaking awesome
lucarox123 - 10 years ago
@haribojan Please whats the music called its so awesome.
riza aziz
riza aziz - 10 years ago
i love the red discus..very beautiful one and rare i guess..
Coty Schwendner
Coty Schwendner - 10 years ago
Such beautiful Fish!
PsychoBillyNiki - 10 years ago
What variant is that red one? So very gorgeous! I'm setting up my planted bow front right now and am looking to get discus!
joel kimpton
joel kimpton - 10 years ago
how many discus fish can you keep in a 4 foot tank it 4ft by 1ft by 1 .5 height
Jeremiah Butler
Jeremiah Butler - 10 years ago
sweet tank dude. i need to know what kind they are n how to get them. wat fish are they compatible with?
starthi - 11 years ago
wow u must be rich! at least 65k year?
myparrots1 - 11 years ago
@MrSportsfan06 its best to have an tall tank for discus 24" would be perfect 18" to 24" wide and a minimum of 36" long with no more the 2 pairs in that size of a tank.
BioYoast - 11 years ago
nice tank! the fish look healthy. Im kinda jealous :P
Thaneeya Pakdee
Thaneeya Pakdee - 11 years ago
they're wonderful, goes with the soundtrack in the background.
Bobby Hobby
Bobby Hobby - 11 years ago
@haribojan what kind of discus are the super red ones?
bush cannon
bush cannon - 11 years ago
anyone know how big of a tank you need is it better long or high i have a 55 gallon is that ok or do i need a 90 or a 100
Amit Singh
Amit Singh - 11 years ago
most amazing discuss ever seen!
akbar19942k10 - 11 years ago
love the blood red discus looks stunning, are you using any substrates for those live plants and if so can you please name it :)
TheMacDool - 11 years ago
matey congrats! Discus are not easy fish to keep and care for but you my friend you are doing well. Nice Tank Amazing fish keep it up
hypnotic26 - 11 years ago
@haribojan fish expire? what?
MyAquariumWorld - 11 years ago
Are discus difficult to maintain? Im thinking about giving them a try in the future...nice tank btw!! check out my channel btw!!! :D
Arianna - 11 years ago
Beautiful, you should put a relaxing song to this video. It's just so nice to watch them.
Schmitti1982 - 11 years ago
to small tank, no background, and no happy fishes :/
HellVomit09 - 11 years ago
flamepeace - 11 years ago
meisterluv - 11 years ago
where can i get this music!?!?!??!
Zander van Zweel
Zander van Zweel - 11 years ago
holy shit the 1 in the beggining is beautiful!
Starvey - 11 years ago
WOW!!! Amazing!!!!! I've got 15 discus but they're not as beautiful as these. It's kinda difficult getting a wide range of discus in my country :( I think I have a few of your Yellow with White strips though. Still searching for anybody with different kinds. But keep up the great work on them :)
John Villada
John Villada - 11 years ago
felicitaciones mi hermano......!!!!! *****
Rotten Brain
Rotten Brain - 11 years ago
i love ur tank, i want a discus tank but have been scared due to alot of caring and water quality is involved with keeping discus fish, i know they love live plants but will they be ok with fake plants as i had bad experience with live plants(snail infestation) any tips?
Andreza Sapede
Andreza Sapede - 11 years ago
What's the name of the SONG? She is so beautiful! And blends perfectly with your fish! Congratulations! I'm Brasilian! And I love music.
seropserop - 11 years ago
Norman Abedini
Norman Abedini - 11 years ago
stunningly beautiful!! w whats the name of the song? much appreciation
Brandon Semus
Brandon Semus - 11 years ago
@oceancalls52 discus need bigger than a 20.
Lara May
Lara May - 11 years ago
WOW! Such vibrant colours!!
Joe Y
Joe Y - 11 years ago
just need some tips on how long should i wait before adding discus on a 20 gal. tank. should i have the heater on during cycling?
Ashely1559 - 11 years ago
i have the exact same fish
13thChip - 11 years ago
Any of your Discus Expired? Its been quite some time since you bought them from Gulmarg.
13thChip - 11 years ago
I think you should stick to 4 (3inch) fish max on this 20G Tank. Otherwise your fish will start dieing off in a month's time without constant water change.
Toucan38 - 11 years ago
Thanks for your help i'll try to put more hiding places in the tank and see if that works.
Toucan38 - 11 years ago
i have a couple of small discusses and one is very aggressive towards others and never lets the other discus' around food. What should i do? It's already killed one by starving it.
Uday Prabhu
Uday Prabhu - 12 years ago
Beautiful Tank. Can you tell me something about the lighting. I guess you have mentioned somewhere Neon lamps. What are they? Thanks
rjfire - 12 years ago
aravind chandrasekaran
aravind chandrasekaran - 12 years ago
oh thanks thats a huge investment :) and cant we feed dried tubiflex or brine shrimp? most aquarists online dont suggest so.why?
aravind chandrasekaran
aravind chandrasekaran - 12 years ago
hey how much a pair cost in india? here in chennai no one seems to sell these
neib83 - 12 years ago
Sweet in that case awesome tank for sure! Well decorated with some nice discus!
neib83 - 12 years ago
Wow! This tank is beautiful but if it is only 50 gallons it is ridiculosly overcrowded.
jasonlsch - 12 years ago
hey thanks man!
Jonathan Taing
Jonathan Taing - 12 years ago
1. you have to get a big tank in order to keep more fish. 5 discus = 50 gallon 2. very peaceful 3. they are actually more harder to take care of. you have to do water tests and maintain it at the average ALL THE TIME or they will die. 4. they don't really need hiding places. it's just for decorations 5. if you can maintain the tank, they will not die easily 6. they're freshwater/tropical fish. i'm guessing 75 degrees should be ok 7. plants are also used as decoration. it's optional
chava85bl - 12 years ago

100. comment for Hari's Discus fish tank

Judocraft - 12 years ago
.1 idk .2 yes very gentle .3 very fragile and sensitive so yes 4. they prefer plants and low light settings 5 yes like i said in 3
jasonlsch - 12 years ago
oh yeah and how expensive are they?
jasonlsch - 12 years ago
ok a cuople of things 1. how big is that aquariam? 2. are discus peaceful? 3. are they hard to take care of? 4. do they need lots of plants rocks hiding places etc? 5. do they die easily? 6. what should be the temp of the tank the current of the tank how many plants should be in the tank etc? please answer PLEASE
skitllesman98 - 12 years ago
ok ty do u kno of any good sites????
micketehler - 12 years ago
WOW, nice discus!!!! What kind are the big red one?
skitllesman98 - 12 years ago
i live in canada, where could i find discus fish because i really want one, would petland, petsmart carry them or should i order them???
John. - 12 years ago
they look like longfin danios to me
viesuliukas - 12 years ago
Are these tetras the small ones?
lolustupid - 12 years ago
lolustupid - 12 years ago
i heard that discus are hard to take care of is that true?
deriklfixit - 12 years ago
Man Wish I could keep mine healthy. My sources always seem to sell me sick ones that look healthy. What are your suppliers?
Star2000s - 12 years ago
Some are pretty I like the discus. I don't like the ones that look like brains, their patterns are nasty to me.
nikoasdaf - 12 years ago
yes especially with discus...i understand man
nikoasdaf - 12 years ago
i paid 30 euros for their food omg
nikoasdaf - 12 years ago
i planted my tank 2 days ago and now there are no plants (my goldfish ate them) lol
nikoasdaf - 12 years ago
your tank is wandorfull but i think discus want many plants to hide in if i am wrong tell me
13thChip - 12 years ago
How much did it cost you? Gulmarg is always over priced when compared to other Aquarium shops.
13thChip - 12 years ago
Hi Hari, where in Bangalore you bought them? I too am from bangalore and the best aquarium shop I know is the Gulmarg's. You know a better one, pls do let me know.
Nusabbeh Waqar
Nusabbeh Waqar - 12 years ago
hey niice tank !! ok tell me something ...wat size fish should i get ? ...the larger one are too expensive ..so would it be fine if i get the ones which are about 2 inches in diameter ?
Uday Prabhu
Uday Prabhu - 12 years ago
great aquarium. How do you manage with only 60 % water change every 20 days. How do you clean gravel. Do you use a heater
Maribeth Ruiz
Maribeth Ruiz - 12 years ago
I've also learned discus are best grown, in a small tank. I've a kept a baby discus in a 5 gallon, and it thrived so well. When it's ready, slowly move it a bigger tank. Placing a discus straight in a 20 gallon tank, will really really stress it! Especially if it's going to be the only discus in that tank. I still have my discus today, and I got it last October.
creyag - 12 years ago
nice fish tank. mines`125litres. what about your fish?
Adam Plein
Adam Plein - 12 years ago
discus are most happy in large schools. i wouldnt reccommend keeping less than 6. looks like yours are happy good job.
Adam Plein
Adam Plein - 12 years ago
the most important thing is buying high quality discus to start with. Only buy from somewhere where you can go see the parents . Alot of major fish stores that sell fish sell inferior discus, i have lived through this saddening experience personally. you can tell alot about young discus by the size of their eyes.
tq vo
tq vo - 12 years ago
where did you get the discus? online? i cant seem to find good quality discus like yours
Richard B
Richard B - 12 years ago
not really...those that rival the salties are african cichlids
Dohn Joe
Dohn Joe - 12 years ago
Going from Oscars (which can live in literally crap water) to a discus is a pretty big jump. You can find out what they need from any fish website but the work involved in keeping those conditions is ridiculous.
Richard B
Richard B - 12 years ago
not really.....there are actually alot of kings wen it comes to aquarium :P
XxXFPVXxX - 12 years ago
Thanks :) But I guess it depends on the type of Gourami and the temperment of the Discus that are in the tank. I was told by someone a long time ago never to put the Gold gourami in with the Discus- after they were already in there! I never removed them as they had never caused a problem, besides the tank I have is really big and it would'nt be very nice to move them to a smaller one!
XxXFPVXxX - 12 years ago
I have 2 gold Gourami and 2 honey gourami in with my discus and tetras and 2 pepper cats... any they all get along great
Judocraft - 12 years ago
would it be good to have a tank with some discus some garaumi some neons and some catfish?
acerb45666555 - 12 years ago
great job on tank!!
oskey123 - 12 years ago
Have they ever spawned for you? My angelfish has free swimming fry and this is there first time raising them and it is the coolest thing to watch. It is also the cutest thing I have ever seen. T
schumix - 12 years ago
Your tank and especially those Discus` are amazing....but if u would aquascape the tank it would be out of this world :P...no offence
oskey123 - 12 years ago
Amazing looking discus!!
PaNdeM0niuM - 12 years ago
Pretty tank and Pretty Fish Very Colourful !!! Well done :)
Rayarena - 12 years ago
I personally like angel fish more, but I have to admit that large bright red discus is very beautiful. Have you been successful at breeding them? I hear that breeding discus is very difficult.
WILD THINGS - 12 years ago
are they hard fish to keep?
mikee1333 - 12 years ago
i ican say is wow on a scale 1-10 ur tank is 100 its amazing to see wat hard work can get u
rorie walker
rorie walker - 12 years ago
these discus are amung the nicest fresh water tropical fish i have seen. Check out my discus
Chuck Petrosky
Chuck Petrosky - 12 years ago
I'm currently trying planted aquariums. I had discus years ago before there was even a red strain. I have to say your video has me thinking about thinning out some plants and adding a few of these beauties. I had tempermental fish who would only eat live blood worms. I understand now these fish will even eat flake food. What do you feed yours?
Pet Zone
Pet Zone - 12 years ago
nice discus!
aarijk - 12 years ago
Very nice! What others do you have in the tank in addition to your discus?
Juan Carlos Leyva
Juan Carlos Leyva - 13 years ago
WOW. Absolutely amazing. Both the fish and your tank. Congratulations man. u have the fish tank of my dreams.
Tomahawk1999 - 13 years ago
try a tall tank with white or bluish lighting. the red discuss look gorgeous in that setting
Shandell Nash
Shandell Nash - 13 years ago
great looking discus. how many gallons is your tank?
Liam50LB - 13 years ago
song name?
SPACEDMADNESS42 - 13 years ago
very nice
voldy2 - 13 years ago
Wow I love the red one!
linelogic - 13 years ago
Man you are a saviour...... I really want to buy such nice discuss....... By the by, how much would each of those cost ?!
linelogic - 13 years ago
Beautiful Fishes.......... Very neatly maintained too. Where did you get these from ?! If you are from India, and know where I can get such fish could you let me know ?! It would be a big help. I'm from Bangalore.
Sean117Ply - 13 years ago
OMG what is that red one!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean117Ply - 13 years ago
OMG what is that red one!!!!!!!!!!!
ArEsZuEs - 13 years ago
I found the problem with them hiding i had to much water circulation in the water. Thank you though.
ArEsZuEs - 13 years ago
Hey man what kind of lighting do you for your discus??? I have four right now in a 72 gallon bow, had them for about 4 months and they are always hiding in the back corner of my tank. I do a water change every two weeks and everything checks out fine when i test the water.
dong won
dong won - 13 years ago
alright thank you
dong won
dong won - 13 years ago
and i have 4 small angelfish that i had for 2 months. So i was wondering if Angelfish can live in my tank maybe discus can ? Well plz reply :)
dong won
dong won - 13 years ago
Hey i was wondering if i need to use carbons for these guys if i have great bio-filtration?
Juan Carlos Leyva
Juan Carlos Leyva - 13 years ago
Thats an amazing fish tank. U did a great job there, congrats
gabybareto - 13 years ago
i think you spent alot of money buying these discus ryte?

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