I Bought Some Fish!

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I Bought Some Fish! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 45

Discus 6 years ago 52,228 views

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for I Bought Some Fish!

Rometiklan - 6 years ago
I refuse to shop at petco anyways, but an 8 fish limit is ridiculous.
Kirsty Laney
Kirsty Laney - 6 years ago
I got 2 fish called bubbles and fifi
Youn Kim
Youn Kim - 6 years ago
Wow that looks so awesome! How do you retrieve plants in the middle of that pond, though?
Thomas Young
Thomas Young - 6 years ago
1:28 lol what! Bro every fish story sells them. what are you talking about lol
Rohit Rabade
Rohit Rabade - 6 years ago
what about temperature bro? there heater?
Il Valentino
Il Valentino - 6 years ago
You should get a keyhole cichlid.
Just Dempsey
Just Dempsey - 6 years ago
RS M'raj
RS M'raj - 6 years ago
damn, that's a nice pond; I never saw a planted pond before, it looks awesome
It's Ethan!
It's Ethan! - 6 years ago
I like gourami ( I think i spelled it wrong) but they are aggressive. I have one but I need to remove him because he is so hostile.

10. comment for I Bought Some Fish!

arincon2025 - 6 years ago
you are amazing!!!!
power last
power last - 6 years ago

A few female bettas and guppies?!?
Eva Noga
Eva Noga - 6 years ago
Absolutely beautiful pond, very impressive !
Qd Nguyen
Qd Nguyen - 6 years ago
That is weird I have bought like 13 fish at one store, i guess the store I went to has no limit. I have bought 13 fish for only ten dollars.
Naurt Jimenez
Naurt Jimenez - 6 years ago
nice , you should check out Elliotts' For Pets in Riverside lots of fish , i bought a 10in bichir for $20
Kannan Areesh
Kannan Areesh - 6 years ago
wow u r aquarium looks so cool. and well planned setup .. i love it
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz - 6 years ago
Please do comment on me your favorite fish

Mine is the cleaner fish also known as the neon goby
Bjorn Choo
Bjorn Choo - 6 years ago
Awesome pond! Underwater footage, please??
therese rhatigan
therese rhatigan - 6 years ago
Newbie here. Love the find of this user.
EZ-Life - 6 years ago
I wish I could have such a pond too!:)

20. comment for I Bought Some Fish!

Uzair Chowdhry
Uzair Chowdhry - 6 years ago
could shrimp work out in the pond?
CoralMan24 - 6 years ago
looks great, looks like you need some amano shrimp in there to help with that algae though gotta love the greenhouse for that one lol.
Rickard Rakkoon
Rickard Rakkoon - 6 years ago
why did you turn off comments on that video you referenced in this video?
JannieInKy - 6 years ago
Love your pond! But I noticed you didn't isolate them and check them for disease before you put them in?
Voisch Ka
Voisch Ka - 6 years ago
Jay Santana
Jay Santana - 6 years ago
Hey Brotha Quick Question, Which Fish Store Have You Been To That Has The Best Selection Of Cichlids?
CuteToyProductions - 6 years ago
Awesome video! Can I keep two guppies in a one gallon tank that is filtered?
NFLcowboys fan
NFLcowboys fan - 6 years ago
On my channel
NFLcowboys fan
NFLcowboys fan - 6 years ago
Hi i have a vid about bettas
Adam d'fish
Adam d'fish - 6 years ago
Aquarium stores who care about their animals, and want them to thrive in their customers aquarium, should urge their customers to stock their aquariums / ponds slowly. Petco, urged you to be patient and stock in a manner that ensures the animals health and survival, regardless of their sales and profit. They should be praised for their actions, they were considering animal welfare over profit.

30. comment for I Bought Some Fish!

Ashley Chu
Ashley Chu - 6 years ago
that looks so beautiful!
JW Aquarium's
JW Aquarium's - 6 years ago
Petco always has sick an dead fish an they never do anything about it, it's sad that a pet place don't care about fish or any animal
Sher Pink The Artist
Sher Pink The Artist - 6 years ago
Jacob try the sword fish that's cool also and Kissing Gourami.
ArowanaMan85 A
ArowanaMan85 A - 6 years ago
that jardini would be awesome in your pond. lots of free co2 and nitrogen
Goblinchief123 - 6 years ago
Imagine a school of like 100 fish in that thing, Little ones like neons on danios or something. Absolutely gorgeous
Neill Jansen van Vuuren
Neill Jansen van Vuuren - 6 years ago
Pond Looks great, what do you do during winter with the pond, I'm thinking of building one (probably smaller than yours, lol)
Steve Rotters
Steve Rotters - 6 years ago
Is he saying that right? I have always pronounced gourami quite differently!
JTor Music
JTor Music - 6 years ago
NEVER go to a chain store for buying live fish.
Rebecca Swilling
Rebecca Swilling - 6 years ago
Petco sounds like a bunch of morons
Z17 - 6 years ago
Rebecca Swilling thats because they r lol
Emanuel Herrera
Emanuel Herrera - 6 years ago
Kee Lee
Kee Lee - 6 years ago
So Awesome. Wish I could build a heated pond like that in my backyard.
Duck Jones
Duck Jones - 6 years ago
Beautiful looking pond! Did you build it yourself? It's a mighty impressive build
Lance Ladewig
Lance Ladewig - 6 years ago
Very cool, shame I live in Minnasnowdah!! :-(
CrabbyVids - 6 years ago
and also is the Australian arowana and asain arowana the same? or just different name?
CrabbyVids - 6 years ago
lol im from Australia and ive never heard of an Australian arowana, ive only heard of asain. is there such thing as a Australian arowana?
Yves Bernier
Yves Bernier - 6 years ago
amazing jacob!!!
allan fulton
allan fulton - 6 years ago
Wow I thought you had wanted large fish but to limit those small schooling fish to 8 is just ridiculous.
catcafe 4
catcafe 4 - 6 years ago
Love the pond.
catcafe 4
catcafe 4 - 6 years ago
I like Red Eye Tetras also but they are so nippy.
bebebutterfield1 - 6 years ago
I love that pond!

50. comment for I Bought Some Fish!

Liam O'Sullivan
Liam O'Sullivan - 6 years ago
You should add some rummy nose tetras, they would shoal really well in the pond.
JT Bear
JT Bear - 6 years ago
I do love that pond ...
ShortNanxious - 6 years ago
You must be doing a Tropical Pond!!! I don't know alot of people who have tried tropical outside fish keeping...but I have heard that the fish do Amazing! Cant wait to see your fish turn out... they should be Beautiful...
JR Patilan Gaming
JR Patilan Gaming - 6 years ago
put UV so the possibility of Green water algae is 0%
JR Patilan Gaming
JR Patilan Gaming - 6 years ago
you dont quarantine them????????????? you live dangerously jacob
Alyssa G.
Alyssa G. - 6 years ago
I went to Petco today and had a less than helpful experience. I was told Bettas can't have plants in their tanks. Guess my almost four year old Betta should have died a long time ago LOL! He also lives in a 2.6 gallon tank, which some associates have told me is way too large for a betta. "they live in puddles". Correction, they CAN SURVIVE IN PUDDLES. They don't thrive in them. What a cool pond you have! I love Gouramis. I had the red-eyed tetras as a kid lol, our last one died when it was like 5-6 years old so they should last you a long time! Good luck!
Chris Treanor
Chris Treanor - 6 years ago
The girl at petco was only doing her job, she was obviously suspicious that you may have been lying and would put them in an aquarium instead...after all,not many people put those fish in a pond do they? having said that, your pond looks great and the fish look good in there too. well done! is your pond heated (being as how it is now a tropical pond)?
si bland
si bland - 6 years ago
be careful they attacked quite a few of my guppies to death :(
si bland
si bland - 6 years ago
the red eye tetra iam on about
aunun ally
aunun ally - 6 years ago
good looking tha=nk i love the plants just bought some at my new haunt ( not petcplace
BunniesAndBubbles - 6 years ago
You couldn't buy more than eight fish because it would overload the beneficial bacteria in your tank with ammonia and kill them all(the fish).
Ted Mueller
Ted Mueller - 6 years ago
Your pond looks awesome!
Scotty Bhoy
Scotty Bhoy - 6 years ago
petco only sold u 8 fish cause they only had 8 alive or well enough to sell dont shop at petco they are scum through live animals in the dumps and thats not going into what they do to the ones they keep in the shop
I'm The Blonde
I'm The Blonde - 6 years ago
Okay, let's start out with saying not all Petco stores are created/ run equal. Don't hate the entire company because one store sucks. Second, it's not a policy to only sell 8 at a time. The associate on duty decides what or what not to sell you, and maybe they didn't want him creating a huge bioload on his pond. Yes, it is 600 gallons and she probably didn't realize just how big that is but that still doesn't give him the right to bitch about the whole company and then turn off the comments section so we have to talk about it on this video. That's a pretty dick move if you ask me. So yeah, if you want to be angry about the circumstance okay but don't be angry at the entire company because of a judgement call that one associate made.
Danny Bravo
Danny Bravo - 6 years ago
great video Jacob :)
BIGFestae - 6 years ago
wait you have eight blue gourami. Im sorry you are at your limit. You can only have eight fish. Take the others back!
berny's reef
berny's reef - 6 years ago
What susbstrate did you use for the pond?

The reason petco won't sell more than 8 fish if they are running low because they believe that it's more important to maintain the ilussion that they are always well stocked to most people than to make one lage sale.
berny's reef
berny's reef - 6 years ago
What they try isn't to have all the cages full, but to have most of the fish that you want when you go there, they prefer not to sell 15 fish to one guy to be able to have what 5 people want, they do this to have 5 happy recuring customers.
xinic5 - 6 years ago
While I have never bought fish from them, Petco and Petsmart where I lived often had empty fish tanks, or almost empty ones. As well as empty cages where they kept reptiles.
YizTheGreat - 6 years ago
Red eye tetras are very aggressive, at least for my tank. I have a 100g tank and have about 8 RET's 18-32 guppies and 4 GBR's, the red eyes are always chasing my guppies and biting their fins and are always pecking at the GBR's bodies. But that's just my experience with them, besides that they do look pretty sweet!
YizTheGreat - 6 years ago
Wow arowana looked nice!
Smannsaker - 6 years ago
I prefer silver arowana
00 2
00 2 - 6 years ago
the pond is so beautiful!
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy - 6 years ago
it'll be cool if you get back to fancy goldfish
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy - 6 years ago
You should check out the 405 tropical fish! they have the best deals and best quality of fish in my opinion. the reed is great also but totally recommend 405
Benny castillo Moreno
Benny castillo Moreno - 6 years ago
wow great fish there is has them before cool fish nice pick up
Bengal Ghost
Bengal Ghost - 6 years ago
That arowana is the fish to get when you get tired of the little fishes you bought.
Vignesh Ks
Vignesh Ks - 6 years ago
The Petco thing probably happened because you told them you had a nursery and probably thought you were competition.
SIMPLE AQUATICS - 6 years ago
very nice
WMChava - 6 years ago
I go there almost every sunday, Tee is great, helpful and friendly! My #1 spot!
Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy
Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy - 6 years ago
Emmit Stewart
Emmit Stewart - 6 years ago
I don't have a Petco near me and I don't miss them.  Those guys sound like jerks.  It would be nice if those gouramis spawned in your pond.
James Goose
James Goose - 6 years ago
That pond really is Bdass man. One day I would like to do a shallow display tank built into the floor. The plants are beautiful from above as well. I know this is for growing stock but it would be soo cool as a display.
Kim Stroeh
Kim Stroeh - 6 years ago
Jacob, what a gorgeous pond! The fish look beautiful in it. I dream of having a pond in my backyard some day.... I'm glad you went to a reputable fish store instead. Even though you were understandably frustrated with Petco it was probably best for your older fish that you didn't bring any diseases with the new fish (or at least lessened the possibility). It also gave you a good excuse to look at all the other amazing fish at The Reef. :-)
Angel Castaneda
Angel Castaneda - 6 years ago
wait, what happened, "yesterday"?
Loreal L.
Loreal L. - 6 years ago
moviemakerwannabe that's just f/king moronic. Maybe he could have made two separate purchases! Next time he should ask the girl if the tetras are really tasty on the barby?
moviemakerwannabe - 6 years ago
Petco told him they wouldn't sell him more than 10 fish at a time. Then lowered that to 8 fish
Alexander Wright
Alexander Wright - 6 years ago
He tried to buy I think about 20 fish (I never really counted how many in total but it is somewhere near 20) and they told him that they can not sell more than 8 fish at a time
Anthony Piti
Anthony Piti - 6 years ago
The pond looks great Jacob! It'd be interesting to see if any of those gourami breed in there.
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
I agree! I have no experience breeding this fish nor can I tell which ones are male or female. But maybe it'll happen, that would be so cool to see cute little baby Gouramis swimming around! Thanks for watching my friend!
Flamingskullgaming - 6 years ago
Nicholas Bennett
Nicholas Bennett - 6 years ago
Alexis Wilson they would eat the fish and ruin the plants
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 6 years ago
Flamingskullgaming I have a turtle ;-) they are amazing, but a turtle would eat the fish and possibly uproot his plants
Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga
Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga - 6 years ago
Great pond
Bleached Muffin
Bleached Muffin - 6 years ago
that is an epic tank
Bleached Muffin
Bleached Muffin - 6 years ago
yay you bought a gourami their my favorites
TheLoachGuy - 6 years ago
Support your local independent retailers!
juscallmej - 6 years ago
I've heard stories of the lamp eye tetras eating plants. make sure and keep an eye on them. always feels nice bringing home some new fish. cheers J
Trever Zeunet
Trever Zeunet - 6 years ago
Aw bro I hope those lamp eyes don't eat your plants. I had that problem with them..
JC Aquatics
JC Aquatics - 6 years ago
That is a huge pond. Do you inject co2 into it?
Vanessa :L
Vanessa :L - 6 years ago
What's your job/career?
D K - 6 years ago
+JacobsAquarium What do you think about starting a weight loss channel on the side to help others lose weight along with you man?
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
I own a retail website and a plant nursery. Thanks for watching :)
Vidyut Periyasamy
Vidyut Periyasamy - 6 years ago
That is defiantly over stocked, I wouldnt put more than half a neon in there!
Grimalkin Felidae
Grimalkin Felidae - 6 years ago
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 6 years ago
Clorox Bleach lol
Damion Markham
Damion Markham - 6 years ago
right on Jacob
Meme God
Meme God - 6 years ago
You should die a freshwater stingray tank
Meme God
Meme God - 6 years ago
Or pond
Meme God
Meme God - 6 years ago
That's a good price for a arowana
Weenie Hut Jr's
Weenie Hut Jr's - 6 years ago
Awesome! I wish there was a real LFS near me but the only good one is 200 miles away. :(
Hyuna A
Hyuna A - 6 years ago
i literally just went to the reef a few days ago!!!
Johnny - 6 years ago
I would love to see more videos like this ! So damn cool! Such a nice pond!
Fishy Snowman
Fishy Snowman - 6 years ago
I bet those fish are in heaven.
Aussie Reptiles and Aquarium Fish
Aussie Reptiles and Aquarium Fish - 6 years ago
Beautiful Saratoga!

100. comment for I Bought Some Fish!

Natural Only
Natural Only - 6 years ago
whyyyyyy gouramis
Thomas keider
Thomas keider - 6 years ago
They look great!
Flynn's Fish Forum
Flynn's Fish Forum - 6 years ago
You should add a big school of black neon tetras!
Whipp508 - 6 years ago
Hey there, if i were to order jungle val from your site, how many plants do i get per order? Is it more than 1 stalk per order?
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
Whipp508 Its one plant per quantity ordered. Thanks for watching.
Misty N.
Misty N. - 6 years ago
Red eyed tetras ate some of my plants be careful
finalout99 - 6 years ago
Glad you took your hard earned money elsewhere. Enjoy your new pond buddies!
Marks Shrimp Tanks
Marks Shrimp Tanks - 6 years ago
Your pond looks soooooo good :)
Anthony Lipizzi
Anthony Lipizzi - 6 years ago
I've never shopped at petco, but will certainty stay away now if that is their policy.
xinic5 - 6 years ago
I'm not a big fan of defending big corporations but the Petcos where I lived always seemed a step up from the Petcos and other pet stores I shopped at.
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 6 years ago
Anthony Lipizzi years ago I got a ferret there. Something about that store just seemed a bit....off
Robbie Clipperton
Robbie Clipperton - 6 years ago
I liked the Saratoga at the start.
ThePsyke - 6 years ago
i love this guy....:D
Fandus - 6 years ago
I really love your videos. All of them are so entertaining and I learn always something new. Happy New Year from Czech Republic :)
natalie r
natalie r - 6 years ago
Beautiful pond setup! I can't wait to see how it looks with all of the fish in it.
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones - 6 years ago
Have you been to Fish World in Covina? It's really awesome, that's where I used to get my fish when I lived there about a decade ago.
BusyPetKeeping 101
BusyPetKeeping 101 - 6 years ago
Put a Betta fish there in the the pond
They live in large territories in the wild so it would be great
quick cubed
quick cubed - 6 years ago
You should get a quite big group of buenos aries tetras
Theary Orn
Theary Orn - 6 years ago
I never knew I wanted a raised pond like this. Wow, it looks amazing!
Tom from Oz
Tom from Oz - 6 years ago
Nice choices but if you are going to add more, maybe some guppies for a bit of colour? They are very hardy and will catch the eyes of your customers as well.
Patrick Torres
Patrick Torres - 6 years ago
man i wish i could visit your establishment, but im in new york :( looks like your having fun though, congrats!
Mike Radcliffe
Mike Radcliffe - 6 years ago
Red eyes will eat your thin leaves planted. My wisteria, rotala and anacharis were destroyed by these guys. Had to take them out of my planted.
AllWaterAngler - 6 years ago
how is your pond made
The Midwest Fishkeeper
The Midwest Fishkeeper - 6 years ago
It was funny how you said, "they sell me any fish any amount... Unlike PetCo yesterday!" That made me laugh!
miguel contreras
miguel contreras - 6 years ago
i seen petco selling an arowana
The Midwest Fishkeeper
The Midwest Fishkeeper - 6 years ago
Same! It was crazy seeing them there!
cmarshall2211 - 6 years ago
*GASP!* Over 8 fish purchased!? Alert the fish police!

Seriously, great update. Glad you were able to visit a sane business and stock your pond.
LighT HanzeL
LighT HanzeL - 6 years ago
is that pond using Co2
Riley Peabody
Riley Peabody - 6 years ago
that pond looks crazy. have you done a video on setting it up ?
Huy Nguyen Ho
Huy Nguyen Ho - 6 years ago
You should get some Corydoras and a pleco, I want to meet you, I think I'm Going to that store to buy some fish and could meet you
Riley Tasker
Riley Tasker - 6 years ago
They aren't actually an Arowana. They are called Saratoga Jardini slightly different fish
blue bean
blue bean - 6 years ago
love fish♡
Phurhause - 6 years ago
do you need to vacuum/clean/change water of the pond just like aquarium?
Kevin V
Kevin V - 6 years ago
Will you be breeding any fish in pond?
Trevor Kerber
Trevor Kerber - 6 years ago
Dang the fish look great! What is your opinion on dirt substrate aquarium (w/ gravel or sand cap of course)
Ariel Delgado
Ariel Delgado - 6 years ago
Wow your pond is even more beautiful! :)
alex ruiz
alex ruiz - 6 years ago
do you happen to know a good place to get some rainbow fish around I usually see Boesemani but I'm trying to find a bigger variety of rainbow fish
Eric Sloan
Eric Sloan - 6 years ago
how do you clean a 600 gallon pond?
LFCooledWhip - 6 years ago
You should add some cherry shrimp and let them reproduce so you can start a huge colony...
they would also help the algae!!
Shamik Dalal
Shamik Dalal - 6 years ago
hey Jacob , won't the gouramis eat your plants ?
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
No. They don't bother the plants at all. Thanks for watching :)
cesarr983 - 6 years ago
I always feel like a kid in a candy store every time I go there lol
SUnnYY13 - 6 years ago
Heyy awesome video!!
Do you like bettas?
jacob smith
jacob smith - 6 years ago
What more than 8 fish!! Lol
BusyPetKeeping 101
BusyPetKeeping 101 - 6 years ago
JacobsAquarium you should add a betta to the pond because they have large territories in the wild so it would be good for them
SUnnYY13 - 6 years ago
+JacobsAquarium You replied!!
You should definitely get into bettas!!! I would love to see some bettas in your videos!!
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
I love bettas, I haven't owned one since I was a kid though. Would be nice to get back into them, maybe someday! Thanks for watching! :)
Owen's Aquariums
Owen's Aquariums - 6 years ago
Glad you got the fish! You should buy a ton more of those red eye tetras. If you can afford it, it would be super cool to buy at least 20. I would love to see a huge school of them.
yaoming yen
yaoming yen - 6 years ago
+SBGJansen i didn't know that. Good to know!
SBGJansen - 6 years ago
Those are nice fish, but they eat plants for breakfast, lunch and dinner... Not sure that'll be a good idea...
yaoming yen
yaoming yen - 6 years ago
JacobsAquarium buenos aires tetras would also be super cool!
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
Funny you mention that, I'm going back in a couple weeks to get more. I'd like to have a school of at least 30 or 40. Thanks for watching!
loogiemistress - 6 years ago
Glad you didn't support the corporate beast :)
muffemod - 6 years ago
never buy from a lfs
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 6 years ago
+TheMadJadderCosplay not every store is the same. Our local one is pretty cool, but the workers are just misinformed.
Z17 - 6 years ago
Kae Hume i don't go to petco anymore unless i have to
Kae Hume
Kae Hume - 6 years ago
petco and petsmart are monsters omg. i work for another chain pet company but we're a small franchise and we hear so many horror stories from the two "corporate beasts" hahaha
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 6 years ago
loogiemistress like they think we don't know what they do.
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson - 6 years ago
loogiemistress yeah petco is crazy
hotrodvdub - 6 years ago
Should do a tour of the reef. I've passed by it and simply thought it was a salt water only place.
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
Nick Leppert
Nick Leppert - 6 years ago
Just subbed and wanna ask but how many gallons is the nursery?
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
The pond is 600 gallons. Thanks for watching! :)
Kevin Walden
Kevin Walden - 6 years ago
Cool vid. Glad to see videos from you man! keep em comin ! left us hangin for too long. I love the giga pond
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
Thanks for watching! :)
Noice - 6 years ago
Neon Tetra Aquarist
Neon Tetra Aquarist - 6 years ago
First! Yay!

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