Improve Your Aquarium With a Wet Dry Filter

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Improve Your Aquarium With a Wet Dry Filter sentiment_very_dissatisfied 18

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for Improve Your Aquarium With a Wet Dry Filter

Snow - 6 years ago
What about eheim professional wet dry ? its a wet dry canister :D
Ahmad Noor Haqimi
Ahmad Noor Haqimi - 6 years ago
i think i heeard like trumpet something
flyingrabbit - 6 years ago
I like the wrinkly shirt, it keeps it real.
Zachary Hanson
Zachary Hanson - 7 years ago
What do you use for the mechanical filter portion? Do you buy pads in bulk? Is it expensive?
jamie harper
jamie harper - 8 years ago
My father just passed away and has a 55 gallon saltwater tank with a wet dry filter that he built and I can't figure out why its failing. Can anyone help me?
Xtra_Eggroll - 7 years ago
Sorry for your lost
JamesCrowonline - 8 years ago
I went to a local aquarium store to look at some wet dry filters and the ones they were running were beyond nasty and dirty, is that normal. The tank and fish looked good but the filter looked like a dump.
SamLesCreations - 8 years ago
I got a 30gal tank recently and I've only ever had a 2.5gal. I'm looking up dif filters and everything I'll need for the tank. I'm taking my time and doing research so I don't screw up. I think the tiny tank has a whisper filter. With a bigger tank with more fish I'll be more concerned about the water levels. I think I'll want a wet dry filter.
Fischer custom baits
Fischer custom baits - 9 years ago
Hello , what kind of filter media do you use ? 
sn9696 - 9 years ago
if you don't want to see the filter paint the back of the tank, or some paper of the color you like...

10. comment for Improve Your Aquarium With a Wet Dry Filter

Plant Surgeon
Plant Surgeon - 11 years ago
Thanks for the advice. The strange noises were also heard here in Chicago south side to be more especific. Can you do an update on your luckybamboo I noticed some in the background growing.
Han Lin
Han Lin - 11 years ago
could u make a video for beginners that is planning to own an aquarium that lists products and what we should be doing to take care of our fishes. As far as nitrate and nitrite that you were talking about in this video i have no idea what the effects of these are on your fishes so ill like technical science part of this being explained too and maybe provide us with a simple science clip of how to take care of our fishes thank ;D
Christopher William Peter Ashby
Christopher William Peter Ashby - 11 years ago
The hills have eyes
TheMrObsanity - 11 years ago
What are the names of the videos with the noises that you talked about?? Great video by the way. Good Advice!
tupacoutlaw3 - 11 years ago
hey my friend i just got a 47 gal salt water tank that came with a fluvial 305 which i was told is good for fresh water only what wet/dry filter do you recommend and what is a protein skimmer and do i also need to buy a pump ???? I'm confuse
NoMonies1987 - 11 years ago
I love your Angelfish... starting at about 1:23 in the video you are moving your hands and they are following. I have Angelfish that do the same thing, so it made me laugh to see yours do it as well.
rexlinkfish - 11 years ago
hey another thing that is good for biological filtration is lava rock. Yah it sounds a little weird but because of the holes in the lava rock lots of the good bacteria grows there. I was recommended to do that from my lfs. I also am in the process of making my sump all I am doing right now is waiting for my sump to get the bacteria. I have a 20 gallon tall for my sump for my 55 gallon. I am just going to have an overflow box that leads to the lava rock then have a pump taking the water back up.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
@EWColaCanada They sell them at most high end tropical fish stores, don't expect to find them at petsmart or petco lol. You can also order one from doctor foster and smith like I did. They have good prices too, hope this helps and tanks for watching :)
Jean-Francois Prince
Jean-Francois Prince - 11 years ago
Please show your wet dry filter
dudev - 11 years ago
The haters don't know what they're talking about with wet / dry fitters. You have a freshwater aquarium. The issue with wet / dry filters producing a lot of nitrates is generally only applicable to reef tanks, where you don't want any nitrates and water changes are more difficult. And wet / dry filters are supposed to produce nitrates; that's what they're designed to do. They're perfect for freshwater tanks.

20. comment for Improve Your Aquarium With a Wet Dry Filter

BangxYourexDead - 11 years ago
I see you got your lucky bamboo over your tank.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
@Beo426 Never knew that, wow that's really cool. About time they start making them with heaters.
JacobsAquarium - 11 years ago
@Beo426 Yes.
JUNAID187 - 11 years ago
Always wanted to use a wet/dry filter. Never got around to making one though :S

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