Landscaped Discus Aquarium

Landscaped freshwater Discus tank

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Landscaped freshwater Discus tank

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Spawn 1960
Spawn 1960 - 6 years ago
Sorry this is such a late notice. Is this your aquarium. Beautiful. I never saw such a variety Discus. I've had an at least one aquarium since I was a kid. I now have two indoors and I converted an old cast iron bath tube that we once used as a horse trough to a fish pond. Years ago when my Dad was still alive, we dug a large fish pond. I have since rebuilt the enclosure as we live in the country and wildlife is still around. Mom lives on the fron 1&1/2 acres and I live on the back acre. I keep an eye on her as the years pile up. You did a wonderful job of landscaping as I understand Discus are quite particular. Thank you for sharing and God Bless, Paul from Florida. I don't usually use my real name, but as I've read you on the Sausage family videos, I consider you an informal friend if you don't mind. P.S. 57 seconds is much too short to appreciate the aquarium. Of coures I can and have gazed at one for hours. They are so tranquil. That's one reason I love being a Floridian.
Spawn 1960
Spawn 1960 - 6 years ago
I do appreciate what you went through. Among other jobs in my life, I was a glass cutter. Usually repairing or building windows and have on more than one occasion been commissioned to build a custom aquarium. Wasn't so bad untill you needed either 3/8 or 1/2 inch glass. When cutting it you have one shot and at that size, one mistake could cost a fortune or some stitches. Have had my more than my fair share of stitches. I hope eventually you find a direction for your channel. It would be interesting, I'm sure. Take care and God Bless.
Rickbearcat - 6 years ago
@Spawn 1960//////// Actually, I really only put the video up as a test for my channel. I do appreciate the compliments, though. Unfortunately, the aquarium is not mine (I should have said that in the description). It's a close friend's that we put together along with needing two other people. It weighed 600lbs. and had to be carried 100 feet down a 15-degree incline on grass. To say that we were on pins and needles the whole way would be an understatement. The tank is a 300-gallon custom built with a custom cabinet surround (top and bottom) with 4 LED light strips that replicate the correct spectrum of light. We have 20 Discus (@ 80 to 120 bucks apiece!) and a 6-inch tri-color loach in it now. Thanks again for the kind words, Paul.

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