NEW!!!!discus aquarium

by kontozos father and son

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by kontozos father and son

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for NEW!!!!discus aquarium

captainhelmet69 - 8 years ago
great set up, i keep discus, check out and sub my channel and ill sub you back
Ashmashbash02 - 8 years ago
jclyde13 - 9 years ago
Looks like you would do much better to have a tank around twice that size to contain that many large fish.
smurfsex - 9 years ago
those are absolutely beautiful
PsychoBillyNiki - 9 years ago
@akbar19942k10 Opposite sides, better circulation.
noob rider
noob rider - 9 years ago
Tanks way too small and 26c is too low a temp.
akbar19942k10 - 9 years ago
Are your intake and outflow of the eheim filter on the same side of the tank or on either side? i wanted to know this to find out the most efficient method of filteration. I've heard that if its on either side its more efficient that way. Btw the tank is a 180l not 200, i got the same one.
misstamps1 - 9 years ago
Beautiful fish!!!
robyxx91 - 10 years ago
acquario troppo piccoli per aver tutti quei discus soffrono e non crescono come dovrebbero

10. comment for NEW!!!!discus aquarium

Στράτος Κοντόζος
Στράτος Κοντόζος - 10 years ago
Listen the right temp is 26 C.You must use a water softener and PH 6degrees or lower.Also discus fish loves a quiet enviroment in aquarium.I mean small fishes and social no wild .They will also love live plants..I give those fishes to my father and I have a reef now.I will upload a video in a few days
Rotten Brain
Rotten Brain - 10 years ago
very nice discus fish, do u still have them? what temperature the discuss are happy with? do u use any buffers for the discuss? will appreciate ur recommendation for keeping discuss!
vhdvhd12 - 10 years ago
@turkeyslayer100 the ones with black spots are actually hybrids extra: the ones that arent have discus parents with the same genes and discus from south america, discus with black spot on their body have been through selective breeding and are actually alot easier to keep then pure discus :)
shigllgetcha - 10 years ago
theyre cardinal tetras the red line is longer than neon tetras
mzhamdi - 10 years ago
hi all whats the name of the blue and red little fish?
Aquarium_impreza_joey - 10 years ago
yep stunted I look at those discus and cry. also should point just doing water changes will not help. the water need to be aged for 24 hours with prime or cloram-x then use that water to change the water.
Aquarium_impreza_joey - 10 years ago
10 gallons per 1 adult discus, the fish are also stressed. please telling me you are keeping the temp at 84 and aging your water for 24.
Tfish Blover
Tfish Blover - 10 years ago
Beautiful but i agree with everyone else i would only put 2 discus at the very most in this size aquarium!
sloppi1234 - 10 years ago
it would look nice with 3-4 discuses ,but yeh its overstocked
Lassiegreece - 10 years ago
Too many fish for this size!

20. comment for NEW!!!!discus aquarium

cryinf - 10 years ago
omg tooooooooooo much discus -.^
sloppi1234 - 11 years ago
200l tank is for 4 discuses i bellive..
Στράτος Κοντόζος
Στράτος Κοντόζος - 11 years ago
it;s a 200L tank
Adam Plein
Adam Plein - 11 years ago
how often do you change the water in that tank and how much ? I have seen discus reach 24cm in diameter. Unfortunatly these fish will never reach their full potential. you can tell this already because of the size of their eyes. The worst part is i bet the fish were stunted already when you bought them. However their living conditions dont help either.
ihatethenameluca - 11 years ago
curiousZ - 11 years ago
nice tank and beautiful fish, but crowded 100%. A bit larger tank would be great.
sjs2011 - 11 years ago
wow way too many!!!
Persapolis07 - 11 years ago
Too many Discus in This Tank,each Discus needs a minimum 10g space.
HOZ CHOPPERS - 11 years ago
a lot of discus in a small tank...not good...
Samantha Panchèvre
Samantha Panchèvre - 11 years ago
those discuss are sooo nice but your tank is very crouded which will make your fis stressed

30. comment for NEW!!!!discus aquarium

Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown - 12 years ago
I agree! Beautiful fish, please buy a bigger tank! You won't regret it!
VWmachine - 12 years ago
you like to know more about discus and care go to simply discus forum
Στράτος Κοντόζος
Στράτος Κοντόζος - 12 years ago
can you please tell me more about discus care???can you can give me some extra advises??I have 10 discus in 200 L tank with 200L sabb aquarium
Στράτος Κοντόζος
Στράτος Κοντόζος - 12 years ago
it;s 200L tank...thank you for your comment
rd010123 - 12 years ago
How big is the tank, and very nice fish and tank set up.
Στράτος Κοντόζος
Στράτος Κοντόζος - 12 years ago
thank you
Στράτος Κοντόζος
Στράτος Κοντόζος - 12 years ago
yes of course

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