New Goldfish Tank

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for New Goldfish Tank

migara kularwardana
migara kularwardana - 6 years ago
this tank is even better
JacobsAquarium - 6 years ago
Reef Tropical Fish in Anaheim California.
Saisori - 6 years ago
Where did you buy such a nice tall 50 gallon?
cheyennen coleman
cheyennen coleman - 7 years ago
I have a ten gallon tank with four goldfish is that good for them. and what goldfish pebbles food do you use. do you use water products for the aquraiam if you do, please tell me cause this is my first time having goldfish :)
Trolly Polly
Trolly Polly - 3 years ago
cheyennen coleman bad
Vishay Singh
Vishay Singh - 7 years ago
what do you do with your old fish when you get new fish
EWColaCanada - 7 years ago
Hey Jacob, What are the benefits of using pebbles rather than regular aquarium gravel?
puopg - 7 years ago
if you havemt gotten it already, get ur aquasoil from nature aquarium in Santa monica, assuming nearby. way cheper to now pay for shipping.
123Ronv - 7 years ago
Amazing gold fish, I love them all.
shredapocalypse - 7 years ago
how do you change substrate in a cycled tank? I'm wondering because I would love to go from gravel to sand but am not sure how.

10. comment for New Goldfish Tank

John Samuel
John Samuel - 7 years ago
gotta tell you, you don't look the same without baby on your shoulder :) Sweet tanks and the goldfish look great as always
Outdoors Guy
Outdoors Guy - 7 years ago
hey jacob i got 2 algae eaters and just wanting to get rid of one but have no idea of who to give it to or what. i dont want to mail them cause i have no idea how to do it. but was wondering would u want one?
JANitor579 - 7 years ago
AHH your goldfish are SOO cute!! :D Ahaha I love the look of the tank! And the new planted tank idea sounds really cool :) Hope you're enjoying the goldfish, they look amazing!
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Jason Stroman
Jason Stroman - 7 years ago
Nice. Keep up with your progress & keep uploading. Good choice. Keep us informed as I'm in the same position made the sane choice
Ty Dressler
Ty Dressler - 7 years ago
Sub'd!....good luck on the 10g Jacob.
FrancisR - 7 years ago
thanks for sharing buddy! Your new fish are super and I'm liking your idea of a small planted tank
Rimon Ramzy
Rimon Ramzy - 7 years ago
hey Jacob, how many Gallon is your tank?
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
you might as well go bare bottom on your 50 cuz those pebbles are going to gather up so much waste and be nearly impossible to clean. and you should ditch the fake plants cuz no matter how you scape it they always look bad or tacky, driftwood would be cooler. but i have to admit your goldfish are awsome and that driftwood in ur 10 looks dope
James Stoddart
James Stoddart - 7 years ago
hi Jacob, i really like the new pebbles in the tank and the goldfish look really nice and happy in there, i`m looking forwards to seeing the 10 gallon when you get it up and running. enjoy you family time.

20. comment for New Goldfish Tank

The Barefooted Gardener
The Barefooted Gardener - 7 years ago
Where do the goldfish hide at night? My goldfish hide every night. I like the pebbles on the bottom, and also the fact you're still gonna have a planted tank with... Tetras? What are you going to put in the planted tank?
Alex Fosdeck
Alex Fosdeck - 7 years ago
You're all about visual appeal aren't you? I enjoy the mini ecosystem factor.
Nate Serven
Nate Serven - 7 years ago
Love the goldfish everything looks good. Ive been following your channels since i found the video on one of the filters. I myself have a saltwater tank i no that there are better lights than the t5. I was wondering if you considered the marineland or some brand led fixture. They have day and night time viewing lights. Just something to consider. Great videos, keep um coming!
Jessica's Nerd Life
Jessica's Nerd Life - 7 years ago
ya goldfish and planted tanks dont usually work out. so i guess you made the right decision. i know goldies wont eat anubias so you can always add some of thsoe if you wanted.
fulishproductions - 7 years ago
The new tank would make a great betta tank, but then I'm a betta enthusiast. Sorority or single male with friends, 10-g are nice for those. Glad you switched things up. Every tank is a creative process for the aquarist, and there's no worries if things evolve spontaneously. Good video!
Humberto Fish Tanks
Humberto Fish Tanks - 7 years ago
goldfish do like stir the substrate! Was it hard to take the decision to change everything. I keep my 55 gallon tank bare bottom is much easier to clean, and i have my plant in glass containers sort of like pots. Nice videos, keep it up
Kong Lee
Kong Lee - 7 years ago
Cant believe they stole ur C4...i mean Who steels an Aquariums Filter
joren70 - 7 years ago
sorry to see the big planted tank go, but you turned into a pretty nice goldfish tank :) sweet driftwood for the 10 gallon. Looking forward to that. Grtz
Pure4Kicks - 7 years ago
Dude that fish is scary!
AquaStudent - 7 years ago
the goldfish tank looks nice. I love the simple look. It lets you focus on what's important...the fish! I like the larger substrate. How easy do you think it will be to keep clean? Aesthetics wise though it looks great!

30. comment for New Goldfish Tank

JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Thanks! :) I do want to mix it up a bit. Tetras, shrimp, otos and cory cats all sound good :)
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Those pilaties do really breed like rabbits, spot on LOL. I chose to use a C4 on my ten gallon because I just like the bigger filters. The filter pads last longer and the bio chamber is bigger, making biological filtration better. If you have a heavily stocked 30, I would return the C2 and put a C4 on your tank. It will be allot better in the future. Thanks for watching friend.
josh channel
josh channel - 7 years ago
In your new 10 gallon are you just having tetras?? If not definetly get some cory's or otos! Love the vid! Wish I had your oranda! Check my goldfish vids!! :) cheers
1997BLucy - 7 years ago
Hey, Jacob... So I have ordered the Fluval C2 filter for my 30 gallon, and on the website it says that this filter is perfect for up to 30 gallons, But I feel kinda bad because you're using the fluval C4 on a 10 gallon, and the C4 is for 40-70 gallon tanks... Do you think that the C2 will be enough filtration on my 30 gallon? I must mention it is slightly over stocked (My platies breed like rabbits...) Thank You :)
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Thanks! :)
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
lol, I still have it in a five gallon bucket on my balcony. It weighs a ton but I can ship it to if you want. You'd have to pay for shipping of course....
1997BLucy - 7 years ago
I cannot wait to see your progression with the ten gallon! It will look amazing! I love the pebbles in the goldfish tank!
s hole
s hole - 7 years ago
TechYK - 7 years ago
that goldfish at 1:50 looks like crazy lol
vicegiqu - 7 years ago
Hey man, did you have only 2 tetras? Yo need more or less 10 if you want non stressed fishes!!!! Is that oranda a problem for the tetra population. Changing the subject, the tree trunk it's very good, can you tell my the cost? You're great.
MrCOS1997 - 7 years ago
those pebbles look really nice, love those goldies but they do have their down sides like eating plants, that new 10 gallon is going to look very nice!

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