New Gourami's!

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New Gourami's! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 34

Discus 8 years ago 69,893 views

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for New Gourami's!

jcold007 - 2 years ago
Hey man, curious how you were able to keep the gourami fish peaceful between one another??
Gherbi Dz
Gherbi Dz - 2 years ago
i have one of this new gourami's
dwarf gourami and the iron gourami
Ketan Ghaisas
Ketan Ghaisas - 3 years ago
which type of Gourami can be kept with Mbuna Chiclids? I have Auratus Demasoni and Yellow Lab. They are not fully grown yet.
deeptendu chandra
deeptendu chandra - 3 years ago
can i keep dwarf gouramis with a betta?
Yuna Mae
Yuna Mae - 3 years ago
deeptendu chandra NO! Never keep betta's and gourami's together.
David de Brequet
David de Brequet - 3 years ago
Do the blue gouramis eat snails ( as I have read ) ?
marc - 3 years ago
hey will gouramis eat plants in a planted aquarium?
winesburg yy
winesburg yy - 3 years ago
they might nibble on them but if they have other food they won't nibble too much
Yesit'sJess - 3 years ago
I have always had wonderful luck with gouramis.
Vipul Thaker
Vipul Thaker - 3 years ago
The Turtle Fighter
The Turtle Fighter - 3 years ago
how to know if it is male or female gourami
Ron G
Ron G - 3 years ago
how often should I feed my gourami's ? and the types of food I have available are tetra cichlid crisps and omega one blood worms
Beckie Eldridge
Beckie Eldridge - 3 years ago
Ron G just realised I only have the clip of my male making a bubble nest, I didn't upload the mating eek
Beckie Eldridge
Beckie Eldridge - 3 years ago
Ron G my gourami have bred once since I got them. she was massive, at thought at one point could she explode? (I really don't think they can!)
it took him about three vigorous tries on her to get the eggs out, I think she was just so full of them.
I do have a couple of videos on my channel of the process.
Maybe she is naturally big bellied but cannot produce the eggs so the male sees her as a "pest" and the other female also? there whole aim to reproduce so they could possibly think she's a nuisance if she can't produce?
I'm absolutely no expert with gourami though
Ron G
Ron G - 3 years ago
Beckie Eldridge thanks and also one of my female gourami has had a plump belly for quite some time now I've seen them mate but never have released the eggs now the male and other female chases her around
Beckie Eldridge
Beckie Eldridge - 3 years ago
Ron G gourami are very easy fish to feed, I feed mine on simple tropical flake food

10. comment for New Gourami's!

Nathan McMonigal
Nathan McMonigal - 3 years ago
that's just a regular dwarf gourami not a flame dwarf
ShortNanxious - 3 years ago
Cool Gourami mix. I have seen alot of your videos and they were all on plants... I had no idea you had fish too. that's awsome. its hard to go to Aquarium shops for plants and not get side tracked by fish too ... or by other cool plants that you didn't go to the store to buy but ended up putting in the cart or box and taking home too. lol. I'm going to have to get caught up on your videos. :)
s_ r
s_ r - 4 years ago
how would thet do in 5 gallon the dwrf red ones
s_ r
s_ r - 3 years ago
david godseyy oook so that off my list
david godseyy
david godseyy - 3 years ago
you want at least. At least, 15 gallons for the dwarfs. 5 will stress and kill them
Strike At it fishing
Strike At it fishing - 4 years ago
How many could I put in my 2foot tank
Adam Barber
Adam Barber - 3 years ago
Mitchell Reinke I would say about 10 or 11
Fuh Duke
Fuh Duke - 4 years ago
My blue gourami lost its black spots
ANNA PAWLIK - 4 years ago
I have single fish three spot gourami in 20 gallon tank ,should i get more fish , he seems lonely, or its ok . And recently his been flashing ,and really scared and refused to eat . Can you please give me advise . Thank you .
PuRqL3Haz3 - 4 years ago
i bet those things started fighting
po dunc
po dunc - 4 years ago
i have found that after fighting w/the basic pond snail explosions by taking them out manually,i leave some snails in to help clean the tank. but when they get large enough and they are high up on tank glass,i'll gently crush them against the glass w/my finger and when they fall to the bottom,my gouramis move in for the feast.i also have a few small orange color tetra that peck the snail meal instead of throwing out the snails,use them for feed.
Krish Caliber
Krish Caliber - 4 years ago
what about your gold fish
po dunc
po dunc - 4 years ago
as for feeding your catfish.i had 2 long ago and i used the same food i used to catch channel cat when i went fishing.kroger and other stores can/may carry tiger shrimp(raw,never cooked)tails.they are green/greyish,w/shell and big.somewhat pricey but they can remain frozen for a long time if sealed to prevent freezer burn. i just cut 1 up into tiny parts but my cats would tear into it like a shark may try this food,if they don't like it,cook them up for yourself.if you want to eat them,soak in milk over night because they are heavy flavor..catfish love them.w/fish food cost,a bag of these shrimp for about $15-$17 would last quite a awhile.heck,the gouramis may like them to.

20. comment for New Gourami's!

Ryan Walton
Ryan Walton - 4 years ago
the red fires are dwarf gauramis right
Lewis Seow
Lewis Seow - 4 years ago
are money plants suitable for gourami
Turbogeek 21
Turbogeek 21 - 4 years ago
I named mines Gurt Reynolds lol
Turbogeek 21
Turbogeek 21 - 4 years ago
+po dunc lol nice
po dunc
po dunc - 4 years ago
name 1 after the global warming guru...AL gore-rami...
BusyPetKeeping 101
BusyPetKeeping 101 - 4 years ago
Get the Cobalt blue gourami
pichum4st3r - 4 years ago
My flame gourami is chill. He is not picking on my other fish. Be careful because gourami can compete with each other or other fish that may look like them.
hanzifaction - 4 years ago
I think we should be together
Shari L
Shari L - 4 years ago
Are you out of your mind? Catfish and multiple gouramis?! They are very aggressive fish and will harass each other to death and stress surviving fish. Ignorant.
Noice - 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure that he knows more about these fish then you do. Not every fish is the same, some will fight, and some will be chill.
Bill Scirin
Bill Scirin - 4 years ago
Lol I hope this is bate
Olivia M
Olivia M - 4 years ago
aww i have a parrot just like that
dvdfrnzwbr - 4 years ago
Neon Dwarf Gourami's are my favorite fish.
Jessy Dee
Jessy Dee - 4 years ago
The only gouramis I trust is honey gouramis and Indian Gouramis because they are the MOST docile gouramis out there... Honeys are my third fave fish ever tho
Noice - 4 years ago
Actually pearl gourami are the most peaceful out of larger gouramis. If you get some they probably will do fine. Just watch out, they males can be aggressive. I have 2 female pearl gouramis and a male dwarf gourami, and they're doing fine.

30. comment for New Gourami's!

Olivia Nguyen
Olivia Nguyen - 4 years ago
I am putting more plants in my 20 gallon.
Tones 0.7
Tones 0.7 - 4 years ago
How many gallons
Toto Hadiarto
Toto Hadiarto - 4 years ago
In my contry, Indonesia, one neon tetra costs less than 20 cents and a dwarf gourami costs less than 50 cents.
Ivan Corona
Ivan Corona - 4 years ago
Here in the U.S the red dwarf gourami costs about 9 dollars
Rowan magic
Rowan magic - 4 years ago
In england a neon tetra is £1 and a dwarf gourami in £5
Maddie B
Maddie B - 4 years ago
how big is your tank?
Mr.b - 4 years ago
how do you feed different types of fishes with their food type or there is generic food for all the fishes
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 4 years ago
I actually had an instinct to stop using just one food for my sparkling gourami and aquatic frogs. I kept thinking they could become irritating.
Jeremy Marks
Jeremy Marks - 4 years ago
Is this a 50 gallon tank? If not what is it?
Nicholas Soldatos
Nicholas Soldatos - 4 years ago
+JacobsAquarium What about the gourami  disease from inbreds in Singapore? I heard they effect the dwarf gourami and that you should buy banded and thick-lipped gourami instead what do you think about that??
Freshwater fish
Freshwater fish - 5 years ago
I have 6 neon tetras and 2 gouramis in my 10 gallon currently. It's only temporary, I have a 55 getting setup. My gold and flame gourami are fighting . Will they still fight once there in the bigger tank? I want to get giantdanios , swordtails, and serpe tetras, and more gouramis will they bother any of those fish
J Dizon
J Dizon - 5 years ago
Do they need Airpump? Im only 14 and not know what to do.
Noice - 4 years ago
No, they breath from the surface. They are the same family as betta fish.
JRC COOLING - 4 years ago
+J Dizon hey you can have an air pump only if you want you dont need to but it is up 2 you:)
Sammy Son
Sammy Son - 5 years ago
could i keep gouramis with a breeding pair of angels in a 28 gallon tank? +JacobsAquarium
Flo Green
Flo Green - 5 years ago
I love these fish but every time buy them they fight!! Why I think I'm going to just buy one this time.
Noice - 4 years ago
Get 2 female pearl gouramis. They are very peaceful. I have mine with guppies and dwarf gouramis.
Payton Barry
Payton Barry - 5 years ago
Can you keep 2 dwarf gouramis and a male pearl together in a 30 gallon aquarium???? I already have a male honey and know that the male pearl will be able to be with the honey because of distant gouramis relation but will the two dwarfs fight if I keep them together or can I just get dense plants and hope for the best??? THANKS!
Kirsty M
Kirsty M - 5 years ago
+Payton Barry Are the dwarfs both males? It depends, if you have a lot of plantation/places for them to hide and not many other fish, you may be able to get away with it. One thing I've noticed is that they all have their own unique personalities and I've read so many articles from people that have had luck keeping many kinds of male gouramis together while others have had bad stories with deaths happening so it's kind of the luck of the draw. I have a 30 gallon myself with 1 male dwarf, 1 adolescent male pearl and one female pearl and they all get along for the most part. Good luck (:
Flo Green
Flo Green - 5 years ago
2 dollars each for neons ? That's cheap at Walmart they want almost 5 dollars per fish!!
Flora Harris
Flora Harris - 5 years ago
Your video on gourami was awesome. Can you put a live plant in the aquarium?
Ryan Ehrgott2
Ryan Ehrgott2 - 5 years ago
I recently purchased a dwarf gourami as first shown in your video, but it was under the name neon blue dwarf gourami. I got 2, one is more powder blue (female)in my opinion, the other looks identical to that in your tank. I also bought a flame gourami. The difference in my neon male and flame is that the flame is half its body is bright reddish orange, whereas the neon has blue and orange with stripes. My point is, you said that yours was a flame? Did my pet store name them improperly, or are they basically the same thing? Do you know if they can breed if different sex? I also have 4 three spot gouramis, and they have done great for 2 years in the same tank. It's a huge tank like yours, lots of hiding areas though. Do you think they will become aggressive, or since it's been 2 years, am I in the clear?
j - wolf
j - wolf - 5 years ago
I spelt dwarf wrong the first time
MELODY MUNRO - 5 years ago
My local Petbarn (like your big box US stores but in Australia) are the worst for giving bad advice..and they are more expensive than my small LFS which is staffed by passionate fish keepers who will take the time to talk about the fish and any problems you might be having...SUPPORT YOUR LFS...they need us as much as we need them.
Yilmaz Sahinkaya
Yilmaz Sahinkaya - 5 years ago
dude awesome bird. green cheeck conure. i have a fish tank and that bird also. haha
lance lusung
lance lusung - 5 years ago
Damn i remember catching these fishes in our school... when it floods we go to the back of the building and set bottle traps on a small clean canal it was crsytal clear so we could see the gourami's clearly.. But anyway nice vid
Laís Carvalho
Laís Carvalho - 5 years ago
You're cute as well as your pets =D

50. comment for New Gourami's!

lorij102 - 5 years ago
Thanx Jacob !  LOVE your yellow flowered plant.  SO cool... Love my blue gourami, I'ved had him for 3 years...he's gotten really big !  
C..78 - 5 years ago
That is the first mistake I made when I started a tank. I asked for advice at the pet store. I was so sick of my fish dieing and killing one another I was going to give up and sell my tank. But I started finding my own answers by reading a lot online. Now all my fish are going on 2 years old and big and beautiful :)
Collin McHargue
Collin McHargue - 5 years ago
+liz cooper you are a total moron for buying the fish lol. Do research before you buy your shredded up fish lol.
Garbage Man
Garbage Man - 6 years ago
Hey Jacob ! Ive been going through your older videos, really cool to see your growth as aquarium expert. But yeah, I also rescued a Gourami from Animals & Things it closed down this year but man he was in bad shape. They had him in a tank with no moving water, no light, and was pale white.

 The super pale color was the only reason I actually saw him in the dark tank, looked dead. I saw it moving a bit and I decided to buy it, didn't even put up a fight being caught. They charged me $7 for it!!! And my receipt read Misc. fish since they didn't even know the species/type. I really didn't think he was going to make it, he laid on his side for about 2 weeks.So fortunately he did make it,and he's still alive turned out to be a pearl Gaurami and his colors really pop now, :D
idkanygoodnames - 6 years ago
My friend wants to give me a 55 gallon fish tank. I was wondering what types of fish you suggest. I want fish that are colorful. I would like a community tank with different size fish. I would also like to be able to put ghost shrimp in the tank with them. I was thinking gourami's or cichlids. I don't really want gold fish, because my friend has gold fish. I was also wondering if red tailed sharks are good with other fish. I've read stuff about some fish on the petsmart website, but I prefer to get opinions from people not trying to sell me something haha. I've never had a real fish tank before, so I hope I don't sound ignorant by asking this. Thank you for any help you can give.
William Beard
William Beard - 6 years ago
+idkanygoodnames the only thing with tetras is to be careful not to mix too many of the thin bodied ones with the long bodied ones in such large schools as you will have 

because the thin bodied ones are much faster and will eat all the food before the slower ones can get any

idkanygoodnames - 6 years ago
Thank you for the help. I think I'll get tetras like you said.
William Beard
William Beard - 6 years ago
55g is not a good beginner size I would start with a 15 g or a 20g first 

but if you are intent on 55 

I would keep tetras or platys first because of how easy they are 

in a 55g a school of corydoras would be perfect just get the same species as they wont school with other ones 

whatever you do do not start with cichlids 

sharks get massive
almost too big for even a 55g you would be dealing with a fish as large as your forearm 
Gonçalo Coimbra
Gonçalo Coimbra - 6 years ago
i now that i onlu can put an male and female gourami in an tank.But can i add annother species of gourami in the tank?
Bradford Aquatics
Bradford Aquatics - 6 years ago
What size is your tank?
Hayley Devine
Hayley Devine - 6 years ago
i find that the gold gouramis are not only beautigul but wise and can be very agressive...the blue gouramis seemed very meek and lazy and spends most of the time against the heater in corner hiding from other gold gourami....i dunno...trying to breed the two...
Fred Jr. smith
Fred Jr. smith - 6 years ago
I have 2 -3 dot blue Gourami;s 1 Male 1 Female in a 55 gallon tank. They are very Territorial especially when there breeding .. The male was chasing the 10 black skirted tetra's. 2 Medium angelfish.. He was even going after the albino cory cats. not a community tank fish.
David Aguilar
David Aguilar - 6 years ago
I like ur bird and fish
David Aguilar
David Aguilar - 6 years ago
I like ur bird and fish
liz cooper
liz cooper - 6 years ago
YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT PETSMART. total morons. I just bought a huge load of fish. I hope they live through quarantine due to fins are shredded. Jeez.
Aditya Vaidya
Aditya Vaidya - 6 years ago
i had two dwarf gouramis ....... they died by strange disease !!! i dont know what type of disease was that but stomach of those two gouramis swollen and both of them started becoming FAT FAT VERY FAT !!!!........ and 3 to 4 days later they died back to back !!! they were neither eating nor excreating!!! may be loss of appetite!!!
so....please give me some remedy for this disease
Artur Gareev
Artur Gareev - 6 years ago
What are your channels?
luis santos
luis santos - 6 years ago
My water keeps getting
shayla johnson
shayla johnson - 6 years ago
Can you give us your link on your other youtube channel?
Beastgamer5190 - 6 years ago
My gouramis won't stop fighting
Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson - 6 years ago
how big is your tank?
Mark Nutt
Mark Nutt - 6 years ago
It's irritating wanting so many fish with no decent retailer to get them off..
lexi utti
lexi utti - 6 years ago
The thing I noticed most about you is that you are very good at explaining things. 
Punky Pots
Punky Pots - 6 years ago
Melafix is great for new fish and old. Helps heal fins and smells lovely. It's a natural antiseptic made from tea trea oil. I use it often.
Devin Aube
Devin Aube - 6 years ago
Petco is great because it has lots of discounts on fish if you have pet-pals rewards card and its free also you get cash back after paying for things after a while
Alex Briante
Alex Briante - 6 years ago
Hello, I love this channel. These videos are always full of information. I'm thinking about putting a gourami in my 20gal tank. How many gourami can I put in there and what do you recommend?
nicksmith1123 - 6 years ago
100th like and 9,001 subscriber :)
Korman korman
Korman korman - 6 years ago

They told me to use Melifix for ich lol and the girl said she used to breed guppies for 5 years
Korman korman
Korman korman - 6 years ago
Petsmart gave me ich currently dealing with it now
callums fishtank
callums fishtank - 6 years ago
Great video
Keep em comming :)
Kris B
Kris B - 6 years ago
can plants have diseases on them and how could I know?
Kris B
Kris B - 6 years ago
Can I put a little 2 inch cichlid with older cichlids I have 2 that are 4-5 inches?
Richard - 6 years ago
What kind of bird is that?
Fraser's fish room.
Fraser's fish room. - 6 years ago
cute bird
Matthew MacDonald
Matthew MacDonald - 7 years ago
Hi Jacob I'm getting a 40 gallon tank and wanted to get some Dwarf Gouramis. I was wondering how many i could put in there and i don't want them breeding so could it be all one gender? I wanted to make it a planted tank but i heard somewhere that they just eat all the plants? could you help
FishTankArmy - 7 years ago
Gourami's are wonderful fish. I used to keep them 6 years ago (I was 9) and they lived and bred in an un-heated tank. I bought a Dwarf Gourami yesterday and straight away, he started swimming with the smaller fish in my tank. They have really nice personalities.
Dana Jackson
Dana Jackson - 7 years ago
Great vid Jacob as ALways!!!!!! I want to get some gouramis is there any specific fish not to put them with?
Fox Lemieux
Fox Lemieux - 7 years ago
I was reading your comments from 1yr ago about how your gourami were coexisting and wanted to know if they are still doing ok together because I'm starting a new tank and want to get 4 male gourami.
Ram Saini
Ram Saini - 7 years ago
can you keep red gourami fish with dwarf gourami.
SuperTR0pical - 7 years ago
Great vid subbed
Paul Skinner
Paul Skinner - 7 years ago
rock solid advise and tips a good aquarium video :D
Caleb Poulson
Caleb Poulson - 7 years ago
You make me happy! Much LOVE!!!
garpthehero333 - 7 years ago
i have a 25g tank setup for freshwater tropical fish.. thinking of getting gouramis, tetras, mollys, and a loach.. any tips or advice? should I put floating plants?
weirdoguy - 7 years ago
the "blue" gourami you have in there are called 3 spot gourami and will only get to about 4 inches big , and if you want blue colour gourami try opaline and moonlight gourami but watch out as gourami can be killers and overly dominant to tank mates.
angelmraven - 7 years ago
can you put dwarf gourami and japnese algea eaters in the same tank?
Dom Latham
Dom Latham - 7 years ago
hey jacob fans.. AND jacob, was wondering.. whats your opinion for the best tempered gouramis?
Pietra Cordeiro
Pietra Cordeiro - 7 years ago
With goldfish? I'm a big fan
JacobsAquarium - 7 years ago
Pietra Cordeiro
Pietra Cordeiro - 7 years ago
Can a gourami live in a 29 gallon tank
MobileDJUK - 7 years ago
my opaline guarami bullied the other one to death, they are the most violent guarami, that chasing, tail niping behaviour is both annoying to see and horrible on the victim. Dwarf guarami and paradise guarami's are best suited if you don't want bullying, my dad has only had one pair of guarami's that did not kill one another for years, and they were moonlights, every pair he has had since, the other has killed it, guarami's are nice but i'm staying away after seeing my one kill the other lol
Michael Sikler
Michael Sikler - 7 years ago
Do you use aquarium salt for fresh water fish? Maybe you can do a video about it. Thx!
Tom Brown
Tom Brown - 7 years ago
u know ur stuff
Sasi Mallik
Sasi Mallik - 7 years ago
Really excellent and clear video. Great looking tank with all the Gouramis

100. comment for New Gourami's!

aquariuman oscar
aquariuman oscar - 7 years ago
What size is this tank. Gallons, letres and length plz
prometheus21st - 7 years ago
where r the angels .
Hasheem K
Hasheem K - 7 years ago
what are the dimensions on your tank
Hasheem K
Hasheem K - 7 years ago
i thought your only supposed to have one gourami
dj201199 - 7 years ago
How many Green Cheeked Conures do you have?
Alt Account
Alt Account - 7 years ago
Jacob, I agree with you about getting fish from nation-wide chains...That's why I get my fish from a local family-owned store :)
Jugger Naut
Jugger Naut - 8 years ago
I bought 11 Gouramis and it's been a couple days about and most of them hid constantly in the top corner of the 55 gallon aquarium behind a tall plant. Is this normal?????
MotoTherapy - 8 years ago
Is there anything you would recommend to get rid of the odor of the tank? Like I clean it and do a 20% water change every other day but it still there. at one point I just put all my fish in other tank and did a full cleaning but I can already notice that the smell is coming back. Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)
MotoTherapy - 8 years ago
Agreed with the healing phase. I got 6 fish from petco and 6 from petsmart. I could tell right away that the petsmart fish eat very aggressively and you could clearly see that the fins were just horrible......and also the lady was being a huge smart ass lol
Insanonaga - 8 years ago
Male gouramis are nasty to each other.
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Everything has been fine, but thanks for letting me know.
chino - 8 years ago
Heyy i just wanted to let you know that the pictus catfish might eat the neon tetra. The catfish will eat anything that will fit in their mouth. When the lights go out and the fish like sleep the pictus will be awake because they are nocturnal and he might eat the neon. Just letting you know it's something to think about.
Otakusan anonimo
Otakusan anonimo - 8 years ago
yarggg~ pirate :x
Jose Romero
Jose Romero - 8 years ago
it will be cool if you do a video on what you do on petstores
PaNdeM0niuM - 8 years ago
do your gouramis FIGHT?
PaNdeM0niuM - 8 years ago
you have great videos! and great quality too :)
TheTomsTank - 8 years ago
thank you
DaVinciVoodoo - 8 years ago
i want ur parrot!!!
Bigamefish - 8 years ago
No problem man! But I'll warn u if your anything like me, you buy one cat and your hooked! For me there was never just one! Definitely the most interesting group of fish in my opinion! Way more fascinating than meets the eye! I could go on and on and on about this! Just heed my warning! Theres no going back! Haha if you EVER have any questions regarding any cats PLEASE message me and I'll help you out!
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Hell yeah :)
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Pictus Cat.
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Ohh cool! I will have to get more then! Thanks for telling me! :)
Bigamefish - 8 years ago
Ahhh the good old pimelodus Pictus! Exceptional cat!!!! They do best in groups tho! In groups they can be the best entertainment you have ever seen for a while ! I have a pimelodus ornatus! A relative of the Pictus! Not too commonly imported tho ! He was the best $30.00 I've ever spent! Enjoy your cat! I have a tank full of cats and I'll tell you NEVER A DULL MOMENT!
Kong Lee
Kong Lee - 8 years ago
Did you know that Blue Gouramis Flare!! My tank right now only has one bulb in it (the other one burned out) and for the past days they've been flaring at each other like bettas but without the gills. Its fascinating and yes i know its not good so i turn off the lights and they stop.
ATW6 WONDERS - 8 years ago
didn't see that video, can you send the link to me please? are doing a great job with your videos =)
TheTomsTank - 8 years ago
What kind of catfish is that?
beautykiller17 - 8 years ago
Hi! I have a fire dwarf gourami and want to get some of the powdered gouramis. I know they can be nippy and mean at times do what's a good number to get to limit the fighting I was thinking about getting different types to like neon blue and red like you have and the blue and a honey sunset or any other dwarf gourami thx
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Yes they can be at times. But so far they aren't causing any damage to each other. I've noticed throughout the years, having more then three of the same species in a tank will promote them to get along. When there's to many fish to fight, they just give up lol. Thanks for watching friend :)
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
As I mentioned in my other videos, I sold them to a very experienced aquarist, to make room for the Gourami's I wanted.
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
As I mentioned in my other videos, I sold them to a very experienced aquarist, to make room for the Gourami's I wanted.
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Its true, they do get pretty mean sometimes. I will check on them from time to time, but so far so good. Thanks for watching friend :)
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
I'll see what I can do, thanks for the recommendation :)
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
Thanks! :)
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
I did want to go that route in the beginning. But I really didn't like the thought of regular old soil in my tank. I preferred to use Takashi Amano's products but at the time I didn't have the extra money. So I just bought the best planted tank substrate I could find at my local petsmart and its worked just fine for me. When I ad my co2 system, everything will really come alive. I'll post some some more update vids. Thanks for watching friend :)
TWK Aquascaping
TWK Aquascaping - 8 years ago
have you ever considered dirting your tank? it did wonders for my plants and its super cheap
fulishproductions - 8 years ago
3:30 ish ... "The healing phase" ... very good Jay. very good!
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
I can take it from here captain, thank you.....
Kris Kringle
Kris Kringle - 8 years ago
if you do put co2 make sure you have atleast 3 wpg of lighting.
ATW6 WONDERS - 8 years ago
you had angels in that tank, where are they?
s hole
s hole - 8 years ago
JacobsAquarium - 8 years ago
My plants were growing very rapidly without a high tech lighting or co2. The plants I have don't require specialized lighting to thrive. And yes a pictus cat does grow to 5''. Sorry my mistake.......
Kris Kringle
Kris Kringle - 8 years ago
Dont use co2 without high light,and pictus cats get 5''max
XxDominatorsixX - 8 years ago
hey is ur blue 3 spot gourami agressive ti ur other aourami. cause mines is
Jean-Francois Prince
Jean-Francois Prince - 8 years ago
hay man where are the angel fish?

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