The Discus are Gone?!

I tried discus for the first time, and it has not gone well at all. A few of the discus have died, and I am left with two that seem to be doing well. This is an establish planted aquariums and only the discus have died. The corydoras, shrimp, apistos and tetras have all been fine. Link to where I buy my aquarium lights, plants, fertilizers and other fish-related supplies: T-shirts and website: New Videos Twice Per Week (Wednesdays & Sundays)! Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Please Support via Patreon: Mail To: Tazawa Tanks 58 West Portal Ave #235 San Francisco, CA 94127 Email: Disclaimer: This video and description may contain affiliate links. If you click on the affiliate links, I will receive a small commission, which helps support this channel and allows me to continue making content for you to enjoy. Thanks for supporting Tazawa Tanks!

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I tried discus for the first time, and it has not gone well at all. A few of the discus have died, and I am left with two that seem to be doing well. This is an establish planted aquariums and only the discus have died. The corydoras, shrimp, apistos and tetras have all been fine. Link to where I buy my aquarium lights, plants, fertilizers and other fish-related supplies: T-shirts and website: New Videos Twice Per Week (Wednesdays & Sundays)! Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Please Support via Patreon: Mail To: Tazawa Tanks 58 West Portal Ave #235 San Francisco, CA 94127 Email: Disclaimer: This video and description may contain affiliate links. If you click on the affiliate links, I will receive a small commission, which helps support this channel and allows me to continue making content for you to enjoy. Thanks for supporting Tazawa Tanks!

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Tazawa Tanks
Tazawa Tanks - 1 year ago
Thanks to everyone that commented and gave advice. It looks like temperature may be the issue, as I raised temps to 80-81 when I introduced the discus, but it sounds like I should have had the water 84+. As far as those with questions on water parameters, they have been spot-on. No nitrite or ammonia, low nitrates, relatively low tds, hardness, etc. Thanks again for all of the suggestions!
Sotdot - 1 year ago
Man I lost lots of discus also it really sucks. I found that only when there about 5 to 6" is when they can be put in a community tank and survive. But when there smaller than that if there not in a bare bottom with daily water changes they die. There not as resistant as there wild ancestors.

If you were to try again try when there full grown or wild discus. I'm sure you would have better success.
Dovie Dossett
Dovie Dossett - 1 year ago
I am a Master Gardener who cannot grow a fern. You know the ferns that every little old lady in the South hangs on her front porch every summer? Nope, not going to happen. I have personally killed more Boston ferns than I care to think about, while living in all parts of the country with every conceivable sort of water and fertilizer. It's just not in the cards. Maybe that's you and discus. :-/
young pound
young pound - 1 year ago
everything isn't for all,you seem pretty down to earth and reputable,you'll be aight
Jean Guerndt
Jean Guerndt - 1 year ago
Unfortunately this is the bad side of fish keeping. I have four discus the oldest being five years old. I recently lost one. I also did all the things that are supposed to help. In my experience the meds seem to weaken them even more. Lots and lots of water changes prolonged his life but even that didn’t help. I was telling Discus Hans about another discus that had been eating the night before and seemed to be healthy only to find him dead the next day. He told me that sometimes that happens and he also said haven’t you even known a person that showed signs of good health only to die the next day. That made sense to me. As you said we are not experts. And even they lose fish. You have a great channel.
Paul Cox
Paul Cox - 1 year ago
I think your honesty and informative style make you one of the best fish YouTubers. I am not an expert and l suspect there are very few out there! I have kept Discus is the past and have just put my toe back in the water so to speak with 16 beautiful fish. I think that with your experience and the care you gave them you just had bad fish, there are a lot out there. The Discus keeping world is full of advice, l have found that the smaller the fish the more careful you have to be, juveniles need to be on there own where they can't be out competed for food & in a large group so they feel secure a bare bottom tank also helps keeping the water parameters perfect. The older & larger they get the better, to a point where l kept me big ones at 80F in a planted community tank & they thrived.
Aquariums Of Peninsula
Aquariums Of Peninsula - 1 year ago
I rehome my discus for the reason of them being sensitive. They tent to do better on bare bottom tanks and many water changes high temperatures. Dustin fish tanks made a video on them aswell for this same reason
Cae Walker
Cae Walker - 1 year ago
My son's Discus seem to pick off the weaker ones and as soon as he removes the weak one they'll pick on the next in line. He's probably lost 3 so far and he's had to separate them.
djditto47 - 1 year ago
Hi @Tazawa LRB added Fritz Guard and helped him out. He thought it was maybe something with their slime coat. I am about to order my bottle as it won’t hurt. Hope all turns out well.

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Lyndon Stevens
Lyndon Stevens - 1 year ago
Sorry for your loss. I tried Discus too and had no success. Won't do them again. I do have 15 tanks though.
mooncalf 420
mooncalf 420 - 1 year ago
This might sound crazy or too unlikely, but is there any chance the orange one has been bullying the others during the night or something like that, and exhausting and stressing the ones that have died? Reason I ask is because we had a cichlid that was doing it, and when it first started, it was just with some of the fish acting a little weird but for no apparent reason. He acted like his usual self and wasn’t doing anything abnormal it if we were watching, or in the room, so when some of the other fish were acting a little weird, we put it down to adjusting to the change in scenery, or the new tank mates; but then one morning we woke up and found 4 dead fish. At first we thought something must have gone wrong with the water, or I had stuffed up somewhere, but everything was fine as far as water and everything and as much as I blamed myself, something kept bugging me about how what had happened just didn’t make sense, more so with which fish had died, and where 2 of the dead ones were found. Anyway already long story short, we then started seeing damaged fins on some of the fish and knew someone was up to no good, and we ended up catching him in the act and took him out and everything went back to normal and everything has been fine since. Whatever has done this to your fish, I hope it’s resolved and you don’t lose anymore. The tank looks beautiful btw!
stephen brooks
stephen brooks - 1 year ago
Man don’t even sweat it. I had a few and they can be most difficult fish to keep. I did all that stuff and still lost them one by one. I couldn’t figure it out and once the begin to waste away and stop eating, I couldn’t turn that around. Somebody even suggested to me to buy them as adults because growing them out is just too tough....
Geezee 5six2
Geezee 5six2 - 1 year ago
My first time keeping discus as well with angels so far so good and good luck brudah cheeehooo
Terence Gander
Terence Gander - 1 year ago
There a thing call discus disease they turn black some time dont eat they just spit food out they not a easy fish to keep if any body say they are they talk crap
Terence Gander
Terence Gander - 1 year ago
You should get your discus from one place never mix them from difference suppliers
Tyler Glück
Tyler Glück - 1 year ago
You're in incredible shape. I'm sorry for the loss of your fish, it's always hard losing critters :-/
Caylor's Aquatics
Caylor's Aquatics - 1 year ago
How are Phil's doing?
Caylor's Aquatics
Caylor's Aquatics - 1 year ago
Same thing happened to me about 15 years ago, after many years of keeping fish. It took six months for all 4 to die. I tried every thing to help them, to no avail. A few months ago I thought I'd try again with juveniles. I kept the water pristine for the four. Also, the seller sent two high end Angel fish hoping I would want more. I didnt. The Angels are stunning now. The Discus all deceases, one my one. Never, ever again. Sorry for your losses man.
RescueDogTreats - 1 year ago
Thanks for all your honesty, and we all learn from each other!

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Malik's Water Garden
Malik's Water Garden - 1 year ago
might be a type of gill flukes or other gill parasite .. has happened with some fish in the past who died one by one a few days apart! i was treating the tank but the flukes were in the gills already so were unaffected by the meds. if the smaller blue one kickes the bucket do a gill scrape cause if it is it will eventually kill the other one too! hope they both survive! also possibly could transfer to other fish so might be good to quarantine the smaller one just in case or both in separate quarantine tanks if possible!
Scott Nahler
Scott Nahler - 1 year ago
This is why I’ll never keep them. Way too high maintenance. They are gorgeous but at $50 and up each, no thx. Fussy little buggers.
Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin - 1 year ago
Appreciate the honesty. Always good to hear that. I am setting up a new 125 and moving my African’s out of my 55 and making that a planted as I bought another 55 to use a quarantine/breeder/grow out. My question is about quarantine. I have been lucky but now have the ability to quarantine what meds do you recommend during this process?
professorM - 1 year ago
Try keeping the discus in a bare tank by themselves. You can eliminate most of the variables and you can figure out what's up. Also bump up the temperature up to 84F and do weekly water changes.
jack jill
jack jill - 1 year ago
Weak fish will be weak.......don't fret over it very much.

Thanks for sharing.
hdjc86 - 1 year ago
You may want to consider compatibility as you lift temps to 84-86. Not all apisto or cory species can handle discus temps. You could consider replacing the apistos with rams. The cardinals should be ok. You will lose some shrimps going up that high in temp the colony may adapt but breeding could potentially slow to lower than the rate of predation. I have had better success ar 68 with shrimp than 78+. I would expect some plant melt at higher temps
Jackie Moore
Jackie Moore - 1 year ago
I want Discus but don’t have $$$ to burn
spidy278 - 1 year ago
i saw the one from your friends all not looking great, dark colour and a bit skinny. So maybe already somethin wrong with the fish from beginning. Try buy one more from shop see if make it, because a lot of people said it should not be hard keeping discus these days as they have grown out from captive. If that red melon doing just fine, it means not the water
RT Mac
RT Mac - 1 year ago
That Marlboro looks good. Sometimes they have parasites or other diseases that are too far advanced. You know that though. You're very experienced. Had the same thing with angels not too long ago. All other fish are still going strong (7 others and one angel left). Maybe try again? It's tough...
Bass Time
Bass Time - 1 year ago
I promise your co2 level is your problem . Reduce the level and feed a high quality live food like brine shrimp

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Pa. Fish Preacher
Pa. Fish Preacher - 1 year ago
I do know discus like warmer water
Pa. Fish Preacher
Pa. Fish Preacher - 1 year ago
one other question what size is this tank?
Pa. Fish Preacher
Pa. Fish Preacher - 1 year ago
That is one cool tank, what kind of light are you running? what are the small plants in the front?
Lenzo 808
Lenzo 808 - 1 year ago
Love da hat and video aloha from da 808
Maria Z
Maria Z - 1 year ago
In my experience keeping discus, they are prone to bacteria very easily especially when kept with fish not from their region. Try treating the dark one with Furan-2 it treats gram negative bacteria and has worked for me very well over the years. Also, they need to be hot! 84-86 is best but most of the plants won't like it. Anubis doesn't seem to care at all. Good luck. Keep us posted
YouTubeDatBoi - 1 year ago
Smaller discus seem to not do well in heavily planted tanks as well. I’ve lost so many in a planted tank where I then replaced with larger discus 4.5 inch and above and I’ve had nothing but success with them. Idk if it was the source of the juvies or if they had parasites that were not treated during quarantine or what but they were also treated with the med trio and just never developed growth and inevitably died even with all the water changes performed. Good luck and don’t give up!
S Velekei
S Velekei - 1 year ago
Your water? Parameters? Temp? Low low low nitrates? Maybe parameters they didn’t tolerate?
Elvin D'souza
Elvin D'souza - 1 year ago
Wow, this tank is a beaut. I wish u make it more attractive by adding some more cool discuss
MmmDnBbitch - 1 year ago
He did. His discus have/ are dying... Man, I'd imagine for YouTubers, this has got to be one of those comments that make you wanna pull your hair out hahaha
jeff edwards
jeff edwards - 1 year ago
I look for sick discus on PURPOSE to get a discount at the L.F.S.,They are easy to fix RULE #1 86 86DEGREES!!! RULE #2 50% water change 3X a week RULE #3 DON'T dont overfeed.
mush- the snowman
mush- the snowman - 1 year ago
discus need to be wormed if you didnt worm them you had no chance all the other fish will be fine but not discus and the temp needs to be high.30+ years keeping discus.
Philthy Tanks
Philthy Tanks - 1 year ago
Awww bummer, the rest of mine are still doing great so I don’t think it was any parasite. Though with mine I do huge water changes every other day or so, as well as feeding them 3-5 times a day, so it might just have been a big change in what they’re used to. :(
MacManifest - 1 year ago
I'm new to the hobby. I've tried to keep Betta's twice to no avail, There supposed to be easy. Go figure. It's all the about the journey......Cheers......
MacManifest - 1 year ago
CheshireKat Yup. I will try a Betta again at some point. For now I’m maintaining 15 tanks and sticking with life bearers and lots of Cory fish.
CheshireKat - 1 year ago
+MacManifest oh no! I'm sorry, that sucks. I've heard so much about heater malfunctions but have never experienced it... Yet. Don't want to jynx it! But that is more of equipment issues than a reflection of the fish :) could happen with any fish; some species are particular about water flow, and the majority have water temperature requirements.
Oddly, I have a female betta who seems to love heavy water current. I've seen her deliberately trying to swim under the filter output despite her little fins not being strong enough. I've tried to tell her this, but she doesn't listen! Go figure. xD
MacManifest - 1 year ago
+CheshireKat First one I had too much filtration, Learned that it was bad after he died. Second one was going great for 2 months, till I learned the heater failed, and the water temperature dropped. I replaced, but after 2 weeks he passed away.
CheshireKat - 1 year ago
They usually are provided you care for them properly. Large enough tank, light filtration, good diet, no OVERFEEDING, keeping water parameters good, clean tank, and HEATER. Same as any other fish. What happened to them?
Lflower1 Stars
Lflower1 Stars - 1 year ago
So sorry ..beautiful fishes. ..I hope those two make it....I'm have ammonia problems...many fishes have died...trying to correct problem but not easy....I know how you feel not knowing whats wrong....thanks for vid.
Fish Tropic
Fish Tropic - 1 year ago
Dreaded discus waste away !!!! How long you quarantine and with what meds ??
Bentley Pascoe
Bentley Pascoe - 1 year ago
This is part of why I do Rainbows - Discus tend to be so fragile and when I can't figure out what I have done wrong it kills me. Best of luck with remaining ones Zenzo - hanging out at AGA was a blast!
Matt Johns
Matt Johns - 1 year ago
I have heard that small-med discus don't do well in planted tanks because they are suspceptable to bacterial infections. They are better to grow out and then put in the tank.
Johnny B
Johnny B - 1 year ago
I'm no Discus expert by any means, are these the discus you got from Philthy tanks? I want to say I remember him having a ton of discus in a small tank... they might have been stunted because of that and maybe had organ issues... the video is hard to tell the size of them but they look like juveniles. I was told to spend the extra money on adult sized discus because they are much more hardy.
suhayl yaqoob
suhayl yaqoob - 1 year ago
Check my channel new aquarium
Cuz I love FishTanks
Cuz I love FishTanks - 1 year ago
Hey man. I think others suggestions are going to similar paths. 1, is temp. You need it between 84-90. And in my own experience, too much frozen food will rise the chance of parasites and infections. I do flakes most of the time and they all do fine. Also I don’t give them food in tiny ball shapes. Mines get stomach problems. And finally, yes. They dislike too much fish around them, specially if they’re fast swimmers.
Good luck on the remaining sanzo
KG cichlids
KG cichlids - 1 year ago
Happens to the best of us, great video bro, sometimes the fish is inevitably to far gone and no amount of meds can help.

50. comment for The Discus are Gone?!

mark zick
mark zick - 1 year ago
I've been keeping Discus thirty years. Discus need very warm water (85-87). Discus need new water every few days (50-80%) water change every few days. Discus won't thrive in a heavily planted tank, it's too difficult to keep the tank clean. Look how the major Discus breeders raise their fish ( bare bottom tanks, water changes every day, multiple feedings each day).
Grassypeak - 1 year ago
Sorry for the troubles. As others have asked, what is your temp and pH? Discus should probably never see anything south of 84 F and they tolerate pH below 7 better than above.
Good luck,
kurt schnepf
kurt schnepf - 1 year ago
The dark one has been sick for a time notice how thin behind the head it is. If the fish are eating flake try fenbendazole flake. Also treat water with levamisole.easy way to keep discus is bare bottom 84-86 F. Ph 6.5-7.0. Water changes 50% once a week.more if have a internal parasite issue. Get fish only from high quality sellers. Discus Hans is one. Give it another try.
Dylamos - 1 year ago
It was what I was afraid of. Kusuri is the best parasite medication for discus. Also how hot was the water? For discus that are sick and recovering in qt they're best kept at 92-94 degrees until they've fully recovered and gained a big appetite
Weezy - 1 year ago
I didn’t know this was a gun show.
urban sk8r
urban sk8r - 1 year ago
the sun must of been out lol
heatherandgurtrude - 1 year ago
I love your transparency. Thanks for keeping it real. Talking about mistakes or problems that you’ve having helps people learn just as much as the wins.
REEL'S TANKS - 1 year ago
they say to never mix discus from two places.i got discus from three places .all but one are doing great .
Philthy Tanks
Philthy Tanks - 1 year ago
REEL'S TANKS lol ok, sorry, didn’t know it was considered such common knowledge....
REEL'S TANKS - 1 year ago
+Philthy Tanks well duh!
Philthy Tanks
Philthy Tanks - 1 year ago
REEL'S TANKS its because there’s a bacteria in them that can vary from different farms in different countries that If mixed can be fatal to others but don’t bother ones from the same areas
Aquatic Genetics Excellence
Aquatic Genetics Excellence - 1 year ago
Losing a Discus is not hard.....bad water will kill them fast but you know that. I will say this they are very touchy and I keep mine in bare bottom. Looks like crap and I get that but any build up in the rocks and you will not have healthy fish. Some say they do well in planted tanks but I have found its a risk and breeding? not going to fair well. Feeding is another thing....discus like it HOT 86 is best and the food will destroy a planted tank in 3 days if you feed them right because its 4 times a day as youngsters. Yes thats 4 times you dump meat in the tank a DAY at 86 so you tell me how clean those plants and rock will be in say a week? Growing discus in planted tanks is not a good moving one grown can be done but keep it to a few fish in a LOT of water and it will help a lot.
A Serious Lollygagger
A Serious Lollygagger - 1 year ago
So sorry, it is frustrating when things don't go well. There is something about that tank that doesn't work with discus. I would move them back to quarantine, if they seemed ok there. They may need a single species tank set up only for discus to thrive. Your aquarium is beautiful, but may be too busy for these guys. They seem shy, maybe the activity is stressing them, weakening their immune system or putting them into shock. I don't know anything about discus, but I do enjoy observing behavior and that is what my instincts are telling me. I hope your fish get better soon. Don't be too hard on yourself, we all suffer losses, but we usually learn something from it. And whatever we learn prevents future problems and helps teach others lessons in what not to do. Thanks for sharing your experience, even if it wasn't positive, it is reality, and may help someone else with their problems.
MickyMouseLimited - 1 year ago
Really nice video tank you. Honest experience is critical in fish keeping.There is something that I notice about your tank. I have seen Discus in many tanks and I never had but I have watched them for years. So one thing about yours is that they are not really swimming.
They are generally more active then angle fish they swim more. In your case they don't move . Also your tank is extremely bright I suspect that the light might be to strong. In a similar size tank I have seen up to 10 full size discuss with other fish and some juvenile they will normally school up. A second thing there is normally hiding spots for them like a drift wood. They will have plants on the surface to cast a shadows in the tank. I hope this helps.
UNKUHNOODLES - 1 year ago
... The one thing you overlooked: discus don't do well in overstocked tanks.
TM Aquatics
TM Aquatics - 1 year ago
Kept discus for years. Beautiful fish but they can be complete PITA. Juvenile discus and planted tanks are not the best combo. They need fed multiple times per day with high protein foods like beef heart and black worms. They also need daily water changes before the uneaten high protein food pollutes the water. Best to grow out discus in an ugly bare bottom tank. If you want to keep discus in a planted tank, it’s best to spend the money and buy them 5”+. LRB is also learning the same predictable lesson.
michaelj4729 - 1 year ago
Lars Damen
Lars Damen - 1 year ago
Stuff like this happens....
Yesterday my big frontosa got spooked and jumped against the lid a couple of times and bumped into the glass and rocks.
He didn't make it. Gone withing seconds of that happening...
Sometimes you just can't do anything about it. Unfortunatly.
spidy278 - 1 year ago
my rummynose also doing the same, got spooked, jump hit the lid 2 times only then sinking to the bottom dead with broken bones i guess
Lars Damen
Lars Damen - 1 year ago
Tazawa Tanks ah well it happens. Might look for another big male but they take ages to grow
Tazawa Tanks
Tazawa Tanks - 1 year ago
Oh no! I’m sorry that you lost your front. Sad.
puirYorick - 1 year ago
Probably a combination of unfortunate factors caused your losses. It seems discus are highly finicky fish plus you do get what you pay for as it's said. Being such attractive fish, the market can easily take that as incentive to breed huge amounts of them at the expense of quality.

The same goes for most species that become sought after in the pet trade. Puppy mills anyone!!!

If your temperature and other water quality parameters are being met then it falls to infection / parasites and genetics as I mentioned.

Not sure how long you quarantined but it seems like the other stock in the same tank are unaffected so I'm leaning towards bad genetic stock as the broad cause. Don't let this turn you off trying again later with better discus.
Aquascape Bomahdi
Aquascape Bomahdi - 1 year ago
Discus and planted tanks are difficult cause many plants wont tolerate the temp it requires that explain ur alge problem second thing most of ur plants are low light and slow growers u dont need high light
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! - 1 year ago
I always have had the same issues you described and was told a while back to keep my Aquarium at 85 no colder than that and it worked fine never any issues and I even bought more with no I think the trick is to keep them hot!!! 85-86 seems to be the best temp in my experience?!?! I respect your openness and keeping it real! Try again with a few more and keep it hot!!!????
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! - 1 year ago
+Sean Little dang that sucks!! I don't trust anyone with my fish collection!! But yeah if you ask anyone who is a respected credible discus breeder they will also confirm what you said about the temperature... keep them clean and hot!!!! It's really common to hear so many people have bad experience with discus ,I wish he would get more and give it another shot!!!!
Sean Little
Sean Little - 1 year ago
Yea, i had issue with them at lower temps. Once i bumped thr temp up between 82 to 86, the issues stopped..well until i took a week trip to Tokyo and the person i had watch them accidentally killed them (they were between 8 and 10 years old).
Nabil Awad
Nabil Awad - 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing this with us, nobody is perfect in this hobby and I greatly appreciate that you don't act like some people who hide things and pretend they are the perfect fish keeper, I have so much respect for you!
Joseph's Aquarium
Joseph's Aquarium - 1 year ago
Sorry to hear that Zenzo! You can always try again until you figure out the issue. Hope you find out the problem.
Populier Vogel
Populier Vogel - 1 year ago
Keeping Discus is a different ball game, did it once but never again. They are swimming time bombs, today they look fine, next they are ill. The yellow head looks fine, the dark one you will probably loose.
Samuel Day
Samuel Day - 1 year ago
My experience they like to eat alot. Beef heart mixes and live foods are recommended over pellets and flakes.

I had 6 small (3-4 inch) discus, 4 ft tank, fed 5 times daily. 20% water change daily within 2.5 years they were monsters.
mooncalf 420
mooncalf 420 - 1 year ago
That’s a lot of work! I don’t know much about discus, so it’s interesting (and kind of odd) to hear how much is involved, especially how they don’t seem to be the most active fish, but need a lot of food... and hence the water changes.
Philthy Tanks
Philthy Tanks - 1 year ago
Yeah discus are hard work at times, I feed mine all kinds of stuff n do 50-70% water changes every other day, but they’re growing like weeds and eat everything they can
Poteluz - 1 year ago
That's an insane amount of work
Dan Hiteshew
Dan Hiteshew - 1 year ago
The best thing about this hobby is that we never stop learning. You'll sort it out. Good luck.
Zaku186 - 1 year ago
Ive had a odd sickness kill off all my danios. i had 15 but now i only have two. and one looks bad. whatever it was it never affected any of my other fish and i pulled out the ones that look sick as soon as i see signs. idk man. fish are sensitive animals and the fact that we can keep em alive in a glass box in the first place is truly impressive.
CheshireKat - 1 year ago
What were the symptoms? Danios are pretty hardy in my experience, so I'm curious.
Martin Kruse
Martin Kruse - 1 year ago
I'm sorry for your struggle
mikdre - 1 year ago
I always hate losing fish. I remember the last time I was in the hospital. My mom went to my house to clean and ended up unplugging my entire 29 breeder system. I lost my pictus cat, Betta, and my gourami. It always sucks.
Ryo Watanabe
Ryo Watanabe - 1 year ago
Sorry for the losses. It really sucks to lose fish but at least you’ve got this nice looking red one! Hope the remaining discus do well :)
Melissa B
Melissa B - 1 year ago
Discuss are soooo damn sensitive... It's not you it's the fish ... How are the Oscars doing in the big tank together? I'm thinking about putting up a 200 or 250 for my two Oscars but they are butt heads and I'm afraid they'll fight
jeff edwards
jeff edwards - 1 year ago
They arent sensitivity at all put them at 86degrees and dp a 50% water change 3X a week.
Pup314 - 1 year ago
pH and GH/KH? temperatures? You might need some botanicals to release tannins, driftwood, catappa leaves, monkey pods, loyus pods, etc. to create a blackwater tank.
Ed Staart
Ed Staart - 1 year ago
Always a shame to loose fish, but hee we know you treat them at your best. Just now Lucas Bretz has new discus and he is treating them for weeks now, they were also not doing well, that's going the right way I believe?. Coincidence ?? I don't know much about discus but since they are sensitive fish any transport could cause several diseases I think. I have seen a video from a discus " vender" , so a specialist , with a shipment coming in ( unboxing video) and all the fish were seduced while transported and individually bagged.That could be a thing that when they are transported" clean" they easily get sick caused by stress. .?? Master breeder Dean jused to be a discusbreeder and Joey from King of DIY , for answers maybe ?? Nice day All
derFlo - 1 year ago
Seems like discus-plague; mostly appears when discus from different environments / cultures are put together:
Alan Pitkeathly
Alan Pitkeathly - 1 year ago
Sometimes when you mix Discus from different sources it can cause so many issues with cross contamination also know as discus plague. That's probably what happened pal
Alan Pitkeathly
Alan Pitkeathly - 1 year ago
Looks like the one that's hiding is really struggling look at how fast it is breathing and how Dark it's gone, so many people have lost discus because if this issue, they just fall apart and most of the time you will loose all of them. If you only end up with the one it might be carrying the disease so it' hard to put it with anymore without same thing happening again
Palmettodeuce - 1 year ago
Ph swings
Daniel Scerri
Daniel Scerri - 1 year ago
Sorry to hear about the discus but on a good note the tank looks great :) hope your doing well mate.
K. dolphin
K. dolphin - 1 year ago
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Aqua Mate
Aqua Mate - 1 year ago
I've been keeping fish for 25 years, I've had my discus around 1 year now, and I've lost two along the way, they seem highly susceptible to change, once they are settled in, they do well, but those first couple months seem to be crucial, I litteraly bought one and kept him alone for 6 months to make sure I was up to caring for them. Quick question how do the apistos go with the shrimp, occasional snacks?
genghis - 1 year ago
the dark one will not make it, breathing too fast
we are fish lover
we are fish lover - 1 year ago
Jake Schwartz
Jake Schwartz - 1 year ago
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