Tuan's 240 Gallons Planted Discus Tank

My 240G planted Discus tank.

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Hamlet spa
Hamlet spa - 4 years ago
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia - 4 years ago
jiarealty - 4 years ago
I also have Denison barbs with my discus. However, when a pair of Discus is formed and lay eggs, the Denison barb will pick off the discus eggs very quickly making it very difficult to identify pairs of Discus that have mated.
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan
Clearwater Beach Home search Merry Donovan - 4 years ago
Abosolutly beautiful. Just muted back round noise
Salim Sebat
Salim Sebat - 4 years ago
Why most discus tank are white sand?
Alyssa Bui
Alyssa Bui - 5 years ago
i am the annoying kid :D
Daniel - 5 years ago
lmfao this video is pure art, sound and all
WoundrousMindTrick - 5 years ago
Too crowded but very nice fish.
videomarie - 5 years ago
what kind of light are you using?

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Domo and Ash
Domo and Ash - 5 years ago
wow they pretty
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG - 5 years ago
What are those lined school fish at the bottom of the tank?
Widya Purwanti
Widya Purwanti - 5 years ago
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG
Widya Purwanti
Widya Purwanti - 5 years ago
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG no
Widya Purwanti
Widya Purwanti - 5 years ago
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG
Widya Purwanti
Widya Purwanti - 5 years ago
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG
Robert Lockwood
Robert Lockwood - 5 years ago
Torpedo Barbs
Minh Kỳ Huỳnh
Minh Kỳ Huỳnh - 5 years ago
Dep qua khong biet noi gi hon!
jiarealty - 5 years ago
Overall a nice tank but a few things I would do different.
(1) White sand bottom looks nice but the plant roots will eventually suffocate under the sand. I would tie the plants around the wood or put into pots and than bury the pot.
(2) Denison barb (aka red line sharks) swims very quickly and usually steals all of the food before the discus have a chance to eat. I would choose slower moving fish to live with discus. Discus are slower eaters that sometimes takes an hour to finish their food
(3) Never put angelfish with discus since angels carries parasites that they have immunity but are fatal to the discus. Also, as angels gets bigger, they can get territorial and injure discus
(4) Discus and kids don't mix. If startled enough times, Discus will go into hiding, stop eating due to stress, and die.
I do like the nice compliments of colors and that the discus are all about the equal size to minimize bullying
Top Dog
Top Dog - 5 years ago
Yeah those discus look really scared of that child, they also look really hungry like they're not getting any food, O yeah all the plants look dead as well, people have been keeping angle fish and discus together for hundreds of years, why do people comment when they know nothing
jiarealty - 5 years ago
In other words: Sell the barbs and the angelfish or give it to a nice home and put the discus tank in a quiet low traffic location if you are a serious Discus keeper. Sarcasm and exaggerations adds no value in helping someone who is serious about succeeding with Discus.
FAYDALI VİDEOLAR - 5 years ago
Can I use videos in the channel?
lumpy1space2princess - 6 years ago
Id go with Congo Tetras or Rainbowfish instead of Torpedo Barbs. Much more pretty and colorful in my opinion. Less aggressive too.
Ray14508 - 6 years ago
how do i make my fish say cat?
Unicorn Stampede
Unicorn Stampede - 6 years ago
those angels are HUGE!!!
Linkin Knoxville
Linkin Knoxville - 6 years ago
Shooting a gun at the tank is not cool.
Angel Varela Faroppa
Angel Varela Faroppa - 6 years ago
my tank is 80G big. can i put 5 discus, 10 neon tetra, 10 black tetra, 10 tetra serpae and 3 corys?¿
Trong Huynh
Trong Huynh - 5 years ago
Your tank is beautiful! Don't mind people that are annoyed by you kid. They don't understand because they don't have kids.
WoundrousMindTrick - 5 years ago
You would probably see your neon number go down slowly but surely with discus in the tank. I've seen it happen with cardinals. At night they get picked off.
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG - 5 years ago
Remove some discus.
Victor Techakaisri
Victor Techakaisri - 5 years ago
Add 2 more Cory they are social fish , so usually you should keep them in group of 5
Hani - 5 years ago
Take out the serpae tetra, they can be nippy.
Angel Varela Faroppa
Angel Varela Faroppa - 5 years ago
+Happy Gillmore what u'ill take it out?
Happy Gillmore
Happy Gillmore - 5 years ago
too crowded

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FAYDALI VİDEOLAR - 6 years ago
Can I play videos on my channel ?
Bency Baby
Bency Baby - 6 years ago
Amazing Discus tank... they all look happy with you...
Doogy262 - 6 years ago
absolutely stunning
sasqwuatch - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank :)
john y
john y - 6 years ago
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG
RedTrooper DoesGaming / RTDG - 5 years ago
Kenzee Chau
Kenzee Chau - 6 years ago
Very nice tank!!! Looking at your tank really makes me want to go another one going again. Nice looking fish, I love the Roseline barbs.
Kingdom1 - 6 years ago
Beautiful aquarium sir!
DKS soul
DKS soul - 6 years ago
Too small... !
iWii - 6 years ago
ca dep qua, beautiful discus fish tank
tomtop82 - 6 years ago
stunnig tank and really very beautiful fishes but i am sorry too much!!
You should think about less fishes than your tank is top!

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VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
are those scissor tail rasboras ??
Fabian Lee
Fabian Lee - 6 years ago
+John Daff if you mean the large schooling group, red line torpedo's!
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
so beautiful, you know I wonder ,, are they visiting our world or are we visiting there's ??
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
Angeles with the discuss , = total control ,,, nice tank !!!!
wonderlen - 6 years ago
Love the tank. All the fish look healthy and nice. I think it will look much better if the color of the discus didn't clash with each other. Like all in warm shade of orange, red, yellow or cool shade of purple, mauve, blue and violet. But to each own so... =) either way looks fantastic.
David Macpherson
David Macpherson - 6 years ago
Tuan I've admired this tank for 3 years , keep coming back to it .
Was just wondering what does it look like today is it still going ?
Burg Which
Burg Which - 6 years ago
I would take this over a reef any day
Victoria Obricki
Victoria Obricki - 6 years ago
I agree. I have a 200g tank that I started putting discus in.
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
ikr ..
reaperferno - 6 years ago
I think it is a pokemon ! yay
Paul Hobbs
Paul Hobbs - 6 years ago
Beautiful aquarium but the temperature in that tank is way to warm for Dennison Barbs.
Lukáš Svoboda
Lukáš Svoboda - 6 years ago
cragz rogers
cragz rogers - 6 years ago
love the kids noises,,,fish tank is shit,,,lol,,,JOKE,,,,,,,great tank
Mackenzie Horn
Mackenzie Horn - 6 years ago
hey man, I have a friend who has a fish tank with plants in it and they suck balls because they keep dying and growing algae on them. I would love to know how you keep them alive and not looking like shit. thank you. have a lovely day
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 6 years ago
+Mackenzie Horn I run UV light
Liridon Elezkurtaj
Liridon Elezkurtaj - 6 years ago
Did he watch Temperatur?
Herald_of_Xotli SK
Herald_of_Xotli SK - 6 years ago
gaa gaa gaaa gaaaa
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 6 years ago
I will say this is a beautiful tank and the discus are extraordinary.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 6 years ago
I loved this until three minutes in. Sorry. Love kids, but not on my videos.
Alexander Schneider
Alexander Schneider - 6 years ago
your fish are amazing I love discus I would have them if I had the money and the skill but I dont
James Knakiewicz
James Knakiewicz - 6 years ago
So many rude people on here! If the child bothers you turn the volume down! His fish look very healthy and calm? What's the problem people? It's what he wants!
Henry Dao
Henry Dao - 6 years ago
+James Knakiewicz 

I agree with you there are a lot of not nice comments. People did not see efforts he keeps the variety fish to be healthy look & his collections.
Diego Morales
Diego Morales - 6 years ago
Sobrepoblación. Muy mal acuario.
Russ Polk
Russ Polk - 6 years ago
very nice fish but i think its way over crowded..unless u are doing 75% water changes..that bird in the background is annoying . .lol
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
+Jabinho same..
Jabinho - 6 years ago
+Russ Polk some serious discus keepers do 100% water changes daily, so anything's possible. all these fish look both healthy and happy. if the water quality was off the discus would be showing it. looking at how great these fish look, I wouldn't worry about the guy's stocking levels.
Sean Sevasta
Sean Sevasta - 6 years ago
It's gonna be a sad day for his wallet when the diseases those angels carry that don't hurt the Angels end up wiping out the thousands of dollars that this guy spent to buy all of these discus at that size.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 6 years ago
Interesting points.
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
+Michael Scott yep , its all bout ph right mike ... discus like a lower ph where an angel is more to 7.0 range ( discus 6.5 / 6.8 ) I think ..
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 6 years ago
+Sean Sevasta That's a myth. I've had angels with discus for over 20 years. Never an illness.
Parker Crone
Parker Crone - 6 years ago
How many discus could i put in twenty gallon tall they look really cool I'm not much on budget I can get what ever they need I can get the filter right heater and everything I just don't know if I should get a big tank or not I wouldn't put more then two
Syd G
Syd G - 6 years ago
+Parker Crone if you have a 20 gallon- do NOT get discus! They must be in large schools and must have at LEAST a 55 gallon aquarium.

50. comment for Tuan's 240 Gallons Planted Discus Tank

datauk64 - 6 years ago
that is so awsome dicus tank im looking to get another fish tank for discus 
at moment i keep malawi fishes
angel calvin
angel calvin - 6 years ago
agua muy limpia acuario muy bonito pero superpoblacion de peces a la par que los discos aceptan mejor la graba oscura que  la blanca
ph4tboy - 6 years ago
I'm an beginner aquarist but surely that tank is overcrowded?
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 6 years ago
+ph4tboy it's a 240 gallon tank.
Maegan White
Maegan White - 6 years ago
They look like they have no idea what to do with themselves. Zombie like :p
Vefalı Türk
Vefalı Türk - 6 years ago
Why is it so crowded...fish torture...you doing fish do torture
Mr. Semenine
Mr. Semenine - 6 years ago
cool tank bro sweet! lol i hear mulan playing in the backround! that kid is loud lol!
Kolly Flahua
Kolly Flahua - 6 years ago
4:16   Lol
David Fisher
David Fisher - 6 years ago
are discus harder to take care of than marine fish or african cichlids?
Ali Marzoughi
Ali Marzoughi - 6 years ago
Amazing! I am new to keeping discus and this was simply wonderful!
I just wonder how much and with what frequency do you do partial water changes for this tank :)
Ivory Queen
Ivory Queen - 6 years ago
Beautiful tank.
Jessica Murphy
Jessica Murphy - 6 years ago
The kid sounds cute, makes the video even more entertaining. Man you guys complaining must get irritated easily.
kingbucky6 - 7 years ago
Beautiful tank and cute kid thank you for sharing.
wagwan6248 - 7 years ago
Captain Shem
Captain Shem - 7 years ago
Edi wow
A. Rod
A. Rod - 7 years ago
I was under the impression not good to mix angels and discus. Beautiful aquarium.
Grimm Reapo
Grimm Reapo - 7 years ago
*facepalm on mixing angels and discus. lol love your setup though. the white clouds are an excellent touch to the tank.do you use an RO system?
John Doe
John Doe - 6 years ago
+Grimm Reapo Those aren't white clouds, they're torpedo barbs Sahyadria denisonii - they get to be 3" long or more and need lots of room, white clouds Tanichthys isonubes are just little tiny minnows   :-)  I think the yellow guys at the other end are barbs of some kind too
Ta Ni
Ta Ni - 7 years ago
Couldn't finish watching cause of the kid. This video is like birth control! lol
Nic Chauvin
Nic Chauvin - 6 years ago
That was a child? I thought that it was a frustrated parrot.
Gavin Hawley
Gavin Hawley - 6 years ago
+Ta Ni God help your kids if you think this is bad.
Jack Biggerstaff
Jack Biggerstaff - 7 years ago
dude just turn the sound off...
Grimm Reapo
Grimm Reapo - 7 years ago
+Ta Ni a woman after my own heart! lol
Daniel Which
Daniel Which - 7 years ago
what are those long schooling fish called
Kate Ruth
Kate Ruth - 7 years ago
They're called roselike sharks :) they're awesome, I have some
Joe N
Joe N - 7 years ago
What are the dimensions of this beautiful 240G Aquarium?
Devon C
Devon C - 7 years ago
Can you provide the tank brand or where you bought it and what your lighting setup is. Been looking for a large 180+rimless tank for discus.
August Duwell
August Duwell - 7 years ago
one of your denisoni barbs doesn't have a tail.
Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen - 7 years ago
Did you put all those discuss in there or did they naturally spawn from just a few?
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 7 years ago
You can't raise discus in community tank.  Once they start the mating dance, you have to remove the pair into a separate tank otherwise the other discus will just eat the eggs. 
Efrain Fernandez
Efrain Fernandez - 7 years ago
what kind of filtration do you have?
Efrain Fernandez
Efrain Fernandez - 7 years ago
do you have a video about your filtration system? 
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 7 years ago
Large wet & dry sump.
Nick Perera
Nick Perera - 7 years ago
Beautiful Fish
- -
- - - 7 years ago
hahahahha lmao that little bastard screaming as hell
Joe Amazon
Joe Amazon - 7 years ago
Is there a mute button?
quinton g
quinton g - 7 years ago
beautiful fish tank but hardly enough space for the fish to move arround
Daniel X. Balchowsky
Daniel X. Balchowsky - 7 years ago
Haha nice tank, looks really good
ralf9141 - 7 years ago
jejeje esos no son 240 gallons......¬¬ awesome
ralf9141 - 7 years ago
pues la verdad a mi no mes gusto.... tiene mucha población y de lejos se ve muy chulo el acuario pero si tuviéramos la oportunidad de verlo de cercas, el comportamiento, sus colores y las caras de los peces nos dirían que no son felices de vivir ahí por tan poco espacio...... saludos y mis bendiciones para ti :D
ralf9141 - 7 years ago
+Tere Jimenez aaaaa ok pero quien eres?
İsa Sevim
İsa Sevim - 7 years ago
Müthiş güzelll :)
Prince Rhem
Prince Rhem - 7 years ago
Wow that is one huge fresh water angelfish you have.
affe584 - 7 years ago
there are a littlebit to much fishes. I think that they need more places for hide away from your eyes
Rox Cano
Rox Cano - 7 years ago
Que bonito :3
A Solo
A Solo - 7 years ago
Excellent tank, Beautiful Fish, annoying kid...   :(
speel - 7 years ago
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Tealk Jaffa
Tealk Jaffa - 7 years ago
Discus is beautiul fish but in shoal about 8-10 fishes
lolocasa70 - 7 years ago
Claes Feldt
Claes Feldt - 7 years ago
This is not nice, it´s bloody nice indeed !!!!
Is it still working whith the sand and so on ?
This is a discus owners dream !!
BeautifulHazelEyes Acosta
BeautifulHazelEyes Acosta - 7 years ago
Where did you get your discus from?
cristiann1977 - 7 years ago
discus and......
최성호 - 7 years ago
Way too crowded but discus seem healthy. Suggest moving out the drift wood as it can cause injuries to fish especially when it's heavily stocked like yours. Just an opinion from my own experience.
K00L VIDEOS - 7 years ago
beautiful aquarium
Mr.Vincent Ho
Mr.Vincent Ho - 7 years ago
I really enjoyed watching your beautiful tank, after turn off my speaker.
J0J0 - 7 years ago
FeFabregas - 7 years ago
so crowded, you should move half of your fishes to another tank
schattenbund - 7 years ago
geiles becken, aber viel zu viele fische drinnen typisch amys halt =))))))))
WaldoUnited - 7 years ago
had to mute the sound... kids are cute and all but that was annoying.
Vietnam1000YeuThuong - 8 years ago
Wow, cá discus đẹp quá đi thôi . . .
John Arco
John Arco - 8 years ago
I love the tank by the way,Denison Barbs add a great touch!!!
John Arco
John Arco - 8 years ago
Yeah $60 if u get em online LPS want a fortune for em,upwards of 150 bucks each..which is insane how they mark shit up!!
Unopted - 8 years ago
Amazing tank but I hate that background noise, no offense.

100. comment for Tuan's 240 Gallons Planted Discus Tank

Trường Nguyễn
Trường Nguyễn - 8 years ago
bác này lấy video của đồng chí nào post lên 
Billy L
Billy L - 8 years ago
what do you feed them with?
Asadul Sarjat
Asadul Sarjat - 8 years ago
I Loved it bro...
Gao Nei
Gao Nei - 8 years ago
wonderful tank!
Eric Ly
Eric Ly - 8 years ago
Iwan - 8 years ago
nice but definitely you need more. get them doubled.
id_darren - 8 years ago
I think a nice soundtrack would greatly improve this video.
Onlyonejosiff - 8 years ago
God that kid was anoyying but real nice fish though
Kostas K.
Kostas K. - 8 years ago
Piett K
Piett K - 8 years ago
too crowded in my opinion :/
Edmund Lim
Edmund Lim - 8 years ago
Kiaaak Kiaaak Kiaaaak Kiaaaaak Kiak
elecron200 - 8 years ago
Tuan if you care about the hobby you have to share your methods about keeping discus. You'll be helping the hobby grow, that's a good thing!!
Dung Le Chi
Dung Le Chi - 8 years ago
Qua dep luon .toi dang co gang de lam dc dieu do
claire goodlet
claire goodlet - 8 years ago
who would like this tank?only one that cant effort.
lovely set up well done.
UhOhPopcorn - 8 years ago
hahaha shan-yu from Mulan yell at 0:39 xD
Jet Lee
Jet Lee - 8 years ago
Seems like a lot of fish for that tank..any breeders? Nice tank btw
Julian Palmer
Julian Palmer - 8 years ago
Hey man, been researching intensively in water chemistry, I literally taught myself chemistry equations to grasp a better understanding of chemical reactions mostly pertaining to the nitrogen cycle. From what I've learned and from what I may be unable to rationalize, (such as perhaps you have this tank connected to a massive sump, fluidized bed filter, or wet-dry sump,  etc.) it's very clear that the space the fish have is very limited. Though your water quality is more than likely practically perfect, space is appreciated by fish also :). Anyone being overly rude is not a mature member of this hobby, please enjoy your tank, I would if I could see it.
2010ollie2010 - 8 years ago
Nice fish.
2010ollie2010 - 8 years ago
Nice fish.
Andy Fox
Andy Fox - 8 years ago
Fantastic fish and setup, congratulations.  Your child sounds beautiful too.  For the benefit of some of the other less gifted viewers, most computers come with a volume switch, which can be found with the help of an IT specialist if you can´t find it yourself.  A child is something that can happen when you have sex.  Don´t worry, it won´t happen to you.
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
you my friend are a brilliant 1!!!!
brans - 8 years ago
The tank, the fish everything is so beautiful but that annoying kid fucked up your video!
Bxhunter1 - 8 years ago
Skiingandfishtanks - 8 years ago
That is one beautiful tank, whats the wattage of your lights?
Khoi-Nguyen Ha
Khoi-Nguyen Ha - 8 years ago
really nice!!!
lthornt3 - 8 years ago
you have the most beautiful tank I seen on youtube.
Javier Poveda
Javier Poveda - 8 years ago
visitar naturalezaanimalviva
simon horn
simon horn - 8 years ago
The other schooling fish are Rosaline Sharks. Or so they seem.
Justin Case
Justin Case - 8 years ago
other then the discuss what are the other schools of fish you have in there
Julian Palmer
Julian Palmer - 8 years ago
Mike dallas- I see the rose line sharks or Dennison's barbs, they're kinda/sorta a combination of balla shark in the aspect of their silver coloration and shoaling nature and also that of a red tail black shark in the aspect of their aggressive grazing habits; this is entirely my perception of the fish, this is not a quote. They are sold in Maryland Petsmarts for roughly $9.00 for a 2.5". I've seen aquarium stores sell them between $7-$16 per. depending on location and desolation of aquarium stores in that store's area.
Melissa Ramsey
Melissa Ramsey - 8 years ago
I have a school of the ones with the red nose and black stripe on the side; I've seen them called Roseline Barb and Denison's Barb.
Fish Channel
Fish Channel - 8 years ago
what kind lighting you are using?
spikypanda - 8 years ago
Nice tank you have y dad always argue how discus temperature requirement doesn't fit with plants.

So what's the water temperature of your tank?
Pez Disco Channel
Pez Disco Channel - 8 years ago
Bonitas imágenes y gran variedad de colores en tus discos. Enhorabuena desde España.
Nick Krehnke
Nick Krehnke - 8 years ago
What a beautiful mix of discus varieties! LOVE IT. Any mated pairs? what varieties?Many years ago I had some about 10 Degen Discus in a 150 gal with a cloud of approx 300 cardinal Tetras. I miss it! Good work Tuan :)
DeviousCuttlefish - 8 years ago
As an additional thought just search 190G Amazon Discus Biotope in youtube, and pick the first video that comes up. How do those discus compare to these in terms of behavior with all that extra space?
DeviousCuttlefish - 8 years ago
Sure it's a bit on the crowded side, but if you look they are all congregating on the right front side of the tank where the wood is. Watch some videos of wild discus, and you usually see them packed like sardines in amongst branches, and fallen logs. Truth is that they're a shoaling fish, and don't mind being close together at all! I mean the color, and size of these fish speaks for itself. Looks like living art to me. Once they start withering up, and dying I would say rethink your methods. As of right now whatever you're doing seems to be working! On a side note what type of food do you feed these guys as a staple, and what do you give them for treats?
Sean Sevasta
Sean Sevasta - 6 years ago
It's pretty obvious that this guy just bought all these fish at the size they are in the video. Nobody would ever grow out such a random assortment of strains. He probably paid a crew to install and stock the tank for him too
Thyjoker Nguyen
Thyjoker Nguyen - 8 years ago
Very nice tank bro....keep it up...thx for post.
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 8 years ago
That is one expensive tank. Aren't discus like 2 or $300 a piece
Banzaimastr - 8 years ago
Is that mulan I hear in the background lol sweet tank dude im a novice myself with a 45 gallon fresh water tank its looking better every day I hope I can get too your level some day
SIG SAUER KATANA - 8 years ago
100 losers so jealous can not afford even 5 gallons tank...so they dislike this,what's a idiots POS.
SIG SAUER KATANA - 8 years ago
all those idiots should know this discus tank is for him and his kid to enjoy,not for you bastard jealous and rude about his kid...if you feel annoying then get the fuck out and go find other video to watch,what's a POS all of you loser can not have kid because you are impotent
nicolassoleil - 8 years ago
I'd abort that annoying kid so I could enjoy my tank.
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
+Bob bonacorsi ohh noo !!!!
VAHALLA SKOL - 6 years ago
+LeadFaun you just got schooled !!!!!! im sorry bro , lol im laughing wit ya !!! rotfl !!! dude ,,, shes obviously a fem bot ( probably hott to ) none the less , you apologize to the lady young man ,,,, slmao !!!!
Bob bonacorsi
Bob bonacorsi - 7 years ago
+dfunkt took alot of unmittigated audacity to say that
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun to actually be wise, and live in harmony with the universal flow.
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
And what is, in your opinion, completely understanding?
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun that is only the most superficial of understanding...indeed, understanding at that level is not understanding.
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
I do, unless knowing the word, it's definition and its pronunciation doesn't count as knowing it.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun wisdom.  you do not know it, so you cannot recognize it.
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
Ah, vocabulary.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun definitely!  trolling is the quintessence of willful ignorance...  you pollute the common discourse with falseness, to satisfy an infantile need for passive-aggressive confrontation.  you delude yourself with the fantasy that you are clever, and that you are winning at some game, but you are in actuality a loser.  you cannot contend in the field of ideas, and words, so you petulantly proffer falsehoods.  you operate in opposition to the universal flow, and you will pay the penalty in your life, despised both irl and online.  congratulations!
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
Not really.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun really.
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
Not really :/
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun truly, that is the essence of willful ignorance.
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
No, I'm trolling.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun you are willfully ignorant.
SIG SAUER KATANA - 7 years ago
+nicolassoleil maybe you need to practice to shut your mouth then, mind your own business loser 
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
Still murder.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun lol, classic bad reasoning on your part!  homocide is just the technical legal term for murder.  can a 2 month-old fetus live outside the womb?...no.  thus, it is not a human, but rather a fetus that will potentially develop into a human.  lemme guess, you believe in some magical invisible friend in the sky???  instead of worrying about women having abortions, why don't you worry about empowering women to be able to have children when they want, on their own terms, so that every single child is wanted, and loved, and can be brought up in a stable and safe home?  that being said, i am uncomfortable with abortions after the first trimester, and definitely after the second...but ultimately i care more about actual real living people with lives than potential people, who have not yet lived.  i am curious: how much science education have you had?
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
It's murder, despite a different name. Homocide isn't called murder, but it is still murder.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
+LeadFaun no, abortion is abortion, murder is murder.
LeadFaun - 7 years ago
Abortion is murder.
dfunkt - 7 years ago
that shit is fucked up dude...kids are very helpful when it is time to do tank maintenance, even the annoying ones.  :)
KING - 8 years ago
hueheuheuhue .-.
nicolassoleil - 8 years ago
Maybe you should go practice proper grammar and syntax before making posts, Katana.
SIG SAUER KATANA - 8 years ago
one advise for you idiot...STFU
Pablo's Tech Tips
Pablo's Tech Tips - 8 years ago
What the hell are you feeding those angels? They're massive!
Genç Kemalist
Genç Kemalist - 8 years ago
overcrowded but beautiful..
thehumuyopi76 - 8 years ago
Waaay overcrowded tank. And please shut the f up of that kid!
true citizen
true citizen - 8 years ago
ramprashad29 - 8 years ago
beautiful tank.
Holda Fest
Holda Fest - 8 years ago
Too many fish in that small tank. Totaly confusing to look at. Keep your children away from the tank...
Russell Lee
Russell Lee - 8 years ago
Simply Beautiful Stunning I could watch it for hours!
Dirk - 8 years ago
an adult discus needs 50L of water space each
Mr.AHoss - 8 years ago
Tuan, great aquarium. Great fish. Nicely set-up.... If you would not mind describing your filtration system in the description box attached to the video would be helpful for the viewers. Also your weekly or daily water change routing perhaps would be beneficial too.
Hugo Duong
Hugo Duong - 8 years ago
Nice tank, nice fish! I dont usually comment but D GW below, you are a rude ignorant idiot yourself. Who the hell spawned you to life?? Make the world a better place and never spawn anything into this world yourself... Thanks! Actually maybe that's why you keep fish, no one wants to spawn with you....Qamsco Qatar learn to spell, also there is something called the volume control... :S
Qamsco Qatar
Qamsco Qatar - 8 years ago
Too mannnny ....and net time no kids sound please ...
Pro-pain - 8 years ago
Jim White
Jim White - 8 years ago
yes that child should be eliminated to save the fish
Grant Reskey
Grant Reskey - 8 years ago
Beautiful tank! What kinds of plants are those?
acacia2280 - 8 years ago
woww! lovely aqua
michael wesley
michael wesley - 8 years ago
wow what a collection of discus.. nice..
Antonius vd Klis
Antonius vd Klis - 8 years ago
Ay H.
Ay H. - 8 years ago
huge angels :O
Santino Buonincontro
Santino Buonincontro - 8 years ago
raww raw
raww raw - 8 years ago
Wanted to ask what bulbs are you using??
Frank R
Frank R - 8 years ago
Far too many fish, and I can only imagine what the child does to the fish tank when adults are not supervising.
Thomas H
Thomas H - 8 years ago
very nice BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
Lazza Leppi
Lazza Leppi - 8 years ago
His filter setup must be the size of a small room to have this density
Pacer - 8 years ago
Nice tank, but in my opinion to many fish.
pasadenagene - 8 years ago
wow awesome tank, can you provide some details about your setup please? what filter and water treatment systems do you use etc :-) Thank You!
Luis Tarazona
Luis Tarazona - 8 years ago
super poblacion
Rob Smithson
Rob Smithson - 8 years ago
"And those Angelfish don't belong in there" Absolute crap!! Very nice tank and if you can handle the work, they will do fine. Anyone who says Angels don't belong with Discus is clueless in my opinion....
fewferfev - 8 years ago
Too many! And those Angelfish don't belong in there. It's waaay overcrowded for long term keeping. Sorry.
Alexis&Santi - 8 years ago
To many fish in one tank
Paris Blues
Paris Blues - 8 years ago
wow, and that is only a 240. When my 280 comes I am going to be shocked...
Don Craven Jr
Don Craven Jr - 8 years ago
Where did you get the dark blue ones? I can only find light blue.
Ellissia - 8 years ago
Shut up stupid brat
Brad ley
Brad ley - 8 years ago
Slightly overstocked but some nice fish... those Denison Barbs are like £9.99 a go!
. Shannara
. Shannara - 8 years ago
An idiot child? You must be new to life.
D GW - 8 years ago
ty for the annoying idiot child you spawned. I keep fish for a reason. they don't yell like idiots.
bmunson76 - 8 years ago
Tank looks good. I guess the angels are doing fine with the discus? I didn't think they were good tank mates
Eli Elfassy
Eli Elfassy - 8 years ago
Great tank! great fish lovely!
Eli Elfassy
Eli Elfassy - 8 years ago
You should post another video of this tank after 1-2 years of use!
Don Craven Jr
Don Craven Jr - 8 years ago
C C - 8 years ago
Try Kenny's Discus in California. He is great to work with. I just got 12 shipped to me. Lots to choose form every month.
Tai Ngo
Tai Ngo - 8 years ago
Chao anh Tuan, Em moi vua bat dau tap choi ca dia. Khong biet co kho khong? Anh co the chi cho em cach cham soc ca hay la cho em so lien lac de khi em co cau hoi thi nho anh giup do. Cam On Anh
reaperferno - 8 years ago
Is that a pokemon singing :O
Don Craven Jr
Don Craven Jr - 8 years ago
Wow that is stunning! I just got a 320 gallon and am ready to stock it - can I ask where you got your fish??
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez - 8 years ago
is jackie chan jaja
gazagullycreeper - 8 years ago
The kyaaa kyaaa song
Michael Baker
Michael Baker - 8 years ago
Great selection of fish but doesn't that tank look way over crowded for Discus? Looks like a fairly new setup but now that you've had it awhile any problems with the discus beating the crud out of each other yet? I had a similar 300g setup that was great for about a year and mine ended up that way where they just started beating each other up as they paired off and got really territorial. Just askin?
Colin Stevenson
Colin Stevenson - 8 years ago
Awesome.... :)
Marnie George
Marnie George - 8 years ago
silence your child? for the vid....exactly what i love about fish is its a family hobby, dad doesnt have to leave home to do it
MonopolyBag - 8 years ago
He doesn't need to if the water is fine. They have enough room. The sump could be huge for all we know.
MonopolyBag - 8 years ago
I think it is Kah Kah Kah by The little Girl
Stefan Perovic
Stefan Perovic - 8 years ago
are those scalare or altum fish?
Bobbyholmesclubstep - 8 years ago
those angels are insane btw.
Bobbyholmesclubstep - 8 years ago
OMG THE TANKS TOO CROWDED!... shut up, its fine and theres a real easy way to tell= the fish are all doing good. Keeping discus in a large group like that cuts down on aggression. Beautiful tank, way to go!
bjeinsincity - 8 years ago
I'm sorry....last post.You guys that are saying his tank is overcrowded,probably have 20 gallon tanks of your own.A 240 is huuuuge!
bjeinsincity - 8 years ago
If you guys don't have anything nice to say......just go to another video.It's his time,his tank,and his money...I'm jus sayin.
bjeinsincity - 8 years ago
Beautiful specimens sir....
big buck
big buck - 8 years ago
Love it. I want one just like it. As far as being over crowded, have you ever seen discus in the wild, they pack in tight and with other fish. Looks good man
kri kri
kri kri - 8 years ago
Amazing and nice to watch!!!!! A perfect community tank.
Uwe Schick
Uwe Schick - 8 years ago
Forget the fish, I'm stressed watching this.
Parasmunt - 8 years ago
Must have cost a fortune. Too crowded however, aquarists should try to make a happy home for the living occupants as well as an attractive display (for humans) - though sometimes it is a compulsion to want to buy (And seemingly add to) such a beautiful thing as an aquarium I know I know from experience... but we must resist.
mustangGT500Love - 8 years ago
holy discus fish
Hermawan Julianto
Hermawan Julianto - 8 years ago
wow, its full team discus strains. please watch & comment my discus planted tank. Thanks friends.
KillSwitch - 8 years ago
For the people saying it's overcrowded, have you ever seen a 240 gallon tank? It's huge! Also, none of the discus seemed to be stressed in any way and the water is crystal clear.
Don Craven Jr
Don Craven Jr - 8 years ago
Very nice tank but it looks a little too crowded, but I think discus like to be in close schools together.
Adrian Klineberg
Adrian Klineberg - 8 years ago
Be great to silence your child for the vid. Made me turn it off. Too annoying. Amazing tank though
DiscusMagic - 8 years ago
Awesome discus in there ◕‿◕
Mike Foster
Mike Foster - 8 years ago
Would look better with less fish
Kaccie Li
Kaccie Li - 8 years ago
I agree. Beautiful tank, but way too many fish!
MrFoolCoolOne - 8 years ago
In course of talking about my setup and fishes,i forgot to mention about your tank.It is beautiful.Water is crystal clear.It is not overcrowded, provided there is no power failure.I hope existing plants will also contribute to oxygen supply.Thumbs up.
Justin Gulino
Justin Gulino - 8 years ago
The tank
Justin Gulino
Justin Gulino - 8 years ago
What is the longer fish in
jack's exotics
jack's exotics - 8 years ago
How have you paid for all those discus
MrFoolCoolOne - 8 years ago
I just added one piece of wood two days back.Which i had to sink in bucket for a week to actually sink it.Discus seem to like it very much and juveniles especially are glued to it.Loaches and sailfin pleco also enjoy it.I wanna know, is it going to work out fine in future?I am not doing much of water changes.After 2 weeks of this setup,water parameters are good.I am planning a 30 % change next week though.There is one more fish ther which i forgot to mention.I also have one peckoltia mega clown.
MrFoolCoolOne - 8 years ago
I suppose its a sump.I have placed two activated carbon bags between the sponge.Below the activated carbon lies ceramic and below it what seems like dead shells.water is circulated from a pipe to the tank that comes from the very partition where there are three chambers.One from where the water is sucked from the tank,second where it passes through ceramic,dead shells,activated carbon and sponge ,thirdly where the filter lies and from where water is pumped to the tank.
MrFoolCoolOne - 8 years ago
i have this 150 gallon tank and i am keeping 1 silver arowana about 35 cms long,2 potamotrygon motoro stingrays about 18 cms long,1 sailfin pleco about 9 cms,1 penny synodontis,2 kuhli loach ,1 featherfin synodontis adult sized together with 14 discus of different strains from juvenile to medium sized.All of the fishes are doing pretty well.water is clear.ph is 6.5. I am using just one filter(built in,came with aquarium.That is on the right side of the tank,a partition.)
Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn - 8 years ago
A word of advice: Yank those Angelfish of there now! It may be to late.... Angelfish carry a deadly bacteria with that kills other fish ESPECIALLY DISCUS. I know, because I read research papers and did this thing and I did that thing. It broke my heart to watch my now dinner plate size Discus, die from my mistake. Only wild Discus seam to have the ability to not be effected by it, but they generally do bad in captivity. Discus alone always,
D GW - 8 years ago
I agree 100%. I'd be amazed if this tanked looked this good in 6...no, 1 months time.
danielgreen1982 - 8 years ago
beautiful but it looks new and unsustainable - how do you keep algae away with so many fish and so few plants in comparison?
millionaire tan
millionaire tan - 8 years ago
rpeagram - 8 years ago
Very nice!! Are those Rose Line Sharks in the tank as well? Can someone ID them for me? They are very nice species....
Ruslan Ismayil-Zada
Ruslan Ismayil-Zada - 8 years ago
The best tank i have ever seen
DMC THATSME - 8 years ago
Vinh Nguyen QT
Vinh Nguyen QT - 8 years ago
Beautiful Discuses.
TomsAquariumsUKTV - 8 years ago
Nice discus!
George - 8 years ago
wow very nice tank!!
ki li
ki li - 9 years ago
the kids hungry for discuss!!!
Shane Mace
Shane Mace - 9 years ago
check out my videos :)
Thit Lwin
Thit Lwin - 9 years ago
malayabird - 9 years ago
Ya Allah is so beautiful !!!
Vocal Masters
Vocal Masters - 9 years ago
Too many discus for the size of tank.
Krazy's Old Channel
Krazy's Old Channel - 9 years ago
Very beautiful fish. Also, KID SHUT THE FUCK UP
Rafael Dias Fagundes
Rafael Dias Fagundes - 9 years ago
lindo cara, qual o nome desses amarelinhos no fundo??
Ori Marques
Ori Marques - 9 years ago
MurderSquad247 - 9 years ago
Thats what your Dad and all Dads have thought at 1 point or another.
Charlie Devine
Charlie Devine - 9 years ago
Give those plants a couple of years and it will be a real showcase tank.
WildxClamxEater - 9 years ago
Wheres the water??
bmcginn05 - 9 years ago
@oscararsenal31: I think they are Roseline Sharks. I'm not positive.
leon ck
leon ck - 9 years ago
ka ,ka ka ka... shut up
Unique55901 - 9 years ago
This tank is fantastic!
wiseguard fef
wiseguard fef - 9 years ago
You are stupid, they are kids..
Ruta Lutkevica
Ruta Lutkevica - 9 years ago
Замечательный аквариум и Дискусы!
DestinyInkify - 9 years ago
Too bad redline torpedo barbs cost $100 in Aus T.T
aquariuman oscar
aquariuman oscar - 9 years ago
Wow. Amazing discus. Brilliant denison barbs (I think) and huge angels. I have 2 about half that size in my tank (check it out on my channel). Also how many discus
blackapple2007 - 9 years ago
Which light do use for your aquarium and how many feet are they....Pls
MORE1500 - 9 years ago
Beautiful tank. I had Cardinal and Rummy Nose tetras with my discus with no problems. How do you filter your water and how many water changes do you perform?
andy325is - 9 years ago
Vlad Leto
Vlad Leto - 9 years ago
Too many fish. I have less than a half of your fish in a bigger tank. But i must admit.. Yours is gorgeous :D I really need to make some changes in mine.
Moeshtery Alhajary
Moeshtery Alhajary - 9 years ago
What is THE name of that song ?
htmlforxangan - 9 years ago
Tuan? Can you show me how to you can keep that tank so clear?
Reza Adi
Reza Adi - 9 years ago
feed them...
Kathy Venn
Kathy Venn - 9 years ago
Beautiful, but cut the amount of fish in half. Way too crowded.
KING - 9 years ago
Higor Nunes Monteiro Carlos
Higor Nunes Monteiro Carlos - 9 years ago
Your fish are beautiful! I Wish i can find this quality when I start populating of my tank. What kind of lights ar you using? the colors are great!
Thit Lwin
Thit Lwin - 9 years ago
aquaman5004 - 9 years ago
I like the theme of your tank. Your Discus look very nice. Roseline Sharks are some of my favorite fish.
stringfingaz - 9 years ago
mute....ahhh much better.
Minh Swift
Minh Swift - 9 years ago
Looks amazing, but aren't the fish kind of crowded?
skrilexlover3150 - 9 years ago
shut up shes a kid calm down
REKPVids604 - 9 years ago
I came
Aleksandar Stojanovski
Aleksandar Stojanovski - 9 years ago
What can i say, really impressed !!! But please made more videos...
xpertbrewer - 9 years ago
What kind are the purple ones and where do you get them?
eric yoon
eric yoon - 9 years ago
tell that bitch to stfu b4 i stick my dick into her throat.
Sporn ²3
Sporn ²3 - 9 years ago
too much fish for this tank i think
Juliano Andrade
Juliano Andrade - 9 years ago
great tank.... stupid kid
Bent Boomkin
Bent Boomkin - 9 years ago
can you say 10 grand of discus
MrThantai - 9 years ago
there're way too many fish in the tank, it'll cause stress and your fish will die of slowly
danwil77 - 9 years ago
Every time I've tried to run my 90 gallon discus tank without a cover they jump out - how do you keep them from jumping out? Or do you just not mind losing the ones that jump?
David Grgic
David Grgic - 9 years ago
Someone's a bitter dick. No one's forcing you to listen to the audio.
John Balnis
John Balnis - 9 years ago
That little screaming bitch needs to be stabbed... DA DA DA DA DA DA DEAD!!!
Lukas Brown
Lukas Brown - 9 years ago
i thin that was when you wish upon a star in Ga form
jr witherrow
jr witherrow - 9 years ago
i have been a discus lover for 30 years and this is the best discus tank I have ever seen and i will listen to your kid play any time just to amir this awesome tank would love to talk to you, thank you for posting
Miroslav Reseta
Miroslav Reseta - 9 years ago
so beautiful
warrendafish - 9 years ago
Gorgeous tank, fish, driftwood, plants. Very nicely done. Where do you get your stock from? What temp are you keeping?
luchian82 - 9 years ago
DarkSkys25 - 9 years ago
Nice tank! Its like a rainbow drown in your tank.
pacha manta
pacha manta - 9 years ago
Adrian Rapcencu
Adrian Rapcencu - 9 years ago
What kind of light do u have?
INTHESKY - 9 years ago
NON REPRESENTATIF- Car forcément; Ils viennent tout juste d'être introduits! Vu ce qu"ils demandent en quantité d"aliments pour grandir, et vu qu"ils détestent les nitrates. Il faudrait une filtration hors norme (3 OU 4 FILTRES + un nettoyage du sol chaque jour. Soit 3 ou 4 heures de travail par jour) OU UN CHANGEMENTS DE LA TOTALITé DE L"EAU toutes les 24Heures pour qu'ils continuent de grandir! J"en ai 8 énormes dans un 2mètres de 600L,et je sais de quoi je parle car ils ont entre 3 et 8ans.
youngnutsack17 - 9 years ago
Wow the tank is amazing!! Im not a fan of discus because of how boring they are, but you mastered your tank!
ej3536 - 9 years ago
Holy crap lol I'm into cichlids I was thinking about getting some discus but I am only thirteen and I can't afford 60 dollar fish! Lol nice tank btw
David Le
David Le - 9 years ago
about $60 per discus most of the time even more than that
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 9 years ago
Hey can you please tell what kind of filtration did you used?
mintsiez - 9 years ago
nice looking tank keeping al those discus healthy must be a full time job
jerome apparicio
jerome apparicio - 9 years ago
Your fish have no personality to many fish looks pet store
chris - 9 years ago
WOW! What a great tank! enough with the overcrowding crap! Obviously this person knows how to keep this many fish happy together. You have created a master piece!
rickyd454 - 9 years ago
great tank if any one wants to check out my 2 discus set ups thatd be cool
ej3536 - 9 years ago
How much are discus? Expensive?
Richard R
Richard R - 9 years ago
Discuses are besutiful...I would do more planting though..give the discus some security
tallkid - 9 years ago
that's pretty overstocked...looks kinda cool, but the fish have no personality because its too full.
etim43 - 9 years ago
beautiful collection of discus!
Biggie Big
Biggie Big - 9 years ago
Really nice tank and set-up well done.
Biggie Big
Biggie Big - 9 years ago
The kid will scare the fish and it not healthy for them. Did you hear the kid tap the drum or something at the start?
c sirat
c sirat - 9 years ago
lots of fish
GerminatorTV - 9 years ago
Pipe down and let him film damn-it.....Nice Tank.
calgy84 - 9 years ago
theyre denison's barbs (puntius denisonii)
Deborah Armstrong
Deborah Armstrong - 9 years ago
Then turn down the volume. DON'T insult the toddler...especially since she's more mature than you. Jealousy is so unattractive
Deborah Armstrong
Deborah Armstrong - 9 years ago
I see Discus, and 2 Angels? What are the other kinds of Fish? They look like Tetras, but what kind? The Discus are gorgeous, BTW, I especially love the solid-color Tangerines
Marat Abirov
Marat Abirov - 9 years ago
wow what a beatifull picture,, alot of Sae? why
udržba akvarii miro m
udržba akvarii miro m - 9 years ago
a crowded aquarium fish are shy
W4RD1N8ER - 9 years ago
If you can maintain a tank with this many fish in it and it looks that clear and healthy then my hat is off to you and I like the crowded look you got all the right colors in this tank, good healthy looking fish it is a bit heavy on the fish but i still thinks it looks great.
kidsWearCrowns - 9 years ago
I was thinking the same thing..too many fish.
HaiTwun - 9 years ago
fuckmister1 - 9 years ago
stupid kids doesn't shut up
Koi Farm
Koi Farm - 9 years ago
dạo này hàng khủng nhiều quá, nể dân ta thật :) like cho hồ đẹp
wjeon5000 - 9 years ago
lol fish food must cost lot
Andy Chen
Andy Chen - 9 years ago
roseline shark or torpedo barb
Brotherdave1988 - 9 years ago
I think they are scissortails?
Brotherdave1988 - 9 years ago
He's just a kid man. Shut the hell up yourself.
BaconSwampFarmer420 - 9 years ago
yeah no shit shut that kids ass up! or mute the damn mic. no one wants to listen to someone eles annoying ass kid. they barely want to listen to theirs.
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller - 9 years ago
I disliked because of the annoying kid
aaeonfluxx - 9 years ago
Damn that’s a GOOD LOOKING tank. congrad.
Nhat Nguyen
Nhat Nguyen - 9 years ago
how much money do you spend on this fish tank ???
fbexi1981 - 9 years ago
Your tank is totally amazing!
Pachuca Tschudi
Pachuca Tschudi - 9 years ago
I see some of black discus in your tank, they are very interesting. where you find or how I can find them? d_basaran1980@hotmail.com Can you inform me about black discus?
mrfishlover14 - 9 years ago
1:10 is that skrillex playing in the background?
Matthew V.
Matthew V. - 9 years ago
very beautiful. These people are horrible with their comments about the number of fish. This is a 240 gallon and i can see your using a fluval f5 filtration system and im counting about 25 discuss. Thats about 10 gallons per discuss which is perfectly fine. You obviously know your craft or you tank would not be so beautiful. I enjoyed veiwing and thank you for posting.
kumarsa108 - 9 years ago
What lighting are you using, is it halide?
HeavyWeightBeatz - 9 years ago
The nitrate must be sky high, there's not enough plants to absorb the waste, you must be doing so many big water changes and that can't be fun, looks nice but not practical :(
bruno gameiro
bruno gameiro - 9 years ago
Therese Raquine
Therese Raquine - 9 years ago
It's very colorful, but it does look overcrowded :(
Davena Stowers
Davena Stowers - 9 years ago
I feel sorry for the fish.
NevadaBrad - 9 years ago
nice tank but shut the kid up
EpiK1ReM5611 - 9 years ago
bad asss tank man.. may i ask where you got a hold of your discus? obivously a store, website or breeder but what area southern cali, northern cali, a different state? im around that area and it would be kool if you know of any good places around here..please n thank you.
Derek Mancil
Derek Mancil - 9 years ago
beautiful tanks and fish..could only stand to watch for a minute..Somebody shut that kid up !!!!!
WhiteHousePoofed - 9 years ago
Is this overstocked?
Save R
Save R - 9 years ago
Sry. but this child is so stupid! Make Background Music in the Video and then it´s perfect!
Micheal Edwards
Micheal Edwards - 9 years ago
Very amazng tank but them angels just look out of place idk if its just me or what hhah.
MrTurritos - 9 years ago
he probably runs CO2 and the right amount of ferts. Right balance of ferts/lights/temp means any plant will out grow algae.
Totoro - 9 years ago
How much did that tank end up costing you it's beautiful!
MrTurritos - 9 years ago
If your anubias has algae either move it lower in the tank or put it were it is shadowed
TheOnlyGHOST1015 - 9 years ago
Wow nice!!
LUIZ GUSTAVO - 9 years ago
amazing tank, 888 litres. How many filters do you have in it?
Jason Stroman
Jason Stroman - 9 years ago
Absolutely stunning discus you have there. What are the tetras in the background. what plants amazon swords///? And is that sand or fine gravel beautiful. I knew i was subscribing 10 seconds into the video. Do you mind if I personal messages I want a similar setup to yours? I love its art work very artistic I want to be on your level....
Mean Green Stompa
Mean Green Stompa - 9 years ago
Could you tell us about your filtration? Tank maintenance regime? I'm a mbuna keeper and used to overstocking but even to me this looks very heavily stocking, can you let us know how you're going to make it work? How long it's been set up etc?
joe dyson
joe dyson - 9 years ago
way too many fish? no way! this tank looks amazing! i'm working on my dream 130 gallon discus tank, with CO2 and a lawn of dwarf hair grass to start..
MrAceFab - 9 years ago
Sting Tài
Sting Tài - 9 years ago
a ơi cho e hỏi là trong bộ đèn của a gồm có bóng màu gì để nó ra màu đẹp như thế a
Brian Katz
Brian Katz - 9 years ago
way to many fish
will griffin
will griffin - 9 years ago
How do you stand that annoying ass kid?sorry I'm not a big fan of small children. Nice tank though. I understand why people are saying its overcrowded but all the fish look extremely healthy. So who's to say, right? Beautiful aquascaping.
egomethods - 9 years ago
I think you should cut back your discus numbers and fill with some smaller things like tetras. Can I suggest also adding some more shade areas as they love a bit of shade to hide under from bright lights. Nice tank .
David Buckler
David Buckler - 9 years ago
This tank is AMAZING! I have a 45 gallon bowfront with 3 discus and am looking at different aqua scape ideas. Your fish all look healthy and happy to me! :)
rediffred - 9 years ago
Man that Denisoniis are awsome!
benpendleton2010 - 9 years ago
To many fish
dayorn Acebo
dayorn Acebo - 9 years ago
thats just wrong he dosnt deserve to have a tank
dayorn Acebo
dayorn Acebo - 9 years ago
i agree
kumarsa108 - 9 years ago
I think that is just personal aesthetics. I see where you are coming from, but i would rather these fish be in this persons hands than every other fool who would end up killing them.
kumarsa108 - 9 years ago
In a 240 gallon tank? I dont think so. Those fish look healthy, well fed and relaxed. Suffering Discus are not a pretty sight.
Ochibason - 9 years ago
Beautiful tank! ps Silence is golden.
cruz chiquito
cruz chiquito - 9 years ago
240 gallons nothing,its still a little to many fish..remember fish need room to move and swim around..these fish are moving in circles and trying to avoid the other fish from swimming towards them..8 or 10 would have been enough....its nice, but to many fish...fish need space too like people!!!
freshwateradam - 9 years ago
Amazing tank!
HardyAquariums - 9 years ago
not overcrowded at all! its 240 gallons wtf people!
guapodidier - 9 years ago
Muy bien, aún que son demasiados peces.
FishFirst - 9 years ago
I like the tank, but it seems too crowded. If there was 5 less discus the tank would look better.just my opinion.
Maiza Gatti
Maiza Gatti - 9 years ago
Oh poor fish -- too many in that! I hated to watch this.
hans Klee
hans Klee - 9 years ago
thats true. Discus just need 16 till 25l each
Aussie DIYFK
Aussie DIYFK - 9 years ago
im sure there not suffering any one with that amount of money to spend on just puntius denisoni's alone would have about 3 eheim pro 3's running with uv-s
lordsith8319 - 9 years ago
if you take good care of them it dont matter how many fish, they look very well and happy
codypebbles123 - 9 years ago
you have 5 in 40 gallons at least not 2. that means you have 12 but you have a lot more
peusdeus - 9 years ago
what kind of lighting are you using?
jhummer7 - 9 years ago
beautiful tank and set up! Maybe to many fish, but if you are keeping up on the water changes then it should harm the fish. Discus aren't active swimmers anyway. Sure, everyone/fish wants a bigger house/aquarium.... doesn't mean they are suffering though!
Joseph Perkins
Joseph Perkins - 9 years ago
What kinds of schooling fish do you have?
mcarper12 - 9 years ago
best tank freshwater tank ive seen on youtube by far. fish are not suffering, they wouldn't be that vibrant in color if they were. I would throw like a dozen columbian tetras in there but nice tank man.
LizardSteed - 9 years ago
the water is super clean and 240 gallons is a lot of room but it does look crowded, then again discus just sit there most of the time.
Jonnywhooop - 9 years ago
its a 240gallon tank! how can you not put a shitload of discus in there!
Shey's Betta
Shey's Betta - 9 years ago
2 discus in 40 gallons is really too much. You shouldn't have that big fish in there. I also think that there are waaay to many discus for 240 gallons. It looks beautiful but there's not enough space for like 30 of them...
1a - 9 years ago
what are you doing at 0:06 ? you should not surprise discus like that.. it causes them unnecessary stres...
fallen4251 - 9 years ago
Beautiful but wayy to small for that many fish. Borderline cruel.
Cuso77 - 9 years ago
Severely overstocked, but very nice to look at. Too bad for the fish, but I guess you're not bored anymore...
chrly sheen
chrly sheen - 9 years ago
how much did you pay for the aquarium?
Dave Pitt
Dave Pitt - 9 years ago
i want it
Dave Pitt
Dave Pitt - 9 years ago
where is the tank from?
Jason Fiteni
Jason Fiteni - 9 years ago
i have 270 gall but it is very difficult to grow discus i have every thing up to stadard but i have no luck anyways very nice keep up!!!
Lawrence Xavier
Lawrence Xavier - 9 years ago
discus likes to be in group...that way they grow healthy
Compendyum - 9 years ago
I see. I also thought this would be in control or it wouldnt look awesome, as it does. cheers
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
It is 3/4 acrylic.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
from $30 to $300
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
I dont think they are suffering. I see a lot of discus suffer worst then mine and they only have 2 in a 40Gallons.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
tank is 240. It is 78x30x24. Actually Im selling my light if anyone want it. Switching to LED. It is a Tek 4x80w.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
I try to keep less fish but found it to be boring. My fish are very healthy, the only bad thing about putting that many fish in is that everytime the fish laid egg...the other fish would eat it.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
Yea...dont have any video editing software.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 9 years ago
The tank is 240. It is 78x30x24.
PaNdeM0niuM - 9 years ago
the tank is obviously 6 foot minimum! 6 foot tank is at least 150 gallons. So it's possible that it is 240 gallons.
PaNdeM0niuM - 9 years ago
wow! really colorful
Kristopher Castillo
Kristopher Castillo - 9 years ago
Thank you for sharing, really awesome fish.I had too watch the whole video.Is there a problem with the bio-lode?How often do you do water changes?Do you quarantine your fish before you add them?Thank you for the link.
Tamra Brown
Tamra Brown - 9 years ago
Simply Beautiful!
Luiz Fillipe Oliveira Morais
Luiz Fillipe Oliveira Morais - 9 years ago
Quem ta vendo isso em 2012 da Joinha
knircky - 9 years ago
who are these from? What breeder?
Compendyum - 9 years ago
I would say, really too many for he size.
eleyequien - 9 years ago
it is good to have money to have a tank like this, but also you must have the knowledge to maintain this kind of fishes, there are too many of them!!!
snowmangsx1100 - 9 years ago
wow,,,beyond beautiful !!!!!!!!!!
Krissy -
Krissy - - 9 years ago
Eh no... They are expensive but not THAT expensive lol
Krissy -
Krissy - - 9 years ago
They cost around £30 in the UK per Discus, and that also depends on type also.
Stefano Cartesio
Stefano Cartesio - 9 years ago
Too many fish.. you should have just 6 of them... they're beautiful but they're suffering..!
Dave Pitt
Dave Pitt - 9 years ago
where is this tank from? wats it called
Donald King
Donald King - 9 years ago
its expensive fish I saw at fish shop ouch expensive I want them too beautiful
manueleagan34 - 9 years ago
Well how much does one Discus cost at your LFS??
RailCityFishes - 9 years ago
idk about that
manueleagan34 - 9 years ago
Looking at over 2 grand worth of fish right there! Damn! nice!
blueskytherapy007 - 9 years ago
This tank is crowded.
Mohsen Mohsenmo
Mohsen Mohsenmo - 9 years ago
amazing aquarium. would you please let me know how much is the thickness of your aquarium glass? I will be appreciated if you give me some more information about the construction such big aquarium.
Dwai2764 - 9 years ago
hii do U have a substrate in your tank ?
Viviane - 9 years ago
John Lunde
John Lunde - 9 years ago
Dont forget to mute!
olizardokingo - 9 years ago
AMAZING TANK! Beef up those plants tho!
bernynhel - 9 years ago
Too bad discus aren't carnivorous.
15290calvo - 9 years ago
Cool!!! I have the poor mans diskis sevrams haha
bertdafish - 9 years ago
whitneyfishtanks - 9 years ago
What sort of filtration are you using
sergey ivanov
sergey ivanov - 9 years ago
very , very beautiful .......
Kimberley Rauchelle
Kimberley Rauchelle - 9 years ago
how beautiful is this wow it is really stocked but beautiful
Dang Khoi
Dang Khoi - 9 years ago
Very nice tank. I have 57 gallon discus with 11 discus ( 2 of 6", 3 of 5", the rest are 4'), I also have 2 angels, and 7 tetra serpae. I am going to upgrade to 90 gallon. Can someone recommend me about filtration : should i you wet/dry filter or canister? thank
Omar Amin
Omar Amin - 9 years ago
very nice tank, beautiful fish (although seems crowded), unfortunately the timing was wrong. I'd wait till the kids are at daycare next time around.
Dreia B
Dreia B - 9 years ago
One don't need a soundtrack for such a gorgeous discus & friends tank! This is awesome. A dream tank I want. Nice job done!
Dreia B
Dreia B - 9 years ago
Love it!
justarandomperson - 9 years ago
too match fish?...
AndehX - 9 years ago
nice, but it looks a little crowded
Xerxes845 - 9 years ago
Incredible tank, incredible fish. I for one am not a fan of keeping angelfish with discus though. But it's obvious it has worked for you!
Uriel Artola
Uriel Artola - 9 years ago
que nombre tienen los peces grandes?
Uriel Artola
Uriel Artola - 9 years ago
eso es lindo
wjeon5000 - 9 years ago
u should take out 6-8 discus seems really overcrowded
Matt f
Matt f - 9 years ago
holy crap great tank but i had to turn it off. your kid made me insane by the 1:24 mark
The Drew Magoo
The Drew Magoo - 9 years ago
Lovely peaceful tank.
Damjan Gomez
Damjan Gomez - 9 years ago
At 1:06 , the blue discus on the right down corner is so weird, but cute. Anyway i believe there are so many fish, even the tank is pretty huge. It still looks amazing :)
Cichlid Breeder
Cichlid Breeder - 9 years ago
Nice tank, you obviously keep it clean judging by how relatively relaxed the fish are:p excellent colors on the fish and excellent tank layout.
Andy Pearson
Andy Pearson - 9 years ago
Hello. We spoke before I was wondering what that song was that you had with the video a while ago. If you woud'nt mind telling me.
MsPixelatedPaint - 9 years ago
Instead of being rude, try muting the sound.
Goober tuber
Goober tuber - 9 years ago
yeah this theory of 1 inch of fish per gallon of water is a flawed method that every youtube expert uses to say OVERSTOCKED! Nice tank mate, im thinking of doing a similar tank in terms of fish species
xNervousxBreakdancex - 9 years ago
im so jealous!! i wish my discus tank looked like this. are those roseline sharks? and if im not mistaken those look like some kind of rasbora in there too buti may very well be wrong. lol
JP VD - 9 years ago
Hi tbui27 NIce Discus how many feeds do you do per day? thy look really healthy.
Vince Liew
Vince Liew - 9 years ago
will they pair up and breed with so many tankmates around, or do we have to separate them?
Kevin Jiang
Kevin Jiang - 9 years ago
Little baby gaing for the win. The perfect song for fish.
Gruenhexe1 - 9 years ago
der helle Wahnsinn, noch voller kann man ein Aquarium nicht machen. Das müßte verboten werden.
Salmonero79 - 9 years ago
Man, I adore your fish tabk
FishKeeper13 - 9 years ago
nice tank, but why spend so much money to overcrowd a tank when only few of them look way better =) when they swim
Meg Boberg
Meg Boberg - 9 years ago
Have you had good luck combining discus and angelfish?
captainhelmet69 - 9 years ago
Some nice fish but really overcrowded please check out my channel see what you think and somebody shut that child up ha ha
trip7downunder - 9 years ago
Please put music instead of your daughter being so annoying
sal brinker
sal brinker - 9 years ago
borhanus - 9 years ago
Yes you have perfect system & really superb healthy discus but its also like stuffing too many animals in little cage .get rid of the angels & torpedo barb ,rosy ,platy(whatever you have there) give your discus a little bit more room to move from one corner to other .If possible reducing few discus could also give you the opportunity to see them moving
Flint Wong
Flint Wong - 9 years ago
gah gah gah gah gaaaaaaaaaa
John Peters
John Peters - 9 years ago
great tank but could use a little less fish
Lifan23 - 9 years ago
Its at least twice what you think. Thats an acrylic setup.
Lifan23 - 9 years ago
Tuan, how often do you change the water for that kind of stock? Also you know if Discus can handle PH up to 8? Beautiful tank by the way.. Looks awesome
captainhelmet69 - 9 years ago
nice set up fish look very nice check out my account if you can guys and gals
hmrhuang - 9 years ago
A gorgeous tank sir. Question: do you keep any catfish in this tank? If not, there are some really beautiful dwarf pleco sp. that I would recommend for your tank (I have a 120 gallon discus display tank myself with a refugium.)
Rene Solorzano
Rene Solorzano - 9 years ago
Looks awesome
kal fortner
kal fortner - 9 years ago
could someone please answer this question: i have only 1 discus right now but i am thinking of getting more would they fight or would they be ok please respond as quick as possible
Antoneeo Lasamahu
Antoneeo Lasamahu - 9 years ago
watcher3178 - 10 years ago
awesome tank! been looking for a piece of wood like this , do you know which type of drift it would be under
Jeff Arsenault
Jeff Arsenault - 10 years ago
They are Roseline Sharks ( Puntius Denisonii )
Jeff Arsenault
Jeff Arsenault - 10 years ago
They are Puntius Denisonii.
Don Churchio
Don Churchio - 10 years ago
i have wet dreams about this kind of set up!!!!
DestinyInkify - 10 years ago
How to you afford so many Red Torpedoes? :P
Rory Ellis
Rory Ellis - 10 years ago
Can you please let me know what the shoaling fish below the Discus are please mate?
redrocket951 - 10 years ago
ItzMcfadden - 10 years ago
Nice tank, what are the shoaling fish ?
Andy Pearson
Andy Pearson - 10 years ago
Hi mate awesome tank. I remember a while ago you had a song with the video. What is that song called??? Thank you
nuller87 - 10 years ago
I would not put so many fish together. Rather hold a few discus and do a nice planting, and hold some smaller spicies with them. This just seems to crowded for my taste
LunaticEntrails - 10 years ago
Absolutley Amazing Tank. Well done !!!
atvking04032 - 10 years ago
man i love the colors
Katie Ross
Katie Ross - 10 years ago
im super jealous! those are my favorite fish ever!
1Filmproducer - 10 years ago
brilliant tank, could you please tell me what light fitting you have? and what K it is? Thank you Mike
po lin
po lin - 10 years ago
wanna see a video of you feeding them
TsovTswvXyaaas - 10 years ago
What kind of filter system are you using?
funkydeu - 10 years ago
the child's singing is making a peaceful experience a bit difficult :) no offense!
funkydeu - 10 years ago
true true
Arron Moore
Arron Moore - 10 years ago
oh to have the money and space needed to have a tank like that
Threlaeburgh - 10 years ago
Do you have any pairs? Stunning tank the sand must be a pain to keep white.
Decevir booya
Decevir booya - 10 years ago
it seems over crowded
Tristan J
Tristan J - 10 years ago
oh because i have i 50 gallon and have sand, multiple live plants and it's by a window and the water is very cloudy, i keep the lights on 8hrs a day (or at least most of the time) and i have no algae problems, but i have major problems with the cloudy water, can you please help?
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 10 years ago
It all relative on how often you do water change and how big your sump is. My sump is the same size as the tank. The theory on fish per gallon doesnt take those into account. I know that I have only 1 dead discus so far and the rest are growing and seem pretty healthy.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 10 years ago
you mean the angel fish?
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 10 years ago
Most fish are Juevinile. I like to watch my fish growth up.
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 10 years ago
I use a UV Sterilizer. That help kill the alage and keep my water clear.
Tristan J
Tristan J - 10 years ago
how do you get your water so clear???
cryvest - 10 years ago
nice aquarium. which is the name of fish with black stripe?
megasneake1 - 10 years ago
Really nice video!!!! wow....
fjidfjj fuhfifsind
fjidfjj fuhfifsind - 10 years ago
that would be a expensive tank.
Qui Luu
Qui Luu - 10 years ago
cant take my eyes off from yur tank. Beautiful ! where u got the tree root?
OoHwDzMrHaZeLoO - 10 years ago
Simply Amazing, Great Job!!!
Bryan Wilson
Bryan Wilson - 10 years ago
nice tank are the shark like fish dennison flying fox?
Roman Rubinov
Roman Rubinov - 10 years ago
how often do you change water?
ed powell
ed powell - 10 years ago
I bet that cost a bit,but its was well worth it Nice job
MrHoney2U - 10 years ago
very colorful. Nice set up. Thumbs up

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