Another New Phoibos - The $239 Reef Master

**CHECK OUT MY TOP 25 VALUE WATCHES ON AMAZON!!** **CHECK OUT MY TOP BARGAIN WATCHES FROM GEARBEST!** After some question marks about the QC on the Wave Master, it was important for Phoibos to come back strongly with the Reef Master. Did they......?

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**CHECK OUT MY TOP 25 VALUE WATCHES ON AMAZON!!** **CHECK OUT MY TOP BARGAIN WATCHES FROM GEARBEST!** After some question marks about the QC on the Wave Master, it was important for Phoibos to come back strongly with the Reef Master. Did they......?

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Glen Moore
Glen Moore - 4 years ago
I don't understand the criticism and quality control issues of the Wavemaster. Mine is wonderful and I think the bracelet is one of the best parts of the watch.....bahhhhh!
David Schroeder
David Schroeder - 4 years ago
This one might be my favorite of the bunch.
Tom J
Tom J - 4 years ago
You have gotten me to buy TWO Phoibos watches and I must say, that I am quite happy with both of them, especially at there price point. I did buy their "WaveMaster" and frankly it is well worth getting. Good job on the video!
BigPizzaPie - 4 years ago
Love this piece. Phoibos has been on their game with the reef master.
BigPizzaPie - 4 years ago
Great intro music!
racingsssnake - 4 years ago
Nice looking but unfortunately the lack of crown guards kills it for me.
Insan3VFX - 4 years ago
So due to my country stupid politics, I have to buy the phoibos px002 from their chinese warehouse, and in their website the design itself looks diferent.
I need to know if its safe to buy from.their website and if theres any real differences
kaunas888 - 4 years ago
I think that Phoebus at over $200 a pop is too expensive to be getting these kinds of quality control issues. A similarly priced Japanese brand would not presumably be having these kinds of quality problems.
Yakena1 - 4 years ago
Only room for one Chinese watch in the collection. Time to sell the one I got for this new one.

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Big Nasty
Big Nasty - 4 years ago
Let's see if they maintain this level of quality. What do you think? Think they've truly upped their game? Are they worth it?
Sparro - 4 years ago
Really liking this one. How does it wear? Orient Mako wears small but Seiko SKX007 wears large. Your take Jody?
cagkan87 - 4 years ago
Thanks for the review. Thats a very good looking phoibos, and beautiful blue lume but i would rather have wave series than reef one.
UXXV - 4 years ago
Blue one looks awesome BUT theyve got TWO blue versions and I want the strap from the other one lol
Larry - 4 years ago
I think they "Phoibos" must be cherry picking watches for your review,I bought two of their watches based upon your reviews.Unfortunately had to send both back to Amazon for replacement,had to send those back also for a refund(Thank goodness for Amazon return policy).I learned my lesson,stick with casio,seiko,and citezen.
E Larson
E Larson - 4 years ago
Great review and pretty cool watch from Phoebus at a great price.
Jorge Gabriel Pasos Iñiguez
Jorge Gabriel Pasos Iñiguez - 4 years ago
I ike it, it's stealthy yet "in your face" show off (especially with that lume). I think this model would have been benefited with a cyclops because that date window wich is disproportioned in comparison with the rest of the dial (I know, that would have increase the price), although I would rater prefer a No Date version. Nice review, congrats.
Brandon Mohammed
Brandon Mohammed - 4 years ago
This is an amazing looking watch!
sammlund - 4 years ago
Any chronograph reviews coming up?
12 O'clock Orion
12 O'clock Orion - 4 years ago
Would love to see it without the date.
Will Serle
Will Serle - 4 years ago
Totally agree, it needs a stencil 3 for balance. The date at 3 on this one is (even) worse than on most of the other watches that do it (in my opinion etc): Put it at 6, if you must, but better yet leave it off!

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Wade Garret
Wade Garret - 4 years ago
Great vid again thanks, as for the watch?? I want one, now, this second!!
Carlos Manzo
Carlos Manzo - 4 years ago
Goddamnit man I just bought the Helm Vanuatu. Oh well. Looks great dude.
Michael Pasztor
Michael Pasztor - 4 years ago
Literally did the same thing lol
Carlos Manzo
Carlos Manzo - 4 years ago
I'm definitely taking your word for it. You're pretty much what introduced me to the brand and the watch. It's arriving soon :D
Just One More Watch
Just One More Watch - 4 years ago
Don't worry mate, you will very much appreciate the Helm. Amazing watch. Cheers!
Paolo Marinaro
Paolo Marinaro - 4 years ago
Great value for money!!! Great quality. Looks like it'll take a good pasting!!!
Frank Andre Holmestrand
Frank Andre Holmestrand - 4 years ago
Really nice to see that they have stepped up their game after the quality issues with the Wavemaster. This watch is much more purposeful and legible, not too mention the overall design is much better. But, am I going to get one? No, I would rather take the Borealis Portus Cale with CX31, think it is, lume, it is just a tad smaller at 41.8mm and that lume on that watch is just fantastic. So it is a decision made on overall estetics and lume, not necessarily performance. As the Borealis is running a Miyota movement which I have never had in any watch before. But if Phoibos continues to come up with original and great functional designs, I will be back.
1701spacecadet - 4 years ago
My wallet cringes every time I watch your new videos!
RejZoR - 4 years ago
DLC caseback would be nice for those with allergy to nickel in stainless steel. DLC layer would make it wearable even by such users. But like you said, cost saving. Understandable.
EDIT: Just checked the Phoibos brand and they even have European webpage so you don't have to fiddle with customs nonsense which is nice. I see they even have a Miyota 9015 model scheduled for Summer 2018. I wish their standard divers would come with Miyota 9015. I love this movement, but it' so hard to obtain in a watch model that I like :(
Soligen Music
Soligen Music - 4 years ago
Could you possibly have a look for some Moonphases?

These Phoibos' are getting better and better though.
Michael Orme
Michael Orme - 4 years ago
Looking at these yesterday but didn't pull the trigger. Watching your review has made me leap into action and secure one. Thanks.
Steve R
Steve R - 4 years ago
I like the strap.
Richard Weaver
Richard Weaver - 4 years ago
I liked that more than I thought I would. I was expecting to like the Wave Master but I think this is better - they're clearly evolving as a brand.

30. comment for Another New Phoibos - The $239 Reef Master

Tony Hill
Tony Hill - 4 years ago
Looks nice. I hope to hear less of quality issues. If they have got things right they deserve success. I'll watch with interest.
Adrian Morris
Adrian Morris - 4 years ago
Great review this watch and those orange hands look great with contrasting stitching on strap. I'd like one of these.smashing. best wishes as always.
Doug _
Doug _ - 4 years ago
Awesome intro. Didn’t think you had it in you. Best watch channel on YouTube.
allan orr
allan orr - 4 years ago
Good comment watches I can afford and would spend the money on .I'm getting a bit fed up watching people review watches I can't afford or well known companies are ripping us off
Just One More Watch
Just One More Watch - 4 years ago
Thanks for your kind words! Cheers.
Fubar684 - 4 years ago
This one looks great in DLC. Plenty of features for the price. Glad you finally got to review this model.
WatchDater - 4 years ago
Thanks for an other great review! Congrats for more than 15k subscribers in such a short period!Speaks a lot about you and the way of presenting it.
I also considered to buy this one, after I am really satisfied with my Wave Master (without any issue) IMO Phoibos offers a great value at this price range. Unfortunately the pictures on their homepage don't reflect the watch well - Ethan & Emily should get this circumstance under control!
Derek Hicks
Derek Hicks - 4 years ago
Looks great, but too big. At least for me. 40 and under works, and it's thick! Anyway, I have the 006 and 007, no complaints after 6 months, so no qc issues for me. I am glad they're going in their own direction though, nice unique designs. 40 * 47 * 13 would be perfect.....for me, and as I'm often told, it's all about me. :) Thanks for the review.
Derek Hicks
Derek Hicks - 4 years ago
My wife just informed me I shouldn't post while drinking cheap wine on a Saturday night. Not sure why she thinks the day of the week matters :(
Dave Ho
Dave Ho - 4 years ago
ordered a blue one still pending to come. but now seems like your black one is gorgeous...gosh

by the way, wave master is not disappointing ... at least mine is in perfectly good form.
sexy korean girl
sexy korean girl - 4 years ago
that lum are we in chernoby?
otobotrecords - 4 years ago
Great intro man :D I was nodding my head and like "Don't call it a comebaaaaackk!"
John Donnelly
John Donnelly - 4 years ago
My blue wavemaster is great except that i needed a watch maker to adjust the tiny link screws on the bracelet for me.
Chris Walls
Chris Walls - 4 years ago
This watch is nicer in person than originally shown.
The WatchBox
The WatchBox - 4 years ago
Looks great
iheartlifejuicy - 4 years ago
I believe Boldr makes the watches in the same place, same rubber strap identical as well.
Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman - 4 years ago
I have absolutely no experience with these watches. Could you tell me what your opinion of the Ocean Master line is? thank you very much
Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman - 4 years ago
WatchDater Thanks
WatchDater - 4 years ago
Dan Friedman - Hi Dan, I have a Wave Master and I am very satisfied and happy with it. I have no issues with Phoibos and the support it great!
Rick Croucher
Rick Croucher - 4 years ago
Buggah! I went straight to the site and bought it. You are too good at your job!
John Klonaris
John Klonaris - 4 years ago
I like this watch.
dmntuba - 4 years ago
waegukin1 - 4 years ago
Seems to be a great watch for that price. Reminds me a lot of the recent Seiko Black Edition watches (Ninja Turtle and others).
MagicThighs - 4 years ago
One big problem with the Phoibos brand. I mean, two words, sexy and wanting. And here is the problem, how many times can you get away with continuously saying during a typical day "Damn, this watch is so sexy and wanting" before someone tells you to shut up?
MagicThighs - 4 years ago
These Phoibos watch's, I just can't believe they exist. I mean, nothing comes close from any of the bigger brands at this price point. Phoibos has brought luxury to the lower end of the market.

Everyone can have a luxury watch on their wrist without breaking the bank.
The WatchBox
The WatchBox - 4 years ago
MagicThighs "and wanting" ?
lawrence waite
lawrence waite - 4 years ago
Another great review for a nice affordable watch ,but why am I watching this a 3 o'clock in the morning in the UK ?

50. comment for Another New Phoibos - The $239 Reef Master

AppendixCarryOG - 4 years ago
Mama said knock you out
My Watch Addictions
My Watch Addictions - 4 years ago
Great Review Just One More Watch. I really like the looks of the new Phoibos. I am starting to like these a lot more and more as I see them. I am a HUGE fan of sandwhich dials, it as sooo much more depth.
commandZee - 4 years ago
Another great review, thanks! I'm really tempted by the blue/brushed stainless model, but the lack of a bracelet is a bit disappointing. These original designs are really heading in the right direction. Placing emphasis more on the octopus is a much better direction than with the previous amateurish logos. However, the terrible sans serif block type still needs to be redesigned to take the quality to that next level, it's just too similar to logos found on cheap generic electronics.
Luis Alejandro Acuña
Luis Alejandro Acuña - 4 years ago
Great looking watch. And it matters a lot that in your expert opinion Phoibos is doing a quality job on this one!
HCSO84 - 4 years ago
I bought the Wavemaster and had to send it back due to a misaligned bezel and the screws on the bracelet breaking while resizing. The second one I received, I had to remove the caseback to rotate the movement slightly. Once I did everything lined up, the indicies, chapter ring and bezel. The screws in the bracelet broken again when I tried to resize it. My watchmaker also had a difficult time but he was able to size it for me. He said the screws are made of very cheap material. Now everything is great and the NH35A movement has been awesome. After a week it’s +-0 seconds.
Paolo Marinaro
Paolo Marinaro - 4 years ago
Brittle bracelet screws!!!! Thats enough reason for me to NOT buy it let alone having to remove the caseback to realign the dial!! Sod that. Life is too short and I want to spend it enjoying the watch from the unboxing!! Thanks for the heads up, mate!
Bintang Sukma Mukti
Bintang Sukma Mukti - 4 years ago
Great phoibos, great PF T-shirt, dark side of the moon, legend
Matt Case
Matt Case - 4 years ago
Terrific review. May not be my cup of tea, but it looks well constructed and quite legible.
TheSpritz0 - 4 years ago
Another gorgeous Phoibos, love that Octopus logo too!!!
Mr. Morris
Mr. Morris - 4 years ago
Damn. You just sold me and who knows how many more showing it on that nato
Ron Maldia
Ron Maldia - 4 years ago
I'm sold I'll be getting this one some time this year!
Paul Stevenson
Paul Stevenson - 4 years ago
As usual a first class review.

X V - 4 years ago
Wow, I really like this one! This is the first Phoibos I'd consider owning. I've been looking for a gift for someone who's a tough outdoorsy type and this may fit the bill. FYI - "crazy horse leather" is another term for waxy saddle leather.
Jeffrey Wood
Jeffrey Wood - 4 years ago
Just One More   -nice looking watch.
They really should be giving you a serious discount.
Thank you for sharing another fantastic video :)
Dirty Ribz
Dirty Ribz - 4 years ago
Been seeing all the other reviews and I think you picked the best color. The other blue is just too much blue in your face and I have the original blue phoibos sub. Which I still love. Hmmm should I get this or the blue Wave master.
fatkev1983 - 4 years ago
That's a beauty!
JAMES NOEVIL - 4 years ago
You should become the brand ambassador of Phoibos.
iheartlifejuicy - 4 years ago
Just One More Watch
Just One More Watch - 4 years ago
Yes! And wear Phoibos prominently at parties and movie premieres.....
Dean Speerbrecher
Dean Speerbrecher - 4 years ago
Nice review. I would love your opinion and review on Parnis watches.
Clyde Phillip
Clyde Phillip - 4 years ago
Another great review. Still gonna order the wave master. Keep up the good work.
shibster88 - 4 years ago
Clyde Phillip wave master is Good,but it has some qc issues beware
Matthew Osterbind
Matthew Osterbind - 4 years ago

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