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Sonja Pelkonen
Sonja Pelkonen - 7 years ago
absolutely gorgeus! what camera did you use to film underwater? beautiful video :)
hdhungryman - 7 years ago
Thank you Sonja. We used GoPro HERO3.
SP9WUN Travel Channel
SP9WUN Travel Channel - 7 years ago
Wonderful underwater video shots! Beautiful stingray, turle and shark! I love snorkeling! Thank you for sharing this great experience! Thumbs up #16. Best regards, Greg
Детям на заметку
Детям на заметку - 8 years ago
Very beautiful!!
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+Детям на заметку Thank you :)
Roamancing Travel
Roamancing Travel - 8 years ago
Love snorkeling, and this looks like a great spot.
ingrid gott
ingrid gott - 8 years ago
wow so beautiful stunning beautiful
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+ingrid gott Thank you Ingrid.
Simone Oconnell
Simone Oconnell - 8 years ago
just such a wonderful video loved watching it thumbs up
Simone Oconnell
Simone Oconnell - 8 years ago
your welcome 
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+Simone Oconnell Thank you for your wonderful comment!
Kids Wild Ride
Kids Wild Ride - 8 years ago
So amazing!  Wish I were there!  Great video underwater.  Subscribed!  If you have time check out our channel.  Would love to have you as friends! :)
Nadeen Disney Toys
Nadeen Disney Toys - 8 years ago
Fantastic video !!
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+my new toys Thanks. It was a lot of fun to film.

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Lacey Shih Tzu
Lacey Shih Tzu - 8 years ago
Wow, this is stunning!  You are very brave for going on such a small plane, lol...
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+Lacey41908 The plane ride was exciting but being in the water was the biggest thrill! :)
Jean Cotton
Jean Cotton - 8 years ago
Fantastic Video Tony! Just so beautiful in all aspects!  :)
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+Jean Cotton Thank you Jean. It truly is an amazing place!
joed596 - 8 years ago
Another super video, Tony!   :-)    Some really spectacular footage.   What a beautiful location for vacationing and exploring!   I can't get over how clear the water is, and you captured some very interesting animal life, too.   You seem to have a real knack for making these videos!   Thanks and thumbs up,   Norfolk Joe  :-)
hdhungryman - 8 years ago
+joed596 Hey N.J.....this was really an amazing trip. The marine life was absolutely surreal.
And about the water.....we could not believe how clear it was. 100 ft.+ vis at times! There was so much marine life that we could not capture it all on film. Guess we will have to make another trip one day :)
Thanks a bunch for watching and commenting....cheers!

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