FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. ✦SUBSCRIBE: For more videos! ✦ : ♥ Snapchat: nadinesykora ◂ ☀ CONTIKI HOLIDAYS ☀ ▹ Book a 7 day or longer Contiki Holiday and save $100 off the trip price. Use the promo code: PPCHEYNADINE. *Terms and Conditions apply ◂ ◃ ◅ ❤FOLLOW ME ❤ ▻ ▸ ▹ → Blog: → Instagram: → Twitter: → Vine: → Facebook: → Tumblr: → Bloglovin: → Email: ◂ ◃ ✘ EQUIPMENT USED ✘ ▸ ▹ Canon 70D Body Tokina 11-16mm Go Pro Hero 3 Rode VideoMic Pro Edited: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 ◂ ◃ ♫MUSIC WANTED: ♫ ▸ ▹ Currently looking for new music to feature and use in my upcoming travel videos, if you make music email me: Subject: MUSIC for VIDS

FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia sentiment_very_dissatisfied 27

Diving 11 years ago 90,474 views

Scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. ✦SUBSCRIBE: For more videos! ✦ : ♥ Snapchat: nadinesykora ◂ ☀ CONTIKI HOLIDAYS ☀ ▹ Book a 7 day or longer Contiki Holiday and save $100 off the trip price. Use the promo code: PPCHEYNADINE. *Terms and Conditions apply ◂ ◃ ◅ ❤FOLLOW ME ❤ ▻ ▸ ▹ → Blog: → Instagram: → Twitter: → Vine: → Facebook: → Tumblr: → Bloglovin: → Email: ◂ ◃ ✘ EQUIPMENT USED ✘ ▸ ▹ Canon 70D Body Tokina 11-16mm Go Pro Hero 3 Rode VideoMic Pro Edited: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 ◂ ◃ ♫MUSIC WANTED: ♫ ▸ ▹ Currently looking for new music to feature and use in my upcoming travel videos, if you make music email me: Subject: MUSIC for VIDS

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for FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Debi Adhikari
Debi Adhikari - 5 years ago
You sinner don't destroy the great barrier reef
Madelyn Morgan
Madelyn Morgan - 6 years ago
Free dived there, I do mermaid / underwater modeling
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth - 7 years ago
I may be doing this next spring! What did you use to film underwater? I was thinking of purchasing something waterproof the film the Great Barrier Reef.
QuarterBach - 6 years ago
Sarah Elizabeth Go Pro
Alberta hinksman
Alberta hinksman - 7 years ago
Sad but it is still awesome but 57% of the reef (coral) has died since my first visit to the reef in 1983. Going again in Jan/17 for the third time. Go, if you can. Now.
ofal adrian
ofal adrian - 7 years ago
Never touch the living things down under.
Kevin Corke
Kevin Corke - 7 years ago
As an Open Water Instructor it's rewarding to see divers enjoying their experiences. I've dived the Argincourt Reef many times and the Humphead Wraisse is a local to the dive site. Touching/interacting with marine life happens frequently because it attracts tourists. Just to be in their environment is the experience itself - avoid touching marine life. Enjoy your diving.
Matthew Jacobs
Matthew Jacobs - 7 years ago
That big fish is still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bethany Elise
Bethany Elise - 8 years ago
I want to visit the Great Barrier Reef one day.
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley - 6 years ago
everytime someone visits the Great barrier Reef, The reef itself dies. True fact.
T Wylie
T Wylie - 8 years ago
Omg haha back in 2010 I went to the exact place and got my photo taken with the big fish :)

10. comment for FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

jenosestar - 8 years ago
요기가봤었는데 워홀하믄서.. ㅋㅋㅋ 날씨가 구리구리해서 걱정되긴 했었는데 그래도 기억에 남는 곳.. 벌써2년전이구나 그립다~~
Jp.22 02
Jp.22 02 - 8 years ago
scheiß kuh man fasst nichts an unter Wasser
jose perez
jose perez - 8 years ago
It s not good touch fishes.......breaks the environment
andiejh83 - 8 years ago
whyyyyyy are they touching the fish and the marine life?!? not okay
Shivani S
Shivani S - 9 years ago
how does she get to travel to so many places??? I'm so jealous <3
bluecandies - 9 years ago
My dream
HuskyWorld97 - 9 years ago
Some might know this but is that PewDiePie??????
XoKittenGamerXo - 7 years ago
+HuskyWorld97 no
Chocolate Vanilla
Chocolate Vanilla - 9 years ago
Amazing!!! I go snorkeling every weekend, i live in the beach area, but i never met such many fishes like this! Wow! Lucky you ^.^
jose perez
jose perez - 9 years ago
why touch fishes,,,,good diver does not interfere with the environment...
Cherry Pony
Cherry Pony - 9 years ago
WOW! That was amazing! I might be starting scuba diving, it looks really fun! The only thing that I am worried about if I fail tests or I cant understand other divers underwater with their hand signals!
Dana Goeminne
Dana Goeminne - 8 years ago
+Cherry Pony the signs and tests are fairly easy. You just have to take time to learn everything
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden - 8 years ago
Won't happen, most of the signs makes sence :p

20. comment for FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

sibbechai - 9 years ago
Have been on that same boat a few years ago. Great experience
Shayla Nguyen
Shayla Nguyen - 10 years ago
If I was to go there, me and my friend will turn ourselves into mermaids and be like one. Also, wanting to make the little kids smile if so too. :)
A. Oreal
A. Oreal - 10 years ago
Just cant stop watching your documentaries (Vlogs).
Eline Slingerland
Eline Slingerland - 10 years ago
I've been there 3 months ago, so beautifull there under water!
ksjoda luou
ksjoda luou - 10 years ago
i have watched this for so many time!! just love it! if i back to cairns i will try your cruise
kledder2 - 10 years ago
Glad to know there's still people around who have thousands of dollars to spare.
kim urfhopl
kim urfhopl - 10 years ago
Hey Nadine! I really love your videos! Question: are you coming to visit Israel?
mate this is a contiki tour its cheap as
Jifflet C
Jifflet C - 10 years ago
Anna - 10 years ago
oh shit we wouldn't want anything to become "instinct"

30. comment for FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Emma Louise
Emma Louise - 10 years ago
Cant believe iv only just found your channel , your videos are amazingg :O I want to travel the world one day so badd
Marijana Janušić
Marijana Janušić - 10 years ago
PLEASE, take serious what mathiasb2 say!!
kledder2 - 10 years ago
You get sponsored or are you just plain rich?
A Niche Journey
A Niche Journey - 10 years ago
My cats and I love watching your channel!
SarahEllie1988 - 10 years ago
These videos are fabulous, and helping me to decide where to definitely visit next week when I go to Aus next week! x
proElItezz - 10 years ago
Going here for my 18th birthday I can wait
SBM PRODUCTION - 10 years ago
Love this place , been there easy, good old memories 2012.
JulieHansen16 - 10 years ago
Can People in Scandinavia travel with Contiki? :) love your videos btw,!
ruby m
ruby m - 11 years ago
and this is why the reef is getting damaged. Ive only dived once and i know to respect my surroundings.
Ketlin Watt / kettle
Ketlin Watt / kettle - 11 years ago
Good old Reef Magic :) And people who don't know that fish His name Wally his a Maori Wrasse ;)
mathiasb2 - 11 years ago
Honestly.. you are a VERY bad diver.. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING WHILE DIVING! Seriously.. PLEASE! Stop killing underwater life. Either become more experienced in dives that arent like this or just quit diving.. people like you ruin the fun of diving for everyone else that is a safe and good diver! Over time the reef gets destroyed and species will be instinct so stop.. please!
mike viedo
mike viedo - 11 years ago
I want to go to Australia!!!
Hong Jisus
Hong Jisus - 11 years ago
I've went 2 the Great Barrier reef it was AMAZING!
fuckoff75 - 11 years ago
its a crime too let inexperienced divers go to a reef like this! and they probably do it every day! reefdestruction at its best!
Bec Schumann
Bec Schumann - 11 years ago
I live in Cairns and have been to the reef before, but only to Green Island and snorkled of there, what company did you go with?
Jifflet C
Jifflet C - 11 years ago
what camera did u use to shoot underswater ??!??!
Kezia Sapulete
Kezia Sapulete - 11 years ago
where's dori?
Laura Cave
Laura Cave - 11 years ago
diving restrictions probably. going down to the floor is likely too deep for a random unlicensed diver/learner, depth can get from 10-20m without looking much different, and u wouldn't risk it for a camera..
jamiesvidz1 - 11 years ago
The supervising divers with you keep you off the reef because any coral you touch, you end up killing. The authorities are pretty pedantic about protecting the reef, as they should be. By the way, if the fish didn't like people you wouldn't be able to get near it. They get a pretty good feed from the tourists. I've seen people throw in a full BBQ chicken at one of these dive spots and it was gone before hitting the water (to the sound of snapping chicken bones).
thoreandjaya - 11 years ago
Hope you didn't hurt/break any of the corals because it seemed like you guys were too close. They are living things just like fish so treat them with respect. Anyways, I am so jealous of you guys! I really wanna go to the great barrier reef in Australia. Oh, someday I will...

50. comment for FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

alexandrafy - 11 years ago
It pains me that people get these amazing opportunities to travel with a company like this and this is your job! Ahh. You are so lucky to be on this trip. I would kill to be able to do something like this.
thejerrymobile - 11 years ago
How weird is it that I was just watching Hank Green lament that most people probably won't get the opportunity to experience places like the Great Barrier Reef? Spooky.
Ari Sheps
Ari Sheps - 11 years ago
Wow you kept hugging that one fish, he must have been terrified lol! How did you keep finding it?
jakethesnakelimited - 11 years ago
You inspire me to travel and get away from wet, rainy Vancouver :-) I want to dive in Australia, Belize, and the Bahamas. Gonna take a SCUBA course this summer!
Christopher Veazey-Doucet
Christopher Veazey-Doucet - 11 years ago
As beautiful as this video is. It is a shame it seems you went with a Dive Organisation that seem to have a blatant disregard to many of the rules for new divers and general reef protection/marine conservation
madwes12gaming - 11 years ago
At 3:43 what is that thing?
rocco jibraltar
rocco jibraltar - 11 years ago
@nayders07 for the most part, the ocean floor didn't look all that far away. couldn't you just dive a little deeper and pick it up? i want to pet a fish!!!
Aubrey R
Aubrey R - 11 years ago
I really want to travel and watching these make me so happy to see and make me wanna travel even more!!
GameXplayer - 11 years ago
Great choice of music after 2:51. Feels like I'm in an underwater level in a video game
Curt Colin
Curt Colin - 11 years ago
Hey! You can hear my voice in this video! I'm the guy that answers with "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus" #nerd
Sr.Slayer94 - 11 years ago
@nayders07 sea life has always fascinated me
derekcolman - 11 years ago
Nadine, this is such a beautiful video, I will be watching it again many times.
Jerrell Simpson
Jerrell Simpson - 11 years ago
This looks awesome
jonathan lorentzson
jonathan lorentzson - 11 years ago
Wth, that big fish is wierd, when I tried to touch one of those it got all crazy and swam away :P
Brooke - 11 years ago
Omg I was so paranoid that a shark or something would appear, or she would get water in her breathing thing haha? AND NADINE ARE U COMING TO MELBOURNE OR VICTORIA PLEASSSSE COME!
TheIronSPQR - 11 years ago
Ah, I could kiss you for all of the wonderful things and places that you have shown me, but I guess a "like" and a comment will have to do ;)
Zant - 11 years ago
Ugh I feel like such a wus that some of those fish scare me XD
brooklyntiara - 11 years ago
OMG! Now I want to do that 100 times more than I used to!
Kris' World
Kris' World - 11 years ago
SHARK! lol
dahlala_land - 11 years ago
I hate it when people give up the stuff in the comments... Ruins the vid considering this looks like a super kooll vid:)
ElDiegoLapiz - 11 years ago
it's so beautiful it seems unreal!
Cadmandu2000 - 11 years ago
I never would have thought of a fish as "cuddly" before. But Nadine actually pulls this off convincingly, even sensually.
lary CTdummy
lary CTdummy - 11 years ago
that would be a KILLER screen saver
Nora D
Nora D - 11 years ago
When i went snorkling we would get yelled at if we touched the reef because i guess if you accidently touch it or anything, like it can die completely or something? I have no clue! It was in key west, it was absolutely amazing besides the fact that the back of our legs were so burnt! My dad got a video of a shark on our go pro, and my mom saw a barracuda and got the fuck out haha.
Tara McMahon
Tara McMahon - 11 years ago
Wow! I'm australian and never even considered doing this, I think I'm gonna have to go there now for sure, it just looks amazing!
earnniti - 11 years ago
omg i have to go there before i die
Hey Nadine
Hey Nadine - 11 years ago
@LeaValencia Realy? Awww thank you <3
Hey Nadine
Hey Nadine - 11 years ago
@TomBradford114 I would loose a camera >.<
skywize - 11 years ago
Great footage! It must have been beautiful under there. I love how the fish have no problem with you being there or even petting them! (petting? can you pet a fish?.... whatever.)
Tom Bradford
Tom Bradford - 11 years ago
What happend if she droped the camera?
Ichi San
Ichi San - 11 years ago
Stop playing with the fish's gentleman's region!
LeaValencia - 11 years ago
You do realize that you have the BEST travel vlogs on youtube!?
ughzean - 11 years ago
Last year Me and my family went to Cairnes and Sydney :) It was so beautiful! And its nice being in a Commonwealth Country they are so nice to Canadians lol xD
NickJohnification - 11 years ago
the fish in the reefs are so used to humans that you can touch them? woww
vclamp - 11 years ago
The big blue fish is like the honey badger of the reef.
vclamp - 11 years ago
@AMVPanic She is travelling with Contiki . com as part of the people demonstrating their travel packages. :)
britwigger - 11 years ago
Wild that the unique marine life just let you pet them.
lizoww - 11 years ago
This is my ultimate dream.
mminc2112 - 11 years ago
First off,AMAZING VIDEO Nadine!! Secondly...WHO THE HELL COULD POSSIBLY DISLIKE THIS VIDEO??!! I sense some jealousy there...
Captain Cocoa Puffs
Captain Cocoa Puffs - 11 years ago
You don't have to have your scuba license to dive in Australia?
Peter Genchev
Peter Genchev - 11 years ago
OMG it was sooo beautiful!!! thats a life changing experiense!!! i wish i could do that one day, i really do!
jj rito
jj rito - 11 years ago
here just for the smile 0:00 ^_^ just LOVE her smile k bye
EastCoastEnt. - 11 years ago
AHHHHH the great barrier reef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its my dream to go there sometime, looks beautiful
ざしきわらし - 11 years ago
how is it going!
Clare M
Clare M - 11 years ago
Amazing and beautiful !! Love love love your vids : )
triniscout - 11 years ago
didn't know u dive and nice vid
Funtcase Badonde
Funtcase Badonde - 11 years ago
Avocado - 11 years ago
Maaaaan I want to go now >.< just wondering though, I've been a qualified diver for 6 years now and dived everywhere from a Quarry to Egypt to Malaysia, and I was sure you weren't allowed to touch anything? I'm sure you can't in case you hurt/damage anything or the fish catch anything off you... idk maybe the rules are different there, I've just always assumed the barrier reef would be stricter :P Aside from that, epic footage, I'm totally jealous, always wanted to dive there! Peace out x
lilonetink - 11 years ago
So amazing!! great footage!!!!!
KaiKai LiLMonster
KaiKai LiLMonster - 11 years ago
Nadine i love you!

100. comment for FINDING NEMO // The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Yo Sammy!
Yo Sammy! - 11 years ago
@nayders07 thank you for letting me know :)
Hey Nadine
Hey Nadine - 11 years ago
@lambarini Lumix underwater camera, and a Go Pro :)
dspid2404 - 11 years ago
You are one lucky lady. I've been certified for years and yet to dive in the tropics. Did you get certified or just do "vacation traveler training" or whatever you would call that?
mcgaugh57 - 11 years ago
humans feel they have the right to go down and play catch with the wildlife :(
Yo Sammy!
Yo Sammy! - 11 years ago
you got some amazing footage! can i please ask what camera you used?
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores - 11 years ago
woodysgamertag bring me here :D
Gabrielle Rougeau-Moss
Gabrielle Rougeau-Moss - 11 years ago
it's so beatiful!!!
Julia ✌
Julia ✌ - 11 years ago
wow that is so beautiful.
ginersnaps1 - 11 years ago
I notice same movie find nemo
llboy01 - 11 years ago
woolensheep192 - 11 years ago
i did the same diving trip and i enjoyed it so much that i went and got my scuba license :P
Sierramist - 11 years ago
Really enjoyed the underwster views of the beautiful colored fish. What the big fish that you were touching
zUBDELIZA - 11 years ago
I'm so jealous right now :P
newyorkny5023 - 11 years ago
You know, I don't think you shound keep touching that fish so much. The natural oils on human hands can be harmful to it.
Tykira - 11 years ago
Wow, so gorgeous! :D
xSyphR - 11 years ago
I'm moving to Australia from the UK on the 26th march :O Moving to Melbourne :') I want to go to the great barrier reef one day, it looks amazing.
Pexzee - 11 years ago
2:09 Alright, we are excited. First day of school, here we go! We're ready to learn and get some knowledge!
Jelmerghini - 11 years ago
i have to that at least once in my life!
Hey Nadine
Hey Nadine - 11 years ago
@TheMonkeyrock77 Awww thanks :) I was traveling and I couldn't get a steady internet connection :(
Nils Moeckel
Nils Moeckel - 11 years ago
Hey Nadine
Hey Nadine - 11 years ago
@misstimtamkat yup :) Half is from my underwater camera, a couple of clip are from my friend's Go Pro, since I didn't have one :)
Miss TimTam
Miss TimTam - 11 years ago
ok,,,, did u actually film the underwater scene?
TheMonkeyrock77 - 11 years ago
Great Camera and great video. Thank you Nadine for taking us with you. I was thinking that I hadn't seen you for a couple days. I was starting to worry. I'm glad your okey. Later.
thtrnerd221 - 11 years ago
Looked like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
KaiKai LiLMonster
KaiKai LiLMonster - 11 years ago
SO COOL NADINE!! that blue fish really loves you!! =P
gaarasan1 - 11 years ago
gotto luv the underwater world.
theoffspringfan2 - 11 years ago
Kaben - 11 years ago
Looks amazing :)

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