GoPro - Looe Key Reef Snorkeling

This whole video was filmed with my GoPro hero 3 Music -

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This whole video was filmed with my GoPro hero 3 Music -

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Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 7 years ago
wow, amazing job! beautiful scenery....Caleb was very excited about the ocean this week -- now I see why!
Reilly Geise
Reilly Geise - 8 years ago
Its in the discription :)
Taylor Guy
Taylor Guy - 8 years ago
What song is this? Its awesome! And sweet video man!
thegeisefamily - 8 years ago
Amazing video! LOVE the music you added. Really captures the excitement of the scenery! So proud of you ang thankful you love the ocean as much as I do!
Reilly Geise
Reilly Geise - 8 years ago
Evan Geise
Evan Geise - 8 years ago
Awsome job Reilly!! Bucket list- swim with sharks- check!

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