GoPro HD Scuba diving Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Agincourt Reef with my GoPro HERO3 Black edition

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GoPro Scuba Diving
GoPro Scuba Diving - 4 years ago
The Titans
The Titans - 4 years ago
No offense AT ALL but I'm only watching this just so I can man up cuz I'm going scuba diving tomorrow (I don't know where the offense is either)
Virgo Blue
Virgo Blue - 4 years ago
It looks like a bunch of rotten cauli flower! Destroyed.
Rihab Chaieb
Rihab Chaieb - 4 years ago
I just started scuba diving and rule number one is not to disturb the aquatic fauna! And m we can only see scared aquatic life in this video. I wish you could be more careful and respectful of the beautiful surrounding and please don't touch the coral reef!
will clark
will clark - 4 years ago
yeh yeh
Evan Jonck
Evan Jonck - 4 years ago
hi, really liked your channel. lets do sub for sub. reply if you like
Mohamed najib Laaziz
Mohamed najib Laaziz - 4 years ago
Sad to see all those dead corals..
Hayley Robinson
Hayley Robinson - 4 years ago
I wish people wouldn't chase the turtles! This causes them to drown because their too scared to come back up for air when people keep swimming after them. We hardly have any left so please just watch them from a distance
Skillerboi8 - 4 years ago

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Cole Corrigan
Cole Corrigan - 4 years ago
wow, guess they let anyone go to the reef....
will clark
will clark - 4 years ago
I'd say the fish would have died from all that stress haha.
Cole Corrigan
Cole Corrigan - 4 years ago
you are bad at diving, its really obvious. You are literally poking your gopro that you have on a stick into the faces of the fish. You must think ur so sick
will clark
will clark - 4 years ago
what do you mean?
Gallus Gallivants
Gallus Gallivants - 4 years ago
Brilliant cool video! We really love that place as well. Can't wait to see more. Have a swatch at our vlogs from there also you should visit to Scotland where we live. Its always bad weather but the sights and folk are nice.
Bywater - 4 years ago
you almost died at 3:10
Flo123 - 4 years ago
The divers Are so unpofessional
will clark
will clark - 4 years ago
Worldwide Gastropods
Worldwide Gastropods - 4 years ago
Nice video! If you're interested in corals and sea anemones, you should really check my channel! Anthozoa, flowers of the sea:
Albert Khoshaba
Albert Khoshaba - 4 years ago
As soon as he saw that lion fish hes like fuck this shit im out lol
Lillian Wendt
Lillian Wendt - 4 years ago
Watch out for them box jellies :P
berny's reef
berny's reef - 5 years ago
Do you have a filter on the lens?
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
Was a while ago but i think most of it is pretty standard
berny's reef
berny's reef - 5 years ago
+will clark
And is the footage color corrected/graded?
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
No filter
Redfoxling - 5 years ago
Dive by Jerry
Dive by Jerry - 5 years ago

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infinite rainbow
infinite rainbow - 5 years ago
CreatorGolden no 22% dead the rest is very ill
CreatorGolden - 5 years ago
The Football Centre it's dead now anyway, 90% of it is dead
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
Yeh absolutely, the range of colourful fish species add to the colour as well.
The Football Centre
The Football Centre - 5 years ago
will clark I see so in real life though it's still full of colour reds oranges yellows blues ?
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
The camera doesn't quite capture the vibrant colours of the reef. You must experience it with your own eyes to fully understand.
Benjamin - 5 years ago
Looks all bleached out.
Drew Maglio
Drew Maglio - 5 years ago
"All the coral is dying..." What are you guys talking about? A healthy reef is characterized by 30-40% hard coral cover. The reef in the video has more than 50% coral cover! Corals dying and forming limestone is normal...then new corals grow on the old and the reef gets built up. Want to see ailing reefs? Check out my videos from the Florida Keys. Still, even with the decline of hard coral there, there is lots to see and tons of life.
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
I agree the visibility affects the quality of colours as well as the quality of the camera like Drew said. There is plenty of marine life ranging from sponges to corals up to are diverse range of fish species and other marine mammals.
Drew Maglio
Drew Maglio - 5 years ago
It's not, but okay. I've been diving and studying marine science for years and assure you it's not. I can see living tissue clear as day in the video. Is some dead? Yes. Is the reef degrading? Probably. But to say it's already dead when the video suggests otherwise is idiocy. Cheap cameras like a go pro do not capture color underwater well, which is why it all looks the same color.
Katelyn Mozo
Katelyn Mozo - 5 years ago
Drew Maglio it's dead now lol
Capt Eric Bergeron
Capt Eric Bergeron - 5 years ago
Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
Paratyr - 5 years ago
I would love to go here one day, but when I was younger something happened when I was in the sea and now I am terrified to even go near the ocean.
Shaoligy - 5 years ago
Yuiiski Yuii what happened?
Rich Renwick
Rich Renwick - 5 years ago
was Nemo there?
Rich Renwick
Rich Renwick - 5 years ago
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
yep at 2:27

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CreatorGolden - 5 years ago
sturamic super guess you didn't have enough time, it's dead
Kristof Moscicki
Kristof Moscicki - 5 years ago
guy's check out my video
ds00044724 - 5 years ago
I'm taking my Gopro to the GBR, did you use a colour filter when you dived?
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
no, i just adjusted light during editing but i have heard red filters work a treat,
Etsuko & Michael
Etsuko & Michael - 5 years ago
Great video. Loved it! Spot on with the musical selection, also.
Every diver should try and hit the GBR at least once in their lives. It's one of those 'must dive' places, and worth the trip.
Etsuko & Michael
Etsuko & Michael - 5 years ago
+will clark So true. I lived in OZ for about two years while completing a Masters at The University of Sydney, and spent every available moment going north and diving the GBR. Amazing! Even after a couple hundred dives there, I'm getting ready to return for one last experience.
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
+Etsuko & Michael You are so right, just incredible the amount of marine life there is to observe
Dennis van der Zalm
Dennis van der Zalm - 5 years ago
Never touch the coral damnnn we destroy the world so easy
McNugget - 5 years ago
+will clark you are so lucky!!I have done NOTHING this summer except sit home and wait for the next year of school.And I only have a month left till school and I am soooo jealous of you!!
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
+Dennis van der Zalm yes champ
tehreporter - 5 years ago
Scuba diving is a truly transcendental experience. With the press of water around you and the only sound, the hiss of your own breathing, you have time to be alone with your thoughts.
activeallbrite® - 5 years ago
Every action sport camera has a very small sensor, thats why you need perfect light conditions. If you don't have, you need light. The best light for GoPro and more you can find here or look here
Mr Lima Bean
Mr Lima Bean - 5 years ago
Oh my god.. Almost all of the Coral is all dead in this footage. It's like a giant biome of skeletons.
will clark
will clark - 5 years ago
+Mr Lima Bean Theres actually a lot of living coral there, however the camera didnt capture all of the colour.
Carl Farran
Carl Farran - 5 years ago
Wow great footage have a look at some I filmed in the uk
ADMIRAL PIETT - 6 years ago
Where the reef... Oh wait it's all dead
Destinee Miller
Destinee Miller - 6 years ago
Where is that?
Portuguese CootharBig
Portuguese CootharBig - 5 years ago
Aussie m8
Kristen Connolly
Kristen Connolly - 6 years ago
Do you use any filters on your go pro? Thank you! Awesome video!
Joey Spratt
Joey Spratt - 6 years ago
Great video!
Cynide703 - 6 years ago
Wanderer - 6 years ago
Brett Rabenou
Brett Rabenou - 6 years ago
Sweet video! I actually just got back from the Great Barrier Reef. If you want, check out my dive video here:
HEE Hadeler
HEE Hadeler - 6 years ago
AMAZING.....I drop a musical composition of my own for sea lovers. I hope you like it. HEE Hadeler que belleza...les dejo un tema de mi autoría inspirado en los amantes del mar espero que les guste .HEE Hadeler
Harrison Cohen
Harrison Cohen - 6 years ago
Amazing video dude
u_l__m - 6 years ago
Great Video:)) we were diving at maldivs
nextgen999 - 6 years ago
Just a shame all the coral is dying :c
blasted - 6 years ago
Nah, I don't think so
gaming with jenny
gaming with jenny - 6 years ago
i know right! :(

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Fatty Mcgee
Fatty Mcgee - 6 years ago
I went scuba diving there and I am only 12.
Amberad - 3 years ago
Good for you
Master Piggy
Master Piggy - 3 years ago
Fatty Mcgee I did too
Xtra.Film - 5 years ago
+blasted same
blasted - 6 years ago
Dude... I want to do that cuz I'm 12
Quentin Bahr
Quentin Bahr - 6 years ago
Nice haha
Captain Two6
Captain Two6 - 6 years ago
Can't wait to dive here. Great shots with the Hero 3. Check out my Hero 3 dive videos on my channel if you get a chance! I have some with a red filter and it makes such huge difference. None the less, great video and happy diving! Sub'd
Christian Finley
Christian Finley - 6 years ago
Chase Mini Nuke
Chase Mini Nuke - 6 years ago
Still better fish A.I than Ghosts
HeyyItsLynx - 5 years ago
+Cescorage can you be this dumb
Cescorage - 5 years ago
ghosts arent real
NOAH BLAKE - 6 years ago
under water is like an alien world in a way i love scuba diving thumbs up will clark good vid
MrCartoonboy123 - 6 years ago
Where there a lot of sharks?
will clark
will clark - 6 years ago
No only that one but they are harmless anyway
Brian Melesky
Brian Melesky - 6 years ago
Jam5 - 7 years ago
what kind of shark was that? my guess is Lemon Shark I don't know if im right. Also that huge fish that was spotted what kind of fish is that?
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
good work Martin :)
Martin Deacon
Martin Deacon - 7 years ago
That is a white tip reef shark fyi. :)
Jam5 - 7 years ago
okay :)
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Hi mate, the shark was a type of reef shark not sure what species in particular though, the large fish your talking about is a Queensland Groper
DoitNTstyle - 7 years ago
Beautiful scenery
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
thanks mate
Josh Situmorang
Josh Situmorang - 7 years ago
nice video!
kindly please take a look on my channel and don't forget to subscribe
dream - 7 years ago
Will is there a better place to dive (on the reef) or is it mostly all good (I know nothing about the reef, I know it's very long)?
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
I only dived at agincourt reef and all the footage was from that spot, so im unsure about what the rest of the reef is like, i think though the further south you get the better :)
dream - 7 years ago
awesome thanks for sharing 
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel - 7 years ago
please keep your fins of the ground and do not touch anything.....dive touch free keep our ocean beautiful 
Ziad Amr
Ziad Amr - 4 years ago
It's Dead :(
Connor Matts
Connor Matts - 6 years ago
+will clark Yeah, but if you kick up too much sand it can put a layer on the coral that can block the sunlight that the zooxanthellae that lives in the coral needs to photosynthesize.  If the algae doesn't produce enough sugar the coral can become stressed and start to starve
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
not trying to be rude mate but that's only sand... ahah oh god id love to :)
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel - 7 years ago
+will clark @ 2:00 thats when fins hit the ground ... by the way lovely should dive The Red sea the city of Sharm el shehk and DAHAB South Sinai EGYPT 
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Yeh totally agree with you mate not sure when we hit the reef though? 
ksieluk - 7 years ago
Pure awesomeness. I hope my dreams come true one day and I will dive there by myself :)
Chris Taverner
Chris Taverner - 7 years ago
Actually that one was a bit naff... file size was huge.... try this one: Scuba Barrier Reef
Chris Taverner
Chris Taverner - 7 years ago
Will: I have done a prelim mix... still needs a little eq... but check it out here: Scuba
Chris Taverner
Chris Taverner - 7 years ago
Hi there, love the video - hope you don't mind but actually borrowed it to serve as a backing for some original music... purely private use, of course, but it's usually nice to let people know ;)
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
sweet man
Chris Taverner
Chris Taverner - 7 years ago
+will clark
Will do... about 3/4 of the way through it at the moment... should have it mixed by tonight.  I'll post it on my channel and post a link ... cheers
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
also wouldnt mind having a look at it if you upload it
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
haha na sweet mate thankyou
Default Name
Default Name - 7 years ago
The happiest place on earth for us.. under the sea. Beautiful footage. 
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Thankyou it is a purely awesome place isnt it
MissFoxyCat - 7 years ago
how deep was the dive? great video!
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
about 20 metres
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
The Song Is Kiara - Bonobo
Shel R
Shel R - 4 years ago
Ahh bro I used to listen to Bonobo years ago.. man you brought back big time memories bless you brother. I thought It was Mr Carmack  a few minutes. Much love from South Africa. One love for all
Fred Darcy
Fred Darcy - 7 years ago
One word, beautiful
Esther Yun
Esther Yun - 7 years ago
Beautiful...whats the music in the beginning?
Mooker - 7 years ago
that's just unbelievable
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Cheers :)
DoubleTeamed - 7 years ago
how long did your gopro stay on for?
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
+Brinley shelton No worries 
DoubleTeamed - 7 years ago
ah ok thanks
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
We just turned it on for parts which we thought were worth recording as if you just left it on you would have a lot of editing :)
Peter N
Peter N - 7 years ago
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Thankyou :)
MarshMeetsMallow - 7 years ago
Probably one of the most beautiful Places to scuba dive.
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Thanks mate
Jody Heneveld
Jody Heneveld - 7 years ago
We loved this and posted in our scuba portal at
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
Ahtapot Gönüllüleri
Ahtapot Gönüllüleri - 7 years ago
Chun-Ching Chiu
Chun-Ching Chiu - 7 years ago
nice video, which mount u use with the gopro when scuba diving? 
will clark
will clark - 7 years ago
thanks, i used a homemade pole which is made from the display mount that comes with the box which i glued onto a wooden stick.
will clark
will clark - 8 years ago
Chelsea Flagrun
Chelsea Flagrun - 8 years ago
amazing video footage, and editing love the way you put the music in too! All in all incredible video!
will clark
will clark - 8 years ago
Thanks for your advice i will next time cause some scenes did need it, and yes the reef was incredible
RandomRaider77 - 8 years ago
Beautiful Footage, maybe you should try stabalizing it the next time to make it look even smoother. The Reef is amazing!
will clark
will clark - 8 years ago
Only on the turtle parts as they were a bit colourless but all else natural mainly because the colour kept changing when i played the video
Jerry Wansing
Jerry Wansing - 8 years ago
Nice one, did you do color correction ?

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