Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia

Join me for the experience of a lifetime - diving and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Port Douglas with Poseidon Reef Cruises.

Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia sentiment_very_dissatisfied 60

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Join me for the experience of a lifetime - diving and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Port Douglas with Poseidon Reef Cruises.

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for Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia

T55Kev - 4 years ago
Great video...youve inspired me. Kev
ssaannddrro - 4 years ago
Your commentary certainly adds to the video.
maskofsanitycob - 4 years ago
ive been on that boat :) lovely experience
Effie Colida
Effie Colida - 4 years ago
Wonderful video loved it
Sonya Wiley
Sonya Wiley - 4 years ago
I typed this up because one of my goals when I'm older is to go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and swim with dolphins and this sight is just so beautiful I LOVE this video!!!!
Fredrik Törnblad
Fredrik Törnblad - 4 years ago
Thanks' for sharing, I will be doing almost the same thing as you, made the decision inthe early 1970's looking at films made by "Jacques-Yves Cousteau" and I am going now February 2017.
LaPieuvre Optimale
LaPieuvre Optimale - 4 years ago
Funny man, "let's go get wet." Hahahaha
Sarah Charpentier
Sarah Charpentier - 5 years ago
good for you following your dreams
Asibi .S
Asibi .S - 5 years ago
Red Sea Reef is a must to see

10. comment for Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia

kannik C
kannik C - 5 years ago
Awesome indeed
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 5 years ago
Thank you!
kannik C
kannik C - 5 years ago
Jason Bolella
Jason Bolella - 5 years ago
long live Burn Ball Ernie Hall!
Capt Eric Bergeron
Capt Eric Bergeron - 5 years ago
Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
Dave Pruitt
Dave Pruitt - 4 years ago
Capt Eric Bergeron
Wrashad's World
Wrashad's World - 5 years ago
The way he started this was amazing! I Cried from the beginning to 1:14 . Everytime someone says "before I leave this Earth-" I get emotional. It's so weird! Lol
GamingMoose21 - 5 years ago
They showed port Douglass in finding nemo lol
Muri Muri
Muri Muri - 5 years ago
wonderful to see you enjoy the underwater world and share it thank you Tom
Antarariksha kumar singh
Antarariksha kumar singh - 5 years ago
Why u stopped making videos
Plz make more videos
Alan W
Alan W - 5 years ago
You love ocean more and treasure the natural beauty after swimming with sea creatures. However, GBR is under threat of pollution and bleaching because of coal mining ports and global warming. .
Good to see you enjoy this trip.
tammimarie - 5 years ago
Euclid Ohio?
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 5 years ago
+tammimarie ;-)
tammimarie - 5 years ago
+Tom Hall well yes, from mentor. Enjoying all your oz videos....planning my trip.
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 5 years ago
Yes...been there?

20. comment for Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia

Simply Holly
Simply Holly - 5 years ago
im 12 years old and never been snorkelling before yet i have a cruise to the great barrier reef D: I'm so nervous but so exited!!
Susanga Jayawardena
Susanga Jayawardena - 5 years ago
how much did it cost you?
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 5 years ago
You are so welcome!
Friar Tuck
Friar Tuck - 5 years ago
wicked. will have to bring the wife and kids
The GoldenFly
The GoldenFly - 5 years ago
its funny i live in australia and i havent even been there yet
Robert Beston
Robert Beston - 5 years ago
Big N Reviews
Big N Reviews - 6 years ago
To those people who are polluting this beautiful place...

Fuck you!
GLEN DONKIN - 6 years ago
Was there any explanation given for the murky water? Disappointing, when I went some years back the water was crystal clear and many, many more fish - schools in fact and so close! Giant groper, giant clams, It was all absolutely fascinating - the colour was beautiful and I loved hearing the parrot fish gnawing at the coral. Thanks for video and I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself in this part of our great land
Brenner - 6 years ago
Plankton, possibly. Im in new england and the water is a dark green here some parts of the year due to plankton.
Rilo4466 - 6 years ago
U should get ur certificate... It also makes everything cheaper
Turtle Channel
Turtle Channel - 6 years ago
thank you so much for sharing this beautiful experience
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 6 years ago
+Anthony B You are so welcome!
Rory Tomlinson
Rory Tomlinson - 6 years ago
Wow I went to south america and I saw turtles stingrays and pufferfish

30. comment for Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia

Captain Two6
Captain Two6 - 6 years ago
Hey Tom great video. I am stationed in Guam and the diving is phenomenal here and not to mention I can hit Cairns round trip for under a grand. I hope to make this dive this summer. Thanks for sharing...sub'd. Check out some of my scuba videos on my channel to see how the diving is out here. Tons of wrecks, reefs and sharks! Happy diving.
justin w
justin w - 6 years ago
Im here in florida i cant wait to explore it more enjoyed the video tom its great to see people still have some sort of interest in the reef i hope you get a chance to venture more underwater life its so amazing a place you can escape to and let the ocean drown your stress best of luck thanks for the share buddy
Tony Seput
Tony Seput - 6 years ago
Good video. I'll actually be getting certified in about 3 months and The Great Barrier Reef is definitely on my list of places to dive. If you haven't already found out what the thing was that you thought was a snail or something, it's called a tunicate. The other thing you thought may have been algae, was a spaghetti worm.
Royce Rannard
Royce Rannard - 6 years ago
I'm Australian. You guys are watching a video of an American who experienced it.I strongly suggest coming over and see it for yourself whether America, Asian or whatever. It is an incredible reef and is currently in danger of disappearing forever with companies wanting to use it as an oil dumping around. Please visit wwf and sign the petition to save the reef. Thanks guys.
AmazingTravelVideoInTheWorld - 6 years ago
Amazing Travel 
A A - 6 years ago
Nice video. I'm interested in learning to scuba dive at the reef as well. 
Lurefjes - 6 years ago
australia cost me like 9k NOK (norwegian kroner) to travel to at the cheap season :P i want to go sooooo bad :)!
euan mendoza
euan mendoza - 7 years ago
It would be really cool if you found a book titled the Pacific. I live here near the equator and the dive sites are awesome. Laughing at the way he talks about day bcd.
Noah Rogers
Noah Rogers - 7 years ago
The same thing happend to me in elementary school i found a
Book on The Great Barrier Reef and later found out were it was then saw pictures of Australia and i want to go/move there so
Bad when I get older is
Seems like such an amazing place
YeshuaJesusisking Vegan
YeshuaJesusisking Vegan - 4 years ago
I'm Kanoo Haha literally
I'm Kanoo
I'm Kanoo - 6 years ago
It is. I live here. It rocks!
ItzRandalls - 7 years ago
wow! i'm going to panama city beach in florida and i'm just wondering if its safe to snorkel or dive their. by the way nice video.
Timmyboy505 - 7 years ago
Have you taken up diving already? I can recommend it, it's alot of fun, 
Matty Bellamy
Matty Bellamy - 7 years ago
Great dive, what an experience!! :)
Ben Quayle
Ben Quayle - 7 years ago
nice video mate.. im also a kiwi dive instructor working in Port Douglas on Calypso reef charters. i worked with Kane for about a year..nice guy and great instructor. glad you had a good time
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
Hey thanks so much, you  are very lucky to work as you do in Port Douglas. Tom
bruce loretz
bruce loretz - 7 years ago
10:10 They're called Ascidians, 10:25 Many-spotted Sweetlips, 10:53 Spaghetti Worms, 11:09 Lion fish (definitely poisonous. Great vid Tom.
Nhia Yang
Nhia Yang - 7 years ago
I share the feelings you have as a kid growing. Someday I will want to go on the same adventure as you. Awesome video.
Roadraceanorak - 7 years ago
Cool vid,me & the wife are heading over in march next year and this was on the list of things to do,thanks for uploading this,lets us know what we are in for
Annaliesa Rose
Annaliesa Rose - 7 years ago
Rally wanna get my scuba licence when summer comes around.
Annaliesa Rose
Annaliesa Rose - 7 years ago
You should have your own show on YouTube
Annaliesa Rose
Annaliesa Rose - 7 years ago
This is a great video. Awesome job.
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
Hi Nicki, thank you. Glad you liked the video. How did you find it? My own show? I don't know about that. ;-)

50. comment for Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel - Port Douglas Australia

Beth T
Beth T - 7 years ago
Great Video!  Thanks for sharing--great commentary and a pleasure to watch.  Wishing you the best in all your future adventures.
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
Hi Beth, thanks for thinking to share a comment on my video. This video was a real dream come true for me. My only regret is that I did not have someone special to share the experience with. ;-)
Zypheras_Dat1Guy - 7 years ago
I heard you say Euclid library that doesn't happen to be Euclid ohio does it?
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
+cavyfreak108 Definitely Port Douglas as a base. Sydney is such an awesome not to be missed location.  
Zypheras_Dat1Guy - 7 years ago
That is awesome I live in akron but have been there a few times along with the one in Parma. Small world. I am visiting the Great Barrier Reef next summer with my fiancé we are going for our honeymoon
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
On E. 222nd Street? Why yes, that would be the one. ;-)
awesome47789 - 7 years ago
awesome vid
awesome47789 - 7 years ago
ur welcome
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
Why thank you!
2TEN90 Brewing
2TEN90 Brewing - 7 years ago
Great video on your adventures you can work in some scuba diving! :-)
Skip Smith
Skip Smith - 7 years ago
for it being the slow season the ship was full....
Divr Solo
Divr Solo - 7 years ago
well done
Tom Hall
Tom Hall - 7 years ago
Thanks so much! Tom

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