Green Island Snorkeling, Cairns QLD, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Snorkeling at Green Island. Beautiful images even in winter!

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mike jackson
mike jackson - 4 years ago
I like that Parrot Fish you shot. That's what got me into snorkeling was when I was shooting photos of them in Bermuda.
l.uozumi - 5 years ago
wow the quality of this video is so good! What were your settings on?
ja cyntha
ja cyntha - 5 years ago
Thanks for the comment. Just used standard settings, but did some basic touch ups, on the edit function inside the gopro studio. It wasn't great weather and some of the footage was dark.
4K Channel
4K Channel - 5 years ago
Very nice video! I have added your video to DiziVizi.
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T.E. M
T.E. M - 5 years ago
HI. Nice video. Do you remember where which part of the island you were snorkelling to see the shark and turtle etc? Thanks
ja cyntha
ja cyntha - 5 years ago
+Tracy McDermott Hi Tracy. Nearly all this footage was near the boat ramp where the ferry arrives and anchors. However, you can go all around the island. Just go wherever the grass is because the turtles like to come and eat there. The reef sharks were mainly around the boat ramp and are harmless. Have a good time!
Joshua Dharmawan
Joshua Dharmawan - 6 years ago
Nice colorful underwater. Red filter works!
ja cyntha
ja cyntha - 6 years ago
+Joshua Dharmawan Thanks Josh. I only used the red filter for a couple of shots, but the water is too shallow for it. Most of this is without filter. However, I can see that when I dived deep the red filter really does work well. You'll find it improves your quality heaps more next time you dive!

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