Jack Russell Terrier Reef Dive 2

This is our dog Reef, learning to dive underwater in the pool.

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This is our dog Reef, learning to dive underwater in the pool.

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TheRichGang - 5 years ago
Looks like my dog
Tom Cabigao
Tom Cabigao - 5 years ago
he looks like a spinosaurus
Kim Yearout
Kim Yearout - 6 years ago
Awesome! Love it!!!
WAKE - 8 years ago
อรรถชัย รัตนะพิบูลย์
อรรถชัย รัตนะพิบูลย์ - 8 years ago
alex iacono
alex iacono - 8 years ago
Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote - 9 years ago
I dont know why, but I could watch this all day. Its just so good. Do his eyes get red from the chlorine?
kc ferguson
kc ferguson - 9 years ago
aww thats soo cute. my jackrussle doesnt really like water but hes fine with baths :]
Móni Bodor
Móni Bodor - 9 years ago
so lovely!♥

10. comment for Jack Russell Terrier Reef Dive 2

GreenerHill - 9 years ago
Lovely, lovely little dog.
Trou T
Trou T - 9 years ago
Hahaha I just love the way he dives and then waits to sink, not moving at all and desperately trying to reach the toy :D love love loveeee
Samantha Churchill
Samantha Churchill - 9 years ago
i have a 1 yr old JRT and at first, she hated water but yesterday I gave her a bath and for the first time, she didn't try to jump out of the tub. :D lol. I'm planning on getting a swimming pool this summer so I'm hoping that she'll like the water enough that i can teach her to swim. :)
ohlookitsdk - 9 years ago
My Jack Russell doesn't love water, but will play in water on his own terms. If I stood on the other side of a river he would swim to me, but place him in the water and he will not come near you for 3 days.
наташа мазаева
наташа мазаева - 9 years ago
It is so funny!;-)
sinovera - 9 years ago
My JRT absolutely refuses to go into water lol. We tried to get her to just dip her paws and maybe go in up to just her chest but nope. She wouldn't have it. Eventually we tried dragging her in but she just panicked so we never tried again lol.
sinovera - 9 years ago
@Zandman1978 haha oh dear. "Don't know fear" is opposite of my JRT. She has a big bark but is a chicken inside :D. Once there were racoons in our garbage cans and because we didn't know what it was my dad went out to check and my dog followed behind, hiding behind him, peeking past his legs haha. She does duke it out with possums that come in our yard though. Impossible to get her away from them when she's set on killing one.
ZandMan - 10 years ago
So funny. I have been wanting one of those since i was on a hunt where someone brought a JRT. They just dont know fear. And it takes me laugh just watching it run amok.
yakee321123 - 10 years ago
how did i get to this from exploding stuff?
Mani Mampffred
Mani Mampffred - 10 years ago
Das ist ja sowas von cooool! Das kann ich nur ganz kurz. Pfote hoch Dein Mani Mampffred

20. comment for Jack Russell Terrier Reef Dive 2

Derf489 - 10 years ago
Das Beste vonATV
Das Beste vonATV - 11 years ago
super Antriebstechnik ;)
partyhatftwlol - 11 years ago
sweet wish my jack could learn that

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