Reef Diving Oahu

Reef diving on the island of Oahu

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Reef diving on the island of Oahu

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Flip Kip
Flip Kip - 4 years ago
ho braddah trav the ulua meanest cuz I neva see dat much in one area where I live on molokai
Shane C.
Shane C. - 5 years ago
mean da akshen!!! great vid!!!
Travis Kashiwa
Travis Kashiwa - 8 years ago
yeah got the go pro hero 2 with the blurfix lens.
leMEshoU - 8 years ago
so i guess you did get a go pro? nice vid trav
ellabee808 - 8 years ago
Wicked Vid!!
Kai Terayama
Kai Terayama - 8 years ago
nice mu
Ho1Dolla - 8 years ago
Sick video travis!

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