Reef diving (Maui and Oahu)

Spearfishing on Maui and Oahu. Filmed with a Gopro 2 Gun is a riffe euro

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Trent K
Trent K - 5 years ago
what is parrotfish fillet like?
andrew chase
andrew chase - 7 years ago
nice vid. sick three prong action and some nice munus! i like that stone shot on the ennui. mean
Mark Delatorre
Mark Delatorre - 7 years ago
Pomai Wise
Pomai Wise - 8 years ago
sick vid. still trying to get my first mu. they always seem to get away, aloha
leMEshoU - 8 years ago
tues, weds, thurs. going out this tues and wed. you down?
leMEshoU - 8 years ago
nice one. still waiting on that call to go dive :)

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