Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

There's only one thing that's better than scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and that's skydiving from a helicopter, releasing your parachute just above the water, swimming down to the bottom to get your tank and then scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland. This is Scuba Skydiving. The filmmaking team: Gulliver Page Pete Mether Matt Hodges Special thanks to: Skysafari - Quicksilver -

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There's only one thing that's better than scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and that's skydiving from a helicopter, releasing your parachute just above the water, swimming down to the bottom to get your tank and then scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland. This is Scuba Skydiving. The filmmaking team: Gulliver Page Pete Mether Matt Hodges Special thanks to: Skysafari - Quicksilver -

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for Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

Brent Moves
Brent Moves - 4 years ago
You have no idea how much I think about doing this.... Thanks for pumping me up!
fabianadavien - 4 years ago
Everything was cool... but the snorkel.
It's such a drag.
Lam Wai Ting
Lam Wai Ting - 4 years ago
Where can I do it? (I am a skydiver and PADI instructor)
Fernando Beletini
Fernando Beletini - 4 years ago
man, don't forget the parachutes under the water... not very eco :)
MtlFrancesca - 4 years ago
Wait, is this a thing? Can I sign up for this? I'm a certified diver and will be a licenced skydiver in a couple weeks! This is legit #lifegoals!
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 4 years ago
It's pretty epic.. but you definitely need to know someone who knows someone to do it. You can skydive over the Great Barrier Reef in Mission Beach though ✈️
Bacon Plays Clash
Bacon Plays Clash - 5 years ago
He held his breath when doing air rings!!!!!!
Billy Boy Caliacdan Caliacdan
Billy Boy Caliacdan Caliacdan - 5 years ago
still cant find this song :(
Thiebaut LABROUSSE - 5 years ago
zefrenchie39 - 5 years ago
Cooool and beautiful !!

At 1m32 though video seems inverted for a couple of seconds... snorkel is suddenly on the right hand side and also the octopus' yellow low pressure hose :)

10. comment for Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

Minstler - 5 years ago
Rexford L
Rexford L - 5 years ago
I'm not a skydiver, but I am PADI certified.. that would be AWESOME to do!!
Aakash Deep
Aakash Deep - 5 years ago
hey can i use some shorts of your vedio in my vedio please ur vedio is awsome
Beetleowl 222
Beetleowl 222 - 5 years ago
Fitriyani N
Fitriyani N - 5 years ago
That is some badassery right there
HaSeeB MiR
HaSeeB MiR - 5 years ago
how he landed at the exact place where oxygen tank was with scuba stuff ?
Capt Eric Bergeron
Capt Eric Bergeron - 6 years ago
Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
Blaze 123
Blaze 123 - 6 years ago
Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell - 6 years ago
Matt Williams
Matt Williams - 6 years ago
This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen.

20. comment for Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

I LoveBeachLife
I LoveBeachLife - 6 years ago
Great work! your video has been selected by our staff.
Blog :
Maureen O’Connell
Maureen O’Connell - 6 years ago
Awesome video!
jerellem - 6 years ago
Man, I would love to do this.
derek hale
derek hale - 6 years ago
Just call it SkyubaDiving!!
Harry Lawson
Harry Lawson - 6 years ago
whats the song called
Harry Lawson
Harry Lawson - 6 years ago
Bruno Gabriel
Bruno Gabriel - 6 years ago
+Harry Lawson Dreams by Frankie and the Moon
NaderR - 7 years ago
That footage is not continuous. I guess it was shot in two stages, skydiving till touching the water, then surface to diving equipment.
But still a great idea.
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes - 7 years ago
I got a dream skydiving into the water...Hope to do this soon.
Kasey Aggar Indoor Skydiving Kid
Kasey Aggar Indoor Skydiving Kid - 7 years ago
Seem like fun
you rock, wow what a buzz;
awesome what a buzz;
This looks like fun,
Wow, that was cool!,
that is cool! nice video!,
Joe Fiazzo
Joe Fiazzo - 7 years ago
so sick!
Flummoxed Grape Productions
Flummoxed Grape Productions - 7 years ago

30. comment for Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw - 7 years ago
Shut up and take my money! Seriously, is there an outfit that offers this as a package? I'm coming to Queensland in late March.
Michael Strike
Michael Strike - 7 years ago
Nice. Way to combine two things that you love at the same time.
Rocio González
Rocio González - 7 years ago
amazing, I want to do that, congratulations
omar barakbah
omar barakbah - 7 years ago
Fiona Franklin - Dreams
Nick Bernhardt
Nick Bernhardt - 7 years ago
This was/is my life dream.. I'm so upset someone got there first. Good call on the tanks in the water though, I was imagining a skydiving harness attached the both you and the tank.
Ryan - 7 years ago
very bad ass. how did 54 people dislike this?
Junaid syed
Junaid syed - 4 years ago
Ignore them
xilinor - 7 years ago
+smokehash707 Jealousy? The pleasure to dislike something you can not do
Jen Lee
Jen Lee - 7 years ago
Whats the title of the song? Help:)
LEIN4D4 - 7 years ago
song by   Fiona Franklin - Dreams
trixter292 - 7 years ago
who else just comes back for the sing?
Four Stones Deeper
Four Stones Deeper - 7 years ago
What's the song called in this vid?
Marwan Mero
Marwan Mero - 7 years ago
added to the bucket list.
Alexis Liistro
Alexis Liistro - 7 years ago
This is literally a life-long dream of mine -- I call it SKYBA diving -- It will happen one day. You are my hero of the day!
FKD Malapascua
FKD Malapascua - 7 years ago
Amazing ! what the name of the song ?
Germán González-Gaggero Caballer
Germán González-Gaggero Caballer - 7 years ago
the name of the song? please
Nathanael Miller
Nathanael Miller - 7 years ago
So basically this guy is seeing what it is like to be a Navy SEAL but without the getting shot at and/or killing someone else part? 
Ohm Zen
Ohm Zen - 7 years ago
meh.. would have been more impressive if it was not edited. Not to mention the air pressure difference from high altitude going to below sea level must be horrible on your inner ears and sinus cavity. If you want extreme. Try doing this in reverse. That would be impressive. Scuba rocket suit into a Helicopter. 
Matthew Facey
Matthew Facey - 5 years ago
Ohm Zen you clearly don't dive, air to sea is fine for your ears.
Austimatic - 7 years ago
Sea to air would surely result in decompression sickness. It's advised not to fly within 24 hours of a dive (even for pressurized cabins). Assuming one doesn't have a stuffy nose or allergies, equalizing your ears shouldn't be an issue.
Jade Briggs
Jade Briggs - 8 years ago
I come here for the song. Amazing sound.
Marcus Rod
Marcus Rod - 8 years ago
mitchell figueroa
mitchell figueroa - 8 years ago
What's the name of this song?
Divyansh Jain
Divyansh Jain - 8 years ago
#1 on my To-do list. Port Douglas. Gotta be there sometime soon - 8 years ago
nice editing....

50. comment for Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

Blair Smith
Blair Smith - 8 years ago
Who recovers the chute? ...they do recover the chute yeah?
Marcel Vázquez
Marcel Vázquez - 8 years ago
Song name?
snowkid978 - 8 years ago
So he saw the scuba pack from the helicopter? Because there's no way he hit the water and immediately dived to exactly where the tank was. Still cool tho.
adita puasandy
adita puasandy - 8 years ago
this is totally insane :D
marcus saje
marcus saje - 8 years ago
Nice look exciting!!@
First Aid and Rescue Diver Association Hungary
First Aid and Rescue Diver Association Hungary - 8 years ago
Marhaság. Miért nem ugrik teljes felszereléssel stabost? 
grisuska - 8 years ago
Great video but: How did he find the place  where his tank was?
Moath Faisal
Moath Faisal - 8 years ago
I would give up a week of my life to try this. 
pedlo pazuzu
pedlo pazuzu - 7 years ago
+Nathanael Miller you're funny ^_^
Nathanael Miller
Nathanael Miller - 7 years ago
Join the Navy, train, become a SEAL. Done. 
Kaeli Ellis
Kaeli Ellis - 8 years ago
Amazing! I love this!
Per Gustafsson
Per Gustafsson - 8 years ago
I rather just sit on a chair, on the ground, and do absolutely nothing.
Chee Ching
Chee Ching - 8 years ago
Jordan Nalpon
Jordan Nalpon - 8 years ago
Was the air tank planted by the helicopter or did someone else prepare it beforehand?
Pat DM
Pat DM - 8 years ago
What song was used in this video??
Malle Palle
Malle Palle - 4 years ago
Pat DM Your mom and dad
เมรี นานายี
เมรี นานายี - 6 years ago
+Patricia D Thack you
Pat DM
Pat DM - 8 years ago
thanks babe! <3
Arthur Borges
Arthur Borges - 8 years ago
i really want this song!!
Dominic Tutty
Dominic Tutty - 8 years ago
N8032 no there are no issues with nitrogen here. The WHOLE atmosphere up to space above the water exerts as much pressure as 10 meters deep in the water. Also the issue for scuba diving is when coming up from a dive not when going down. No problem here. Its the same when you go in a commercial airliner you can dive straight away. Though you should wait up to 24 hours AFTER diving to fly.
Sharky Marky
Sharky Marky - 8 years ago
You're correct except about the 10 meters part. That depth is 2 bar/atm while the above-sea level atmosphere is only one. Twice the pressure at 10 meters.
et natrah
et natrah - 8 years ago
mangamantus - 8 years ago
Possible to get just the song from this video?
Dudi Chen
Dudi Chen - 8 years ago
Cool video for sure, although it is obvious that this was not made together in one shot. he had no float marking to indicate the exact location of his scuba gear and he did not have his gloves on when he skydived.
This is basically an advertisement of Queensland for tourist, if you haven't noticed - Don't get me wrong, Queensland is awesome, especially TGBR.
kristian mcshane
kristian mcshane - 8 years ago
Nice one gull
n8032 - 8 years ago
ok so as awesome as this video clearly is, i feel that this is really dangerous for you medically. Like, isnt there a worry about nitrogen levels in your blood being exposed to those two different atmospheric extremes in such a short period of time? 
Michael Morton
Michael Morton - 8 years ago
Probably more if it was the other way around. If you did the scuba diving first your blood would be saturated with Nitrogen. Going high you would probably just explode! Or have extreme decompression sickness. I'm hoping it's explode though.
Hayden M
Hayden M - 8 years ago
Frankie and the Moon
Frankie and the Moon - 8 years ago
The name of the song is Dreams by Frankie Facebook dot com / frankie1
Aaron Tiller
Aaron Tiller - 8 years ago
Now, that is true "skydiving"--diving through the air with (partial) scuba gear! I almost want to label this an altitude dive. I can see it being fun for one time, just to capture on video, but otherwise kind of a hassle.
Joseph Wilcox
Joseph Wilcox - 8 years ago
Same with me. Sadly, unless the skydiving rules in Australia are different than in the US, we can't, you need to be at least 16
EpicOutdoor - 8 years ago
Compression is never a major problem, only decompression. That's why why one can quickly descend to any depth but have to ascend at a safe and controlled rate.
Dylan Zhang
Dylan Zhang - 8 years ago
Dreams by Frankie and the Moon.
draåt helvete
draåt helvete - 8 years ago
how do i get the song ? :)
SkatingIn805 - 8 years ago
Is nobody concerned about the compression issue of going from 10,000ft to 60ft underwater
Ana Paula Valdez
Ana Paula Valdez - 8 years ago
What's the name of the song?
Bernardo Soriano
Bernardo Soriano - 8 years ago
does somebody knows if there is something similar in mexico or usa?
myvideoisnotgood - 8 years ago
omg this must be an awesome experience to land in the water and directly switch to scuba
simon radoux
simon radoux - 8 years ago
what the song please !!
Rhenier Labuschagne
Rhenier Labuschagne - 9 years ago
This is so good. Makes me want to get out there now! Where can I get the song?
Elle Harvey
Elle Harvey - 9 years ago
jimvonmoon - 9 years ago
Just wait till they meet Vaas...
Kevin Galloway
Kevin Galloway - 9 years ago
Wonder how much you can push the limit, a record sky dive + Dive depth hmm
xXxFB4LxXx - 9 years ago
thank you very much
UncleT0ny - 9 years ago
do this in reverse order and you're dead
caribbeanqt16 - 9 years ago
Ryuya Sekido
Ryuya Sekido - 9 years ago
WAT song
Caroline Scuba
Caroline Scuba - 9 years ago
WoW211292 - 9 years ago
thats dangerus to blood presure!
Peter Mether
Peter Mether - 9 years ago
HUGE CONGRATS GULLY on Scuba SkyDiving being the most popular film - as voted by the audience! This is awesome! It was a pleasure working with you at the stunning Great Barrier Reef! The people are amazing - so friendly and supportive, we can't thank them enough - the location is mind blowing. Keen to go back for another awesome adventure! The overall viewers chose the winner as Scuba SkyDiving - the judges chose to choose another film as their winner. CONGRATULATIONS GULLY ON INSPIRING US ALL!
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
You are an absolute legend Gulliver and your video was more than awesome, it was a very close competition with some excellent entries and yours captured the imagination of our YouTube audience. Well done on an amazing effort and thank you for being a big part of our 1 Day in Paradise promotion.
Krucial8 - 9 years ago
I would love to do this! Need to get over to Australia asap!
Nick Carroll
Nick Carroll - 9 years ago
Glad to me Aussie :)
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
Hey CODstrikerXx, this is a special package that was put together for the video, but try and contact those guys (Skysafari and Quicksilver Cruises) and see what they can do and what the minimum age would be!
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
Now that's a thought!
Ted Hunsaker
Ted Hunsaker - 9 years ago
Put that on my bucket list.
sheree swords
sheree swords - 9 years ago
Oh... that's living... so happy for your G... you have no idea!!! xox
Judita Antovszka
Judita Antovszka - 9 years ago
Zalatnai sarolta

100. comment for Scuba Skydiving on the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland

Сергей Турбаевский
Сергей Турбаевский - 9 years ago
that the track is playing?
BoBoZoBo - 9 years ago
Awesome - The new name should be: Sky-ba-diving.
francisco carvallo
francisco carvallo - 9 years ago
i think you quit the shits of the sea
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 9 years ago
Awesome shooting and good song nice work
byrdsoutdoors - 9 years ago
Love it! Awesome video!
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
Great song Fiona, fits the clip and the destination.
Logan Hand
Logan Hand - 9 years ago
i don't hink you know what an arterial gas embolism is, dip shit
Frankie and the Moon
Frankie and the Moon - 9 years ago
Hey Guys.. My music is a bit hard to find at the moment because i'm about to launch my new band "Frankie" ... You can find my track Dreams on my facebook.. facebook(dot)com/frankieband.. Enjoy :) frankie
rimpompin - 9 years ago
metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain
Adam Dolin
Adam Dolin - 9 years ago
Dale Imerman
Dale Imerman - 9 years ago
Steve Arthur
Steve Arthur - 9 years ago
@ Logan hand. Other way round you dip shit! Can't fly after scuba... This is fine.
xXxFB4LxXx - 9 years ago
song? and that's really awesome man, maybe one day I'll do it.
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
Hey sok4538, agreed, it’s a pretty cool stunt! It was put together for the vid only but as you’re in PD, try and talk to these guys and see if they can do anything.
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor - 9 years ago
That looks like the most amazing experience, skydiving into the water then scuba diving seeing the beautiful sea life, awesome. I love sky diving i would so go back and do it again its the best
Alberto de Hoyos Rodriguez
Alberto de Hoyos Rodriguez - 9 years ago
Dedo arriba si estás aqui por Pau Gasol.
DoctorVR46 - 9 years ago
Pau Gasol
sok4538 - 9 years ago
Hey ExploreTNQ, This is AWESOME! I'm from PD myself, was just wondering if Sky Safari/Quickie are offering this as tours? Or just as promotional basis?
Sam Elphick
Sam Elphick - 9 years ago
I love this...
Woox Au
Woox Au - 9 years ago
Great idea. Get salt water all over my Vector3 Micron. It is currently a 7 month wait to buy a new Vector3.
Kyle Cooper
Kyle Cooper - 9 years ago
How did you blow an air bubble ring? Is it the same as a smoke ring?
FunIsATon - 9 years ago
Ginger Banks! (:
snowakeclimber - 9 years ago
After did you have to fly low to get to the mainland so you didn't get sick?
zebra sheep
zebra sheep - 9 years ago
What song?
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen - 9 years ago
This is seriously amazing. Like, heart-poundingly good, breathless watching it good. The lives these guys lead make me want to get my backside up to paradise right now! (yep, that's the sound of one hand tapping and the other hand packing). Phoar.
Guy Baker
Guy Baker - 9 years ago
i think its two takes . he lands with go pro camera in right hand [ 1.06] but is then shown after the edit swimming down with camera in left hand [ 1;10]. when did he have time to swap it ? also looks like he lands in 3 m of water and then swims down 7 m to his regulator? not that it really matters .
283smurf - 9 years ago
cant find this song anywhere!
LetTheMelodyFlow - 9 years ago
Dangerous or physically impossible?
iexusuxei - 9 years ago
Google "the bends" or read this wiki description: "Decompression sickness (DCS; also known as divers' disease, the bends or caisson disease) describes a condition arising from dissolved gases coming out of solution into bubbles inside the body on depressurisation". Basically diving as you are "compressed" underwater you get concentrations of gas (nitrogen etc). Then when you go UP it forms into bubbles (think like opening a bottle of fizzy drink!) which is dangerous in if it's in your blood.
RiKKuXd28 - 9 years ago
and why is the other way around really dangerous?
Bjorn Dierks
Bjorn Dierks - 9 years ago
This is just getting me amped to get in the water again :D
Bjorn Dierks
Bjorn Dierks - 9 years ago
'Dreams' by 'Frankie and the moon' Enjoy :)
Bret Fugate
Bret Fugate - 9 years ago
Ok special forces lol pretty cool
Jose Alex
Jose Alex - 9 years ago
Wow! Congratulations!!
100theviking - 9 years ago
What song is used here?
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - 9 years ago
what happens to the parachute? sorry if that was already asked...
Heather Campbell
Heather Campbell - 9 years ago
This is rad as! Hey Gulliver, you were actually wing suit jumping at byron when I was shitting myself on the day of my skydive. You kept me sane all the way up to 14,000ft. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks :) As much as I loved the skydive, I love scuba diving a lot more.
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
It's ok if you skydive first and then scuba-dive - the other way round would be dangerous :)
mascot09s - 9 years ago
isn't this dangerous to do because of the bends? or is it ok because it is reversed?
antonposa - 9 years ago
So what happened to the parachutes when you guys cut them away?
12308madman - 9 years ago
What if while under the parachute you spotted a great white in the water :P
stonedkisses - 9 years ago
Who picks up the parachutes and washes them out? ;-)
claus kanstrup
claus kanstrup - 9 years ago
Jesse Chin
Jesse Chin - 9 years ago
love the song
DamoWitty - 9 years ago
Awesome... just need to learn to sky dive now :D
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
Come on down... we'll be waiting... ;)
Julius Sten
Julius Sten - 9 years ago
Very cool
Arenui Liveaboard
Arenui Liveaboard - 9 years ago
wow! ...just WOW! ... wish we could get that re-created out here in Indonesia! :-)
Jeremy Trinh
Jeremy Trinh - 9 years ago
That's so awesome!
ABeaverOfCanada - 9 years ago
Couldn't that give you the Benz....?
Jordan Greathead
Jordan Greathead - 9 years ago
Thats so awesome! sick video as well guys!
Paul Meskell
Paul Meskell - 9 years ago
Living the dream. Take me!
iAce Diving
iAce Diving - 9 years ago
super nice!!!! may i post you video on my website ?
LimaEchoEcho14 - 9 years ago
Killer, I can't think of anything else I'd rather spend my day doing.
Ashifyer - 9 years ago
Oh look! Tanks and gear at the bottom of the ocean! How convenient :D
Tyler Phelps
Tyler Phelps - 9 years ago
You're my hero!!!
Darren Kellett
Darren Kellett - 9 years ago
without doubt the best video of all the entries! amazing perspective and very well thought out :)
isabelle becker
isabelle becker - 9 years ago
Super "un vent de libertée" dynamique !!! Bravo!
Roseline Deleu
Roseline Deleu - 9 years ago
You are a great short film producer, keep the good work! you are making us dream worldwide!!!
colonelcoltech - 9 years ago
definately the best one out of the twenty
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
"Dreams" by Fiona Franklin...
Chocolate Goo
Chocolate Goo - 9 years ago
Awesome stuff! What's the song? :)
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ
Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ - 9 years ago
You're not wrong there Judd... Radical indeed.
Judd Wild
Judd Wild - 9 years ago
Rad buddy, makes me want to do this!!!

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